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Les Troyens - The Met: Live in HD  

Live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera of New York, with another big production with Francesca Zambello’s acclaimed 2003 production of Berlioz’s Trojan War epic. 


The libretto, written by the French Romantic composer Berlioz, is based on Virgil’s epic poem, “The Aeneid,” depicting the end of the Trojan War and the Trojans’ stay in Carthage. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Music: Hector Berlioz 

Conductor: Fabio Luisi  

Sets: Maria Bjørnson 

Costumes: Anita Yavich 

Lighting: James F. Ingalls  

Choreography: Doug Varone 

Casting: Marcello Giordani, Deborah Voigt  and Susan Graham 

Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

5  Les Troyens.jpg

8 & 9/1/2013   

Social Security 


Andrew Bergman’s piece by THOC’s Main Stage, adapted by Mimi Denisi. 

A satire of contemporary society, a piece full of feelings that overflows with humour.


A perfect and successful couple live a perfectly structured life in Manhattan, without children or parents.. When the Greek-American mother invades their life at calls things as they are, she turns the structured world of the couple upside down. 


Direction: Christos Zanos  

Sets: Yiorgos Tsappas 

Costumes: Nikolas Kyriacou 

Light Design: Stabros Tartaris 

Performers / Actors:  Varnavas Kyriazis, Mimi Denisi, Elena Papadopoulou, Andreas Tsouris, Annita Santorinaiou, Ntinos Lyras 


Visit THOC’s website  

8  Μαμά που πας.jpg


The Russian Sun of Vertinsky 


Aleksandr Skliar's career has been anything but normal;  he is one of the great characters of Russian rock music.


A versatile creator in literature, cinema, but mainly in music, capable of self-defeat and ever changing. After his famous rock band “Va-Bank” his turns to Russian chansons with songs by the emblematic A. Vertinsky. 

Accompanied by a six-member orchestra. 

11 Ο Ρωσικός ήλιος του Vertinsky.jpg


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 


Celebrating with musical fireworks and dance music the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents a program with musical compositions and suites by G.F. Handel, polkas and pieces by the Strauss Dynasty as well as work by the Greek “Strauss” Joseph Kaisari. 


Conductor: Alkis Baltas 


Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website 

12 Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα Κύπρου.jpg


L. Machairitsas

D. Starovas

Z. Arvanitidi 

Lavrentis Machairitsas along with Dimitris Starovas and Zenovia Arvanitidi in a unique musical presentation full of melodies, nostalgic feelings and humour… 


A concert which makes the most impossible dreams a reality. 

17 01 2013 MAX.STAR.ZIN.jpg


Maria Stuarda - The Met: Live in HD 


David McVicar, who directed last season’s Met premiere of Anna Bolena, directs the company premiere of the second opera in Donizetti’s famous trilogy of operas about Tudor history.


This time is dominated not so much the story as the romantic nature of the magical and romantic side of the music of Donizetti. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Conductor: Maurizio Benini 

Production: David McVicar 

Set & Costume Designer: John MacFarlane 

Lighting Designed by: Jennifer Tipton 

Choreographer: Leah Hausman 

Starring Joyce Di Donato, soprano Elza Van Den Heever, the Francesco Meli, the Joshua Hopkins and Matthew Rose. 


Visit the Metropolitan Opera Website 

19 Maria Stuarda.jpg


Spring Awakening 


Τhe charming piece by Frank Wedekind by THOC’s New Stage. The subject of the play are the students of a provincial school going through adolescence with no one to give them the answers to the “awakening” of their dreams and super-abundant momentum that life gives them. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Translation: Yiorgos Depastas  

Adaptation/Direction: Dimitris Lignadis 

Sets: Konstantinos Taliotis 

Costumes: Sose Eskitzian 

Music: Lefteris Moumdjis 

Light Design: Yiorgos Koukoumas 


Performers:  Procopis Agathocleous, Dimitris Antoniou, Marina Argyridou, Niki Dragoumi, Andreas Koutsoumbas, Antri Kyriakou, Marios Konstantinou, Neoclis Neocleous, Julio Derikko, Polyxeni Savva, Andreas Phylactou, Stela Fyrogeni, Niovi Charalambous, Christina Christofia 


Visit THOC’s website  

22  Το ξύπνημα της άνοιξης.jpg


Fat men in skirts 


Nicky Silver’s piece records and parodies family happiness as just one face of the same coin. The Hogan family has made many mistakes and wants to fix them but…a plane crash, a trip to Italy, an island, twenty odd years of action, New York, and a psychiatric hospital overturn everything leading to uncontrollable situations. 


Translation-Direction: Christos Karchadakis  

Sets- Costumes: Myrto Anastasopoulou  

Musical Adaptation: Constantinos Hatzidemetriou  

Assistant Director: Yiorgos Bozikas  


Cast: Maria Georgiadou, Dimitris Makalias, Agis Emmanouil and

Aggeliki Michalopoulou



In-laws from Tirana 


Satiriko Theatre presents the comedy by Reppas - Papathanasiou.


The holy Greek family is in for a big surprise: the groom of their beloved daughter is Albanian. The Greek in-laws give a concert in hypocrisy, stupidity, cunningness and entanglement. Are we racist? Greedy? Or just silly? 


Direction: Despina Bebedeli  

Sets: Kosta Kafkaridi 

Costumes: Rea Olympiou 

Lights: Angel Petkov 

Choreography: Marianna Kafkaridou  

Performers: Popi Avraam, Marianna Kafkaridou, Vasilis Michael, Fotis Apostolides, Andreas Rozou, Stella Philippidou, Ioanna Lambropoulou, Michael Kornarakis, Marios Kakoullis 


Visit the website of Satiriko Theatre 

29 Συμπέθεροι από τα Τίρανα.jpg


The Magistrate - NT Live 

From ΝT Live program the screenings of Arthur Wing Pinero’s uproarious Victorian farce. 


When amiable magistrate Posket marries Agatha, little does he realise she’s dropped five years from her age – and her son’s. When her deception looks set to be revealed, it sparks a series of hilarious indignities and outrageous mishaps. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Playwright: Arthur Wing Pinero  

Director: Timothy Sheader (Olivier Award-winner) 

Casting: John Lithgow and Nancy Carroll 


Visit the National Theatre website 

31 Magistrate.jpg



A Night at the Opera - From Mozart to Verdi 


A journey through the opera with representative abstracts from the greatest Masterpieces of All Times.


Performed by the sopranos Ioli Mousteri, Margarita Elia and Elena Kouali-Economidou, the tenor Dr. Michalis Psiloinis, the bass-baritone Marios Vourgos and the basses Kyriakos Sofokleous and Demos Demosthenous.


Participate: The Lyric Stage of Limassol and the Choir of ARIS Limassol  

Musical Direction: Marinos Mitellas.  

Accompanies: Manolis Neofytou, Maria Lampraki and Andriana Sergidou – piano. 

Artistic Supervision: Ioli Mousteri 

01 02 2013 operanight.jpg


African Mass 


A walkthrough choral harmonisations of the African Music.  


The Youth Choir of Cultural Movement of Limassol EPILOGI in a first pancyprian interpretation of the Liturgy of Paul Basler, Missa Kenya and other African songs.


With the participation of The Childrens Choir of Epilogi and well known Cypriot musicians. Within the celebrations for the 20years of Epilogi.


Conductor: Angelina Nicolaidou Spanou 

 Assistant conductor: Christina Krasidou               


Visit facebook page of Epilogi 

African Mass by the Youth Choir of Epilo



(USA 2010, 105’) 

Beginners, is the story of two fresh starts. At the age of 75 the newly widowed Hal comes out as a gay man and leads an active life fully embracing his new identity, before dying of cancer five years later. After Hal’s death his son, Oliver mourns his father and keeps his example in mind while negotiating his own romantic anxieties. 


With the co-operation of the Pancyprian Society of Psychologists. 

Screenplay – Director: Mike Mills     

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent, Goran Visnjic, Kai Lennox, Mary Page Keller      



A Soul


The narrative of Alexandros Papadiamantis, A Soul, gave the necessary canvas, for unwinding the thread of the circle of life, through the lullaby, the fairy tale and the dirge of the mother, the grandmother and the daughter.


A rare performance, drawn from the tradition, honoured in Greek and foreign festivals, among those and the Brave Festival of Wroclaw, Poland.   

Director: Mirka Yementzaki 

Actor: Renio Kyriazi 

Clarinet: Manousos Ploumides       

08 02 2013 fevgousa kori.jpg


Nature in the soul 

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents: 
A. Ioannides: Of early dawn 
J. Christou: Six T. S. Eliot songs for mezzo soprano and orchestra 
J. Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 43 


Soloist: Margarita Elia (soprano) 

Conductor: Ayis Ioannides    


Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website 

14 2 Η Φύση στην Ψυχή Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα


Rigoletto - The Met: Live in HD  

A different approach to the masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi, by the awarded with “Tony” director Michael Mayer, the story is transferred from Italy of the 16th century to Las Vegas in 1960.


