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This year's 11th edition of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus concluded on Friday, October 15th at the Rialto Theatre, with the awards ceremony.

The Jury was chaired by festival organiser and programmer at FILMFEST DRESDEN Anne Gaschütz, from Germany. The four members of the jury were the following: Simone Bardoni, Artistic Director - Programmer - Festival Manager at Concorto Film Festival, Carla Vulpiani, Short Film Advisor for Venice International Film Festival / Project Manager, Sales Agent and Producer, Film Director - Actor Makis Papadimitratos and film director Vaggelio Soumeli.

Below are the rationales for the awards as stated by the jury:



For its ability to portray, inside the passion for sport, the redemption of a country and a community that wants to give meaning to its own existence, through a powerful, rigorous yet essential and touching storytelling, that becomes a deep reflection on human will, the First Prize for Best Short Film, accompanied by the amount of €4,000 was awarded to Displaced by Samir Karahoda from Kosovo.


The Best Director Award went to an upcoming filmmaker who successfully manages to guide the viewer through a carefully constructed dystopian universe. Enhanced by a framing and a well-directed cast that serve the style without yet reminding us of the filmmaker’s presence, the director succeeds in making a clear and nondidactic social comment. The Best Director Award accompanied by the amount of €2,500, was awarded to Nastazja Gonera for her film First Last Summer from Poland.


This beautiful work of art playfully balances archetypal forms whilst rejoicing in Dionysiac references. Reminiscent of a Matisse painting, it makes exceptional use of aesthetics and music. Finely drawn images together with great use of colour and sound create a dense and mythological microcosm that draws us into a world of dance, longing and sensuality. The Second Prize for Best Short Film accompanied by the amount of €1,500, was awarded to Hold me tight by Leo Mélanie Robert Tourneur from Belgium, France.


For the intelligent use of the camera and careful framing of situations despite the forced limitation of viewing points. For the original, voyeuristic yet omni-comprehensive approach, through a contemporary universal subject used as a powerful tool to joke about and analyse, it eventually focuses on the severe shortcomings of our priviledged society, and its ways of favouring individualistic and capitalistic means instead of social processes. The Best Documentary Award, accompanied by the amount of €3.000 euros, was awarded to the film E14 by Peiman Zekavat from the United Kingdom.


Through personal interviews and revealing archival footage, the filmmaker fulfills a difficult mission. For its courage, sense of fairness and justice, trying to build up a better world, an honorary distinction was awarded to the film Mission: Hebron by Rona Segal from Israel.

For the extraordinary performance being the only means for the viewer to grasp the suffering of a dramatic moment through an exhausting long shot, an honorary distinction was awarded to the actress Cecilie Elisabeth Bogø Bach for her performance in the film Incident at School by Jacob Thomas Pilgaard from Denmark.


For depicting the young protagonist’s angst, dream and longing for love in a provocative, electrifying way for the eyes and the mind alike. For the director’s ability to turn the audience into an ally of his techno trip, through beautiful framing and performances, the International Jury of the ISFFC selected the film Techno Mama by Lithuanian director Saulius Baradinskas as a candidate in the category ‘European Short Film’ at the European Film Awards 2022.


FIRST PRIZE FOR BEST CYPRIOT SHORT FILM [€4,000] plus distribution services from Radiator Sales

A local story that at once touches upon the universal theme of the foreign, of alienation, of one’s loneliness and the alteration of a city. With strong female characters at its core, this film plays with both stereotypes and our perceptions. Funny and tender, it depicts the transformation of its lead character from struggling with her own and her hometown’s self-indulgence to a liberated and confident young woman. The First Prize for Best Cypriot Short Film, accompanied by the amount of €4.000 and distribution services by Radiator Sales was awarded to A Summer Place by Alexandra Matheou. Dr Elena Christodoulidou, co-organiser and senior cultural officer/Cinema section of the ΜοECSY handed out the award to the director.

With this award, Radiator Sales provides to the director a film festival strategy in order to give the film its best possible journey in the film festival circuit, offering guidance to the director/producer throughout the entire process, while also proposing the film to all major film markets worldwide.


For the visual mastery and knowledge of the traditional iconography, and the capacity of transferring it to the audience returning a beautiful imaginary transposed in a well-crafted abstract animation, the Second Prize for Best Cypriot Short Film, accompanied by the amount of 2.500 euros was awarded to the film Rites of Spring by Yiorgos Tsangaris. The award was presented to the director by Mrs Daphne Pitta, President of the Board of the Rialto Theatre.

BEST DIRECTOR AWARD DINOS KATSOURIDIS [€2,500 plus technical equipment for the director’s next short film, sponsored by Tonikon]

For an honest, respectful and empirical approach to loneliness amidst the pandemic. For a new directorial voice, which has the merit of a vision and of keeping consistency to a concept, as well as to encourage the filmmaker to keep learning, be open and explore new cinematic paths, the Best Director Award Dinos Katsouridis, accompanied by the amount of €2,500 euros and provision of technical equipment for the director’s next short film, sponsored by Tonikon, was awarded to Semeli Vogazianou for her film In Limbo. The award was presented to the director by Mrs Isavella Mavraki.

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD [post-production services, colour correction & DCP in HD offered by Stefilm]

Embracing the challenge of confidently leading the photography in an ambitious night setting, and following a strong visual concept, is especially exceptional in documentary filmmaking. Not noticing the difficult shooting conditions when watching this film is a great accomplishment. With this award, we want to advocate and encourage a new cinematographic voice and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future. The Best Cinematography Award which is accompanied by post-production services, colour correction & DCP in HD by Stefilm was awarded to Phivos Philitas for the film Night Lives by Nafsika Hadjichristou. Mr Angelos Argyroullis, managing director of STEFILM, handed out the award.

BEST ACTRESS AWARD [€500 offered by Limassol Municipality]

For its seamless, balanced and consistent female performance and for successfully serving the director’s vision and style, the Best Actress Award, accompanied by the amount of 500 euros offered by Limassol Municipality, was awarded to Mary Mina for her leading performance in the film A Summer Place by Alexandra Matheou. The award was presented to the director by Municipal Councillor Mr. Christis Dimitriou on behalf of Limassol Municipality.


For the brave and careful approach towards the relevant and delicate theme of identity search through the not obvious and not easy means of experimental cinema, as an acknowledgment of a vision and encouragement, an honorary distinction in the National Competition was awarded to the film ERMA by Angelos Charalambous. Mrs Georgia Doetzer, Chief Executive of the Rialto Theatre, presented the honorary distinction to the winners.


The Best Music Video Prize in the Amaze Me category was awarded to For those I love – Birthday, by Sam Davis, for its impressive use of 3D scanning, an innovative visual tool that offers the opportunity for extension at different length probes. The Best music video in the “Amaze Me” category was selected by the Student Jury from the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of Cyprus University of Technology, and was announced by Katerina Constantinou.

The Festival's 12th edition will take place in October 2022.


The Festival is organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport & Youth and the Rialto Theatre.

Instagram: isffc_filmfestival

Twitter: #RialtoTheatreCy /#isffc21

Info: RIALTO Theatre 77 77 77 45 /

Ιn Collaboration with: Limassol Municipality

Award Sponsor: Stefilm

Μedia Sponsors:  Cybc, City, Check In

Technical Partner: Event Pro

Hospitality Sponsor:  Mediterranean Beach Hotel

Supported by: Goethe-Institut Zypern / Cyprus, European Commission, Cyprus University of Technology, University of Cyprus, Efimerida Lemesos, Lemesos blog, Limassol Cine Club, Limassol Tourism Board, Vestnik, Vivliotropio

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