A play addressing a multitude of issues such as human ignorance, isolation, the fragility of human existence, the absence of free choices in a world where restrictions prevail, the beasts and the beauties (truth and lies) created by the human being in an attempt to find out what cannot be found out, the abuse and violence caused when power is misused.  


Lambros is a young man employed as a false witness in a trial-fixing ring. Everything works just fine until things stop working just fine. Lambros is trapped. What has occurred? What is true and what is false?  What is freedom, and what does its absence signify? Which things belong to us? Which of our choices are really our own? Lambros’ ignorance of the key points in his case represents our very own ignorance. The journey of his life from darkness to light is the journey of our own life. 


Play | Visual idea | Director: Myrto Papachristoforou 

Artistic direction: Katerina Attalidou   

Stage set: Katerina Attalidou, Stefanos Karababas, Stylianos Pelekanos & Omass Architects, Pavlides Carpenters Ltd, Waternet Ltd, Myrto Papachristoforou 

Acting: Irena Christodoulou, Christo Avraam, Myrto Papachristoforou 


The poster has been created by the visual artist Katerina Attalidou


Develop. Develop Again. Develop Better (Developing in Cyprus) 



Four one-act plays written by Cypriot playwrights, presented in the form of staged readings. The plays were developed during a five-month playwrights’ workshop that took place in January-May 2020 in collaboration with Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble.  


The four writers, Stephanos Stavridis, Avgi Lilli, Maria A. Ioannou and Yiorgos Trillidis focus on a single subject matter: «development» in Cyprus, in its various forms. Directed by Paris Erotokritou and Maria Kyriakou with the support of Anna Kalvari.  Featuring actors: Elena Kallinikou, Yiorgos Kyriakou, Vasilis Charalambous, Panayiota Papageorgiou and Varvara Christofi. 


Our souls longing for songs 



In a peculiar era where everything is re-organised and disorganised, constantly readjusting and changing, our only lifeline, our hope and light, is found in the songs lasting through the years, those resisting time, those never forgotten. At every concert, our lips still whisper the lyrics, despite the decades that have elapsed. They remind us of our very own childhood and teenage memories, of feasts and celebrations, of days with friends and old love stories. 


Vakia Stavrou performs a repertoire of beloved songs from every corner of the globe, in her own magical, simple and natural way. Let the dance begin, let the miracle unfold! 

Accompanied by pianist Manolis Neofytou. 


Through the eyes of Melina Merκouri and Antonis Samarakis




The project is inspired by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Antonis Samarakis and Melina Merkouri. Antonis Samarakis’ writing and Melina Merkouri’s vibrant cultural engagement are combined through music and narration, bringing out the different critical and alternative voices of the two personalities.  


With the participation of:  

Michalis Gregoriou: conductor, piano  

Petros Mantralis: narration  

Nikolas Hasiotis: sound & visual material/screenings 

Spyros Charalambous: guitar, voice 

George Papasolomontos: bouzouki 

Panayiotis Stylianides: drums 

Vyron Athinodorou: bass 

Christina Pissouriou: accordion  

Andria Souroulla: voice  

Giorgos Kazamias: voice 


MARCH 2021


Rialto Theatre Live 

Saturday 19:00 (65’) 


In an attempt to revive the Carnival spirit, the Rialto Theatre and six amazing musicians present a repertoire of Latin and Salsa music with upbeat Cuban tunes. The concert will be presented both live on Rialto’s stage, as well as virtually. The show will be broadcast and available to watch online for free until 14 March 2021. 



Pedro-Son Caliente – Vocals, George Koulas – Percussions, Elias Ioannou – Trumpet, 

Rodrigo Caceres – Bass/Vocals, Yiorgos Morfitis – Piano/Vocals, Rodos Panayiotou – Drums. 


Free entrance 


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra  

Rialto Theatre Live 

Friday 19:00 (65’) 


In its third concert of the series “Music from the Theatres of Cyprus”, the CySO presents an attractive programme with works by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. 


“It is a heartfelt piece and so, I dare to think, is not lacking in real qualities” - thus Tchaikovsky describes his Serenade for strings in C major (1880) to his patron. We could not agree more. Consisting of four contrasting movements, the music combines elegance with intense emotion and is profuse with melodic invention, especially in the popular Valse. In our days, it has also been used as music for the ballet and films.  


