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“What would you change about the world?”

1st Young Filmmakers Competition 2021

The International Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth and the Junior Edition of Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World launch an open call for film submissions to the 1st Young Filmmakers Competition 2021.

The competition titled “What would you change about the world?” is addressed to young persons who wish to cinematically capture their dreams and concerns for a fairer and more sustainable world. By exploiting the capacities of Cinema, the most direct means of visual storytelling, and consequently of Animation, the participants will have a unique opportunity to take part in the Young Filmmakers Competition, which is organised for the first time this year and aspires to be held annually.

The competition

The competition is addressed to students aged between 12-18 who are invited to make their own short film of up to three minutes. The competition is open to high school students, or groups of students, who have the right to submit up to one film, accompanied by a short statement describing their idea/concept. The deadline for submissions is the 30th of July 2021. For more information about the competition terms, please visit: and

The films

Films of all genres, from documentary to animation, having a maximum duration of 3 minutes may be submitted. Emphasis will be given on the selection of music and sound. For technical details regarding the films and their submission, please visit: and

The thematic areas

The pandemic does not only constitute a serious health crisis, but also an environmental one. It is the result of our dominance on other living organisms, of the destruction of ecosystems and modern lifestyle, which is incompatible with the balance of nature. For this reason, the Competition offers the opportunity to students, with the collaboration of teachers and parents, to creatively capture their thoughts and concerns about the effects of the pandemic on themselves, on humanity and the planet. The message we wish to communicate is that the planet’s health is intrinsically connected to ours. Each and every one of us must be and must represent change.

To inspire the participants, the organisers suggest the following thematic areas:

We are not alone on this planet. How can we change Life from now on?

In 2020, nature took a breath from the human activity. How can we avoid returning to the old “normal”, which led to climate breakdown?

The pandemic has unveiled the world’s social inequalities. Public health is absolutely essential for all.

The risk of using substances during the pandemic. How can the social environment support people who are vulnerable to addiction, in time of social distancing?

Friendship, love and entertainment in time of lockdown.

Our responsibility towards our loved ones, and the fear of social isolation.

Our relationship with the elderly and the need to help socially marginalized people.

The Awards

Overall, the Competition will grant twelve Young Filmmakers Awards, six in each age group (12-14 & 15-18), to the three best “Animation Films” and “Live Action Films”. In the 12-14 age group, a monetary prize will be awarded, whereas in the 15-18 group, six scholarships* will be offered for studies at the University of Nicosia, in the study programmes BA in Digital Communications and Mass Media & BA in Applied Multimedia (*applicable for the 1st year of studies). The event is also supported by the Directors Guild of Cyprus, which sponsors the first (monetary) prize in the 15-18 age group.

For more information:

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