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Rialto Theatre Box Office: 77777745, 


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 - 15:00 &  

one and a half hour prior to the performance. 


Tickets are issued:  

a) online via the Theatre’s website (

b) over the phone by providing your credit card number. Tickets must be collected at least 15’ prior to the performance. 

c) at the Rialto Theatre’s Box Office. 


Who is entitled to a reduced ticket

Rialto Theatre supporters, school students and university students are entitled to reduced tickets. 

Some productions may offer a reduced price to other special groups. 


How to obtain a reduced ticket

Supporters may obtain their reduced ticket online, by entering their registration code. 

School and university students, and other special groups may obtain their reduced ticket over the phone or at the Box Office upon presentation of their ID card. 


To facilitate the issuance of a reduced ticket, beneficiaries already holding a ticket may request the difference in cash from the Box Office prior to the performance, by presenting their ticket and ID card. 


Ticket reservations may be made over the phone and are valid for up to FIVE days prior to the performance. If tickets are not purchased, they are automatically cancelled. 


Booking in advance is also recommended for performances with free entrance. 

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