The Second Symphony is one of Beethoven’s most energetic, cheerful, and outgoing works, full of humour and vitality. According to Lewis Lockwood, researcher of Beethoven, “This symphony signaled that from now on in Beethoven's works power and lyricism in extreme forms were to be unleashed as never before...” 


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Serenade for strings in C major, op. 48 

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 2 in D major, op. 36 


Conductor: Michalis Economou 


€ 12 / 7/ 5  

14 A Tribute to Rebetiko Ι NOBODY LEFT ALONE

Rialto Theatre Live - Available online for 48 hours

Sunday 18:00 (90’) 


A journey across the “golden” era of Rebetiko, depicting the genesis, development and establishment of the world-renowned Greek folk music genre. A show dedicated to the greatest moments of the rebetiko song, as well as to all those musicians who marked the era with their style and music: Tountas, Vamvakaris, Batis, Skarvelis, Hadjichristos, Papaioannou, Tsitsanis et al. 


Texts/artistic curation/directing: Dimitris Fanis 


Yiorgos Dimitriou - Bouzouki/Vocals, Veronica Aloneftou - Sandouri/Vocals 

Aristos Christodoulou – Piano, Costas Halloumas - Double bass, Yiorgos Lambrou - Violin 

Pambos Dimitriou - Percussions, Panayiotis Xanthopoulos - Guitar/Vocals 

Annie Panteli - Baglama/Vocals, Dimitris Mesimeris - Guitar/Vocals  

Dimitris Fanis - Guitar/Bouzouki/Baglama/Vocals 

Narrator: Kyriakos Hadjistyllis 

Dancing: Nicosia Dance Center 

Make-up: Thea Chrys  


Part of the series of concerts “Nobody Left Alone” organized by Kinisi Politismou. 

€ 10 / 8 

16 - 17 Picture Perfect Ι SRSLYyours Ensemble

Οn stage  

Tuesday - Wednesday 19:00 (75’)  


Strangely detached from themselves and others, the 3 performers reenact iconic images from a large photographic archive as a way to understand their presence, place and connection to the world. A digital wasteland unfolds as fragments of human history appear. 


The award-winning ensemble SRSLYyours challenges the theatrical experience, connecting 3 protagonists, 1 virtual butler and the audience in one single group-chat for stage.  

In English. With excerpts from Wagner’s "Tristan and Isolde”.


Direction / Dramaturgy: Achim Wieland 
Co-Dramaturgy: Marios Ioannou 

Performers: Marios Ioannou, Elena Kallinikou, Marina Makris 

Text: Achim Wieland, Marios Ioannou (with the support of participating performers and collaborators) 

Movement: Michalis Aristidou 

Interactivity Support and Development: Diego Armando Aparicio  

Text Support/Editor: Rania Iakovou 

Sound Editing/Composition: Dimitris Savva 

Light Design: Yiorgos Lazoglou 

Costume/Set Design: Andreas Antoniou 

Production Liaison/Interactivity: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis 

Production Assistant: Polymnia Tsinti 


Partners: Rialto Theatre, Goethe-Institut Cyprus 


€ 15 /12 

19 Le Grand Soir Ι THE BIG NIGHT  

Friday 19:00 (1976, 95’) 


In the framework  of Francophonie 2021 and in cooperation with the Alliance Française de Limassol, the Embassy of Switzerland pays tribute to Swiss director Francis Reusser (1942-2020), presenting a recently restored version of his classic film Le Grand Soir (1976) from the Cinémathèque Suisse. The film won the Locarno Golden Leopard award.

Léon works as a security guard in Lausanne. One evening on one of his rounds, he discovers a group of Leninist activists in an underground building and develops feelings for the kind of action claimed by them and for the charm of Lea…


In French with English subtitles

Duration: 95'

Free entrance

20* - 21 In a Critical Condition


Saturday 15:00 & 18:00 - Sunday 18:00 (110’) 


The Cyprus Theatre Organization (Thoc) production written in the Cypriot vernacular by Antonis Georgiou takes place outside an intensive care unit. State of Emergency focuses on people intensely experiencing a reality that is as chaotic as human life itself. Extremely relevant to our times, the play highlights the stage of emergency of our society, as well as our struggle to survive in a fluid landscape where victories are significantly fewer than defeats. A play about the common experience of losing a beloved person and our vital need for contact and communication. 

