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9th Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

e 9th Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase is organized by the Cultural Services of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Rialto Theatre, aiming to highlight and promote the most important artists of Jazz and World Music in Cyprus.

The Showcase will feature a total of 9 bands consisting of more than 40 musicians. 7 bands will present their new work at the RIALTO Theatre and 2 will present their work at Voice (Former Kyklos) a space close to the RIALTO.

Friday | 09.12.2022, 19:30 |

Aris Guitar Trio

Aris Guitar Trio will perform original pieces composed by lead guitarist Aris Constantinou. These original compositions are based on the style of bebop music and songwriting from the ‘30s and ‘40s in the USA. The arrangements imitate the sounds of the West Coast as they draw inspiration from the recordings of Poll Winners Trio by Contemporary Records Los Angeles, also infused with ideas from all band members.

Aris Constantinou: electric guitar Adonis David Christou: drums Ioannis Karseras: double bass


The band will perform original compositions in the style of modern jazz, with strong influences by the music of John Coltrane, Kenny Garrett and Ben Wendel. Their new yet unpublished work will be presented at this year’s Showcase, in the highly energetic and exploratory half-hour set they have prepared. Quintedo will perform original compositions by Marios Charalambous, Kyriacos Kesta and Ermis Michail.

Marios Charalampous: saxophone Andreas Panteli: piano Ermis Michail: guitar Kyriacos Kesta: double bass Οmiros Miltiadous: drums


After the “3 years of Covid19” the group meets again to present tunes that have never been played live, as well as new compositions that were composed during the past 3 years. Together, the four musicians meet again on Funkystraat, the imaginary Dutch road where they get together to create, play music and improvise.

Ermis Michail: guitar Antreas Panteli: keys Andreas Rodosthenous: bass Stelios Xydias: drums

Cahit Kutrafali featuring Ezgi Akgurgen

The band will perform new compositions by Cahit Kutrafali, bass player, composer and arranger, which he mainly composed during the first Covid-19 lockdown. This repertoire is mainly characterised by a strong melody combined with a rich harmony in which the groove becomes the backbone of the music. On Rialto’s stage, the Quartet will be joined by vocalist Ezgi Akgurgen.

Cahit Kutrafali: bass Ermis Michail: guitar Andreas Panteli: piano Stelios Xydias: drums

Ezgi Akgurgen: vocals

Saturday | 10.12.2022, 19:30 |

Vassilis Philippou – Colourful Emptiness

Colourful Emptiness is the second personal album of Vassilis Philippou. The compositions maintain the honesty of the initial inspiration and its emotions, with simplicity and improvisation being their main characteristics alongside elements from the traditional and jazz music genres. The motive of finding a sense of wholeness and serenity within the vastness of space and stillness of time, lies behind each composition of Colourful Emptiness. Besides, it is this very essence of serenity that the artist aspires to evoke and transmit to the listener via his compositions.

Vassilis Philippou: piano, compositions Odysseas Toumazou: electric guitar

Elias Ioannou: flugelhorn, trumpet

Ioanna Troullidou Quartet

Drawing inspiration from jazz music, Ioanna Troullidou will perform her own original compositions, both in lyrics and music, such as Love Conquers All and, for the first time, Free from Expectation. At times, her music and lyrics reflect her own personal thoughts and questions, feelings that may be romantic or not, at times expressing her very own personal revolution, mirroring her own views and progress while engaging with the jazz genre.

Ioanna Troullidou: vocals Marios Toumbas: piano Irineos Koullouras: double bass

Stelios Xydias: drums

Gaba Project ft. Nicolas Tryphonos

In this new work, Gaba Project will present their own compositions, and share with the audience new soundscapes resulting from the combination of handpan, lyra and double bass. The compositions are based on melodic lines, which develop both in a rhythmic and improvisational way during the performance, always following a structure and at the same time leaving freedom for dialogue between the three musicians. Although the style (tempo, rhythm, scale-makam) of each composition is unique, creating space and time for improvisation during the performance is a key element. In addition to their own compositions, they will also present a small part of arrangements of musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean region (Armenia, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria), in a completely fresh mood, even transforming their rhythm. The use of mixed rhythms, scales and makams together with strong changes in dynamics, are key elements characterising the band’s music.

Vasilis Vasiliou: handpan, percussion Christina Polycarpou: lyra with sympathetic strings Nicolas Tryphonos: double bass

Organisers: Deputy Ministry Culture and the Rialto Theatre

Co-organisers: Organisation for European Programmes and Cultural Relations, Co- Funded by the European Union

Media Sponsors: Astra 92.8, Cybc

Technical Support: Eventpro

Hospitality Sponsor: Alinea

Supported by: Lemesos Newspaper, Limassol Today, Lemesos Blog, Vestnik Kipra, Limassol Tourism Board, Social et. Al.

Rialto Theatre 9 & 10 December, at 19.30

Tickets: €10 / 8 (€15 for 2 days)

Box-office: 77 77 77

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