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5 & 6/1/2012   

1st Floor Band  

Rialto Next Door 


1st Floor Band, was created in the summer of 2010 by a group of professional musicians as well as some amateurs, united by their love of good music.


Their repertoire includes international songs by R.E.M, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and others. 


Vocals: Christiana Polyviou 

Violin: Alexandra Mutagarova  

Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica: Nearchos Ioannou  

Vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar: Giorgos Synnos  

Electric guitar: Lucas Luca 

Drums: Petros Kizas 

5 6 01 2012 promo_flyer_1st_floor_band.j


Summer, Winter, Mud 


This performance is a development of the production that was highly acclaimed at the “No Body” 3rd Festival. 


The artists follow the physiology of their movement, after the guidance of the choreographer Demmie Da Costa, who is transformed into a nature that ails, suffers and dies. 


Musician: Christos Kyriakoullis 

Visual artist: Giorgos Georgiou 

Photographer /video artist: Susana Fiala 



The Caucasian Chalk Circle 


Bertolt Brecht’s play by Satiriko Theatre. A tender story of motherhood as well as a sarcastic comedy on justice and authority.


A play that criticizes politicians, the military, lawyers, doctors, the clergy and people in power. 


Translation/Direction: Despina Bebedeli 

Sets/Costumes: Haris Kafkaridis 

Music: Savvas Savva  

Cast: Despina Bebedeli, Stelios Kafkaridis, Popi Avraam, Marianna Kafkaridou  

12 01 2012 KAUKASIANOS KYKLOS.jpeg


Blue Valentine  





Blue Valentine is an intimate, shattering portrait of a disintegrating marriage.


On the far side of an once-passionate romance, Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling) are living unhappily in New York with their young daughter.  


Director: Derek Cianfrance 

Cast: Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling 



Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Viennese New Year’s Concert 


Festive Viennese music by Johann I and II, Joseph and Eduard Strauss to include the Pizzicato Polka, On the Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz and Radetsky March. 


Conductor: John Georgiadis 



Yiannis Kotsiras   

On the Road 


A music performance with selections of popular songs from the wider spectrum of Greek discography as well as some of the singer’s most popular songs. 


Οrchestrals / keyboards: Christos Alexakis  

Lute/ tzouras / bouzouki /mandolin: Vaggelis Macheras


Double bass: Demetris Moutafis  

Guitars: Kostas Michalos  

Drums / percussions: Gregoris Syntridis  

18 01 2012 GiannisKotsiras.jpg


Winter's Bone 





17 year-old Ree grow in a poor rural area in Missouri. When she comes across that her missing father has mortgaged their house, decides to look for him - even at the risk of her life. 


A perfect cinematic story that shocked the brutal, cynical but true of simplicity. 


An adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's 2006 novel of the same name. 


The film has won awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay at Sundance and 4 Oscar nominations. 

Direction: Debra Granik 

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Kevin Breznahan, Dale Dickey 

Winter's Bone Site snap shot.jpg

26 & 27/1/2012  

Beast on the Moon 


Richard Kalinoski’s play directed by Stathis Livathinos is one of the greatest successes of the Poreia Theatre.


20-year old Aram Tomasian, the only survivor of his whole family migrates to the US after the holocaust. 15-year-old Seta arrives in America from an orphanage in Constantinople as a mail order bride. Yet Seta is not the girl that Aram Tomasian had selected from a photograph to be his wife. 


Direction: Stathis Livathinos 

Translation: Demetris Tarlow  

Sets / Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou 

Music: Haig Yazdjian. 

Cast: Demetris Tarlow, Tamilla Koulieva, Giorgos Biniaris, Romanos Bolotas 

26 27 01 2012 KTINOS STO FEGGARI  (2).JP




By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the works: Α. Pärt: Fratres, S. Savva: Apocalypse (Symphony No. 4) Awarded in the CySO Foundation Composition Competition 2010 for the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus, L. v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36. 


Conductor: Michalis Economou 



Avanti 4  


Four talented singers accompanied by eight musicians present songs from the Greek and international repertoire. 


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 


Singers: Alexis Sophokleous, Andreas Vanezis, Petros Solomou and Pieros Kezou 



Romeiko Fagopoti  


Georgios Souris’ comic satire presented by the “SKALA” Theatre adapted by Irini Koutsafti and directed by Christos Zanos.  