Directed by: Emilios Charalambides 
Set design: Sosanna Tomazou 
Costumes: Eleni Tzirkalli 
Music: Dimitris Zachariou 
Movement: Eva Kalomiri 
Video projections: Christoforos Larkos 
Lighting design: Georgios Koukoumas 
Assistant director: Maria Christodoulou 

Cast: Michalis Kazakas, Andreas Koutsoumpas, Zoi Kyprianou, Antonia Charalambous, Nadia Charalambous, Charis Charalambous 

Cast (in videos): Yiorgos Achilleos, Fernando Mounzer, Estella Tembriotou, Polys Hadjicostas  

The performance is inappropriate for minors

*With English and Turkish surtitles at 18:00

€ 12 / 6 

26 -27 Out of Necessity 

Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble 

On Stage 

Friday – Saturday 19:00 (75’) 


In search of identity, Out of Necessity has its starting point at the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus and the Doctrine of Necessity. To what extent have these fundamental documents defined, and continue to define, our political status? How can ‘emergency’ be converted into ‘permanent necessity’? How can an ‘escape clause’ of necessity determine the way we see life in general? How is our daily life affected? 


In order to understand, as well as to question, things that are established and taken for granted, the play aspires to rewrite mainstream narratives, with all eyes firmly fixed on the future of the new generation. 

Out of Necessity is inspired by archival footage, theoretical and literary essays, articles, as well as by the personal narratives and experiences of the creators themselves. 


Concept – directing – dramaturgy: Maria Kyriakou – Maria Varnakidou  

Set and costume design: Constantina Andreou 

Music supervision – sound design: Panos Bartzis 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Research – assistant director: Evi Hadjipieri 

Technical support: Vasilis Doritis 


Cast: Antria Zeniou, Elena Kallinikou, Yiorgos Kyriakou, Marina Makri 

Foivos Papacostas, Loukia Pieridou 


€ 15 / 12 


APRIL 2021

2 #kazanτί* Yasemin Collective 12+ 

FlashArt@Rialto 2 - On Stage

fri 20:00 (60’) 


Portraying the tragicomic identity confusion of the islanders, Yasemin Collective brings the issue to the fore by introducing the traditional Cypriot lucky game, known as “kazandi”. Featuring a multicultural character, Kazandi is constantly on the move, shifting from one place to another, yet managing to be ever-present. A hilarious play that investigates the concepts of game, luck and identity.  


The research, which began in August 2020, brings together interviews from kazandi owners and players, and investigates the existence of the game over time, as well as people’s memory of it. What memories do people have involving this lucky game? In what ways have the conditions and experiences of people changed over time? How important are the concepts of origin, identity and to what extent do these define us? 


Concept: Natalia Panayiotou 

Research/Text/Directing/Performance: Natalia Panayiotou, Annie Sofokleous, Despina Chrysanthou 

Thinking partner: Evita Ioannou 

Sound design: Marios Mina 
Voices/Music: Dimitris Mesimeris, Abnormals rap crew, Afroditi Dermata, Marinos Romeos Kalotychos 

Stage creations: Touton, Anemone, The Rose Factory 

In the Cypriot dialect. 

Tickets: €12/10 

10 Beat the Devil Alpha Square  

FlashArt@Rialto 2 - On Stage

sat 20:00 (45’)  


Multi-awarded David Hare contracted Covid-19 on the same day the UK government made the intervention that eventually led to the first delayed lockdown in March 2020.


In Beat the Devil, which premiered in Autumn at the Bridge Theatre in London, D. Hare recalls “the delirium of his illness, mixed with fear, dream, honest medicine and dishonest politics to create a monologue of furious urgency and power”.


As theatre critic Nona Moleski (Phileleftheros, 09/03/2021) notes, Andreas Araouzos returns on stage with an English-speaking performance, entirely identifying with the writer, creating a sense of direct communication with this visionary, furious and courageous playwright, and exploiting the closeness of the audience, yet without addressing the viewer directly. 


Directed by: Nikos Mylonas & Andreas Araouzos  

On stage: Andreas Araouzos 

In English. 

Tickets: €12 /10 

11 Take your Seats 

sun 20:00 (100’) 


Taking on the role of the host, Yiorgos Kolias invites artists from Limassol on Rialto’s stage, who select and perform a unique repertoire of songs as a response to the peculiar conditions of the ongoing pandemic. As the audience reclaim their seats, the artists reunite with the viewers through their art.


Overcoming the current challenges, this Rialto Theatre production gives voice to the artists of Limassol, as a response to the imposed situation. 


