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The ISFFC announces its National Competition Programme

The eleventh edition of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and the Rialto Theatre, will take place at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, from the 9th to the 15th of October 2021.

Sixteen short films created by both emerging Cypriot directors and established filmmakers are included in this year's National Competition Programme.

A pre-selection committee decided on the Cypriot films participating in the national competition. The committee members were Nicolas Khabbaz, producer and Director of Audio Visual Arts at Notre Dame University - Lebanon (NDU), Adonis Florides, director and Dr Marios Psarras, director - film academic. The international competition programme is curated by Cypriot film directors Alexia Roider and Ioakim Mylonas.

An international jury, the members of which will be announced soon, will present the winners with the following awards: 1st Prize for Best Short Film, Best Director Award, 2nd Prize for Best Short Film, 1st Prize for Best National Film, 2nd Prize for Best National Film, Best Documentary Award, Best Performance Award in a Cypriot film sponsored by the Limassol Municipality, Best Cypriot Director Award 'Dinos Katsourides', Best Cinematography Award and Student Jury Award for Best Music Video.

The 16 short films in the National Competition are:

A Girls, Directed by: Antony Petrou

Reconstruction, Directed by: Asimenia Galani

Drained, Directed by: Anna Fotiadou

In Limbo, Directed by: Semeli Vogazianou

Erma, Directed by: Angelos Charalambous

Every Sunday, Directed by: Keti Papadema

Everything is a lie, is a lie!, Directed by: Dimitris Chimonas

Garden Latte, Directed by: Stelios Stylianou

My Story, Directed by: Elena Alonefti, Magdalena Zira

Kamno Pilo, Directed by: Skevi Laou

Leonidas and the Fish, Directed by: Alexander Machlouzarides-Shalit

Losing Grace, Directed by: Athena Mandis

Marios Loizides and the limits of Art, Directed by: Evagoras Vryonides

Night Lives, Directed by: Nafsika Hadjichristou

A summer place, Directed by: Alexandra Matheou

Rites of Spring, Directed by: Yiorgos Tsangaris

Τhe above films are automatically included in the international competition, and they are eligible to be selected for the nomination in the category «European Short Film» at the European Film Awards.

More information about the Festival and its screenings programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

* The Rialto Theatre operates in accordance with international standards and the health and safety decrees that govern theatres and cinemas, as imposed by the government, to prevent the spread of covid-19.

All the screenings are suitable for 18+.


The Festival is organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport & Youth and the Rialto Theatre.

Instagram: isffc_filmfestival

Twitter: #RialtoTheatreCy /#isffc21

Info: RIALTO Theatre 77 77 77 45 /

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