The cronyism, system’s incompetence and favoritism are some of the problems of 130 years ago that continue to be the problems of today. 


Adaptation: Irini Koutsafti 

Director: Christos Zanos 

Sets/costumes: Marisa Bargili 

Music: Giorgos Georgiou 

Cast: Ioanna Kammenou-Siafkali, Andreas Melekis, Sophocles Kaskaounias, Monica Meleki 

download (1).jpg


1 & 2/2/2012  

Don Quixote 


THOC’s Main Stage presents Miguel De Cervantes’ masterpiece adapted and directed by Stavros Tsakiris.


In this production Don Quixote moves amongst us, in our cities, leaving to indicate that the indelible colorful in a monochrome world of decadence, selfishness and greed, taunts and loves mankind. 


Direction: Stavros Tsakiris 

Sets-Costumes: Yiannis Metzikov 

Cast: Nicos Charalambous, Yiorgos Mouaimis, Neoklis Neokleous, Mihalis Moustakas, Andreas Vasiliou, Elena Papadopoulou, Elena Efstathiou, Annita Santorinaiou, Niovi Charalambous, Ermina Kyriazi, Anna Papageorgiou


Today’s Yesterday… 

A musical encounter of young experienced musicians, takes us on a journey on paths of the soul apparently untrodden. Oriental sounds, foreign to the ears of most but known by our soul. 


Popular songs, which were loved by many generations, Rembetiko, Smyrnaiko and music from Asia Minor and Contantinople, accompanied by unmatched musical instruments. Violin, ney, oud, bass, bouzouki, baglamas and guitar, bridge the divided indivisible. 


Song: Lefkios Demosthenous  

Violin / orchestration: Michalis Kouloumis  

Oud / guitar / banjo: Pantelis Ionas 

Bouzouki: Georgia Kombou 

Percussion: Euripedes Dikaios 

Ney: Stavroula Constanti 

Contrabass: Nikolas Tryfonos 



New Wave 


The tender songs of the late 60’s-70’s that flourished in music halls (boite) have been selected by “Diastasi” to be presented in this year's European Limassol Festival. 


Songs: Kostas and Katerina Hatzichristodoulou  

Musical direction: Vassos Argyrides and Zacharias Mouzaki  



Two half murders and a bulldog 

A performance of the successful Greek comedy by the famous duo Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas, brought to you by Theatre Dionysos and based on Eugene Labiche’s hoax “The Case of Loursin Street”. 


Direction: Achilleas Grammatikopoulos  

Set Design/Costumes: Elena Katsouri 

Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Christopher Greko, Achilleas Grammatikopoulos, Sofia Kalli, Evagoras Theodosiou and others 

07 02 2012 theatro dionysos.jpg


Yiannis Aggelakas /Nikos Veliotis – Wolves live  


The two known artists present live, the two main works they have made together, The Breath of the Wolves and When will we get here.


The group resulted from the collaboration between Yiannis Aggelaka and Nikos Veliotis in 2004. 


Vocals: Yiannis Aggelakas 
Cello: Nikos Veliotis 
Electronic elements: Christos Charbilas 
Cello & electronic elements: Coti k 
Percussion: Vasilis Bacharides 

08 02 2012 Pote_Tha_Ftasoume_Edo.jpg


The Shadow of Mart 


THOC’s New Stage presents Swedish author, Stig Dagerman’s play, which takes place after a war in a previously occupied city.  Which city? This is up to everyone’s imagination. Even time and place are not important because shadows are everywhere.  But in a country with an unusual amount of dead people, shadows grow and thicken. The live people that Gabriel has to fight against to survive are not monsters. They are people who cherish the “ideal” more than humans. 


Translation: Margarita Melberg 

Direction/ Musical Direction: Christos Karchadakis  

Sets-Costumes: Myrto Anastasopoulou  

Light Design: Stauros Tartaris 
Assistant Director: Lila Maleviti 

Cast: Stela Fyrogeni, Andreas Tselepos, Christina Christofia, Charis Kkolos 



Limassol’s Male Four-Part Choir 


Limassol’s Male Four-Part Choir and the Limassol Municipality present the group’s new work with seranades by Th. Sakellarides, Hadjiapostolou, Sosou Ioannide, M. Souyioul, N. Kokkinou, D. Rodiou and D. Lauragka.