Curated by: Yiorgos Kolias 

Arrangements – Conductor: Constantinos Zorbas 


Tickets: €15/10 

14 Sea Wall 12+  

FlashArt@Rialto - On Stage

Wed 20:00 (50’) 


The performance, which was scheduled to be presented in the 1st FlashArt@Rialto and was postponed multiple times due to the ongoing pandemic, finally comes to Rialto’s stage.


In the Sea Wall, Simon Stephens attempts an honest exploration of a father’s loss. The narration addresses with exceptional sensitivity, humour and insightfulness the challenges and the joy of being a father, while emphasizing on the great matters of our existence such as birth, death, love, absence, fear and everything related to what we call “the human condition”. At the same time, the fact that the story is told by a man who, in the context of his social gender, has to challenge gender stereotypes and prejudices, curtailing his right to grief and human weakness, adds an extra layer of interest to the narrative. 

Simon Stephens is one of the greatest and most beloved English playwrights, who adapted for stage Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. 


Translator/Director: Maria Iole Karolidou 

Sound Design: Christina Georgiou 

Set/Costume Design: Maria Georgiou 

Movement: Panayiotis Tofi 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Visual communication: Christiana Konstantinou 

On stage: Panos Makris 

Tickets: €12 /10 

15 Musical Landscapes Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

thu 20:30 (65’)  


Α tribute of 20th century music with three truly outstanding musical works, which seem to be closely connected to a geographical place, whether inspired by its sensations, nature, life or vibe.   

The concert starts off with Orawa (1986) for string orchestra by the Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, one of his most popular works. The piece was inspired by the region Orawa, located between Slovakia and Poland in the Tatra Mountains and forms the last piece of his cycle “Tatra Mountain works”. As the composer stated in an interview: “Orawa is the only piece in which I wouldn’t change a single note, though I have looked at it many times. [...] What is achieved in it is what I strive for – to be the best possible Kilar”. 


And from the 1980s back to the 1940s and to the emblematic work Appalachian Spring (1944) by the American composer Aaron Copland. The piece was originally commissioned as ballet music for the famous Martha Graham Dance Company and the setting is a 19th century farmhouse in Pennsylvania. The ballet was a huge success and Copland received a Pulitzer Prize in 1945 for his achievement. Copland was consequently commissioned to create an instrumental suite from the ballet, which resulted in the ballet suite for 13 instruments you will hear in our concert. 


The programme ends with Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů's Sinfonietta “La Jolla”, written in 1950 while Martinů was in the USA. The piece took its title from the town of La Jolla, Florida for which it was commissioned. As a part of the commission, Martinů was requested to compose music that would be tuneful and accessible. And so he did! His Sinfonietta is a joyful piece full of spirit, energy and colour, and thus concludes our 20th century musical journey with a positive vibe.           


Wojciech Kilar: Orawa  

Aaron Copland: Appalachian Spring, suite for 13 instruments 

Bohuslav Jan Martinů: Sinfonietta La Jolla, H. 328 


Conductor: Patrick Gallois 


Tickets: €12/ 7 /5 

16-24 – 19th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 

fri - sat 18+  


This 19th edition of Cyprus Film Days International Festival presents a variety of films, screened at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace Cinema in Nicosia.


An eclectic international competition section (Glocal Images), world-acclaimed film premieres (Viewfinder), Cypriot productions, screenings and events for children and youth make up this year’s official International Film Festival of Cyprus, dedicated to fiction feature films.


Among other films, the following will be screened: Apples by Christos Nikou, which will represent Greece in the upcoming Academy Awards, Sweat by Magnus von Horn, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2020, as well as Night of the Kings by Philippe Lacôte, which received multiple awards and was screened at Rotterdam Film Festival.


The Festival will also host the 2nd Dot on the Map Industry Days, a co-production, education and networking platform, organised online in collaboration with AGORA Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece. Dot on the Map aims at encouraging film collaborations and synergies between producers, directors and screenwriters from Mediterranean countries. 


Organised by: Cultural Services – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth & Rialto Theatre.


All films will be screened in their original language with English and Greek subtitles.  


Tickets: € 3 per film



12 From Classical to Modern  

Tatiana Stupak & Fabio Cavaggion  

wed 19:30 (75’)  


Russian pianist Tatiana Stupak and Italian cellist Fabio Cavaggion will perform a variety of music, including well-known classical and modern works. Cavaggion graduated from the Conservatoire in Reggio Calabria in 1991.  