The wane of the palace of Duke, where everybody runs after power, money and beauty, is transferred to Las Vegas, and a burlesque is transformed into tragedy. 


With Greek and English subtitles.         


Librettist: Francesco Maria Piave 

Conductor: Michele Mariotti 

Director: Michael Mayer 

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi 

Cast:  Željko Lučić, Diana Damrau, Piotr Beczala,  Štefan Kocán,  Oksana Volkova and others.


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

16 2 Rigoletto The Met Live HD.jpg


Flamenco Fever


The Spanish Dance Group Adolfo de Castro, from the city of Cadiz, is dedicated to the original Spanish dances, especially those of the Andalusia area. 


The original Flamenco, coming from classical ballet with stylish figures, is preponderated in the choreographies. 


The Group, created around 1970, has given performances all around Spain and Europe, yet also presented the dances of Andalusia in Puerto Rico, Japan, Middle East and Malaysia.


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival  

19 02 2013 flamenco euro fest lim .jpg

20 & 21/2/2019 

Drama’s Festival travels again 



Evergreen – Ifigenia Kotsoni – 14’  

Aroundel –Konstantina Kotzamani – 18’ 

Nobodys perfect- Despina Kabiri & George Mantzouranides  – 10’ 

11:50- Stylianos Konstantinou – 15’    

Der Spiegel des Lord Patschog- Elina Panik – 135’   

Clean Radiophone – George Teltzides -14’ 

Beatitudes- Aristotelis Maragkos -16’ 

Chamomile – Neritan Zinziria - 15’ 


Iceberg – Konstantinos Gerampinis -18’ 

Eight-Minute Deadline – Zena & Petros Papadopoulou -8’  

Dome – Nikos Apostolopoulos / Katerina Gerothanasi -21’ 

Chelsea Barcelona – Alexandros Hantzis -17’   

Family Tree –Fokionas Mpogris -10’ 

The Source of Youth – Panayiotis Rappas - 16’  

The summer after – Vasilis Tziokas -3’ 

Ghost in the Machine –Oliver Krimpas-18’ 


Organization: Ministry of Education and Culture, Rialto Theatre & Drama’s Short Film Festival 

In cooperation with: Friends of Cinema Society Nicosia & Pafos and the Limassol Cine Club 


Visit Drama’s film festival website 



Elli Paspala & Takis Farazis 

The world of romantic singing with the thousands of faces unwinds in front of us.


Sometimes tender and sometimes explosive, Elli Paspala sings accompanied by the pianist Takis Farazis, in rhythms of songs of Manos Hadjidakis, Stavros Xarchakos, Stamatis Kraounakis, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison.


A touching concert that shall remind us the importance of Love

22 02 2013 Paspala_Farazis 3.tif


Music and Humour  

By the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra , a tribute to Carnival:

J. P. Schickele: A small non music   
D. Cimarosa: The orchestra’s conductor 
J. Haydn: Finale of the Symphony nr. 60 (“The Devoted”) 
W. A. Mozart: Finale from the work ‘A music jest’ K. 522 
W. A. Mozart: "Madammina il catalogo e questo" (from the opera Don Giovanni) 
G. Rossini: Largo al factotum (from the opera The barber of Seville) 
L. Delibes: Divertissement: Pizzicati (from the 3rd act of the ballet Sylvia) 

A. Dvořák: Humoresque, Piece 101 
J. Cage: 2’33’’  

L. Anderson: Plink Plank Plunk  

The Typewriter (instr. Β. Stylianou) 


Solist: Tasos Apostolou (baritone) 

Conductor: Alkis Mpaltas  


Visit the website of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

28 Μουσική και Χιούμορ.jpg

MARCH 2013


Parsifal - The Met: Live in HD 



Live transmition from The Met: the famous masterpiece of Richard Wagner who, after completing 25 years of opera writing, embodied here all views of his great spirituality.


Managed by Daniele Gatti and directed by François Girard. 


With Greek and English subtitles  


Composer: Richard Wagner 

Conductor: Μουσική Διεύθυνση: Daniele Gatti  

Director: François Girard  

Leading roles: Jonas Kaufmann as Parsifal, Katarina Dalayman, Peter Mattei, René Pape, Evgeny Nikitin  


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

2 Parsifal.jpg

8 ,9, 10/3/2013

13th Contemporary Dance Platform   


A total of thirteen new choreographic proposals, unwind during the 3days of the festival, having dozens of dancers and collaborators presenting the newest of the Cypriot contemporary dance scene.    

Organisation: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre 

Parallel events at the Dance House Limassol 


Visit Cyprus Choreography Platform website 

8/3 Friday 20:30 


Fotis Nikolaou WINDSTRASSE – 20’ 

Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou 

Dramaturgy: Thanasis Georgiou  

Sets: Fotis Nikolaou 

Light design: Panagiotis Manousis  

Sound design: Demetris Miyiagis  

Music: Richard Wagner 

Mask design: Martha Foka 

Performers: Thanasis Georgiou, Hamilton Monteiro, Fotis Nikolaou 


Fouli Stylianidou Inertia – 10’ 

Choreography: Fouli Stylianidoy 

Dancers: Loizos Constantinou, Fouli Stylianidou  

Music: Tool. Lost keys 

Musi Editing: Loizos Constantinou 

Harry Koushos WhOMAN – 10’ 

Research/Direction: Harry Koushos – Mina Lampropoulou  

Choreography: Harry Koushos 

Performers: Emi Korfia – Harry Koushos  

Music: Ilias Vafeiadis 

Costumes designer: Filep Motwary 


aelion dance company Fotini  Perdikaki   - 17 ' 

Choreography: Fotini Perdikaki  

Performer: Alexia Perdikaki  

Double bass: Irenaeos Koullouras  

Vocal: Joanna Troullidou  

Participation: Giorgos Charalambidis  

Costumes: Magda Troullidou 

Light Design: Panayiotis Manousis 

Music: J.S. Bach “Agnus Dei” “Gigue” Etude by Francois Rabbath 

13η Πλατφόρμα Σύγχρονου Χορού.jpg

9/3 Saturday 20:30 


Amfidromο Elena Christodoulidou  Bushes  - 20’ 

Idea /choreography: Elena Christodoulidou 

In collaboration with the dancers Elena Hatzidaki, Viky Kalla, Nadav Zelner 

Dancers: Elena Hatzidaki, Viky Kalla, Nadav Zelner  

Music: Charis Sophocleous 

Costumes, props: Lakis Yenethlis  

Lighting: Alexander Jotovic 


Eliza Kapodistria Experimental Me – 8’ 

Choreography / Idea / Performer: Eliza Kapodistria  

Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic 

BEATBOX Performer: Epikos 


.pelma. Lia Haraki The Shape of necessity - 20’ 

Concept/ choreography: Lia Haraki  

Performance: Christina Patsali, Petros Konnaris 

Music composition: ‘Green’ by Pandelis Diamantides  

Movement advisor: Arianna Marcoulides 

Lighting designer: Alexander Jotovic  

Picture: Pavlos Vrionides 

Production manager: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis 


Alexander Michael Roskilde 2007 – 16’ 

Choreographer: Alexander Michael 

Dancers: Julia Brendle, Mayia Mina, Dara Milovanovic-Michael, Nataly Savvidou 


Milena Ugren Koulas She Who Stays -20’ 

Choreographer and dancer: Milena Ugren Koulas  

Musician: George Koulas 

Costumes: Ase Lazarou 

Light design: Aleksandar Jotovic 

10/3 Sunday 20:30 


Mayia Kikkidou Storm - 10’  

Choreography: Mayia Kikkidou 

Dancers: Koula Andreou, Mariella Archontides Haraki, Stephanie Pasiou, Marilena Constantinou, 

Arianna Marcoulides, Natalie Tsingis, Philippa Stylianoude Yiokkas  

Music: Klaus Badelt (soundtrack of the movie Pirates of the Carib- bean: Dead Man’s Chest) & Hans Zimmer (soundtrack of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) 

Thunderbolt dancing Mayia Kikkidou 


Asomates Dynameis Machi Dimitriadou-Lindahl ephemeral – 18’ 

Choreography/ dramaturgy: Machi Dimitriadou – Lindahl  

Music: J. Pachelbel, George Kolias 

Video art: Christophoros Larkou  

Sketches: Ernst Lindahl 

Set/costume: Machi Dimitriadou –Lindahl  

Light design: Panayiotis Manousis Dancer: Machi Dimitriadou-Lindahl 


Kalomoiri Eva, Anestou Mary-Fofi d= (Δχ)2−−−−−−√ 𝜟𝝌𝟐 - 10’

Choreography: Eva kalomoiri, Mary-Fofi Anestou  

Sound Design: Dimitris Valageorgiou  

Dramaturgy: Elena Pavlidou 

Costumes – stage set: Evi Tselika 


Noema Dance Works Alexandra Waierstall Sounding Silence-15' 

Concept & Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall  

Performed by Harry Koushios 

Music: Marios Takoushis  

Lights: Panayiotis Manousis 

Technical support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis  

Photography: Alexandra Waierstall 


Children Choirs & Carnival  


Limassol’s municipality invites yearly the Children’s Choirs of the town for a musical encounter, with songs and serenades within the frame of the carnival events.  


