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OPEN CALL for participants in the April 4 performance of Physical Plastic’s Touch(ed) at Rialto.

Updated: Mar 26

We would like to invite a limited number of participants to perform in a short segment of the performance by Physical Plastic, which will be held on April 4 at 20:30.

Admission to the performance will be free for participants.



It is not necessary to be a performer to participate.

Couples and pairs of friends are encouraged, and individuals are equally welcome.

Participants must be able to communicate in English and be over 18 years old.


Those interested please email by March 30.Touch(ed) is a solo performance using autobiographical events to confront gender bias and cultural ideals around intimacy—in life, in art-making, and in dance itself. The artists ask how art can be a vehicle for transgressive ideals which prove difficult to uphold in real life, pointing to “slut-shaming” and the Madonna-whore dichotomy as a cultural mythology propagated in art and life alike—a status quo that hardly serves the de-sexualized mother-artist.


The work is conceived and performed by Kestrel Farin Leah with score and live music performance by sound artist Yiannis Christofides.

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