January 2022


5 Santa Clause is a real scum! 

wed 20:30 (90’) 15+

It’s Christmas Eve and at the premises of “Life is sweet” helpline for the hopeless, this is a very busy night. The deceived woman, the pregnant one, the trans, the “normal guy”, the hillbilly in love, the foreigner and the pervert, are all spending this Christmas Eve together, but each one in a world of their own!  


By the hilarious Greek writing duo Reppas and Papathanasiou.

An Alpha Square Christmas comedy. 


Directed by: Andreas Araouzos 

Cast: Fotis Apostolides, Marina Vrondi, Thanasis Drakopoulos, Christina Constantinou, Herodotos Miltiadous, Irene Salata Georgiou and Andreas Araouzos. 

Set and costumes: George Yiannou 

Lighting design: Stavros  


In Greek 


Tickets: €15 / €12 (students, pensioners and actors) 


11 Frankenstein – National Theatre Live 15+ 

tue 20:00 (120’) 


An NT Live repetition of the theatrical play by Nick Dear and Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein that critics and spectators have praised as one of the most amazing spectacles of recent years. 


Monstrous, yet carrying the innocence of a child, the bewildered creature, Frankenstein, is exiled in an inhospitable universe by his creator who is driven by horror. This antisocial being is treated ruthlessly and becomes desperate and revengeful. He decides to track down his creator and to strike a scary deal.


An exciting and subversive Gothic tale.  


Directed by Oscar award-winner, Danny Boyle with an amazing cast, among others, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller.  


With Greek and English subtitles.  


Tickets: € 12 / 8  


14  King Lear William Shakespeare  

fri 20:30 (140’) 


Theatre director Cezaris Grauzinis stages a new version of Shakespeare’s dark tale, highlighting the poetic discourse of the great dramatist and bringing out a modern, poignant dimension of King Lear. 


Translated by: Yiorgos Blanas 

Directed by: Cezaris Grauzinis 

Set design: Kenny MacLellan 

Costumes: Rea Olympiou 

Music: Martynas Bialobžeskis 

Movement/Choreography: Elena Antoniou 

Lighting design: Georgios Koukoumas 

Assistant director: Christodoulos Andreou 


Cast: Elias Andreou, Marina Argyridou, Charis Attonis, Andreas Vasiliou, Markos Gettos, Dimitris Yiorkadjis, Petros Yiorkadjis, Anastasia Zanti, Michalis Kazakas, Fotis Karalis, Vasiliki Kypreou, Varnavas Kyriazis, Yiannis Minos, Vasilis Charalambous, Angelos Hadjimichael. 


In Greek with English and Turkish surtitles 


Tickets: €12, €6 (unemployed, pensioners, large families (upon presentation of their cards), people under 25 (upon presentation of ID card). 

14_1_2022_2ΒΑΣΙΛΙΑΣ ΛΗΡ-PQ3A9980-©Δημήτρης Βαττής.jpg

19 & 20 The Lover by Harold Pinter / On Stage

wed & thu 20:30 (75’) 


The Lover by Harold Pinter is one of the best-known plays written by Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter.   

​A seemingly happily married couple, Richard and Sarah, live in a house in the countryside. The husband leaves home early for work, whereas the wife spends every afternoon with her lover.  


Employing a simple, everyday yet sharp language, Pinter places his characters in a psychological and mental game where roles are alternating, where the line between the real and the imaginary is blurry, where marriage and social conventions are being negated, and the protagonists lay themselves bare in front of the audience.   


Directed by: Maria Kyriakou  

Translated by: Constantina Ioannidou  

Set and Costume Design: Constantina Andreou  

Music: Panos Bartzis  

Lighting Design: Vasilis Petinaris  

Assistant Director: Thekla Flouri  

On stage: Stelios Andronikou and Maria Philippou  

Poster Design: Yiorgos Sisamos  

Photographer: Vasilis Doritis  

Production: Side Effect  


In Greek 


Tickets: €15/12  


21 Premiere Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

fri 20:30 (65’) 

To welcome the New Year 2022, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra is delighted to be joined by three special French artists: maestro Patrick Gallois, the brilliant harpist Anais Gaudemard and flutist Virginie Bove, who is also our orchestra’s sub-principal flute. The two soloists unite their talents in Mozart’s captivating Concerto for flute, harp and orchestra. 

