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Charlie Parker With Strings By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Α tribute to the jazz legend Charlie Parker and specifically to his 1949-50 recordings for jazz quartet accompanied by a string section, oboe, harp and french horn, titled “Bird with strings”.

This legendary recording created a new vogue for jazz soloists to incorporate a string ensemble into their standard jazz section, a trend still in fashion in our days. Charlie Parker, also known as “Bird”, intended to play with strings as early as 1941 as he was always searching for new colours in his music-making. The Charis Ioannou Quartet along with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra pay homage to this repertoire that sounds fascinating and colourful.

The programme opens with the world premiere of the piece Modus Vivendi, in jazz fusion style, written by our own Robert Hovanesyan, 1st violins tutti, and also talented composer with a special flair for jazz. Robert’s personal reflection in connection to this composition is that: “Life is unpredictable.  Everyone is looking for their own modus vivendi – way of living – in order to survive...” Robert Hovanesyan: Modus Vivendi for strings [World Premiere]

Charlie Parker: Bird with strings

Soloists: The Charis Ioannou Quartet

Conductor: Gerardo Estrada Martínez

Duration: 70’

Friday, 2 July, at 20:30 @SEK Parking (behind of the Rialto Theatre)

Tickets: €12, €7 (18-26 years, pensioners), €5 (under 18)

Information / Box Office: 77 77 77 45, Rialto App

*The concert will also be presented in Nicosia on 30/6 at the Pallas Theatre & in Paphos on 1/7 at the Markideio Municipal Theatre.

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