Participants: Chamber Choir and Children's Choir of Papadakeio Municipal Conservatory, Children's Choir and Music Workshop of Epilogi Cultural Movement and Harmony Choir. 




On Stage 


Based on Georg Buchner play, director Achim Wieland develops complex themes of social status and conditioning, morality, and human tragedy in this atmospheric multi-media construct of live-act and fragmented play-back speech and sound to produce a unique theatre experience.

In Greek Language with English songs and text fragments. 

Supported by the Goethe Institute Cyprus. 

Author: Georg Buchner 

Director: Achim Wieland 

Interpretation: Marios Ioannou, Elena Kallinikou 

Sound: Panos Bartzis 

15 Woyzeck.jpg


Francesca da Rimini – The Met: Live in HD 


Live transmition from The Met: the lyric opera of Zandonai, in its modern revival after 25 years.


The plentiful and realistic direction is signed by Piero Faggioni. Leading roles: Eva-Maria Westbroek interprets Francesca da Rimini, the deceived aristocrat, who marries the brutal Giangioto, interpreted by Mark Delavan, instead of her love, Paolo, interpreted by Marcello Giordani. Robert Brubaker plays the role of the treacherous Malestine. 


With Greek and English subtitles  


Composer: Riccardo Zandonai 

Conductor: Marco Armiliato  

Director: Piero Faggioni 

Cast: Eva-Maria Westbroek, Mark Delavan, Marcello Giordani, Robert Brubaker 


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

16  Francesca da Rimini.jpg


God of Carnage  


The Dionysus Theatre presents the awardwinning comedy of Yasmin Reza.


Two couples arrange a “civilized” meeting, after their children’s quarrel. During the evening, all four dignified citizens, lose control and transform into wild beasts, for none is willing to take his part of responsibility...   


Translation: Giorgos Vouros 

Direction: Giorgos Mouaimis 

Scenes/Costumes: Marina Hadjilouca 

Lights: Karolina Spirou 


Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Lefteris Zampetakis, Elena Hadjiafxenti, Panos Makris  


Visit the website of Dionysos Theatre 



Eleni Tsaligopoulou 

With old and new songs and along with her cooperator Kostas Livadas, who signs many of her most successful songs, the great interpreter promises a program full of sensitivity and sensibility.   

Musicians: Spiros Hadjiconstantinou - quitars 
Vaggelis Kalamaras - drums 
Aristidis Hadjistavrou - quitars 
Haris Kellaris - bass 

Visit Eleni’s Tsaligopoulou facebook 

23 03 2013 tsaligopoulou.jpg


The Slovak National Folkore Ballet 



Inspired by their country’s traditions and having amazing technique and professionalism, the great dancers and musicians of the Slovak National Folklore Ballet, bring forth the original songs, dances and costumes, through a colorful, poetic and full of art performance.


The band founded in 1948 and under the artistic management of Stefan Nosal is considered to be one of the best folkloric groups in the world.   


Proceeds will go to the Social Market of the Limassol Municipality 

26 03 2013ucnica.jpg


How to rob a Bank 


The Skala Theatre presents the timeless and modern comedy of the Italian Contemporary Theatre. 


Are the robber-candidates members of a strange family? Are they though capable of doing so? Sami Fayatt has written a play with much suspense, hot peppered satire and plenty of laughter.     


Direction: Christos Zanos 

Scenes/costumes: Andys Partzilis  

Cast: Kostas Kazakas, Monika Meleki, Sofoklis Kaskaounias, Ioanna Poliniki, Andreas Melekis & Fivos Georgiades, Demos Milonas and Kalliroe Koroniou  


Visit facebook page of Skala Theatre 

28 Πως να ληστέψετε μια Τράπεζα.jpg


People – NT Live 


NT Live program continues with the play of the award winning theatrical writer Alan Bennett. This is his premiere at the National Theatre and is combined to another top meeting with the director Nicholas Hytner and the amazing actress Frances de la Tour.   

People spoil things; there are so many of them and the last thing one wants is them traipsing through one’s house. But with the park a jungle and a bath on the billiard table, what is one to do? Dorothy (Frances de la Tour) wonders if an attic sale could be a solution. With Greek and English subtitles  


Theatrical Writer:  Alan Bennett 

Director: Nicholas Hytner   

Cast: Frances de la Tour 


Visit the website of the National Theatre 

29 PEOPLE.jpg


A journey through two continents 


Chrysostomos Neophytou (violin) and Manolis Neophytou (piano) are travelling from Europe to Latin America.


Presenting among others, soundtracks of Greek and foreign films, Argentinean Tango and fragments from the opera Carmen. 

30 03 2013 mousiko taxidi.png

APRIL 2013


Girokomeion ta Serafim  


By Anemona Theatre the comedy of Nearchos Ioannou, revised and caustically modern after seven years. In fluent Cypriot dialect, the play gives messages and shows various parameters when three cute elderly men must live together in a nursing home.


A different kind of friendship evolves between them, despite their huge differences: a Turkish-cyrpiot, a communist and a chauvinist!!  


Director / Scenes / Costumes / Music: Andreas Tilemachou 


Cast: Andreas Tilemachou, Marinos Xenofontos, G. Christodoulou, Maria Petrou, Paola Aparisio, Maria Theocharidou and Dimitris Giorkatzis 


Visit the facebook page of Anemona Theatre 

2 Γηροκομείον τα Σεραφείμ.jpg


Yiannis Haroulis  


Songs rooted in sentiment and collective memory, interpreted by the favorite songwriter from Crete, along with his musical fellows and the “Magganies”. Songs coming from everywhere, taking you anywhere. From time to time and one place to another.


A selection from his personal discography and his co-operation with Thanasis Papakonstantinou, as well as songs chosen just for this program.  



Winds – Kostantis Pistiolis 

Chello – Michalis Porfiris 

Quitars – Paulos Sinodinos 

Drums – Panos Tolios 





An original musical comedy by Alex Panayi, Katerina Christofidou, Egli Spyridaki and Stavros Stavrou for young viewers and their families. The musical adventure of the three little Piggies and the “big bad Wolf”. A comic take on the well-known fairy tale, with colorful new characters, chock-full of live music, singing, dance and a strong message of hope, love and acceptance. 


Directed by Egli Spyridaki 

Cast: Vassiliki Dialyna, Iliana Kakkoura, Myrto Meletiou, Helen Savva, Nikandros Savvides  


Piano/Musical Direction: Vassilis Vourvopoulos 

Guitar/Bass: Marinos Kassinos 

Percussion: Angelos Michaeloudes 

Choreography: Charis Savva 

Costumes by: Tamara Kanakidou 

Sets by: Christy Polydorou 



Operetta Evening 


The Hungarian Embassy presents a joyful evening with a balanced mix of famous Hungarian operetta arias and dances as well as a wide range of Hungarian national songs and dances like czardas. 


Participate the singers, Edit Vörös and Tibor Buch, well-known artists of the Operetta Theatre in Budapest, accompanied  by Renáta Darót,  Katinka Liscsinszky, Szilárd Kovács,  Mátyás Ruzsom - dancers.

7 Νύχτα Οπερέτας.jpg


Harley Jacket (Just as well…)   


THOC presents the fascinating plot of Vasilis Katsikonouris that teeters from comedy to drama, from tenderness to desperation.


A Greek soldier becomes the auditor of a mother confessing the difficulties of a live she never lived. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Director: Giorgos Mouaimis  

Scenes: Giorgos Hiotis  

Lightening: Giorgos Koukoumas  

Interpreted by Annita Santorineou  

Electrical guitar: Andreas Christodoulou 


Visit THOC’s website  

9 Το μπουφάν της Χάρλευ ή πάλι καλά


Armenian and Italian Music  


By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra arias, duets and overtures from works by prominent Armenian and Italian composers, such as:

Babajanyan (songs)  

Chukhajyan (from his opera Arshak),  

Tigranian (from his opera Anush), 

Donizetti (from his operas Don Pascuale and Lucia di Lammermoor),  

Verdi (from his operas La Traviata and La Forza del Destino), and other works. 


Soloists: Sona Gargaloyan (soprano)  

Alex Moskofian (baritone) 

Conductor: Vardan Hakobyan 


In collaboration with Kalaydjian foundation 


Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website 

11 sok.jpg

12 & 13/4/2020 

Yiannis Kotsiras 


From PASYKAF in memory of Avgi Sokratous a special concert including not only famous, but also brand new songs of the favorite artist’s personal discography.