Considered one of the best harpists of the new generation, Anais Gaudemard will also interpret Claude Debussy’s Danse sacrée et Danse profane for harp and strings, distinguished by their refined rigour and musical 'archaism'. 

Kurt Weill’s avant-garde musical ideas shook Europe in the 1920s.


The programme will close with the Cyprus Premiere of one of his most celebrated works, his Symphony no. 2 (Fantaisie symphonique). 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto for flute, harp and orchestra in C major, K. 299/297c 

Claude Debussy: Danse sacrée et Danse profane for harp and strings 

Kurt Weill: Symphony no. 2 [Cyprus Premiere] 

Soloists: Anais Gaudemard (harp), Virginie Bove (flute). 

Conductor: Patrick Gallois  


Tickets: €18 €14 (Premium) €13 / €10 (Regular), €8 / €6 (Balcony) 

PRM3 - Virginie Bove photo[1].jpg

23  STILL - A statue that traveled the world 

sun 11:00 (60’ ) 


Could a statue and a girl become forever friends and travel together around the world? A girl, all alone in a boat, embarks on a journey to the unknown. She finds refuge in a foreign country and gets some rest on a bench, under the statue of a soldier. Soon enough, she realizes that the statue is alive. Could a statue and a girl become forever friends and travel together around the world? Could a girl teach a statue how to lead a real life and throw away its sword forever?


A performance for +0 ages, accessible to spectators of all ages and nationalities since the language employed is made up, especially invented for this performance. 


An ode to peace, friendship, diversity, and the power of true love! 


Story/lyrics: Stavros Stavrou 

Directed/Choreographed by: Costas Silvestrou, Panayiotis Tofi 

Music composition: Thodoris Economou 

Set/Costume design: Constantina Andreou 

Projections: Anna Fotiadou 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Assistant director/voice coach: Constantinos Andronikou 

Musician: Andreas Michalopoulos 

Cast: Andreas Koutsoftas, Christina Papadopoulou, Antony Papamichael


Tickets: €10 


26 Varka sto Gialo | Theatriki Poreia 

wed 20:30 (70’) 


A performance based on the book of the same title, written by Maro Thodoraki, the niece of Mikis Thodorakis, centered around the unknown childhood of the great Greek composer, presenting moments, images and milestones in the life of the world-renowned musician, as well as of modern Greek history. 


With Epilogi Choir conducted by Michalis Gregoriou 

Directed by: Adonis Florides. 

Set design: Anna Varela 

Costumes: Matina Lamari 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

On stage: Koulis Kafkalias, Christos Charitou, Matina Lamari


Sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. 


Tickets: €10  


28-29 LANDSCAPE Elena Antoniou 16+ 

fri 20:30 – sat 18:30 & 20:30 (50’) 


In this solo performance, Elena Antoniou unapologetically demonstrates herself in order to highlight the personal experience as a collective landscape. She overexposes the female body with pleasure and extends the limit of spectacle by skillfully and intentionally inviting the gaze of the spectators.


In LANDSCAPE, Antoniou creates the space and the environment for the political body to exist as deeply traumatized, yet superficially sexual. 


MUSIC/ SOUND DESIGN: Stavros Gasparatos

ART DIRECTION: Christos Kyriakides

DRAMATURGY: Odysseas I. Konstantinou
LIGHT DESIGN: Vasilis Petinaris

PHOTO: Stelios Kallinikou

GRAPHICS: Nikos Stephou 



Funded by Terpsichore, a choreographic research programme initiated and sponsored by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. 


Tickets: €12/ €10 


February 2022


1 Finding Calico 

tue 19:00 (107’) 


A film based on the book Mie-chan, The Stray Cat, telling the story of a popular feline and its relationship with the locals in an old-town shopping district in Japan.  


Kyoichi Morii is a cranky retired headmaster who lost his wife and now lives alone. He is grumpy and aloof, and over the years has alienated himself from most of the town locals. Mie, the stray cat his wife used to feed, is Morii’s only regular visitor. Morii doesn’t like cats any more than people, and he chases Mei away every time he sees her, until Mie suddenly stops visiting. His wonder eventually turns into worry, and he decides to search for the missing cat. Throughout his adventure, Morii reconnects with the people of his past, forced to confront the deep affection for his wife that he never had the courage nor the vulnerability to express to her. 


