Cyprus Choreography Platform

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The Cyprus Choreography Platform was organised for the first time in 2001, further to the initiative of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, and took place at the Falcon School Theatre in Nicosia under the title “Dance Encounters”.


Since 2002, the Platform has been taking place at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, which became a co-organiser of this annual event together with the Cultural Services of the MoECSY.


The CCP has always aimed at supporting, developing and showcasing new choreographies and contemporary dance artists in Cyprus, as well as at promoting their work in international festivals and events.

Over time, the Platform was evolved and enhanced with parallel events, introduced in 2007, also establishing a collaboration with Limassol Municipality. In 2008, the 1st Dance Throughout the Year edition was organised by Dance House Lemesos, which continues to this date to host this annual event, enriching the programme and becoming an invaluable partner.

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Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival

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This Festival, being organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the RIALTO Theatre, is being established as the most successful organization that highlights the feature films, bringing together the Cypriot audience and the International independent cinematography.

The Festival’s aim is to promote the International and Cypriot cinematography, to support and project the work of independent creators, to highlight new talents, while also to constitute the focal point for the cinematography of the three continents that surround Cyprus.

A 3 member committee is responsible for the films’ selection, and the program elaboration for the screening and the parallel events, while a Jury consisted of International recognised professionals, is awarding for the Competition Section of the Festival, called Glocal Images. Awards are given for the Best Film, Special Jury Award, Glocal Images Award, etc. The audience also gets the chance to vote for the most popular film that will also be awarded.

Besides Glocal Images, the festival’s 2nd program is the Viewfinder (a glance into contemporary International cinema), which presents films that have already been awarded in the past festival year. All films, of both Glocal Images and Viewfinder sections, are being screened in Cyprus for the first time.

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Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival

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A very important international dance meeting with the participation of many European countries.


A feast of contemporary dance meets all the trends, the dynamics and the new forms of the international contemporary scene through the works of representative groups of each country.


The increased level of participation by EU member states with performances and workshops is a clear indication that the Dance Festival is becoming an annual highlight of the European arts and culture scene.

The festival is co-organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Rialto Theatre. Since 1998, every June, the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival has been giving the audience in Nicosia and Limassolthe opportunity to view innovative contemporary dance performers from all over Europe, as well as Cypriot dance groups.


Throughout the years, the Festival has been exposing its audience to conceptual, postmodern, modern subcategories of contemporary dance, thus achieving growth as well as an audience more accepting of new ideas and experimentation, an audience that has high standards. 

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Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival


Since 2006 the RIALTO Theatre timidly took the first steps to organize a series of events dedicated to diversity and tolerance. The colourful world of the Ethnic Festival has been and remains a meeting of shapes and sounds from different countries.


Virtuoso musicians established in the international music scene, search, adopt influences and trends, creating performances that surpass (transcend) boundaries and frontiers of all kinds.

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International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

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The International Short Film Festival of Cyprus that’s been upgraded to International since 2011 and also became a yearly institution, is the official festival of short films in Cyprus, being organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the RIALTO Theatre.

The main target of the ISFFC is to promote the art of cinema, presenting a panorama of short films coming from Cyprus and around the world.


ISFFC introduces the work of talented directors that are successfully using creative forms of the cinema languages and are literally narrating stories through a short film.

An International Jury awards the best films, on a national and international level, while the selection and invitation of the foreign films, which are competing at the Int’l Competition section, is being done by the festival’s Artistic Committee. Fiction, documentaries, experimental, student and animation short films are eligible to participate at the festival’s Competition section.

Moreover to the Int’l and National Competition program, the festival includes events, cinema workshops, parallel programs, creative pursuits and dialogues with Cypriot and foreign directors.

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Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase


The Jazz & World Music Showcase, which is organised by the Cultural Services of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Cyprus Music Information Centre and Rialto Theatre, returns for its sixth amazing edition.


The primary objective of the Showcase is the presentation, encouragement and promotion of Cypriot composers and musicians, as well as the enhancement of their communication with the audience. 

Another important objective of the Showcase is to ensure music networking both in Cyprus and abroad. Within this context, the event provides an additional incentive to Cypriot artists, since it offers to all participants the opportunity to establish collaborations between them, as well as to create synergies with artists from other countries.


In order to secure this objective, prominent personalities from the international music scene are invited every year to attend the concerts, with a view to promoting the contemporary artists of Cyprus and building bridges and collaborations between musicians, organisers and international festivals.

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Cyprus Choreography Showcase

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Cyprus Choreography Showcase (SΧΚ) takes place every two years at the Rialto Theatre and aims at showcasing the work of local choreographers abroad, as well as at creating greater visibility for the Cypriot contemporary cultural production. The SXK has become an institutional event that presents selected choreographic pieces, conceived and created in Cyprus over the past two years. More specifically, the SXK offers the opportunity to Cyprus-based choreographers to present their works, within an organized context, to artistic directors and international contemporary dance festival representatives, thus fostering collaborations with global dance networks. In this way, the Showcase enhances the choreographers’ efforts for international promotion and presentation of their works abroad. At the same time, the SXK offers the chance to the local audience to re-watch some of the most memorable choreographic productions. 


The SXK is co-organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, and the Rialto Theatre. Cypriot choreographers or permanent residents of Cyprus living and working on the island during the past five years have the right to participate to the SXK. 


A special Committee is responsible for selecting the choreographic works. After examining and evaluating the submitted proposals over a period of two years, the Committee proposes the projects that participate in each SXK edition. 

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