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Olga Markaris receives the Young Choreographer Award of the 23rd Cyprus Choreography Platform

The 23rd Cyprus Choreography Platform concluded on Sunday, 12/11, with the awarding of the Young Choreographer Award and the closing party. In the rationale of the Committee that selected the works and awarded the prize, the following is recorded:

All the performances of the 5 young choreographers were distinguished by qualitative characteristics that demonstrate the important work they presented and for this we congratulate them, as well as their mentor Christos Polymenakos.

Taking into account the excellence of the proposal, the dramaturgy and the flawless realization, the Committee awards the Young Choreographer Award to Olga Markari for the work A Perfect World with Daniel Agudo Galiardo.

The Selection Committee consisted of: Georgia Decher, Catherine Moshovaki, Erika Charalambous and Andis Partzilis. The announcement of the statement of reasons was read on behalf of the Committee by Georgia Decher, Director of the Rialto Theatre, and the award was presented by Catherine Moshovaki, an official of the Ministry of State for Culture. The prize is accompanied by the sum of two thousand euros.

This year's event was particularly successful, with fine performances, a large audience and enthusiasm.

The 23rd Platform of Choreography was attended on Saturday 11 November by the Deputy Minister of Culture Dr. Vasiliki Kassianidou and the Director of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture Ioanna Hadjikosti.

The Platform was also attended by the following journalists from Greece to write for the media they represent: Dimitris Athinakis (Kathimerini newspaper), Dimitris Dimitris Athinakis (Daily newspaper, Dimitris Athinaris, Daily newspaper, Dimitris Dimitris Athinaris, Dimitris Boskoitis (Documento newspaper and free press OLAFAQ) and Stella Mastorosteriou (Springback Magazine).

Organised by the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture and Rialto Theatre in collaboration with the Limassol Dance House. Communication Sponsors: Phileleftheros, RIK.

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