Directed by: Yoshihiro Fukagawa 

Cast: Issey Ogata, Kayolo Kishimoto, Shota Sometani and Drop (the cat).  


In Japanese with English subtitles. 

Free entrance (tickets to be booked in advance).  


3 – 4 A future to die for Ι Lia Haraki 

thu- fri 20:30 (70’) 


Lia Haraki's 'A future to die for' will be presented in Limassol at the Rialto Theatre for two performances after the successful series of performances at the Polis Theatre in Nicosia last year. The performance, which is a tragic comedy is a pitching event of services and products related to the survival of humanity amidst the imminent, almost irreversible ecological catastrophe. Shall we carry on functioning in a capitalist way amidst these urgent times? Are the principles of competition and division a way of surviving or a means of destruction?

Through the latest funeral rituals, one can already plan while still alive, the special must have survival kit and the switch to a nutritious diet of vegan ambelopoulia, there is still light at the end of the tunnel….and all the above to the sound of the song ‘Homo Auditus’ by Ven.


Concept/ Direction/ Song: Lia Haraki
Performers/Creative team: Alexis Vassiliou, Andreas Kentis, Ariana Marcoulides, Eleana Alexandrou, Lia Haraki
Text: Lia Haraki in collaboration with the creative team
Music/Sound Design: Yiannis Christofides
Stage design: Yiannis Toumazis
Costumes: Arianna Marcoulides
Dramaturgical advisor: Guy Cools
Business coaching advisor: Avyie Savvidou
Technical director: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis
Guest artist: Aleksandra Borys
Graphics: Christina Pandjarou
Photographer: Pavlos Vryonides


In English


The project is part of the TERPSICHORE 2021 programme of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, co-produced by NiMAC, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, in collaboration with Pierides Foundation.


Tickets: €15 /10 

3_4_February .jpg

5 Karagiozis goes to a Concert

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

sat 17:00 (65’) 


The family concert Karagiozis goes to a concert is an unusual performance, both instructive and entertaining for children and grown-ups alike.


Nionios (Mr. Dionysios), an ardent music lover, tries to convince Karagiozis to attend a classical music concert, organized by Vizier’s daughter. Karagiozis refuses to do so until Veligegas orders everyone to attend the concert: Karagiozis, Barbayiorgos, Stavrakas, Hadjiavatis and the rest of the Shadow Theatre characters.


During the concert, Karagiozis has many questions: about the instruments, the music, the composer and other things, which Nionios patiently explains in simple words, wishing to initiate him to the world of classical music. Gradually, Karagiozis completely changes his view about this music, which he previously thought to be difficult and rather dull! Now he loves it! 


Idea, storyline, selection and orchestration of musical works: Alkis Baltas 

Shadow Theatre with “Karagiozis” Puppeteers of “Anemodoura” Thodoris and Babis Kostidakis * 

Conductor: Alkis Baltas 

In Greek 


Tickets: € 7 (free entrance for people with disabilities) 

5_February .JPG

7 - 8 Out of Necessity  

On Stage 

mon - tue 20:30 (75’) 


Following a run of 37 sold-out shows, Out of Necessity returns on Rialto’s stage for only two performances.


In search of identity, Out of Necessity is a devised theatre performance that has its starting point at the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus. To what extent has this fundamental document defined, and continues to define, our identity? How was the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’, temporarily implemented in 1964, converted into ‘permanent necessity’? How can an ‘escape clause’ determine the way we, Cypriot citizens, see life in general? How has this affected our daily life? 


Concept/directing/dramaturgy: Maria Kyriakou, Maria Varnakidou  

Text: Maria Kyriakou, Maria Varnakidou and actors 

Set and costume design: Constantina Andreou 

Soundscape design: Panos Bartzis 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Research/Assistant director/Technical support: Evi Hadjipieri 


On stage: Andria Zeniou, Elena Kallinikou, Yiorgos Kyriakou, Marina Makri, Fivos Papakostas, Loukia Pieridou. 