Savveria Margiola and Christos Alexakis at the pianos and orchestration,

Vaggelis Macheras playing all traditional stringed instruments (lute, tzouras, mandolin, etc)

Dimitris Moutafis at the base

Kostas Michalos at the guitars

Gregoris Sintridis play the drums and percussions

12 13 04 2013 KOTSIRAS AFISA-.jpg




The play of the famous English writer, David Hear, enacted by THOK.


A genius and brilliantly challenging story about the british public life. Having as main characters the Minister of Home Affairs, her teenage daughter, the country’s Prime Minister, a journalist, a public officer and his visionary professor wife, and the cold-blooded Prime Minister’s “partner”. 


Translation: Eri Kyrgia 

Direction/Revised: Aliki Danezi Knutchen  

Scenes: Kiki Pitta 

Costumes: Stelios Stylianou 

Music: Giorgos Christodoulides  

Lightening: Stavros Tartaris  


Actors: Margarita Zachariou, Alexandros Parisis, Marios Konstantinou, Varnavas Kyriazis, Elena Papadopoulou, Niki Dragoumi, Christina Christofia, Andreas Koutsoumpas, Neoklis Neokleous


Visit THOC’s website  

16 Γεσθημανή.jpg

19 – 28/4/2020 

Cyprus Film Days 2013 

The 11th Festival of the Cyprus Film Days aims at promoting both global and Cypriot cinematography, supporting and projecting plays of independent creators, bringing forth new talents, and at being the cinematographic meeting point of the three continents surrounding the island.


With its international competition part (Global Images), premiers of movies already distinguished at the global cine-map (Viewfinder), and parallel events and projections. 

Organisation: Ministry of Education and Cultural – Rialto Theatre 

All movies are projected in their original dialogues / With Greek and English subtitles  

The Festival takes place in both Limassol and Nicosia (Zena Palace Cinema)  


Visit cyprusfilmdays festival website 

Κινηματογραφικές μέρες Κύπρος.jpg


Stefanos Drousiotis – Piano  


Stefanos Drousiotis interpreting plays of:


S. Rachmaninoff

F. Chopin

L.V. Beethoven,  

F. Schubert / F. Liszt

M. Ravel and Α. Pärt. 

30 04 2013 DROUSIOTIS.jpg

MAY 2013


The Angels' Share 

U.K., France, Belgium, Italy 2012, 106’ 

The film from award winning British director Ken Loach is a bittersweet comedy about a Glasgow boy locked in a family feud who just wants a way out.


When Robbie sneaks into the maternity hospital to visit his girlfriend and hold his newborn son Luke for the first time, he swears that Luke will have a better life than he has had.  


Cast: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, Roger Allam 

In cooperation with Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank for the funding of the Social Market of Limassol Municipality 

08 05 2013 Angels.jpg


Giulio Cesare – The Met: Live in HD 


Giulio Cesare is a kaleidoscope opera, an adventurous story with both comic and tragic ingredients. Contains big loves, moments of political dealings, complicated family affairs, yet being a tragedy with real emotions.. 


With Greek and English Subtitles  


Composer: George Frideric Handel 

Director David McVicar 

Costumes: Brigitte Reiffenstuel 


Giulio Cesare: David Daniels 

Cleopatra: Natalie Dessay  

Sesto: Alice Coote  

Cornelia: Patricia Bardon 

Ptolemeos: Christophe Dumaux  

Akila: Guido Loconsolo  


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

11 Guilio Cesare.jpg


The Flying of the Swans  


From the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the works:


S. Savva: For Demetri 

L. v. Beethoven: Piano Concerto no. 5 in E flat major, op. 73 (Emperor) 

J. Sibelius: Symphony no. 5 in E flat major, op. 82  


Conductor: Esa Heikkilä 

Soloist: Nicolas Costantinou (piano) 


Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website 

15 Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα Κύπρου - Το Πέταγμ




From THOC’s Stage 018 (children’s stage) the play based on Pinelopi’s Delta famous book. 

The story of the fascinating summer when the author and her brothers lived in the house of their uncles in Piraeus. Four young children bring upside down and shake the balance of adults, with their innocence and disorder. 


Direction: Vasilis Myrianthopoulos 

Theatrical Adaptation: Glikeria Kalaitzi 

Lyrics / Music: Giorgos Chatzipieris 

Sets: Charis Kafkarides 

Costumes: Keni Maklelan 

Choreography: Elia Ioannidou 

Lighting Design: Giorgos Coucoumas 

Music Teaching: Loizos Loizou 


Visit THOC’s website 

18 Τρελαντώνης.jpg


This House – NT Live  


London’s National Theatre presents James Graham’s biting, energetic and critically-acclaimed new production.


This new play strips politics down to the practical realities of those behind the scenes who roll up their sleeves, and on occasion bend the rules, to manoeuvre a diverse and conflicting chorus of MPs within the Mother of all Parliaments. 


With Greek and English subtitles. 


Director: Jeremy Herrin 

Cast: Phil Daniels, Matthew Pidgeon, Charles Edwards, Reece Dinsdale, Harrison, Jack Weaterill 


Visit the National Theatre website 

22 This House.jpg


Bright Days and Romantic Nights in the Mediterranean 


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents the works: 

A. Orphanides: Anerada, symphonic poem for piano and orchestra 

M. De Falla: Noches en los jardines de España (Nights in the gardens of Spain, 1926 version) 

F. Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 4, op. 90 in A major (Italian) 


Conductor: Sarah Ioannides 

Solist: Elena Mouzalas (piano) 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

24 sok Bright Days and Romantic Nights i

25 & 26/5/2013  

My romantic History  

Neos Kosmos Theatre presents the award-winning comedy of D C Jackson, which deals with the difficulties people are facing when creating relationships within the suffocating environment of the cities and their workplaces.


A play about the loneliness of people in mid 30s, like Tom, who is trying to escape from a relationship he evolved as soon as he got his new job.  

Director: Vangelis Theodoropoulos  

Cast: Makis Papademetriou, Katerina Lypiridou, Sirmo Keke


Visit the website of Neos Kosmos Theatre 

25 026 05 2013 romantichistory.jpg


The Dispute 


Thoc’s Central Stage presents Marivaux’s play, which balances between dark fairy-tale and comedy.


Four youths discover beauty, devotion, instability and of course the lure for the opposite gender. Firstly, they fall in love with the first person of the opposite sex that comes across, yet soon unfaithfulness occurs….  

Revision/Direction: Constantinos Arvanitakis  

Scenes/Costumes: George Souglides 

Music: Antonis Antoniou 

Cast: Antri Kyriakou, Neoclis Neocleous, Andreas Tsouris, Stella Fyrogenis, Niovi Charalambous, Prokopis Agathocleous, Niki Dragoumi,Andreas Fylactou, Marios Con/tinou, Andriana Neocleous. 


Visit THOC’s website  

ΘΟΚ - Η Φιλονικία.jpg

JUNE 2013


A Gesture that is nothing but a Τhreat 


The European Dance Festival starts now with Portugal and the play of Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz – award winners of Jardin d’Europe, 2011.


The two artists, being of most importance, both in Portugal and also in the worldwide contemporary dance scene, restate in all accuracy, feelings and humour in place of the words, the voice, the sounds in relation to their bodies.  

*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 

Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

05 06 2013 A gesture that is nothing btu


Miltiades Paschalides 


For nearly 20 years in the music industry, Miltiades Paschalides remembers unnoticed songs from his live performances in the past years.


In this game of memory is also Mirela Pachou with piano, accordion and her voice.


A personal performance with unseen songs and stories.

06 06 2013 Paschalidis_2.jpg


Irina Bogushevskaya 

Known for the integrity, sensitivity and vigour shown in her play, Irina Bogushevskaya from Russia is a significant creator of her country, who is also involved in singing, poetry and composition of music.


Presenting first time in Cyprus, the “People and Birds”.

07 06 2013 irina bogushevskaya.jpg


A Gesture that is nothing but a Τhreat 



The performance from Portugal with the play of Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz – award winners of Jardin d’Europe 2011, is also presented at Pallas Theatre in Nicosia.


The two artists, being of most importance, both in Portugal and also in the worldwide contemporary dance scene, restate in all accuracy, feelings and humour in place of the words, the voice, the sounds in relation to their bodies.  


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 



Carmen – Τhe ΜΕΤ:Live in HD 



Bizet’s play is one of the greatest love dramas and indestructible masterpieces of Art. It’s just so intensely erotic and provocative, that could be shocking even nowadays.