Since then, he has worked with orchestras in Italy, Malta and Portugal. He recently moved to Cyprus.  


Their classical repertoire will present works by Gounod/Bach (Méditation: Ave Maria, on Bach’s Prelude No.1), Albinoni/Giazotto (Adagio in G minor), Piazzolla (Libertango and Oblivion) and Saint-Saëns (The Swan from Carnival of the Animals), whereas their modern repertoire will include works such as Ed Sheeran’s Perfect’from his album Divide. 


Tickets: €15 /12 

15 Grey 

Chorotheatro Omada Pente - Roula Kleovoulou

sat 18:00 & 20:00 (45’) 


Amidst these gloomy, terrifying times, multiple questions and uncertainties are being raised. 


The fog generates an atmosphere that blurs and distorts both our vision and perception, symbolizing a psychological uncertainty. It prevents us from “seeing clearly”. It is that disturbing confusion that one must experience before reaching clarity. 


A GREY AREA between reality and non-reality. 


Choreography: Roula Kleovoulou 

Music: Chris Cara  

Costumes: Pantelis Panteli 

Lighting design: Panayiotis Manousis 


Performers: Magda Argyridou, Victoria Aristidou, Chloe Melidou, Sophia Barka, Alexia Nicolaou, Belinda Papavassiliou, Katerina Tylliridou 


Tickets: €8 / 5 

18 1958 Antilogos Theatre  

tue 20:00 (75')


Written by Michalis Papadopoulos in the Cypriot dialect, the play sheds light on the darkest moments of the history of Cyprus that remain unknown to the public, thus showing a perspective outside the dominant narrative.


With great sensitivity and courage, the play revolves around the notorious political assassinations of the era, condemning extremism in both communities.


In Greek. 


Directed by: Neoklis Neokleous 

Music: Yiorgos Kalogirou 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris 

Set and costume curation: Mariza Partzili 

On stage: Neoklis Neokleous, Christina Christofia 


Tickets: € 12/10 

20 Spirit of Romanticism  

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra  

thu 20:30 (65’) 


Conducted by the renowned German maestro Wolfram Christ, this programme features music by romantic composers of Central Europe, bursting with emotion and drama.  

Discovered in 1951, Antonín Dvořák’s Seven pieces for small orchestra, were composed back in 1867 to be performed during the interval of a drama production, as was the custom at the time at the Provisional Theatre in Prague. In them one soon discovers seven movements of gorgeous, surprising theatricality, as if written to accompany the play itself.  


All fifteen violin concertos by the German composer Louis Spohr show great originality, vigour and a distinct melodic elegance. CySO’s concertmaster Wolfgang Schroeder will be interpreting Spohr’s Violin concerto nο. 8. Subtitled “in modo di scena cantante”, this concerto stands out by assigning to the violin the role of an opera character, much in the way of a dramatic opera scene, including characteristic recitative and aria style sections.  


Full of optimism, bliss and exuberance, Antonín Dvořák’s Serenade for strings was written in 1875, during one of the happiest and most productive times of his life.  


Antonín Dvořák: Seven pieces for small orchestra 

Louis Spohr: Violin concerto no. 8 in A minor (in modo di scena cantante), op. 47 

Antonín Dvořák: Serenade for strings in E major, op. 22  


Soloist: Wolfgang Schroeder, violin 

Conductor: Wolfram Christ  


Tickets: €12/7/5 

22-23  WHO CARES  

En drasi - Evie Demetriou 

sat-sun 20:00 (40’) +16

On Stage 


The solo performance “WHO CARES” examines the tensions created between what we regard good for ourselves and for our bodies based on our personal needs and desires and what society imposes and dictates to us. Through the lens of personal identity, gender and ageing we examine how external forces such as social norms and stereotypes but also public policies can influence personal perception and actions.


The performance combines personal confession with humour and movement to guide us through a physical and emotional journey that speaks to our current moment.  


Choreography I Performance: Evie Demetriou 

Dramaturgy: Guy Cools 

Light Design: Aleksandar Jotovic 

Artistic Collaborator I Photography: Michalis Papamichael 

Voice Coach: Cathryn Robson 

Graphics: Despina Kannaourou 

Trailer: Antis Iakovou 

Production: En drasi 


Tickets: €10 / 8

25-26 Raus  

Dionysos Theatre 

tue-wed 20:30 (80’) 


A hilarious comedy by writing duo Reppas - Papathanasiou, directed by Panagiotis Larkou. A clerk working at the Ministry of Transport, his wife and a nurse are all heirs of a neoclassical building in the city centre of Athens. When they visit the building to meet the tenants, they realise that the house, which had once hosted Angelos Sikelianos, now operates as a brothel. When the tenants refuse to leave the premises, they all together decide to collaborate and establish a fake cultural association, in order to receive an EU grant of 300,000 euro. 