Tickets: € 15 / 12  

7_8_February .jpg

10 Yiannis Kotsiras - A recital for voice, piano & bouzouki 

thu 20:30 (90’) 


Celebrated Greek singer Yiannis Kotsiras presents a repertoire of his own well-known songs, as well as beloved compositions and melodies by some of the greatest Greek composers of the rebetiko and laiko musical genres. 

This Recital presents a selection of the greatest hits of the Greek repertoire in their original versions. Yiannis Kotsiras is joined by acclaimed pianist Yiorgos Papachristoudis, a loyal collaborator of some of the most important Greek composers and singers, as well as by his long-time fellow musician and string instrumentalist Vangelis Machairas, a composer himself and a traditional music soloist (bouzouki, oud, tzouras). 


Artistic curation and sound design: Lambros Bounas, Stratis Karadimitrakis 

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris

Production: Μenta Αrt Εvents 

Tickets: € 25 / 20 

10_Feb_kotsiras _ok.jpg

11 Two Pianists, Two Pianos, Two Concerts, Four Hands  

fri 19:30 (90’) 


A rare and exciting opportunity for lovers of classical piano music to experience a two-piano recital. Tatiana Stupak has played piano at well over a hundred events in Cyprus the past six years, but has not yet played duets with another professional pianist. In this concert, she will team up with Russian pianist Andrey Pronin who will fly in from Ulyanovsk, a city about 700km east of Moscow, on the Volga river. He teaches at the music college of the Ulyanovsk State University. He graduated from the Kazan State Conservatory, having specialized in piano. He is a laureate and diploma winner of international competitions. The two pianists will play a variety of classical works written for four hands, sometimes on two pianos, and sometimes on one of the instruments. 


On two pianos: 

Francis Poulenc - Sonata for two pianos, FP156: Movements 1 (prologue) & 2 (allegro molto). 

Astor Piazzolla - Libertango. Arranged for two pianos. 

Franz Liszt - A.Glazunov. Sposalizio for two pianos  

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Suite No. 2 for two pianos, 3rd movement: Romance. 


On one piano: 

W.A. Mozart - Sonata in C major, K521.  

Gabriel Fauré - Dolly Suite: Op.56: 1. Berceuse, 2. Mi-a-ou, 3. Le Jardin de Dolly, 6. Le Pas Espagnol. 

Claude Debussy - Petite Suite: 1. En Bateau, 4. Ballet.  

Sergei Rachmaninov - Six Duets: Op. 11: 1. Barcarolle, 2. Scherzo, 3. Russian Theme, 4. Waltz.  

Tickets: € 20 / 15 

11_Feb_posterАфиша Ступак_1_edited.jpg

13 Leopoldstadt

National Theatre Live 2022 

sun 20:00 (140’) 


Regarded as ‘Britain’s greatest living playwright’ Tony and Academy Award-winner Tom Stoppard’s critically acclaimed new play is a passionate drama of love, family and endurance. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, Leopoldstadt was the old, crowded Jewish quarter of Vienna, Austria. But Hermann Merz, a factory owner and baptised Jew now married to Catholic Gretl, has moved up in the world. We follow his family’s story across half a century, passing through the convulsions of war, revolution, impoverishment, annexation by Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. A company of 40 actors represent each generation of the family in this epic, but intimate play. 

Filmed live on stage in London’s West End, ‘Tom Stoppard’s masterpiece’ is directed by Patrick Marber. 

Tickets: €12 / 10 

13_FebNTL 2022 Leopoldstadt - 4. Sebastian Armesto. Photo Credit Marc Brenner.jpg

20 & 26 The Little Moth  

sun & sat 10:00 & 12:00 (60’) 2+ 


The Little Moth loves sewing jumpers. After being bullied at school, he decides to go on a trip with his friend, the ladybird, to find his parents. On this journey, he will meet new friends and embark on new adventures.


A musical theatre about bullying, the value of friendship and family, as well as the need to listen to our inner voice and talent.


In Greek.  