The play is about sex, violence, racism and the absolute value of freedom, as the director Richard Eyre refers to. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Composer: Georges Bizet 

Conductor: Yannick Nézet-Séguin 

Director: Richard Eyre 



Carmen: Elīna Garanča 

Don Jose: Roberto Alagna   


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

8 Carmen.jpg



.pelma., “The Shape of Necessity”, 20’ 

Concept and Choreography: Lia Haraki 

Performance: Christina Patsali, Petros Konnaris 

Music Composition: Green by Pantelis Diamantides 

Movement Advisor: Arianna Marcoulides 

Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic 

Picture: Pavlos Vrionides 

Production Manager: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis 


Noema Dance Works, “Sounding Silence”, 15’ 

Concept and Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall 

Performed by Harry Koushios 

Music: Marios Takoushis 

Lights: Panayiotis Manousis 

Production Manager: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis 

Photography: Alexandra waierstall 

Αμφίδρομο, “Bushes”, 20’ 

Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou 

Dancers: Maria Fountouli, Viky Kalla, Nadav Zelner 

Music: Haris Sophocleous 

Costumes, props: Lakis Yenethlis 

*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

5 European Dance Festival 2013.jpg

11/6/2013 * 




Derida Dance, from Bulgaria, presents a show that is the outcome of research made on the evolution of identity in relation to a changing environment.


The dancer is having a dialogue with the multimedia and the sound in an ever-changing environment, adjusting his body and ID according to the challenges and opportunities given by the new environment.    

Capture/Choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov 
Visual/Interactive space: Albena Baeva  

Music: Ivan Shopov 

Dance: Petia Mukova   


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

11 06 2013 ARTeFACT.jpg

13/6/2013 * 

The Diplomats  



The soundtrack of the piece from Israel consists of national anthems.


The piece disconnects the anthems from their political patriotic context, and suggests a more private and even emotional interpretation. The anthems, each of them represents a separate independent unit, turn into a single blend and produce a new narrative through movement and composition.  

Dancers: Avi Mazliah, Adar Riklis, Dor Raybi, Inbar Nemirovsky, Rita Komissarchik, Gavriel Spitzer 

Sound design: Or Moran 


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

13 06 2013 The Diplomats_Photography by

15/6/2013 * 

S/He is Nancy Joe 



This performance from Czech Republic, is dealing with the issue of determining the gender and the problems one is facing when living in a foreign body, and is using animation and graffiti.


The show is an inspiration of the award-winners Meghan Raham and Mirenka Cechova, and is a docu-dance combining contemporary dance, classical ballet, street hip hop, etc.


Choreography/dance: Mirenka Cechova 

Animation: Milos Mazal 

Music: Matous Hekela 


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

15 06 2013 He is Nancy Joe_tisk-34_Foto_

19/6/2013 * 

Men & Mahler 



24 euro-pallets, 9 work lights, 8 muscular men of 6 different nationalities (aged between 20 and 52 years / weight 50 to 100 Kg.), a seductive singer, an apple and 50 meters of rubber band ...


These are the main ingredients in latest production, Men & Mahler, in which the company from Denmark examines aspects of the human nature through an easy, direct and humorous stage language.

Choreographer: Palle Granhøj 

In cooperation with the dancers: Bill Eldridge, László Fülöp, Áron Darabont Leon, Tomasz Ciesielski, Mikolaj Karczewski, Tomás Danielis, Aureliusz Rys, Petras Lisauskas, Dorte Petersen 

Μusic : Gustav Mahler 


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

19 06 2013 Men & Mahler.JPG

22/6/2013 * 

Portrait of a Dancer  



Lutz Forster from Germany, created this solo performance/portrait in 2009, being inspired by the French choreographer Jerome Bell.


Being a fundamental member of Tanztheater Wuppertal for 35 years, in the group of Pina Bausch, he gathered in this performance all data set for his 40years old dance course. Remembers, talks, moves and dances composing this way a dance-universe consisting extracts of performances given by Pina Bausch and Jose Limon, and references to Robert Wilson and others.  


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

22 06 2013 Lutz Förster_Foto_Anna van Ko

26/6/2013 * 

Blue Journey / 25 Minutes Universe / Three Rooms 


The plays of David Middendorp from Holland, are a genius mixture of dance and technique. In this trilogy, he is the choreographer, who also created an environment with animation.  

Choreography, animation, scenes: David Middendorp 

Dancers :  

  1. Guzman Rosado, Fabienne Vegt, Dianne Steenbrink, Connor Schumacher, Daniela Cruz / Theresia Wallberg  

  2. Uri Eugenio/ Guzman Rosado 

  3. Miquel Fiol Duran, Johanna Nielandt 

*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 

26 06 2013 pers 4 Blue Journey - David M


Young Artists Platform – The first step 

The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, with the objective of giving a platform to the new generation of Cypriot musicians, it launches a new annual collaboration, with young promising soloists.


The experience of the CySO musicians, in combination with the enthusiasm of the young soloists promises an exceptional outcome.  


They will present works by: A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach, E. Séjourné, R. Strauss & F. Poulenc 


Conductor: Alkis Baltas 

Soloists: Diomedes Demetriades (piccolo), Andreas Zinonos (violin), Krinio Troullou (oboe) 
Natasa Hadjiandreou (percussion), Irini Dimitriadou (cello) Anna Pavlou, Lambis Pavlou (piano) 

Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website 

27 Νέοι Καλλιτέχνες - Το Πρώτο Βήμα.jpg

29/6/2013 * 

Pudique Acide & Extasis 



Coming from France, Mathilde Monnier and the Choreographic Centre of Montpellier present plays of the choreographers Mathilde Monnier and Jean-Francois Duroure.


The play Pudique Acide was firstly presented in New York and along with the second play they were evolved for the festival of Montpellier in 2011. This performance is being identified for the smart and humorous shape, and also for the imaginative combination in the music of Kurt Weil and  Bernard Hermann.  


Choreography: Mathilde Monnier and Jean-Francois Duroure 

Dancing: Sonia Darbois and Jonathan Pranlas  


*Performances in the framework of the 16th European Dance Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centers of the participating countries 


Visit the website of the European Dance Festival 


JULY 2013


Ethno Cyprus  


40 new virtuoso of traditional instruments, coming from all over Europe and the Arab countries, present a music result after their co-existance at the music-camp, being organized by the Cultural Movement “Epilogi”, in Cyprus.


Through various musical workshops, the closeness of the Arabic and European musical traditions arise.  


Artistic Direction: Andreas Christodoulou 


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival@Heroe’s Square

*Member of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

05 07 2013 Ethno Cyprus.jpg




The students of the Limassol Municipal Dance Centre perform two contemporary new ballets by Mr. Lambros Lambrou, the Centre’s director, titled Dreamscape and Seascape.


Also taking part are guest artists from the Danish Dance Theatre.  Anna Sendas & Stefanos Bizaswill present the duet “LilacWine” , excerpt from “Love Songs”. 


Choreographer – Tim Rushton. 


Artistic Director: Lambros Lambrou 

Organisation: Limassol Municipality 

Visit the website of Limassol Municipality 


7/7/2013 Rialto Residency@ Platres Cultural Centre   

10/7/2013 Rialto Residency@ Heroes’ Square  


Within a program of staying and studying in the community of the Platres village, a renewed reading of the musical traditions is being developed and a new common approach is being attained.


This is expressed through a first concert at the Platres village and followed by a concert at the Heroes’ Square. 


Kyriakos Kalaitzides – artistic direction - oud   

Mikaela Papachrysanthou – kanun - voice  

Michalis Kouloumis - violin   

Alkis Agathokleous – ney   

Yiannis Koutis – oud- voice   

Petros Kizas – percussions  


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

7 Rialto Residency.jpg


Tradition and World Music (Kanali 6 – Yard)  


A discussion being held by musicians and friends, about the evolution of the traditional music and its importance nowadays.


Establishing “World Music” as a genre and the effects on the musical traditions of each place.  


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

9 Παράδοση και Μουσικές του Κόσμου.jpg


Entre Dos Aquas  


Three great virtuosos present a flamenco program having influences from the African and Indian music, the jazz and also the traditional Gypsies’ music.  


An exponential and heretical intervention to the traditional flamenco, that is impressive and seductive when hearing same. It’s a characteristic and exceptional example of the union of the musicians of the World.  


Olivier Vayre – guitars, conocol, beat box  

David Dutech – percussions, voice, beat box 

Eric de Chalup – voice, guitar 


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

12 Entre Dos Aquas.jpg


Mika Karni & Kol Dodi Ensemble 


A band with musicians coming from Israel, Morocco, Yemen and Ethiopia, is weaving traditional Israeli music, hymns, melodies and rhythms of Africa, into our times.


A musical mosaic of countries, traditions and rhythms, which naturally carries the influences of each band member.   


Mika Karni – voice, piano, violin  
Yasmin Karni –voice  
Oshrat Masala- voice 
Ori Haim Winokur –bass  

Shahar Haziza –percussions  
Tomer Yeshayahu – bouzouki, guitar   


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

16 07 2013 mika karni.jpg


Lisbon – Musical Documentary (52’) 


The city of Lisbon unwinds through the sounds and melodies of the fados.