Their business turns out just fine until the EU announces a stringent inspection of all country’s cultural associations. They have only two weeks left to stage Sophocles’ Antigone, and present the play to the European Commissioner. Will they become convincing actors, or end up in jail?

In Greek 


Directed by: Panagiotis Larkou 

Set and costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris 

Cast: Elena Hadjiafxenti, Petros Yiorkadjis, Eleni Sidera, Alexandros Parisis, Pantelitsa Loizou, Myrto Kouyali, Antony Papamichael, Christos Yiangou 


Tickets: €15 /12 

27 Out of Necessity 

Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble / On Stage 

thu 20:00 (75’) 


In search of identity, Out of Necessity has its starting point at the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus and the Doctrine of Necessity. To what extent have these fundamental documents defined, and continue to define, our political status? How can ‘emergency’ be converted into ‘permanent necessity’? How can an ‘escape clause’ of necessity determine the way we see life in general? How is our daily life affected? In order to understand, as well as to question, things that are established and taken for granted, the play aspires to rewrite mainstream narratives, with all eyes firmly fixed on the future of the new generation. Out of Necessity is inspired by archival footage, theoretical and literary essays, articles, as well as by the personal narratives and experiences of the creators themselves. 


Concept – directing – dramaturgy: Maria Kyriakou – Maria Varnakidou  

Set and costume design: Constantina Andreou 

Music supervision – sound design: Panos Bartzis 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Research – assistant director: Evi Hadjipieri 

Technical support: Vasilis Doritis 


Cast: Antria Zeniou, Elena Kallinikou, Yiorgos Kyriakou, Marina Makri 

Foivos Papacostas, Loukia Pieridou 


Tickets: € 15 / 12 

29 Cypriot Music Revisited 

Quintus Ensemble & ChamberFusion Quintet

FlashArt@Rialto 2

sat 20:00 (60’) 


An out-of-ordinary concert – a musical dialogue between Quintus Ensemble and ChamberFusion Quintet, traversing a journey across the traditional music of Cyprus. With arrangements by Neoklis Neofytides, performed by classical wind and string soloists, the concert brings on Rialto’s stage two outstanding ensembles performing wind and string sounds that encompass the island’s rich traditional music. 


Quintus Ensemble consists of Savvas Christodoulou (flute), Simeon Spasov (oboe), Giorgos Georgiou (clarinet), Evangelos Christodoulou (bassoon) and Annita Skoutela (horn). 


ChamberFusion Quintet consists of Yiorgos Hadjigeorgiou (1st violin), Nikolas Vryoni (2nd violin), Nicolas Efthimiou (viola), Doros Zisimos (cello) and Nikolas Tryfonos (double bass). 


Singing: Tefkros Neokleous, Anna Aristidou. 

Piano:  Kyriacos Kyriacou

Digital set design: Constantinos Terlikkas 


Tickets: €12 / 10

JUNE 2021


4 With the sounds of Nuevo Tango 

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Friday 20:30 (65’)  


Enjoy the sizzling rhythms and sounds of Nuevo Tango, the revolutionary new style of tango created by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla in the mid-20th century. Incorporating elements from classical and jazz music into the traditional Argentinian tango, his work takes us straight to the heart of the most intense human emotions.  


The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla’s birth, which we celebrate with two of his most representative works: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Estaciones Porteñas) and the mysterious and tense Tangazo: Variations on Buenos Aires.  


The programme also features the world premiere of Concerto for three guitars by contemporary Argentinian composer/guitarist Maximo Diego Pujol, following in Piazzolla’s footsteps, merging the traditional tango and folk genres with classical forms and styles.  


Soloist: Νikos Pittas, violin 

Cyprus Guitar Trio (Vasilios Avraam, Socrates Leptos, George Christofi) 

Conductor: Μiltos Logiadis  

Tickets: €12/7/5

5 The Greek portrait of Federico Garcia Lorca  

FlashArt@Rialto 2 

Saturday 20:30 (90’) 


Federico Garcia Lorca’s work finds a fertile ground in the Greek intellectual world since the quests of the Spanish poet are intrinsically related to Innovation and Secularism in post-war Greece. 