Part of the proceeds will go the FunRaising Charity Foundation 


Directed by: Andreas Makris 

Cast: Andrea Agathokleous, Yiannis Minos, Maria Constantinou, Michalis Kazakas, Polys Hadjicostas 

Choreography: Eva Kalomiri 

Set and Costume Design: Eleni Ioannou 

Special constructions: Stavri Papa 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris 

Text/Music: Stavros Michalakakos, Yiannis Politis 

Produced by: Animagnet Group 


Tickets: € 12 

20_26_Feb .jpeg

21-22 Drama Short Film Festival 

mon -tue 20:30 (70’)  


The awarded Greek short films of the annual Drama Short Film Festival travel to dozens of destinations every year, including the cities of Limassol, Nicosia and Pafos.


The screenings are co-organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports & Youth and the Rialto Theatre, in collaboration with the Friends of Cinema Society Nicosia, Pafos House of Arts and Letters, Larnaca Cinema Society, and Limassol Cine Club. 

The following films will be screened: From the Balcony (Aris Kaplanidis), A Summer Place (Alexandra Mattheou), Brutalia: Days of Labour (Manolis Mavris), I don’t want to forget anything (Vangelio Soumeli), Motorway 65 (Evi Kalogiropoulou), Last Visit (Spyros Alidakis), Creatures of the Night (Memi Koupa), The Student (Vasilis Kalamakis), Amygdali (Maria Hatzakou). 


Free entrance (tickets to be booked in advance).  


27 The City

Moscow Theatre School of Modern Play  

sun 18:00 (90') 16+ 


The Moscow Τheatre "School of Modern Play" presents its well-known performance The City based on the play of the same title by Evgeny Grishkovets and directed by Iosif Raichelgauz. 

This story could have happened in any city with its haste, noise, traffic. The main character is trying to understand himself, his own feelings, actions and goals. It seems to him that if he leaves this place, he will be able to turn a new page."Where to go?" A question not worth asking. What is important, is to get out of here! 


Cast: Marat Basharov, Elena Zakharova, Alexander Galibin, Ivan Mamonov, Ιosif Raichelgauz. 

In Russian.

In the framework of the “5 Evenings in Cyprus” Festival. 

Tickets: €55 / €40 (students). 


March 2022


4 Premiere 4 | Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

fri 20:30 (65’) 


Both Sergei Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky are deeply fascinated by the music of the past, which offers them a treasure of paradigms to draw from.


In his Symphony no. 1, Prokofiev engages with the classical symphonic form and style, infusing it with his own personal musical idiom, whilst Stravinsky was inspired by Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in his neoclassical concerto Dumbarton Oaks. In his passionate 5 Spanish dances, Moritz Moszkowski draws from the splendour of Spanish folklore. Cyprus premiere of the emotionally charged Concerto for cello and strings by the highly-praised composer Dobrinka Tabakova. 


Sergei Prokofiev: Symphony no. 1 in D major, op. 25, “Classical” 

Ιgor Stravinsky: Concerto in E flat major (“Dumbarton Oaks”) 

Moritz Moszkowski: 5 Spanish dances, οp. 12 (orchestration: Alexander Vitlin) 

Dobrinka Tabakova: Concerto for cello and strings [Cyprus Premiere] 


Soloist: Jakub Otčenášek (cello) 

Conductor: Alexander Vitlin 


Tickets: €18 /14, 13/10, 8/6  


9 Olga Ι Elie Grappe  

wed 20:00 (85’) Switzerland, France 2021  


2013: Exiled in Switzerland, 15-year-old Olga, a talented Ukrainian gymnast, is trying to make her place at the National Sports Centre. Like all top athletes, she dreams of an Olympic gold medal. She tries her best to fit into her new national team, but as the European Championship approaches, the revolution in Kiev shakes her world and tests her will. 

Elie Grappe’s feature-length debut was Switzerland’s entry for the 2022 Oscars Best International Feature Film category and is nominated for the Swiss Film Awards 2022. 


Organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in collaboration with Alliance Française de Limassol in the framework of Francophonie 2022.  

In French with English subtitles. With dialogues also in Russian and Ukrainian. 


Free entrance (tickets to be booked in advance) 


12,13 2nd Cyprus Choreography Showcase (SXK) 



Two years after its first edition, Cyprus Choreography Showcase (SXK) presents seven selected choreographic works.