Great interpreters like  Mariza, the special voices of the Madredeus, Cristina Salgueiro, Celeste Rodriguez, the sister of the great Amalia, Cristina Branco and Duarte of the new generation, highlight the deep relation of the Portuguese with the music of the sentiment, the love and the passion, called fados.


Presentation: Costas Marabegias 

Script/director: Panos Karkanebatos   


From the series of the award-winning documentaries of ERT Mediterranean  

A production of VERGI Film productions’. 


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

18 Λισαβόνα.jpg


Marseille – Musical Documentary (52’) 


Marseille, one of the most important and historical ports of the Mediterranean sea, a centre of polyphonic traditions in the European South, is being excellently presented though the top voice band, named Lo Cor de la Plana, and also through other original interpreters, singing in the Occitan dialect, Marseille’s language.  


We simultaneously meet with the musical Sephardim traditions of the Jews, and the pop songs of the Mediterranean of the 50’s and the 60’s, coming from Naples, Alger, Cairo, Corsica and Andalusia.  


Presentation: Costas Marabegias 

Script/director: Panos Karkanebatos   


From the series of the award-winning documentaries of ERT Mediterranean.  

A production of VERGI Film productions’. 


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

19 Μασσαλία.jpg




The band’s name has the meaning of sound, melody in the Farsi language, stating like this one of the basic ways of the traditional Persian music.


This is a multi-cultural band having a big range of different musical traditions and influences of its members, being classified as one of the most original and inspired bands in Cyprus. The influences and routes of each member are being reflected through analogical and electro sounds and natural instruments, onto traditional ways and fanciful repertoire.   


Navid Gholipour-didgeridoo   

Alkis Agathokleous – ney    

Yiannis Koutis – oud, voice  

Ravi Saundankar-tabla 

Costas Lolos – violin  

Nikolas Trifonos - contrabass  

Lukasz Walewsky - trumpet  

Manos Mathioudakis – electrical guitar  

Rodos Panayiotou - percussion   


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

24 07 2013 NAVA good q3.JPG


Yiannis Haroulis 


The closing of the 8th Ethnic Festival couldn’t have a better voice than this of the amazing interpreter from Crete.


With a multimember-band of special and genuine musicians, Yiannis Haroulis is making us to travel to Crete and the whole Greek area, with songs that are touching both the tradition and today’s sounds.  



Costantis Pistiolis – wind instruments 

Michalis Porfiris – cello  

Pavlos Sinodinos – guitars 

Panos Tolios – drums 


Within the framework of 8th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival 


Visit the website of the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 

26.7.2013 xaroulis platia .jpg



3ο Rock Festival 


The Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank and Kanali 6 are organizing the 3rd Limassol Co-Operative Savings Bank Rock Festival, at Platia Iroon. 


Participating Bands: 




The Coop Band



Akoustikoi Epivates. 

DJ’s: Fanis Kringos Sosis Theodosiou 

Visit the website of Kanali 6 



Philharmonic Orchestra of Mesa Yeitonia & Kostas Makedonas 


The Municipality and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mesa Yeitonia present the best moments of Greek song through a program prepared especially for this concert. 

The voice of Kostas Makedonas and the breadth of the Orchestra highlight great songs that were loved and continue to stand out. 

Conductor: Anastasios Arampatzis 

11 09 2013 makedonas filarmoniki Poster.


The Audience 


Award-winning actress Helen Mirren, again reconsider the role of Queen Elizabeth II and the writer Peter Morgan, this time at the National Theatre in London.


The Audience "breaks" the established agreement of silence between the queen and Downing Street dignitaries, from Churchill to the Cameron, shaping possible conversations that every prime minister had in these private meetings with Elizabeth 

Direction: Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot,The Hours)  

Visit the website of the National Theatre 

13 09 2013 the audience nt live (2).jpg

14 & 16/9/2013  



Montis, Seferis ... through their words and Kanthos Diamantis ... through their images, identify the artist. 

'Untitled', is the work of Karolina’s Konstantinou for a world of Cyprus, unlike Diamantis’ interpretation. A world affected and infected by the relentless blows of faith. A work which will restore the old, the pure, the truth….. 

Artistic Direction: Karolina Konstantinou 

Original Choreography/Direction:  

Carolina Constantinou (in collaboration with the dancers) 
Original Composition / Music Editing: George Kolias  

Voice: Konstantinos Melidis 
Stage Design: Elena Kotasvili 
Assistant Choreographer/Dancer: Martin Buczkό 
Assistant Choreographer/Dancer: Natalie Savvidou 
Script: Andreas Demetriou / Carolina Constantinou 
Technical Director: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis 
Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic 
Make-up artist: Martina Judkoviak 
Photography: Nik Michael 
In the role of “Lachesis”: Mariella Archontidou-Haraki 

35 dancers participate in the show. 

Within the framework of KYPRIA International Festival 2013 

Visit the website of Kypria International Festival 

14 09 2013 untitled.jpg


Carmina Burana 


One of the most successful productions of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Carmina Burana has been performed more than 100 times, worldwide. 

Tracing back to the 13th century, the Carmina Burana manuscripts were found, in the Benedictine abbey. The manuscripts speak freely and without restrictions on the body and the adventures of defying propriety and reaching several times in mockery of the divine. 

Dancers: Maria Cossu, Giacomo Todeschi, Giuliana Mele, Michelangelo Puglisi, 

Mario Laterza, Gaia Mattioli, Alessandra Chirulli, Marianna Ombrosi, Sofia Barbiero 


Within the framework of KYPRIA International Festival 2013 

Visit the website of Kypria International Festival 

19 09 2013 carmina bourana (2).jpg


Parkin’son (60’)  


The D’Annas, father and son explore their relationship on stage: a collection of personal events, through the skin lines and the bodies connected through blood. 


The project was born from the desire of telling a story using the "limit" as an opportunity, illuminating moments and events, which from the perspective of a stranger might appear insignificant ∙ but these are the facts that make the existence memorable. 

Concept and direction: Giulio D’Anna 

Performance: Giulio e Stefano D’Anna 

Original soundtrack: Maarten Bokslag 

Light and set design: Theresia Knevel and Daniel Caballero 


Within the framework of the Open House Festival of Dance House Lemesos 

Visit the website of Dance House Lemesos 

25 09 2013 open house parkin'son.jpg


Choral Crossroads 2013  


“Choral Crossroads 2013- Singing the Bridges II” is a 4-day festival that will explore choral music as a media for peaceful coexistence and Euro-Mediterranean collaboration. Youth choirs from Estonia, Hungary, Egypt, Lebanon, Croatia and Cyprus with over 200 singers will participate in concerts, workshops and lectures.  

The activity is organized by Cultural Movement Epilogi in collaboration with European Choral Association – Europa Cantat within the VOICE Project, funded by EU “Culture” Programme.


Visit the facebook page of Epilogi 

Choral Crossroads.jpg




Stephanos Droussiotis work is a liberal adaptation of J.W. Goethe’s tragedy.  

In an age where the existence of God has been greatly questioned or deemed irrelevant by many, Faust can be examined through a different scope. Effectively, Faust is in constant fight with neither Devil nor God, but ultimately with his own self. 


Faust is a charming and complex character. He ultimately chooses life over suicide and through trading his soul to the Devil he secures a real taste of life: love, the act of giving and receiving, betrayal, knowledge and isolation are among the many life traits he gets to experience. 


Direction / Sound Design: Stephanos Droussiotis 

Dramaturgy / Production Manager:  Konstantinos Melidis 

Art Direction: Kynthia Livaniou 

Set  Design: Konstantina Andreou 

Costume Design / Hair - Makeup : Andreas  Zen 

Light  Design: Panayiotis Manousis 

Assistant Director: Marina Vrondi 

Movement Consultant: Ariana Markoulides 


Performers: Christodoulos Martas, Prokopis Agathokleous, Nektarios Theodorou, Marina Vrondi, Marina Argyridou, Georgina Tatsi, Ariana Markoulides


Within the framework of KYPRIA International Festival 2013 


Visit the website of Kypria International Festival 




Concert For The Independence Day 


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in a tribute to the centenary of the birth of Ethnarch Makarios III


Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 3 in E flat major, Op. 55 (Eroica) 

Yiorgos Korsonis – Anthos Lykavgis: Makarios now and forever, Popular Oratorio for narrator, solo singer, lute, chorus and strings. 


Solo singer: Costas Kamenos 

Narrator: Stavros Louras 

Lute: Andreas Christodoulou 

Choirs: Nicosia Music School Choir (choirmaster: Loizos Loizou) 
Limassol Music School Choir (choirmaster: Angelina Nicolaidou Spanou) 


Conductor: Alkis Baltas  


Within the International Kypria Festival 2013 


Visit the website of Kypria International Festival 



Kyiv- Classic Orchestra   


The Ministry of Culture and Education of Cyprus and the Ukrainian Embassy present the famous orchestra of Kyiv-Classic Orchestra. 


