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The Rialto Theatre, positive in its assessment of the FlashArt@Rialtο results achieved during the pandemic 2020 & 2021, has diversified, developed and established the programme on an annual basis, updating it and adjusting it to the new demands and circumstances.

FlashArt@Rialto was established in April 2020 as the Theatre’s immediate response to the consequences of the pandemic. Its initial purpose was to keep up the cultural production and to offer support to local artists, amidst an unprecedented suspension of all artistic activities. Embraced by the artistic community of Cyprus, the programme has paved a new way, providing a platform for the implementation of 23 productions covering a wide range of the performing arts spectrum.

In the first two editions, the selected works included mostly productions that, in addition to their artistic value, demonstrated the power of Arts in overcoming the restrictions of the pandemic, while encouraging the return of the Arts and the relationship between the artist and the audience.

The new FlashArt@Rialto differs from its previous editions in terms of scope and range. Its artistic dimension is being upgraded, just like the support measures and infrastructures provided. In 2022, the programme aims at showcasing contemporary artists and works that stand out for their originality, artistic and research interest. The new programme also aspires to strengthen the production capacity of Cyprus-based artists whose work focuses on interdisciplinary areas, as well as to offer, in addition to funding, the Theatre’s know-how, expertise and infrastructure.

All interested parties may submit their proposals, including new or existing productions (dated after 2020), that deal with wider social issues requiring greater visibility, that motivate and involve the citizens. The running time of the submitted performances must be between 40’ and 90’ minutes.

The performances may either take place inside the Rialto Theatre or outdoors, as part of its summer events. Should the COVID-19 restrictive measures announced by the state prohibit the presence of the audience, performances will be broadcast live on the Theatre’s digital channel via a streaming link.

The selected productions shall benefit from the following services:

  1. Financial support of the production

  2. Free use of the Theatre (on the day of the performance plus 1 day for setting up/rehearsals)

  3. Material and immaterial infrastructure

  4. Promotion and advertisement

The primary objective of this new edition remains to provide support to the artistic production, by encouraging Cyprus-based artists, performers and creators who combine performing arts with digital or other forms of art. The selection criteria are the following: artistic value, originality, ability to communicate the creative process and presentation of the final work. The connection between various artistic fields with the use of technology will also be taken into account. The selected projects will be presented between 1/4/2022 – 30/12/2022.

All interested parties are required to submit the following:

  1. Artist’s statement (up to 300 words).

  2. For already existing events, a link is mandatory.

  3. Cast and crew names, accompanied by short biographies (up to 300 words in total).

  4. Description of timeline (various stages of implementation).

  5. The granting of the right to include the project in the Rialto Theatre’s programme, both live and digitally.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of December 2021. The application form may be found here

Applications may be submitted by natural persons, organisations, collaborations and institutions.

All applications will be evaluated by a selection committee and the management of the Rialto Theatre. The selected projects shall be informed before 30 January 2022.

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