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Lia Haraki’s performance ‘Tune In’ returns to the Rialto theatre

It has been ten years since the work ‘Tune In’ premiered on Rialto’s stage (Cyprus Dance Platform), and now it returns to the theatre as part of the Associate Artist program. On the occasion of the tenth-year anniversary of the solo, which resonated with audiences both in Cyprus and internationally, Lia and Evie Haraki Μahera (original mentor of Tune In) will share the IntuNition practice (a practice developed during the creative process of the solo), by giving a short workshop. Later in the evening, Lia will perform Tune In on Rialto’s stage to the music of composer Pandelis Diamantides. Moving from side to side from now to now in a forever changing moment allows consciousness to perform itself in a dance without an ego of a body without a mind which tunes into whatever is with no judgment.

Αbout the performance: In this performance, the aim of the artist was to allow movement to be created by tuning into the breath and the beating heart by softening the thinking mind. From a point of stillness, the performer tunes into her inner motion and gradually allows it to accelerate through repetition and variation. It is a dance of embodying the present moment with her presence which also became the practise she named ‘IntuΝition’. The practice has been taught over the last ten years to many individuals in Cyprus and abroad. The work has been presented at various festivals like the Kalamata International Festival, Bozar Brussels, The Athens Festival, Made in Dublin Festival, Tanec Praha Festival, Studio Works Cologne, Nouveau Musee National de Monaco, Halle 14 Leipzig, and at the Venice Biennale 2013 (special menVon for the Cyprus and Lithuanian Pavilion)

Concept / CreaVon / Performance: Lia Haraki

Music and Sound Design: Pandelis DiamanVdes

Mentoring: Evi Haraki Mahera

LighVng Design: Alexander Jotovic

Pictures: Pavlos Vrionides

Performance: Friday 17/11, 20.30, Rialto theatre, Tickets: € 10 / 7

17 NOVEMBER 2023 | FRIDAY 20:30

E-ticket €10/07

BOX OFFICE: 77777745

(MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00- 15:00)

Αbout the workshop: In the short workshop, the choreographer and her collaborator will share with the participants the pracVce they developed when creaVng the solo Tune In, that includes ways in which one can move from one's intuiVon in the present moment. The workshop will include meditation and energy balancing exercises, repeVVon as a central tool, and ways of managing the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) in the process of moving.

Anyone interested in movement energy can join the workshop (professional or not).

Workshop: Friday 17/11, 18.00-20.00

Free Entrance (For registrations contact

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