Τhe programme includes works by M. Skoryk, E. Stankovic, Y. Shevchenko, M. Chemberdzhi, L. Kolodub, J.S. Bach, J. Albinoni, W.A. Mozart, W. Peterson-Berger, A. Vivaldi and A. Piazzolla. 

The event is held in the context of the Programme of Cultural Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.  

04 10 2013 kyiv classic orchestra.JPG


Eugene Onegin – The MET: Live in HD  


Starting this season with a star production of the MET Live. Anna Netrebko and Mariusz Kwiecien at the leading roles, Deborah Warner as the director and the famous Russian conductor, Valery Gergiev leading the orchestra. 


This Tchaikovsky’s romantic drama is based on the novel of Puskin. Here, the naive provincialism collides with the cosmopolitan yet descending aristocracy, drifting along three lives. 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

Director: Deborah Warner 

Conductor: Valery Gergiev 

Starring: Anna Netrebko, Mariusz Kwiecien Oksana Volkova, Piotr Beczala, Alexei Tanovitsky 


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

5  Eugene Onegin.jpg


Othello – ΝΤ Live 


The National Theatre Live continues its large productions with the play of William Shakespeare, in direction by Nicholas Hytner and leading actors the Olivier awarded Andrian Lester (Othello) and Rory Kinnear (Iagos).


Othello, newlywed to Desdemona – her having half of his years – is being appointed at a large military operation. Iago, whom Othello avoided to promote for Casius’ sake, convinces Othello that Casius and Desdemona are having an affair.  


With Greek and English subtitles 

Author: William Shakespeare 

Director: Nicholas Hytner 


Andrian Lester - Othello 

Rory Kinnear - Iagos 


Visit the National Theatre website 

8 Othello.jpg


1000 + 1 Cities  


Nena Venetsanou sings for the cities that inspire us. Songs by Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Nena Venetsanou. Verses of Gatsos, Kavafis etc.


The Poetry and Music are complemented by photographs selected by AngelosAngeli which reveal the deep relationship between the art and the organized city environment. Texts by Nena Venetsanou, Yiannis Ritsos, Claire Angelidou, Tassos Galatis, Constantinos Kavafis, Heinrich Heine.


Manos Avarakis (harmonica-pipes) 

Stavros Ayianniotis (classical guitar) 

Vivi Gheka (mandolin)  

Haris Mermigas (double bass) 

Solis Barki (percussion instruments)  


Participation: The «Leandros Sitaros» choir of Pnevmatiki Stegi, Nicosia under the direction of Maro Skordi.  

Artistic Director: Nena Venetsanou 

Director: Angelos Angeli  

Video: Zisis Kokkinidis and Ion Papaspyrou 

Production Coordination: AntonisKoizas 


Within the Kypria International Festival 2013 


Visit the website of Kypria International Festival 

09 10 2013 VENETSANOU (2).jpg


Ibrahim Ferrer Jr.  


The son of the Cuban legend Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club) had the luck to cooperate with all the great musicians of his country.


He now lives in Argentina and is singing around the world, in cooperation with famous bands, like “Afro Cuban All Star”, “Los Bocucos” and “Ochungueres”.


He’s been awarded for many of his recordings, including “Ibrahim Ferrer” (Grammy) and “Omara Portuondo”.  

10 10 2013 ibra_press3.jpg

12 – 18/10/2013  

International Short Film Festival  

Dozens of short films coming from Cyprus and around the world along with their creators meet and converse with the audience through screenings, workshops and parallel tributes. 


The official Festival of Cyprus is growing and concentrating fascinating movies from five continents, thus causing international cinematographic interest.  

Screenings are carried out at the Rialto Theatre and at the Festival’s Information Centre 

Organisation: Ministry of Education and Culture & Rialto Theatre 

Visit the website of isffc 

12 18 10 2013 ISFFC 13_promo_6_final_no



A musical composition by Vangelis Papathanassiou written especially for NASA’s mission to Mars Odyssey, forms the basis of this dance performance. 


Mythodea is the vehicle for a virtual journey to the cosmos of ancient Greek mythology to the myths of Heaven and Earth, Mars and his children Phobos and Demos, the Titans and the Giants. 


Participate: Diastasis Dance Group, Fotis Nicolaou, Antony Antoniou, Hamilton Monteiro  

Choreography: Fotis Nicolaou, Maria Mesi Aggelidou, Nadina Loizidou 

Costumes: Valentinos Joseph  

Projections and Visual Effects: Kynthia Livaniou  

Lighting Design: Ben Rogers 

Sound Design: Andreas Giorgallis 

Within the International Kypria Festival 2013 


Visit the facebook page of Diastasis 

12 18 10 2013 isffc encardia.jpg


Imam Baildi  


An incredible music experience. Having on stage eight musicians with amazing energy, combining the unique atmosphere of the old Greek songs with their own music interventions. 


Zambetas meets hip-hop, bouzouki flirting with electro swing, the Balkan winds mixed with Latin orchestrations and the nostalgic voice of Rena Morfi alternates with the explosive stage presence of MC Yinka.   

25 10 2013 Imam Baildi Main Photo - Pres


The Nose - The MET: Live in HD  


New York’s Metropolitan Opera includes again in its repertoire and its live productions the subversive yet imaginative direction of William Kentridge (2010).


Shostakovich is a satirical opera, presenting the comical and unlucky adventures of a dignitary who tries to find his lost…nose.   


Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich 

Director: William Kentridge 

Conductor: Pavel Smelkov 

Sets: William Kentridge & Sabine Theunissen 

Costumes: Greta Goiris 


Starring: Paulo Szot, Andrey Popov, Alexander Lewis 


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 




Macbeth – NT Live   



With Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston at the leading roles, this superproduction of London’s National Theatre within the frames of Manchester’s Festival, is a milestone of the shakespearian uploads of all times, causing huge interest around the world.


More well-timed than ever, this masterpiece of Shakespeare revealing treachery, deceit, greediness… 


With Greek and English subtitles 


Author: William Shakespeare 

Direction:  Rob Ashford & Kenneth Branagh 

Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Alex Kingston, Alexander Vlahos, Ray Fearon 


Visit the website of the National Theatre 

5 Macbeth.jpg


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents works by Cypriot composers:  


Tasos Stylianou: Artante  

Nicos Vichas: Nostos  

Savvas Savva: The old music  

Andreas Moustoukis: Music for here  

Georgios Stavrou: Ludens cum grana  

Georgia Christoforou: Glass in the Cage of Bach  

Andreas Yiangopoulos: Three Symphonic Sketches  


Conductor: Christina Athinodorou 


In collaboration with the Centre of Cypriot Composers 


Visit the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra website

7 Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.jpg


Tosca - The MET-Live in HD 



One of the most favorite operas of all times is this Puccini’s erotic drama; a brighter distribution with Patricia Racette at the leading role, Roberto Alagna as the lover and George Gagnidze as the depraved, lustful Scarpia. 


With Greek and English subtitles  


 Composer: Giacomo Puccini 

Conductor: Pavel Smelkov 

Director: Luc Bondy 

Scenes: Richard Peduzzi 

Costumes: Milena Canonero 


Starring: Patricia Racette, Roberto Alagna, George Gagnidze 


Visit the Metropolitan Opera Website 

9 Tosca.jpg


Costis Maraveyas  

Costis Maraveyas has created a special musical style that classifies him as one of the most favorite composers of his generation.  

His band is consisted by:

Kriton Bellonias (drums), Jim Staridas (trompone), Aggelos Aggelides (electrical guitar), Michalis Kalkanis (contrabass), Nikos “Ottomo” Aggloupas (percussions, electrical guitar, keyboards)

13 11 2013Kostis Maraveyias.jpg


Manlike (On stage) 


A complete choreographic proposal, as a continuation of the previous work of Milena Ugren (choreographer) and George Koulas (musician), both being influenced of each other’s physical or sound levels.


The kinetic-choreographic style of Ugren is directly recognizable as being dramatic, frugal and based on contradictions; this is supported by George Koulas’ vocal sounds as “circular percussion rhythm”.


The production includes music by the composer Tasos Stylianos.  


Choreograph/dancer: Milena Ugren - Musician/performer: George Koulas  


Within the frames of Terpsichory program 2013 of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.   


Visit ugren koulas website 

16 11 2013 MILENA TERPSIXORI nova_01.JPG


Voice of the Heart  


The awarded actress and singer Nani Bregvadze (People’s Artist of the USSR) makes for 5 decades an impressive path, not only in Georgia, her birthplace, but also in abroad.


With hundred of performances in huge theatres around the world, she remains the special performer with own finesse and particular shades.


Her program includes songs from Georgia and Russia and with her appears also her daughter, the singer Eka Mamaladze, and Alexander Sariev. 

20 Voice of the Heart.jpg


Royal Ballet Live – Don Quixote  



The Rialto Theatre welcomes the Royal Ballet Live; new program of the theatre’s live broadcastings.


