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An interactive show from Israelon the stage of Rialto Theatre, on Friday, 10th of June

In 1977, psychologist Arthur Aron, together with a group of research colleagues, published the article "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness”. In his research, Aron assembled 36 predefined questions designed for dialogue between two strangers, so that they gradually become more and more personal. According to the study, openness to another person and placing ourselves in a position of vulnerability develops strong intimacy that will lead to immediate love.

“Would you like to be famous?

When did you last sing to yourself?

To someone else?

What is your most terrible memory?

How close and warm is your family?”

4 dancers.... 36 questions....

Between a talk show and Sunday confession, Q&A shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates a 50-minute event, more like a sharing than a traditional performance. At the start of the show, the questions are handed out to the audience. After the show, the audience is invited to stay in the venue and carry on this conversation.

Ultimately, we are all looking for connections with other people and we believe these 36 questions are a way of breaking down barriers and getting to know the individual. If we used this experiment and questions not only to find love but mutual understanding and a connection between people both within the same community and within communities, then we can increase understanding and tolerance.

Rachel Erdos is an award-winning independent choreographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. She received her MA from The Laban Centre London specialising in Choreography. Among multiple other awards, Rachel received the prize for independent choreographer of the year 2015 by the Ministry of Culture, Israel. Her work has been shown in prestigious venues including The Kennedy Centre (Washington DC), The Joyce (New York) and the Royal Opera House (London). Rachel teaches extensively to both professionals and non-professionals, and in 2018 she was a visiting artist/professor at Brown University, USA. In recent years, Rachel has also been active as a dramaturg for dance for the Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre, Ido Gidron and others. In 2020 and 2021, Rachel was selected for the artistic direction of the MASH Dance Festival in Jerusalem.

“Rachel Erdos is calling attention to herself and her works through their diversity and the skill behind them”. (Ora Brafman, Dance Critic).

Choreographer: Rachel Erdos

Performers: Matan David, Tomer Giat, Shay Haramaty, Ori Lenkinski

On stage I Duration: 50’

Organised by: Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth & Rialto Theatre

Media Sponsors: Phileleftheros Newspaper, Αctive 107.4, CyBC

In collaboration with: Dance House Lemesos

Supported by: Limassol Municipality, Lemesos Newspaper, Limassol Today, Lemesos blog, ETAL, Vestnik Kipra, Russian Wave, Social et al.

Τechnical Support: Event Pro I Awarded: EFFE LABEL

Tickets: € 8 (€ 30 for all performances)

Free entrance for students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals

Free transportation from Nicosia to Limassol

Departure from the Cyprus Handicraft Centre (Athalassa Avenue) Departure time: 19:00 I Information: 99 618225

More information:

Rialto Theatre, Friday, 10th of June 2022, at 20.30

E-ticket:, Rialto App

Rialto Box Office : 77 77 77 45

(Mon – Fri: 10:00 - 15:00 and 2 hours before the performance)

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