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Kypria International Festival Returns @Rialto Theatre With five important performances

For another year, the Rialto Theatre hosts during the period September-October, performances of the Kypria International Festival. Five remarkable productions from Cyprus, as well as co-productions between Cyprus - Greece and Cyprus – Israel, will be presented at the Rialto Theatre, giving to the Limassol audience the opportunity to enjoy remarkable performances with important artists from the field of theatre and music.

Programme of performances at the Rialto Theatre:

13/9 Protest Songs - Monday 20:30 (110’)

Songs of protest that inspired and provided a soundtrack to social change around the world. Songs against racism, war, oppressive regimes, supporting human rights, women's rights and sexual diversity.

With Stelios Joakem, Nama Dama, Friederica Tombazou, Arda, and the vocal ensemble Convocanti.

Research – Curation: Robert Camassa

Production – Artistic direction: Christos Philippou

19/9 From Swing to Bebop - Sunday 20:30 (70’)

Miaris Jazz Τrio collaborates with renowned Israeli soloist Ofer Landsberg, presenting a concert in which the adaptations of jazz standards meet Ofer Landsberg’s new orchestrations and compositions, as well as original interpretations.

With Dimitris Miaris (piano), Costas Halloumas (double bass), Marios Spyrou (drums)

Soloist: Ofer Landsberg

27/9 Rose | Satiriko Theatre I Martin Sherman - Monday 20:30 (110’) 10+

Written by Martin Sherman and directed by Nikos Karageorgos, Rose is a poignant play featuring renowned actress Despoina Bebedeli in the role of an 80-year-old Jew who narrates the tale of her life, unravelling her past. The play was written in 1999 by Pulitzer award-winning author Martin Sherman. In Greek.

2/10 Savel’s Red Dress Ι Theatro Antilogos 5+ - σαβ 16:00 (75’)

Based on the award-winning book of the same title, written by Marina Michaelidou Kadi. In a single day, Savel left her home and everything she loved, and travelled to a distant land, on the other side of the earth. The only thing she could take with her was the red dress her grandmother gave her as a birthday gift. Savel won’t be parted from it. In Greek.

Direction - Dramaturgy: Nikos Nikolaides

5/10 Costis Palamas – My Muses, the Women I Fell in Love with 12+ -tue 20:30 (85’)

One of the leading literary figures of Modern Greece, Costis Palamas, narrates his life: the adversities of his early years, his poetic quests and work, his marriage and the loss of one of his children. Most importantly, he recalls his efforts towards the Greek Language Question, the female-muse presence that had a profound impact in his work and the only muse that never abandoned him: his homeland, Greece. In Greek

Directed and performed by: Gregoris Valtinos

Written by: Maria Panayotakopoulou

Music: Sakis Papademetriou

Rialto Theatre - Box Office : 77777745 E-tickets:, Rialto App

COVID-19 Measures

*The entrance to the Kypria International Festival performances is permitted upon presentation of any of the following: a certificate showing that at least one dose of a vaccine for COVID-19 has been administered, provided that at least three weeks; a certificate of release if the person has suffered from COVID-19, valid for six months.

**Exempt from the above are persons under the age of 12, persons aged 12-15 who present a negative PCR test or rapid test for COVID-19, with testing having taken place within the last 72 hours, as well as persons aged over 16 who are not able to be vaccinated owing to a medical condition, upon presentation of a medical certificate to that effect, as well as a negative PCR test or rapid test for COVID-19, within the last 72 hours.

More Info:

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