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The Rialto Summer Cinema is back!

Rialto Theatre turns upside down and transforms into a summer cinema, cooling our evenings with outdoor movie projections. The Rialto Summer Cinema returns with a rich program, which includes contemporary award-winning films from Cyprus, France, Italy and Argentina, full of originality, tenderness and humor!

It is noteworthy that the three films that will be screened in June are a collaboration of the Rialto Theatre with the Institut français de Chypre, the Institut français de Grèce and the Alliance Française de Limassol, in the framework of the Francophonie Season.

25/6 Notre Dame 

France 2019, 88’ |Comedy 

Mother-of-two and architect Maud Crayon wins the competition launched by the Municipality of Paris to refurbish the iconic Notre Dame. Personal and professional issues stand in comical tension as she goes through an emotional storm.

Directed by: Valérie Donzelli

Written by: Benjamin Charbit

Cast: Valérie Donzelli, Pierre Deladonchamps, Thomas Scimeca

28/6 Felicità

France 2020, 81’ I Comedy, drama 

For Tim and Chloe, happiness is day-to-day and unattached. But tomorrow, summer ends. Their daughter, Tommy, is going back to school and, this year, they promised she won't miss that big date. Until Chloé disappears, Tim steals a car and an astronaut appears.

Directed by: Bruno Merle

Written by: Bruno Merle

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Rita Merle, Camille Rutherford 

30/6 Burning Ghost (Vif-argent)

France 2019, 104’|Romantic drama

In the streets of Paris, Juste collects the last memory of people only he can see, before helping them into the afterlife. Juste is a ghost. But, one day, Agathe recognizes him. She knew him when he was alive.

Directed by: Stéphane Batut

Written by: Stéphane Batut, Christine Dory, Frédéric Videau

Cast: Thimotée Robart, Judith Chemla, Saadia Bentaïeb 

7/7 The Magic Beans

Cyprus 2015, 101’|Comedy

Four actors and an annoying friend eat beans while waiting for an acting teacher. The beans are magical and cause hallucinations: frustrations erupt, pulses quicken, rhythms shift. Paranoia flirts with fate, and fortunes transform.

Directed and written by: Theo Panayides

Cast: Petros Yiorkadjis, Ioanna Kordatou, Andreas Koutsoumpas, Polyxeni Savva, Marios Mettis

13/7 Three Perfect Daughters (È per il tuo bene)

Italy 2020, 96’|Comedy

Three friends are unhappy with their daughters’ romantic relationships. Three fathers trying to hinder the love affairs of their respective daughters.

Directed by: Rolando Ravello

Written by: Fabio Bonifacci, Manuel Burque

Cast: Marco Giallini, Vincenzo Salemme, Giuseppe Battiston

21/7 Small Crime

Cyprus, Greece 2008’, 84’|Comedy

Leonidas, a young, ambitious police officer, is assigned to a remote island in the Aegean Sea. He dreams of solving important crimes, but there are few to be found in the sleepy beach.

Directed, written by: Christos Georgiou

Cast: Aris Servetalis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Rania Economidou, Antonis Katsaris

28/7 My Masterpiece (Mi Obra Maestra)

Argentina 2018, 100’|Comedy

Arturo is an unscrupulous art dealer and Renzo his socially-awkward painter and longtime friend. Willing to risk it all, they develop an extreme and ludicrous plan to save themselves.

Directed by: Gastón Duprat

Written by: Andrés Duprat, Gastón Duprat

Cast: Andrea Acatto, Lucas Aranda, Raúl Arévalo


All films will be screened in their original language and will be subtitled both in Greek and in English.

Sponsors: Cyprus Republic, OPAP Cyprus, SEK

Media Sponsors: I Kathimerini, Kanali 6 & CyBC

Technical Support: Eventpro

June & July @SEK Parking Place (behind Rialto) at 21:00

Tickets: €8, E-ticket:

Info/ Box Office: 77 77 77 45

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