The starting point was Blood Wedding, which was staged by Karolos Koun Theatro Technis, based on a translation by Nikos Gatsos, with music composed by Manos Hadjidakis (1948). Romancero Gitano then followed with music composed by Thodorakis, based on an adaptation by Odysseas Elytis (1967). Having at the epicentre the works Blood Wedding, adapted for voice, guitar and cello, as well as Romancero Gitano, adapted for guitar and voice, both presented for the first time in this form in Cyprus, the event pays tribute to one of the world’s most beloved and sung poets. A number of other selected songs based on Lorca’s poetry, composed by renowned artists, will also be presented, and accompanied by lyrics, texts and images that showcase important aspects of the Spanish poet’s work. 


Lorca is part of our collective culture since Greek artists and authors have approached his work in their own unique way, thus illustrating the Greek portrait of Federico Garcia Lorca. 

Voice: Angelina Soteriou
Violoncello / Narration: Mariliza Papadouri
Guitar / Orchestration / Adaptation: Dimitris Papagelidis

Tickets: €12 /10 

9,10,11 Tatiana Stupak & Friends 2021 concerts 

Wednesday 19:30 (75’)  


Every June since 2016, Russian pianist Tatiana Stupak has been organising a charity concert in Limassol to celebrate her birthday. This year, due to Covid restrictions, she will hold concerts on three successive evenings with a different musical theme. In this first concert, she will be accompanying mezzo-soprano singer Anastasia Maximova, in a repertoire of well-known pieces, including some operatic arias. 


Tatiana studied at the Special School of the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg, and has received multiple awards at piano competitions. She is very well known in Cyprus, having played piano at more than 80 events during the past years, both as a soloist and together with other musicians. 


Anastasia Maximova is a graduate of the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory. She is well known as a songwriter, including pop songs, and as a film composer.  She is also the founder and art director of the first Russian interactive opera theatre “Midnight Opera”, where the soloists involve the audience to take part in opera performances. In addition to her amazing voice, she also has a strong stage energy, fascinating spectators everywhere. 


The net proceeds of the three concerts will be given to the Holy Temple of the Archangel Michael & the Chapel of St Matrona Monovolikos, Limassol. 


Tickets:  €15/12 

10 Tatiana Stupak & Friends 2021 concerts 

Thursday 19:30 (75’)  


In this second concert, Tatiana Stupak hosts exceptional string soloists Olivera Rialas (violin), and Fabio Cavaggion (cello). 


Olivera Rialas graduated from Belgrade University and continued her studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. She has performed throughout Europe, China and the USA, where she played several times at Carnegie Hall. She was a violin professor at the University of Nĭs College of Music and at the Long Island Conservatory, where she was appointed as Chair of the String Department from 2002-2004. She founded the “Performing Arts Factory” in Belgrade. Since moving to Cyprus, she has continued her performing and teaching career. 


Fabio Cavaggion, after his postgraduate studies, he joined the National Youth Orchestra of Santa Cecilia. He has had a distinguished career with orchestras in Italy, Malta and Portugal, as well as with famous actress Valentina Cortese in Theatre Argentina, Rome. Later on in his career, he decided to quit playing in orchestras, in order to experiment with different fields, playing in open spaces. 

Tickets:  €15/12 

11 Tatiana Stupak & Friends 2021 concerts 

Friday 19:30 (75’)  


In this third and final concert, Russian pianist Tatiana Stupak invites her own students on stage, performing together an interesting repertoire of varied musical themes and instruments.  

Tickets: €15/12

13 Beloved songs of the Greek boite era 

Sunday 20:30 (75’) 


A concert presenting some of the most legendary songs of the Greek New Wave movement and the Athenian “boites” of the 60-70s, such as Apanemia and Esperides. A musical journey to the nostalgic atmosphere of these tiny spaces, where friends and softly-whispered love songs take the lead.


A compilation of our heart’s most beloved songs written by some of the greatest Greek composers. 