During the concert the works of Greek composers dedicated to carnival will be heard, as well as rembetika (songs) by popular composers (Tsitsanis, Papaioannou, Kaldaras and others) in polyphonic treatment. 


Conductor: Marinos Mitellas 



My sweet Canary 

Israel/Greece/France 2011, 90' 


A journey, a search for rembetiko and sephardic song to mark the eventful life of Roza Eskenazi, from Constantinople to Athens, Pireaus and America. 


With the collaboration of the Asia-Minor Union of Cyprus. 

With English subtitles. 


Director: Roy Sher 

Starring: Yasmin Levy, Tomer Katz, Martha Lewis, Mehtap Demir and others 



Carnival Songs  


The Limassol Municipality extends its annual invitation, to the city’s Children’s Choirs, to a musical encounter with songs and serenades in the framework of the events organized during carnival.


Net proceeds will be donated to the Choirs. 



Eleonora Zouganeli 


One of the most talented interpreters of the new generation, with a unique musical identity.


With selections from all kinds of Greek music, as well as the universal music language, different cultures, bold mixes, but also a return to her youthful melodic experiences. 


Piano / keyboard: Pavlos Kaltouroumides 

Guitar / vocals : Euripedes Zemenides 

Bass: Dimitris Moutafis  

Drums: Grigoris Syntrides  

19 02 2012 ZOUGANELI_FINAL.jpg


The Merry Widow  


Standard of exhilaration and joy of life, Franz Lehar’s “Merry Widow” transports us through dance and the wonderful melodies to an atmosphere of optimism and vitality. An impressive work that identifies in an interesting way the identity of his time in a singing mood and luster mellow erotic atmosphere.


By the Opera della Luna and adapted by Jeff Clarke. In the framework of the Limassol European Festival.  



The Festival of Drama on the Road 


Once again, the awarded films of Drama Festival are screened in Cyprus. 

Organisers: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre.


In collaboration with: The Friends of Cinema Nicosia & Pafos and the Limassol Film Club. 


Farewell Anestis Dimitris Kanellopoulos 18’

Toothbrushes Nikos Branidis/ Yiannis Bougioukas 5’

The attic Minos Nikolakakis 18’

Leader Gavriel Tzafkas 28’

Cut damn! Vasilis Kalamakis 14’

Movable type Andreas Siadimas 17’

Daddy, Lenin and Freddy Rinio Dragasaki 20’ 

Face Down Yiorgos Fourtounis 18’

Iris Alexandros Sipsidis 15’

The bride Lefteris Charitos 6’

Helen Stergios Pasxos 15’

Tzafar Nansi Spetsioti 3’

MUSIKHOF Thomas Kiaos 10’

Gran Partita Alexandros Skouras 15’

Under Stress Paris Patsourides 10’

Flight at the museum Demetris Delinikolas 4’

Faganas Nikos Chronopoulos 12’

Human Nature  Nasos Vakalis 3’

Dead on Time Andreas Lampropoulos-Kostas Skyftas  11’


MARCH 2012

9,10 & 11/3/2012 

12th Contemporary Dance Platform 

Parallel events will be held at Dance House Limassol 

Organisation: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In co-operation with: Dance House Lemesos – Lemesos Municipality 



Nothing to Declare - Alexis Vassiliou  Generation Y 20’ 

Milena Ugren Koulas - House of Heaven II 20’ 

Marina Poyiadji (in collaboration with Treacle Holasz) Declare what? 10’ 

Asomates Dynameis - Machi Dimitriadou-Lindahl Vardar 18’ 

Loizos Constantinou - 4 Red decibel melting 10΄ 



AELION Dance Company - Alexia Perdikaki Café de Flore 20' 

Amfidromo Dance Company - Elena Christodoulidou A Story 20’ 

.pelma.lia Haraki - Lia Haraki Tune In 20'  

Fotis Nikolaou - Lamentu 20’ 

Noema Dance Works - Alexandra Waierstall Haze 15' 



Harry Koushos, Could be anyone 10΄ 

ECHO ARTS - Arianna Economou Νo Land 20’  

En drasi - Evie Demetriou, Unusual suspects 20’ 

Chorotheatro Omada Pende - Chloe Melidou Three Thousand Words   20’ 

Elena Antoniou - The meeting 20’ 

12η Πλατφόρμα Σύγχρονου Χορού.jpg


100 Years of the Limassol Municipality’s Philharmonic Band 


A journey through Greek Songs of the 50s and 60s to today, featuring works of leading Greek composers (Hatzidakis, Theodorakis, Savvopoulos and others). 


