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Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth 2023 Time for Action! 22-29 April 2023

Four creative film workshops and four screenings of films make up this year’s programme of Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth, which is set to take place from 22nd to 29th April on Rialto Theatre’s screen in Limassol and Zena Palace’s in Nicosia. Young cinephiles will have a unique opportunity to watch world-acclaimed films and participate in a series of workshops led by film professionals.

At a time when young people are facing societal, environmental and technological challenges, this year’s programme is dedicated to ACTION. It is a call to activism, personal responsibility and empathetic engagement with the world and the people around us.

With an eclectic team of workshop leaders and with subjects ranging from hand-drawn animation to the creation of VR characters, and from environmental protection to cinematic self-expression, our message to young people is clear: Creativity in the audiovisual sector is a field accessible to all; a means to express oneself, and a powerful tool, even in the youngest of hands, for building a better world.

Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth is co-organised by the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Rialto Theatre, in the framework of Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2023. The artistic director is writer/director Stavros Pamballis. The programme of screenings and workshops is sponsored by Bank of Cyprus, Frederick University, Pizza Hut, Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute, with the support of Μakers Space (CYENS), Directors’ Guild of Cyprus and Animafest.

Film screenings (Free entrance!)

#1 The Quiet Girl (Κ) LIM 22/04 18:00 | NIC 23/4 18:00

94’ 2022, Ireland

Colm Bairéad

Rural Ireland, 1981. A nine-year-old girl goes to live with distant relatives for the summer. Living with a middle-aged farm couple, she discovers a new way of living. But in this house where affection grows and there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one hidden, painful truth.

#2 Mission Ulja Funk (Κ) LIM 22/04 16:00 | NIC 23/4 16:00

93’ 2021 | Germany, Luxembourg, Poland

Barbara Kronenberg

Growing up in a village in Germany, twelve-year-old Ulja, is a smart (and slightly odd) girl, who loves science. When she discovers an asteroid on its way to earth and determines its point of impact, her Grandma Olga bans all science from Ulja’s life. Since Ulja can no longer follow the asteroid from afar, she hires Henk, a boy from her class, to drive her. Together, they embark on a trip across Eastern Europe to witness the greatest cosmic event of their lives.

With the support of Frederick University

Comedy Queen (12+) LIM 23/04 16:00 | NIC 22/4 16:00

93’ 2022 | Sweden

Sanna Lenken

Thirteen-year-old Sasha’s mother is no longer alive. But Sasha refuses to cry. She is determined to never be like her mother, and to make her father laugh again. To achieve this, she is not allowed to read books, must shave off her hair and turn down the puppy she always wanted. And above all, she must become a Comedy Queen. A film about finding yourself when the world is broken.

With the support of Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute (XTMPI).

Aya (12+) LIM 23/04 18:00 | NIC 22/4 18:00

90’ 2021 | Belgium, France

Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Aya lives with her mother on the island of Lahou. Joyful and carefree, she likes to pick coconuts and sleep on the sand. However, her paradise is doomed to disappear under the waters. As the waves threaten her house, Aya must make a choice that will determine her life: stay on the doomed island with her mother or look for a better life in a strange new city across the water?


All films will be screened in their original language with English and Greek subtitles.

The Workshops:

(held in Greek)

#1 Cinematic Self-Expression, Now!

A collaborative hands-on filmmaking workshop (for teens 13-18).

Led by Athina Xenidou

Saturday 22 April| 10:00-15:00 | Directors’ Guild of Cyprus, Nicosia

We see the world through our phones, becoming passive consumers of information. Even when we express ourselves, through selfies, memes and TikToks, we are still being restricted by the rules of social media. What happens when we decide to use a video camera, and cinematic narrative to tell our story? We instantly get a whole new way of seeing ourselves, those around us, and communicating ourselves with the world.

#2 Framing for Future

A workshop on climate storytelling, sustainability and environmental activism (for teens 13-18).

With Emma Doxiadi

Saturday 29 April | 10:00-15:00 | Directors’ Guild of Cyprus, Nicosia

Calling all climate-conscious young filmmakers! Throughout the workshop, we look at why and how social and environmental sustainability finds its way into storytelling and production. Then, participants will be given time to work on a one-paragraph pitch that integrates the climate crisis storytelling into their narrative, and discuss the manners in which the production can lower its footprint, reaching its first version to be shared with fellow participants as a pitch during and after the festival.

With the support of Ocean Card, from the Bank of Cyprus

#3 Back to the Loop!

A hand-drawn animation workshop (for children 8-12).

With Yiorgos Τsangaris

Saturday 22 Απριλίου | 10:00-15:00 | Hambis Printmaking Museum, Nicosia

After last year’s storming success, the Loop returns, to introduce children to the magical world of hand-drawn animation. During this workshop, young participants will have the opportunity to draw an object or animal that expresses their feelings or concerns, and will get the chance to discover the art of animation by making hand-drawn, animated 5-second loops. Α hands-on workshop on hand-drawn animation in collaboration with Animafest.

#4 VR Film Studio

A hands-on virtual reality film production workshop (for children 8-12).

With Alexandros Andreou

Saturday 29 April| 10:00-15:00 | CYENS, Nicosia

A hands-on introduction to immersive reality/technology and 360° cinematography. Participants will have a unique opportunity to discover the new technology of immersive reality and 360° cinematography by shooting their own film in groups. Children can be part of this fascinating new world and, together, make a short fantasy film!

All workshops are free and include a tasty lunch offered by PIZZA HUT!

Information about the screenings, workshops and applications:

Τηλ. 70008242

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