Singing: Elena Yiannakou, Christos Shaelis 

Bouzouki: Theodoulos Paraskevaidis –  

Acoustic bass: Ioannis Karseras 

Music supervision / Piano: Antonis Polykarpou 

Selection of songs and artistic curation: Michalis Pourgouridis


Tickets: €12/10 

16 Sounds of Winds  

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Wednesday 20:30 (65’) 


Under the baton of conductor Zoe Tsokanou and the CySO’s principal trumpetist, Gareth Griffiths, as the soloist, the CySO proposes a programme purely dedicated to music for wind instruments. The concert presents a fine selection of three pieces composed between 1878 and 1974 featuring characteristic sound colours from the composers’ countries of origin: Antonín Dvořák (Bohemia), Gordon Jacob (England) and Jean Francaix (France).  


Dvořák’s Serenade for wind instruments in D minor (1878) is a magnificent work whose composition was inspired by one of Mozart’s wind serenades.  

Francaix’s Le gay Paris (1974) for trumpet and wind ensemble is a light-hearted piece full of humorous dialogues between the soloist and the wind instruments.  

We close our concert with Jacob’s Old Wine in New Bottles (1959) that is based on four early English folk songs, to which the composer adds his own unique musical twist, thus making them all the more enjoyable and fun.  


Antonín Dvořák: Serenade for wind instruments, op. 44 

Jean Françaix: Le Gay Paris for trumpet and wind ensemble 

Gordon Jacob: Old Wine in New Bottles 


Soloist: Gareth Griffiths (trumpet) I Conductor: Zoe Tsokanou  

Tickets: €12/7/5

17  A Mirror 

On Stage 

FlashArt@Rialto 2 

Thursday 20:30 (40’) 


A performance about the loneliness and social isolation that we have been experiencing these days, the meaning of loneliness rendered both through stories of people living among us, as well as through Loneliness itself. 


“I am walking around the theatre. Not because I have nothing else to do, but rather because I want to talk to you. What is greater than this space, where “seeing” is at its heart, where I will see you but you will also see me. Let’s look in the mirror, be honest for once, just for once, be true, not fake, not incomplete. You will become my mirror and I will become yours. You are most welcome to follow me”. 


Text: Eleftheriakos (Ilias Vagenas) 

Performance – Adaptation in the Cypriot dialect: Yiolanda Christodoulou  

Music composition / Electric guitar: Yiorgos Bizios 

Live sound design: Dimitris Savva 

Photography: Andreas Ieridis 

Tickets: €12 / 10 

21 World Music Day 

Monday 20:30 (70’) 


The Alliance Française of Limassol in collaboration with the Limassol Municipality the RIALTO Theater, the French Embassy and the French Institute in Cyprus and the radio KANALI 6  organise the Music Day on the occasion of the World Music Day established in 1982 on the initiative of the French Minister of Culture, Jacques Lang, and celebrated all over Europe.


Internationally renowned Cypriot singer Vakia Stavrou participates in a multicultural repertoire from many parts of the world accompanied by  the distinguished pianist Manolis Neophytou.


Free entrance. Tickets must be booked in advance. 

24 Famagusta: Odyssey of the return 

Thursday 19:30 (150’) 


Famagusta Municipality organizes a symposium on the 450 years from the Siege and Fall of Famagusta. 

Coordinated by: Dr Petros Papapolyviou, Associate Professor, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus 



 1. Dr Angel Nicolaou-Konnari - Associate Professor, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. President of the Department. 

   “Famous Famagusta stands invincible | how could its sword be taken?”: The siege of Famagusta and its fall to the Ottomans (29 July 1570 – 5 August 1571). 

2. Dr Michalis Olympios, Associate Professor, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. 

    “Aphrodite meets Godfrey de Bouillon: a (very) brief chronicle of the medieval city of Famagusta through its monuments”. 

3. Mimis Sophocleous, Director of Historical Archives and Research Centre of Limassol 

    “Famagusta on the cultural map of Cyprus: no longer a ghost city, but an imaginary city”. 


The symposium will also be streamed online via Famagusta Municipality’s website: 



Free entrance. Tickets must be booked in advance. 

29 Waiting for Godot  

Antilogos Theatre

Rialto Open air 

Tuesday 20:30 (95’)  


The emblematic paly of Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot has been translated and adapted in Greek- and Turkish Cypriot dialect by director Kostas Silvestros.


In this performance of AntiLogos Theatre the two dialects merge and become one.


The intense need for communication of the two heroes, removes every obstacle in their communication, even that of language.  


Directing: Kostas Silvestros 

Set and costum design: Thelma Kasoulidou 

Sound landscape: Antonis Antoniou 

Lighting design: Koulis Siamptanis 


Cast: Izel Seylani, George Kyriakos


Tickets: €12 / 10