The classical masterpiece of Marius Petipa, with music of Ludwig Minkus in a new upload from the invited artist of the Royal Ballet, Carlos Acosta; scenes by Tim Hatley and orchestration by Martin Yates, who also directs the orchestra.


An extremely pleasant ballet, famous for its great pas de deux, the visions of the “white ballet” (ballet-blanc) of Dulcenia and also the scenes full of vividness that brings the whole theatre company on stage.  


Visit the Royal Ballet website 

23 11 2013 ROH Don Quixote main image (1


Kidnappet  - Danish Cinema  

Denmark 2010, 92’  


Simon 11 years old, is an adopted black boy and a fanatical footballplayer, who travels with his danish mother to his country of origin, Kenya.


When he suddenly gets lost in the vastly slums of the big city, his mother appears in the media promising to reward whoever finds him, without realizing that this makes her boy an incredible hunting trophy. 


(Suitable ages 11-15) 

Scenario / Director: Vibeke Muasya  

Cast: Simon Lougue Larsen, Connie Nielsen, Lars Mikkelsen, Amos Obdhimbo and others. 


In collaboration with the Danish Embassy 

26 Danish cinema Today.jpg


Superclasico - Danish Cinema  

Denmark 2011, 99΄ 


Anna has moved to Buenos Aires for making a career as a sport agent, yet she falls in love with the biggest star of Argentina’s football.


Her husband decides to deliver in person the divorce papers and travels to Argentina with their teenage son, in an attempt to win her back…  


Director: Ole Christian Madsen  

Cast: Anders W. Berthelsen, Paprika Steen, Jamie Morton, Sebastian Estevanez  


In collaboration with the Danish Embassy 

27 Superclasico.jpg


From Love  


Dionysos Theatre presents the erotic story of Thodoris Atherides. A play about unlimited love, beyond life and death. Reversing the events’ sequence, Anna moves back to Antonis house, after their break, her illness, even her death.  


Author: Thodoris Atherides 

Direction / Music editing :  Achilleas Grammatikopoulos 

Lighting: Egor Dubensky 

Sets /Costumes: Ρέα Ολυμπίου 


Cast: Andreas Fylaktou, Kristi Papadopoulou, Eva Papagevgopoulou 


Visit the website of Dionysos Theatre 

28 Από Έρωτα.jpg


Humans Being  


An empty stage and 5 naked bodies pay a tribute to the human species as an animal of divine energy. 'Humans Being’ is a hymn to raw beauty allowing for form to meet the formless, instinct to become intuition and the natural to appear as sacred. 

A .pelma. production in the frame of the ‘Terpsichore’ programme of the Ministry of Education and Culture 

Concept / Direction / Movement: Lia Haraki 

Performance / Movement: Eleana Alexandrou, Petros Konnaris, Arianna Marcoulides, Christina Patsali 


Visit Lia’s Haraki website 

30 11 2013 Lia Xaraki Platforma Xorou.JP
Anchor 1



Natasa Bofiliou 


The favorite singer returns to Cyprus with the performance "Lets Go Again". A combination of her new songs in collaboration with the composer Stamo Semsi, with songs of her own repertoire.


Themis Karamouratides (orchestration) and Gerasimos Evaggelatos (programme custody) set up an unexpected acoustic program.

Piano: Themis Karamouratides  
Drums / Percussion: Foevos Kountourakis  
Guitars / Bouzouki: Soteris Kastanis 
Cello: Aris Zerbas  
Violin / Mandolin: Demetris Kouzis 

03 12 2013 bofiliou4-Photo~ Βάσια Αναγνω


National Theatre – 50 Years on Stage  


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the National Theater of Great Britain brings together the best British actors for a unique evening of unforgettable performances, broadcast live from London to cinemas around the world. 


A cast of 100 will perform live on stage in this once-in-a-lifetime event, which include rare archival pictures, presenting many of the actors who performed on the NT's stage over the last 50 years.  
Direction: Nicholas Hytner 

Starring the famous actors: Simon Russell Beale,  Frances de la Tour, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Alex Jennings, Rory Kinnear, Adrian Lester, Anna Maxwell Martin, Andrew Scott, Maggie Smith, etc. 

Visit the website of the National Theatre 

4 National Theatre 50 Years on Stage.jpg


Christmas Magic with Aliki Chrysochou  

Soprano Aliki Chrysochou successfully interprets in Cyprus and abroad with various orchestras and choirs. She participated and distinguished in many international competitions, while recently she was distinguished in "Britain's Got Talent 2013", where she amazed both audience and judges.  

Highlighting the Christmas Magic, she'll perform classical plays and famous Christmas melodies, together with the children choir of Papadakeio Primary Conservatory and six talented musicians.  

Visit the facebook page of Aliki Crysochou 

07 11 2013 aliki_chrysochou.jpg

10 & 11/12/2013  

The Threepenny Opera  
THOC’s Main Stage presents Bertolt's Brecht's famous play in music of Kurt Weil.


The play represents the corruption at all levels of the civil society, through the world of the beggars, the villains and the mafia having the blessings of the bought police. A modern glance at a classical yet rebellious play.  
Translation: Pavlos Matesis 
Director: Stefanos Kotsikos  
Scenes/Costumes: Charis Kavkarides, Melita Kouta 
Music Teacher/Musician on Stage: Savvas Savva 
Choreography/Movement: Fotis Nicolaou 


Cast: Prokopis Agathokleous, Demetris Antoniou, Margarita Zachariou, Loukas Zekos, Valentinos Kokkinos, Varnavas Kyriazes, Giorgos Kyriakou, Panayiotis Larkou, Marina Mandri, Michalis Moustakas, Neokles Neokleous, Elena Papadopoulou, Annita Santorineou, Sotos Stavrakis, Andreas Tselepos, Stella Fyrogeni, Antonia Charalambous, Niovi Charalambous, Thea Christodoulidou, Christina Christofia

Visit THOC’s website   

10 Η Όπερα της Πεντάρας.jpg


One voice and two pianos 


This winter, established composers and musicians George Andreou and Vassos Argiridis welcome the famous Greek singer George Dalaras.


A special concert with two pianists and the voice of the George Dalaras. 

13 12 2013 ntalaras .jpg


Falstaff – The MET Live in HD  



Live broadcast from Metropolitan Opera, the last masterpiece of Guiseppe Verdi, in music direction by James Levine and director Robert Carsen. 


Ambrogio Maestri interprets the iconic bass chump role of Falstaff, who has the boorish braggart character, and for whom Alis Ford (Angela Meade) is just one of his many desire objects.


Having a great cast, critics and reporters deemed this performance to be a magical and original MET production. 


With Greek and English subtitles. 

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi 

Director: Robert Carsen 

Conductor: James Levine 

Scenes: Paul Steinberg 
Costumes: Brigitte Reiffenstuel 
Cast: Ambrogio Maestri, Lisette Oropes, Angela Meade, Stephanie Blythe, Johnson Cano, Paolo 

Paolo Fanale, Franco Vassallo 


Click here for the Metropolitan Opera Website 

14 Falstaff.jpg


From Kavafis' Ithaki  
Thodoris Economou continues his musical journey of Odyssey by Robert Wilson the music and songs of the play are presented along with the actress Lydia Koniordou, surrounded by the original sound design of the show.


The second half shall be the presentation of 11 poems of the Alexandrian poet Constantinos Kavafis - celebrating 150 years since his birthday - interpreted by Margarita Zorbala and recited by Lydia Koniordou.  
Composer / Piano: Thodoris Economou 
Interpreters: Lydia Koniordou, Thodoris Economou, Margarita Zorbala 

16 12 2013 odyssey.jpg


The Lady killers  


The Satirical Theatre presents the award-winning comedy of Graham Linehan...


The sweet, eccentric old woman lives with her parrot alone in London's Kings Cross, rents one of her rooms to the professor Markus and becomes accidentally an accomplice in a robbery her tenant organizes, causing incredible effects... 

Author: Graham Linehan 
Director: Despina Bebedeli 
Cast: Despina Bebedeli, Giorgos Mouaimis, Stelios Kavkarides, Popi Avraam Marianna Kavkaridou, Spiros Georgiou, Vasilis Michael, Andreas Rozou, Michalis Kornarakis, Zena Vl. Kavkarides and Efi Papageorgiou 
Visit the website of Satiriko Theatre 

20  The Lady killers.jpg


The Nutcracker - Royal Ballet 


The classical production of Peter Wright according to the original choreography of Lev Ivanov by the magnificent music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky was first on stage in 1984 at the Covent Garden and is since then one of the most favorite Christmas' ballet shows for all ages.  

Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky 

Choreography: Peter Wright (Lev Ivanov) 

Conductor: Tom Seligman 
Dancers: Gary Avis, Federico Bonelli, Alexander Campbell, Emma Maguire, Loaura