Regulations for the use / rental of the Rialto Theatre 


The Rialto Theatre, located on Heroes’ Square in the centre of Limassol, combines the architecture of the interwar period with the facilities of a modern and dynamic cultural venue. The Theatre is a prominent cultural association, organising approximately 200 events per year, as well as some of the island’s most important state film, dance and music festivals. 
Always aiming at producing and hosting theatre, dance and music performances of the highest standards, as well as conferences and other events, the Organisation and its skilled personnel serve the complex needs of contemporary performances, ensuring at the same time the highest quality standards for the audience. 
The Theatre’s facilities may reasonably be compared with those of international contemporary stages and venues, whereas its programming, innovation and constant upgrading place it amongst the island’s most important venues. 
The Administrative Board of the Organisation is responsible for determining the collaboration terms between the Rialto Theatre and the interested parties, based on various criteria such as excellence, sustainability and coherence of the proposal with the policy and the philosophy of the Organisation. 
For the aforementioned reason, every proposal must be submitted in due time to the Administrative Board via the Chief Executive, providing all necessary information. The Administrative Board, after taking into account all relevant details, shall decide whether a collaboration agreement or an agreement granting the right to use the Theatre will be established between the Rialto Theatre and the interested parties. The Administrative Board shall also determine the financial framework governing such agreement, thus ensuring the establishment and development of a multifaceted cultural programme. 
Granting the right to use the Theatre does not necessarily guarantee that the event will be automatically included in its monthly programme. 

Ways of Use of Theatre 
Α. Theatre Rental Agreement at the cost of 1,500 euro.  

Applies to schools, companies and producers.  
Β. Supporting the artistic creation in Cyprus: reduced rental fee.  
Applies to non-profit cultural associations, organisations, professional artistic groups and artists,  in order to support the Cypriot artistic creation and improve the conditions of the development of artists and cultural associations of Cyprus. 

The Rialto Theatre grants the right to use the theatre and its facilities at a cost that shall be agreed by both parties, excluding pre-agreed expenses. 
In both Agreements (A) and (B) the following services and facilities are included: 

1. Use of venue accompanied by the Theatre’s available basic technical equipment, supervised by the technical personnel (lighting technician, sound designer, stage manager). 
2. Technical preparation and rehearsal on the performance day, exceeding no more than 14 hours. 
3. Air-conditionning for the crew and the audience. 
4. Box office, front office personnel and ushers on the evening of the performance. 
5. Use of cafeteria on the evening of the performance. 
6. The advertising of the performance through the theater programs in print & online, posters, press releases, social media as well as the Rialto Screens .  

7. Use of the electronic ticket system for booking and issuing tickets via the box office and online, using the theatre’s website 
Ticket sales revenue shall be returned to the organiser, after deducting following expenses: 

i. Cost of use according to the signed agreement. 
ii. Entertainment tax (Limassol Municipality: -5%*). 
iii. Electronic ticket system fees (Interticket: -2.5% on the amount collected). 
iv. JCC charges: -2.5% on the tickets issued online. 
In both cases, (Α) theatre rental agreement and (B) collaboration agreement, the Rialto Theatre may provide extra technical arrangements at an additional cost as follows: 

1. On-stage stands for the audience 400 euros 
2. Orchestra podium 450 euros 
3. Orchestra Pit Filler & Stage extensions 350 euros 
4. Choir risers 300 euros 
5. Linoleum floor covering 150 euros 
6. Side stage lights 250 euros 
7. Piano tuning 70 euros 
8. Facebook advertising 30 euros 
9. Extra sound support: Second mixing console on stage 200 euros 
10. Copy of sound recording 50 euros 
11. Copy of video recording 50 euros 
12. Professional projector 100 euros 
13. Extra technical personnel 10 euros per hour 
14. Extra fee per day for setting-up: 400 euros max. 5 hours 
700 euros max. 8 hours 
900 euros max. 10 hours 
For an effective collaboration please note the following: 

• According to Agreement (A), all documents shall clearly mark: 
“In collaboration with the Rialto Theatre”. 
• According to Agreement (B), all documents shall clearly mark: 
“With the support of the Rialto Theatre”. 
• A “distinguished visitors protocol” shall be established by the Rialto Theatre in collaboration with the organiser, including a small number of free tickets/invitations. 
• The organiser must obtain permission and approval in case of speeches or on-stage presentations before or after the event. 
• Photographing and video-recording a performance, in part or in whole, is upon prior notification and permission by the Technical Manager of the Rialto Theatre. 
• To ensure the proper conduct of each task, as well as to avoid damages, the organisers are requested to present a risk assessment and always consult the technical personnel of the Theatre. In case of damage, this should be reported immediately to the personnel of the Theatre. The Theatre reserves the right to request compensation or reparation for damages caused by the organiser. 
• Both the technical crew and the artists are requested to use the Theatre’s outdoor side entrance for entering the dressing rooms and the stage. Consumption of food and beverages is forbidden both in the Theatre and on stage. A cafeteria is at the disposal of the artists near the dressing rooms. The organiser must keep all common spaces and dressing rooms clean. 

In case of cancellation, the following charges shall apply: 
a) More than eight weeks prior to the event date, the organiser shall pay 35% of the agreed rental fee. 
b) In case of cancellation after the agreement is signed and/or up to four weeks prior to the event date, the organiser shall pay the full amount of the agreed rental fee. 
In both Agreements (A) and (B) the organizer covers any copyright arising from it’s production. 
In both Agreements (A) and (B) the organizer has the responsibility to insure his own collaborators and contributors (technicians and members of the production) during their presence at the Rialto Theatre. 


The Rialto Theatre maintains a Third Party Insurance.  


The Rialto Theatre (both indoors and outdoors) operates in accordance with international standards and the health and safety measures announced by the government. 


*Subject to change.