The SKX offers opportunities for presenting choreographic projects abroad, thus enhancing the artists’ international visibility, while also offering a chance to the local audience to re-watch some of the most successful choreographic pieces of the past year. 


Participating works:

Alexandra Waierstall (A line, a gaze, a horizon), Anthi Kettirou (She loves me… not), Diamanto Hadjizacharia (Atrium), Evi Panayiotou (Tomosynthesis), Ivi Hadjivasiliou (Blurred), Milena Ugren Koulas (Quiet words), Panayiotis Tofi (Excavated anatomies). 


Tickets: €8 /12 (2 days pass) 


16 The Miser I Satiriko Theatre 

wed 20:30 (105’) 


In Moliere’s popular comedy, the main character is greedy Harpagon who constantly lives with the fear of being robbed. Harpagon is a miser, but also a man in love, with his passion for cash being in conflict with his humane need for being recognized, respected and loved. Despite being a period piece, the performance uses references to today’s world to highlight a multitude of issues such as morality, power, faith and love.


In Greek. 


Adapted/directed by: Marianna Kafkaridou 

Set/costume design: Lakis Genethlis 

Music: George Kolias 

Choreography: Eva Papageorgopoulou 

Stage Movement/Battles: Andrey Krupa 

Lighting design: Vikentios Christianidis 

Assistant director: Marialena Papadopoulou 

Assistant set designer: Mikaella Kasinou 

Make-up artist: Stephanie Panayi 


Cast: Vasilis Michael, Christiana Artemiou, Spyros Georgiou, Irodotos Miltiadous, Andreas Rozou, Haris Aristidou, Antri Angelidou, Georgia Nicolaou, Nikolas Kourouzidis, Yiorgos Achilleos. 


Tickets: €15 / 12 


26 Horse in Love* I En Dynamei Ensemble (15+)  

sat 19:00 (105’)  


What is love? How do we experience it? Does everyone have access to love? How can such an extraordinary moment lead to an endless fantasy, to a thought that drives us mad? And how can love equate people - as different as they may be - in one and only condition, that of being in love? 

Concept / Artistic direction: Eleni Dimopoulou 

Directed by: Eleni Efthymiou 

Ιn the frame of “Beyond Disdance” Festival of Ιpogia Skini NGO. Funded by Perform Europe.  

*Warning: The piece contains nudity. 

With Greek and English subtitles


Tickets: € 12/10  


27 Tosca I Royal Opera House - Cinema 

sun 18:30 (180’)  


One of the best loved operas of all times broadcast from the Royal Opera House. Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece (libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica) is a political thriller of drama, pathos and twists. Painter and republican sympathizer Mario Cavaradossi, Tosca’s lover, is arrested, due to his political views, by Baron Scarpia, chief of police. Scarpia agrees to set Cavaradossi free only if Tosca spends the night with him. Tosca yields to pressure but eventually kills the baron. 


Conductor: Oksana Lyniv 

Director: Jonathan Kent 

Royal Opera Chorus/ Chorus Director: William Spaulding 

Orchestra of the Royal Opera House 

Cast: Yuriy Yurchuk, Jeremy White, Freddie de Tommaso, Elena Stikhina, Alexey Markov, Hubert Francis, Jihoon Kim, Kaelan O’Sullivan, John Morrissey 

In Italian with English subtitles.  


Tickets: € 20 / 15 


29 Embroidered Words I Cantus Novus Femina  

tue 20:30 (70’) 


Α concert by the Cantus Novus Femina female vocal ensemble of the Cantus Choral Music Centre. Featuring acapella choral arrangements from Cyprus and Greece, as well as new songs from contemporary composers accompanied by soothing folk instrumentation blended seamlessly with traditional prose to create a delicately-woven lyrically traditional idiom. 

A woman sings the joys and sorrows of love and the delights of maternity. 


Solo vocals: Nefeli Spanou, Chara Sozou 

Narration: Petros Giorkatzis 

Instrumentation: Quintet orchestra 

Orchestration: Giorgos Kolias 

Artistic Direction, Conductor: Angelina Nicolaidou 


Tickets: € 15 /12  


30 Premiere 5 | Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

wed 20:30 (65’) 


In this programme, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra is joined by the distinguished conductor Michalis Economou, as well as two charismatic soloists, to present works by Vassos Nicolaou, one of the most esteemed composers of his generation, and by the symphonic titan, Gustav Mahler.