The programme includes Viennese valse and polka, as well as a tribute to composer Marios Tokas, who was a member of the Limassol Munipality’s Philharmonic. 


Conductor: Thanasis Athanasiou 

14 03 2012 philarmoniki.jpg


Works by English Composers 

By the Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra presented the works: E. Elgar: Sospiri, Op.70, Chanson de Matin, No.2, Op. 15, R. V. Williams: Songs of Travel, H. Purcell: The Married Beau, Suite Z 603 (arr. G. Holst), B. Britten: Soirées Musicales, Op. 9, Arn. Malcolm: Four Scottish Dances, Op. 59. 


Soloist: Tasis Christogiannopoulos (baritone) 

Maestro: Alkis Baltas 

15 Έργα Άγγλων συνθετών.jpg


The Weeping Meadow 
2004, Greece, 170’ 


Screening of Theodoros Aggelopoulos’ film, the great poet of cinema, who passed away a few weeks ago. The film, the first of a “Trilogy”, follows the fate of Hellenism as transcribed by the relationship of two people who meet for the first time as children in 1919, as the Greeks are fleeing from Odessa.  They lose touch and meet again at different times, in different parts of the world, witnessing the big historical moments of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. 


The film begins with the entry of the Red Army in Odessa and the flight of the Greek community and ends in 1949, with the end of the Greek Civil War. 


Director: Theodoros Aggelopoulos 

Scenario: Theordoros Aggelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris 

Music: Eleni Karaindrou 

Cast: Alexandra Aidini, Nikos Poursanides, Eva Kotamanidou, Yiorgos Armenis, Vasilis Kolovos, Toula Stathopoulou, Michalis Yiannatos, Thaleia Argyriou, Gregoris Evaggelatos 

16 Το Λιβάδι που Δακρύζει.jpg


Fotini Darra interprets songs by Dimitris Papadimitriou 


For the first time at Rialto theatre, Foteini Darra, with her distinctive performance, interprets songs by the Greek composer Dimitris Papadimitriou, who accompanies her on the piano. 

17 03 2012 FOTINI DARA.jpg


The riddle of time 


Song meets dance and music on stage in the form of the exceptional performer Margarita Zormbala, the young, but already acclaimed, dancer Daphne Mougiasi and Vaso Argyridi. 

In the framework of the Limassol European Festival. 

19 03 2012 PAIGNIDIA TOU XRONOU .jpg

20, 21 & 22/3/201  

Health Scheme 


By THOC’s Main Stage the play of Andreas Koukkides directed by Costas Demetriou. 


A boy born with a problem of priapism his parents ordinary villagers, are pinning their hopes on the passage of the General Health Scheme (GHS) for the solution of the problem. The boy comes of age with the "problem" still troubling the youngster and his parents, still the GHS not yet voted ... 




On stage 


This piece is a musical thriller by Guillem Clua, which tells the story of a mortician, accused of committing 157 homicides, with humour, intrigue and surprises that confuse the audience. 


Translation: Maria Hatziemmanouil / Dimitris Psaras 

Director: Nikolas Kouroumtzis 

Dramaturgy: Christos Georgiou 

Orchestrations/teaching songs: Jonathan Betito 

Music Teaching / Orchestration: Loukas Erotokritou 

Dance: Panikos Tempriotis 

Kinesiology: Dany Emellia Celner 

Interpretation: Lefteris Salomides 

On stage: Eirina Avraamidou, Manos Galanis, Loukas Erotokritou 

Guest Starring: Niovi Charalmbous 



Elias Andriopoulos 


The Giorgalletos troubadours, accompanied by a big, popular orchestra, present the leading composer Elias Andriopoulos and his work.  


Conductor: Giorgos Pagiatis 

Song: Kostas Makedonas, Maria Alexiou, Giorgos Giorgalletos, Martinos Giorgalletos and little Nefeli Erma Maliali 

Recitation: Elias Andriopoulos 

Artistic Direction: Lollos Giorgalletos 



The Story of Babar, the little Elephant 


Educational morning concert, by the Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra, for children aged 3 ½ - 7 ½ years old. Will be presented the works: F. Poulenc: The Story of Babar, the little Elephant (orchestrated by J. Francaix) and Α. Baltas: The song of Babar (lyrics: Vicky Stylianou) 


Conductor: Alkis Baltas  



Suitcase-duet KVAM  


The two actors Andrey Knyazkov and Alexey Melnik travel from St. Petersburg (Russia) with a piece for four hands, trying to do everything with nothing.  Acrobatics, pantomime, puppets and mainly a comical disposition. 


