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A tribute to Theodoros Terzopoulos

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Rialto Theatre and the Cyprus University of Technology organized a tribute in honour of Theodoros Terzopoulos, one of the most celebrated directors in the history of world theatre, hosting a series of events in Limassol from 23 to 27 November 2023.

Theodoros Terzopoulos was born in Makrygialos village, in the Pieria area of Northern Greece. He attended Kostis Michailidis’ Drama School (Athens, 1965-1967) and, later on, Berliner Ensemble (Berlin, 1972-1976). He served, among other posts, as the director of the Drama School of the State Theatre of Northern Greece, and as the Artistic Director of the International Meetings of Ancient Drama in Delphi. Since 1993 to this date, he has served as the Chairman of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics, having organised nine T.O. globally.

With his group, Attis Theatre, which he established in 1985, Theodoros Terzopoulos has presented to this date 2100 performances all over the world (excluding those staged in Greece), at some of the most prestigious international festivals and theatres. He has also led and presented multiple workshops and lectures, and he is an Emeritus Professor at international academies and universities in Greece and internationally. Today, his method and ancient tragedy performances are being taught in thirty universities.

Theodoros Terzopoulos has received a multitude of awards and accolades. Publications on his work and on Attis Theatre have been released in twelve languages. “The Return of Dionysus” (Attis Theatre Publications), a book on his Method, was published in 2015 and continues to be translated in many languages.

Programme of Events:

23 November, 19:00

Reflecting on the publication titled Im Labyrinth: Theodoros Terzopoulos begegnet Heiner Müller (In Labyrinth: Theodoros Terzopoulos meets Heiner Müller), theatre critic Penelope Hadjidemetriou will give a talk about T. Terzopoulos’ international path marked by his studies at Berliner Ensemble and his encounter with Heiner Müller, considered as a milestone in his career.

Theodoros Terzopoulos himself will also give a talk, in the frame of a discussion coordinated by Christos Georgiou, director of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute. Video performances of Attis Theatre will be screened at the same venue.

Venue: Tassos Papadopoulos Amphitheatre, CUT.

24 November, 11:00

Students of Cyprus University of Technology will have a unique opportunity to engage in a discussion with Theodoros Terzopoulos and the cast of Alarme, namely Sophia Hill, Aglaia Pappa, Tassos Dimas. Venue: Cyprus University of Technology Buildings.

24 November, 20:30

Screening of Dionysus, the Return (97’), a documentary directed by Spyros Tsiftsis, illustrating the cinematic portrait of acclaimed theatre director T. Terzopoulos. The film follows his globetrotting journey: from his birthplace, Makrygialos village —where he grew up as the fourth son of a Greek migrant from the Black Sea— to Berliner Ensemble in Berlin, Russia, China, USA, his theatre basis in Athens, and finally at Delphi where everything began.

Venue: Tassos Papadopoulos Amphitheatre, CUT.

Production: Maria Gentekou

Written and directed by: Spyros Tsiftsis

Distribution: Carousel Films

25 November, 20:30

Alarme, a performance considered as a milestone in Terzopoulos’ corpus of work, will be re-staged thirteen years after its historic premiere at Attis Theatre.

Alarme is a scenic composition based on the correspondence between Maria Stewart and Queen Elizabeth A’, illustrating the love-hatred relationship between the two queens who, in reality, never really met. Terzopoulos’ work revolves around the much-relevant topic of power.

Direction / Set installation / Dramaturgical composition: Theodoros Terzopoulos Costumes: LOUKIA Music: Panayiotis Velianitis

Lighting: Theodoros Terzopoulos, Constantinos Bethanis Cast: Aglaia Pappa, Sophia Hill, Tasos Dimas

Venue: Rialto Theatre (€ 20 /15)

The programme of events concludes on 27 November at 10.00-15.00 wrapping up with a hands-on workshop on T. Terzopoulos’ method, presented by his close collaborator, Savvas Stroumbos, with the participation of actors and students. Limited number of participants / Registration is required at or 77 77 77 45 (mon-fri 10:00-15:00).

*The book includes an index of 48 aphorisms in the form of a dialogue between Terzopoulos and Müller about Theatre, Tragedy and Myth, also incorporating the director’s notes, sketches, and photographs from the performances.

Kimena Publications, edited by Frank Raddatz. Translated into Greek by Yiannis Kalifatidis.

The book was published for the first time in German in 2009 (Theater der Zeit publications), and in 2012 into Polish (Grotowski Institute publications). Its publication in Turkish and Italian is underway.

Organised by the Rialto Theatre and Cyprus University of Technology, in collaboration with the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

23-27 November 2023

Βox office 77777745

(Monday – Friday 10:00- 15:00)

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