Vassos Nicolaou’s exceptional Concerto for percussion and string orchestra will receive its Cyprus premiere featuring soloist Marios Nicolaou, CySO’s principal timpanist.


Gustav Mahler’s radiant Symphony no. 4 is lighter than his first three symphonies and one of his most popular ones.


The shining Greek-Scottish soprano Annie Fassea will interpret the evocative song included in the Finale. 


Vassos Nicolaou: Concerto for percussion and string orchestra (2008) [Cyprus Premiere]  

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 4 (arrangement for chamber orchestra: Claus Simon)  

Soloists: Marios Nicolaou (percussion), Annie Fassea (soprano)  

Conductor: Michalis Economou 


Tickets: €18 /14, 13/10, 8/6  

30_3- small.png

31 Music Colors of Love 

thu 20:30 (60’) 


The three artists, Kyros Patsalides, Vakia Stavrou and Zoi Nikolaidou, focus on sounds of erotic, nostalgic, rhythms of passion and hope, with a repertoire of selected songs that travel to the heart of different cultures, to their own dream world. 

The audience will become acquainted with the work of popular composers from all over the world and especially from France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Latin America, inspired by the values of their life and culture. 

The classical song is seamlessly intertwined with the world of jazz music, performed by the talented musicians of a 10-member orchestra. 

Pianist / Conductor: Yiannis Hadjiloizou

First violin : Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou, Second violin: Andreas Zenonos, Viola: Tevkros Xydas, Cello: Doros Zissimos, Double Bass: Eleana Andreou, Flute: Savvas Christodoulou, Oboe: Natali Neophytou, Clarineto: Angelos Angelides, Bassoon: Evangelos Christoudolou.


Organised by: Alliance Française de Limassol in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Cyprus and the Institut Français de Chypre. 


Tickets: € 15/10  


April 2022


2,3 15th Cyprus Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition 2022
sat Semi-finals: Juniors 11:00, Seniors 16:00
sun Finals: Juniors, Seniors: 16:00


The Cyprus Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition gives the chance to young Cypriot dancers to unveil their talent and compete for scholarships, prizes and participations in international professional
groups, seminars and other events.


An institutional event that highly contributes to the development and progress of Dance in Cyprus.


Organised by Cyprus Dance Association.


Tickets: €12 Semi-finals / €15 Finals


4 Live Drawing: A Portrait of the Mona Lisa

FlashArt@Rialto 2022
mon 20:30 (85’)

By Alpha Square, a staged reading of the imagined dialogues between Leonardo da Vinci and Lady Gioconda of the Jules Tasca’s play.


Directed by Andreas Araouzos.

Cast: Christina Marouchou and Andreas Araouzos.

She is childish. She is mature beyond her years. She is feisty. She is docile. She is clever. She is naive. She is a dozen other contradictions. She is the famous Mona Lisa. And her painter, Leonardo, has the obligation to capture the facets of this young woman. A speculation drama about the three years it took the famous Da Vinci to paint his globally known masterwork. She wants to be immortalised by the most famous painter in Europe. He has personal reasons to keep the portrait to himself rather than release it to Francesco Gioconda, who commissioned his wife's portrait. Leonardo and Lisa argue and debate, but they also bare their souls to each other. Artist and subject develop together to acquire a sense of supreme camaraderie.

In English.


Tickets: € 10

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8 -16 20th Cyprus Film Days International Festival
fri – sat 20:00 & 22:00 18+

This 20th edition of Cyprus Film Days International Festival presents a variety of films, screened at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace Cinema in Nicosia. An eclectic international competition section (Glocal Images), world-acclaimed film premieres (Viewfinder), Cypriot productions, screenings and events for children and youth make up this year’s official International Film Festival of Cyprus, dedicated to fiction
feature films.

The festival will also host, for the first time in physical presence, the 3rd Dot on the Map Industry Days, a co-production, education and networking platform, organised online in collaboration with AGORA
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece. Dot on the Map aims at encouraging film collaborations and synergies between producers, directors and screenwriters from Mediterranean countries.

