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Technical data

The RIALTO stage was planned and equipped in a way that it can support productions of opera, dance, theatre and music as well as cinema screenings.

Technical data

1. Total width 18 metres.
Total useful stage width 11.50 metres.
2. Total depth 13.30 metres.
3. Total height 14 metres.
Total useful height 13metres.
4. Width between the curtains (when open) 12 metres x 5.50metres.

The stage’s useful dimensions can be transformed according to the needs of each performance from the proscenium 6.50metres, 10.60 metres up to cyclorama.11.50 metres.

The stage has eight drop legs (4 on either side) forming together with the black curtains a black box.

The 30 manual mechanisms operate the following:
1. Drop legs
2. Border curtains
3. Middle and the back curtain
4. Cyclorama
5. Special screen for film screenings
6. Theatrical lights
7. Sets

Stage Manager’s console
There is a stage manager’s console on stage from where the following are controlled:

1. Auditorium lights
2. Working or performance lights 
3. Internal vocal communication with performance participants
4. Internal communication with light signal
5. Communication with dressing rooms
6. Sound for the beginning of the performance
7. Curtains’ control

Orchestra Pit
At the front of the stage there is an orchestra pit that can accommodate up to 35 musicians.

This space can be raised and changes into a stage extension adding to the stage 30m2

Lighting Equipment
RIALTO’s lighting capabilities number 84 dimmer channels and 125 theatrical spot lights of various types.

Sound equipment
The theatre has two different sound systems one of which is solely used for cinema screenings.

The main sound system is used for all other performances.
Two sound control consoles are in operation for the auditorium and one sound control console for the stage.

Dressing rooms
There are seven dressing rooms in the basement of the theatre with a capacity of up to thirty persons.

All dressing rooms are fully fitted with the necessary equipment such as showers, mirrors etc.

There is a cafeteria in the dressing room area for the needs of the artists.

All flying bars are manually operated and replaceable in position, with the exception of the Main curtain, Cinema screen , Mid curtain , Back curtain and Cyclorama. Total weight capacity of each flying bar is 600 Kg with static balance; total travel is from 0,75 to 13 m above the stage level.

We also added 6 Moving Heads on fly bar No 19. D-LIGHTING BAR

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