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The new choreographic work 'Erroneous Encounters' directed, choreographed and written by the Cypriot creator Panayiotis Tofi is an experimental movement-based journey accompanied by the live composition of electronic music and poetic text. Four performers and a music composer share the stage in a course of negotiation with the post-traumatic as autoimmune, dysfunction, distance and the multiple symbolisms of emptiness. The work is a continuation of the creator's research in both movement vocabulary and composition, with which he focuses on topics of emptiness and concealment, as well as the loss of empathy and autonomy as a characteristic of contemporary reality.




Research, Direction, Choreography, Text: Panayiotis Tofi

Performance: Damianos Aggelos Efstathiou, Ioannis Mamolis, Nikos Samouridis, Vasiliki Kypraiou

Music Composition and Live Musician On Stage: Andreas Economides

Stage Set Design: Yiorgos Yiannou

Costume Design: Rea Olympiou

Lighting Design: Vasilis Petinaris

Photography: Theodora Iacovou

Production - Visual Communication: Panayiotis Tofi

Promo Trailer: Volume Films

Special Thanks: Chorologie Dance Center

Panos Topsides


The choreographic work  ́Erroneous Encounters’ is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture through TERPSICHORE 2024 programme.


8 May2024, 20:30:

Rialto Theatre, Limassol

Tickets Online: , Box Office: 77777745

Ticket Prices: €12 / Reduced: €10

Social Media:

Instagram: erroneousencounters


Trinity Laban graduate, holding a First Class BA in Contemporary Dance and a Diploma in Dance studies. Based on an ongoing movement and composition research with which he focuses on topics of emptiness and concealment, as well as the loss of autonomy as a characteristic of contemporary reality, he has composed important choreographic works while leading workshops in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

He has collaborated as a movement director and choreographer in numerous theatre performances over the last eight years, alongside well-known directors from Cyprus, Greece and Germany. He has been awarded as ‘Creator of the Year’ by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation  at the Cyprus Theatre Awards 2018 for his artistic flexibility, ingenuity and boldness towards experimentation.

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