Organised by: Cultural Services – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth & Rialto Theatre.

All films will be screened in their original language with English and Greek subtitles.

Tickets: €6/ 25 (festival pass)

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tue 18:30 (180’)

Filmed live from the Bridge Theatre in London The Book of Dust - La Belle Sauvage, adapted by Bryony Lavery and directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Set twelve years before the epic His Dark Materials trilogy, this gripping adaptation revisits Phillip Pullman’s fantastical world in which waters are rising and storms are brewing. Two young people and their dæmons,
with everything at stake, find themselves at the centre of a terrifying manhunt. In their care is a tiny child called Lyra Belacqua, and in that child lies the fate of the future.

Eighteen years after his ground-breaking production of His Dark Materials at the National Theatre, director Nicholas Hytner returns to Pullman’s parallel universe. Broadcast live from London’s Bridge Theatre.

With English subtitles.

Tickets: €12 / 10


20, 28 A Pop Family Story Ι DIONYSOS THEATRE
wed, thu 20:30 (110’)

Amidst a world of radical changes, Jocasta Papadamou is trapped in her urban flat, living in emotional agitation and naivety, trying to ignore anything that could possibly change her personal, supposed
tranquility. The family gathering at her house turns into an evening of confessions as Jocasta and her guests make a series of personal revelations. A sweet cherry duck, a husband that suddenly becomes alive, a living woman considered dead, an “ex machina” immigrant “butler”, a lover with political aspirations, a cook who wants to be a mother and a piano player who finds consolation in his keys all parade around this dinner.

Through the hilarious dialogues and the staggering rhythm of the performance, the characters reveal themselves, having no real connection with one another, not even caring for each other. A depthless and sad life focusing on glamour, conforms, on meaningless and painless things. A dinner where no one is eating since they are all having their heads in the clouds. What is family after all? What is our duty and relationship with the others? Who are we, really? Where are we located on the contemporary map of the world?

Written by: Akis Dimou
Directed by: Costas Silvestros
Set/Costume: Thelma Kasoulidou
Lighting design: Yiorgos Lazoglou
Composer: Antria Maria Kounna
Cast in order of appearance: Manolis Michaelides, Erica Beyeti, Andreas Koutsoftas, Polyxeni Savva, Christos Yiangou, Angelos Hadjimichael, Marianna Santi.

In Greek

Tickets: €15 / 12


wed 18:30 (165’)

Gilda, the daughter of the court jester, Rigoletto, is secretly in love with the womanizer Duke of Mantua who comes to her in disguise as a poor student. To take revenge for his daughter’s lost honour, Rigoletto
engages an assassin to murder the Duke. When Gilda finds out about her father’s plans, she decides to save her loved one’s life by wearing the man’s disguise and sacrificing herself instead.

A production that sees Verdi’s masterpiece as a modern morality play that pits power against innocence, beauty against ugliness, in a pitiless world of luxurious decadence, corruption and social decay.

Director: Oliver Mears
Conductor: Antonio Pappano
Cast: Luca Salsi, Rosa Feola, Javier Camarena, Evgeny Stavinsky, Aigul Akhmetshina, Phillip Rhodes, Dominic Sedgwick

Royal Opera Chorus, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
In Italian with English subtitles

Tickets: €20 / 15


29 Marios Tokas Limassol Music School
fri 20:30 (70’)

A concert by the ensembles of Marios Tokas Limassol Music School presenting a repertoire inspired by the Greek entechno music genre in the first part, and the traditional music of Greece and Cyprus in the second part of the concert.


The first part will be performed by the school’s Choir, Mandolin Ensemble and Folk Music Ensemble and the second part by the Traditional Music Ensemble.

Supported by: Lanitio High School and Senior High School Parents’ Association and Management.

Tickets: € 5

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30 Panos Mouzourakis Live
sat 20:30 (90’)

Panos Mouzourakis, one of the most-loved Greek pop singers, and his band are set to hold a one-of-a-kind concert.


Talented and spontaneous, the multi-skilled performer and singer will be hosting a show full of excitement and surprises.

Tickets: € 30 / 25

mouzourakis photo.jpg