The performance is without words, lasts 60 minutes and is suitable for over 6 years old. 


APRIL 2012


Suitcase-Duet KVAM 


The two actors Andrey Knyazkov and Alexey Melnik travel from Russia’s St. Petersburg with a piece for four hands, trying to do everything with nothing. 


Acrobatics, pantomime, puppets and mainly a comical disposition. The performance is without words, lasts 60 minutes and is suitable for children over 6 years old. 



Cannes Lions 2011  


The Department of Communications of Intercollege in collaboration with the Mediazone Unit of the University of Nicosia and the RIALTO Theatre present the winners of the 58th International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions 2011. 

2 Cannes Lions.jpg


Today, He is hung on wood  

From the darkness and pain of the Holy Week, byzantine anthems, known arias and Easter songs (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Respighi, Mascagni) will rise, as well as relevant passages of the Holy Week.  


Soloist: Antonis Koutroupis – Tenor/Cantor 

Byzantine Choir “Romanos o Melodos”  

Narration: Diomides Koufteros 

Piano: Ina Koutroupi 

3 Απριλίου.jpg


Natassa Bofiliou 


For the first time at Rialto, Bofiliou’s new songs will be heard, as well as the covers that are loved by her public. 


Many have described her as the greatest interpreter of her generation, what is sure is that her voice and repertoire enchant the audience, and as a result the venues where she performs end up being too small to host her, and her discs are amongst the best of the decade.   

04 04 2012 natassa bofiliou pr1.jpg




By Thoc, the story of a survivor of a Nazi death camp and a symbol of the Jewish diaspora in America.


Inspired by the real story of his grandmother, playwright Martin Sherman crafted an unforgettable portrait of an octogenarian looking back on her turbulent life. 


Ιn English with Greek upper titles 

Interprets the Oscar awarded actress Olympia Doukakis 

06 04 2012 THOK OlyHeadshotHighRes.jpg


Music for the Divine Passion 


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra present works by: Albinoni, Bach, Pergolesi, Haydn, Schubert, Cherubini, Faure, Gorecki. 


Soloist: Rosa Poulimenou (mezzo- soprano)

Elena Patsalidou (soprano)


Conductor: Alkis Baltas 

Narrator: Father Joseph Skender


Cyprien Katsaris 


He has been described as one of the greatest pianists of all times, with excellent reviews, awards and hundreds of appearances all over the world. 


The pianist and composer, of Cypriot origin, will present a programme with surprises which will include amongst others the works of Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Bach.  

08 04 2012 Cyprien Katsaris_MG_1917_avec


Trio Dell’ Arte 


A brilliant as well as dynamic classical chamber ensemble performs a program of different styles of music with a lot of energy and contrast. 


Smetana, Ravel and Hadjidakis will be the highlights. 


Cello: Frederic Dupuis 

Piano: Emilie Moutin 

Violin: Chrysostomos Neophytou  



7th International Guitar Festival 

In the framework of the 7th International Guitar Festival (19-22/4) the European Guitar Teacher’s Association of Cyprus (E.G.T.A Cyprus) is organising a concert by internationally renowned jazz guitarist Ferenc Snetberger and the Greek virtuoso Dimitri Kotronaki. 


20 – 29/4/2012  

Cyprus Film Days 2012 


The 10th edition of the Festival will host the international competition section entitled “Glocal Images”, in which short and feature length fiction films from Cyprus and abroad will participate and also the program Viewfinder – A Close-up of Contemporary International Cinema. 

In the framework of Parallel Screenings- Events will show the tributes “Cinema Speaks”, “Comic Art in Motion”, «The return of Neo-realism: The cinema of Ramin Bahrani», and a tribute to the grade Cypriot director Michalis Kakoyiannis. This year’s event will be exciting as some of the most controversial films of the year will be screened in the framework of Cyprus Film Days. It is also worth noting that all the films will be screened for the first time on the island.

Organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and the Rialto Theatre. For the detailed programme and the screenings’ time please visit at All films will be screened in their original language, and will be subtitled both in Greek and in English. The festival will take place in Limassol at the Rialto Theatre and in Nicosia, at the Zena Palace Cinema. 

20 29 04 2012 CFD2012_Poster.jpg

MAY 2012


Musical Wanderings 


The Marios Tokas Musical High School of Limassol takes us on a musical journey of Greek and foreign music.


Participants: The wind and string orchestra, the guitar ensemble, the traditional music group and the school choir. 

02 05 2012  (2).JPG

4 & 5/5/2012   



The Main Stage of the Limassol Theatre Development Company (ETHAL), presents the work of Louise Paige. 


The story takes place on a beach in contemporary Thessaloniki. Five English travelers will find themselves entangled in the web of a strange yet charming story. 


Direction: Achilleas Grammatikopoulos 

Set Design: Xenios Symeonides 

Actors: Andreas Fylaktou, Patricia Pettemeridou, Sofia Kalli, Fotis Georgides, Spyros Stavrinides. 

4 Σαλόνικα.jpg


Classical Guitar Concert 


Classical Guitar Concert by two talented, and skilled  guitarists Yiannis Giagourtas  and Alexis Melas. They will present a program including, among others, works of famous composers such as J. Rodrigo, A, Barrios, R. Dyens. Yiannis Giagourtas will also perform pieces of Greek Composers such as  M. Theodorakis,  K. Tzortzinakis while Alexis Melas will perform  some of his own work. 


The proceeds of the concert will reinforce the Fund of the Centre of Preventative Pediatrics.  

9 Κονσέρτο Κλασικής Κιθάρας.jpg


Night is Mother to the Day 


THOC’s New Stage presents the work of Lars Noren, which takes place in a small family-run hotel on the day that the staff is off. Martin (the father) is an alcoholic who claims that he is no longer one, and who tries in vain to save this small family business, which is sinking, but he doesn’t have the support of his wife and two children. Lars Noren, author of many important works, is the mostly performed Swedish playwright after Strindberg and the most famous theatrical writer of the Scandinavian countries. 

Translation: Anna Papafigkou 

Director: Yiannis Iordanis 

Costumes / Sets: Stauros Antonopoulos 

Cast: Anna Santorinaiou, Yiorgos Mouaimis, Haris Kkolos and Nektarios Theodorou 

10 ύχτα είναι η Μάνα της Μέρας.jpg

12 & 13/5/2012  

Let’s Go Back to the Miracles 

Eleftheria Arvanitaki returns with a program entitled Let’s Go Back to the Miracles. An acoustic repertoire with enchanting ballads culminates with chosen moments of our popular music. The magic is completed through the electrical, or not, tensions which lead us to the top aesthetic level of interpretation of this Greek singer – and the ultimate thrill as far as we are concerned… 

Percussion: Alexandros Ktistakis 
Piano / keyboard: Yiannis Kyrimkyrides 
Acoustic and classic guitar / bass: Dimitris Mbarmbagalas 
Lute / oud / tzouras / mandolin: Thomas Konstantinou 

12 13 05 2012 ARVANITAKI ea2012.jpg



Fotis Nikolaou, Nadina Loizidou and Maria Mesi choreographs the Diastasis Dance Ensemble, in a performance with a dynamic, fun and amazing dance energy.  

17 Γυναίκα.jpg

19 & 20/5/2012  

A Pornographic Relationship 

The known work of Philippe Blasband, after its success in cinema, now in the theatre.


A man and a woman meet in a bed through an advert. Their initial common desire to remain anonymous, in a relationship purely based on sex, is overturned when, eventhough they take the necessary precautions, love finds a way to invade. 


Direction: Constantinos Markoulakis 

Actors: Stelios Mainas and Dimitra Matsouka 

Translation: Ioanna Mantzavinou 

Sets/Costumes: Athanasia Smaragdi 

Music: Minos Matsas 

19 20 05 2012 .jpg


Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank Sponsorship Event 


And if I am Rock.. a musical tribute to Manos Loizos with the group “Yper-Ichoi”, in the framework of the event organized by the Limassol Co-Operative Savings Bank, to announce their annual sponsorships to the Parents’ Associations of the Limassol schools. 


Vocals / guitar: Yiorgos Kourtas 

Vocals / guitar: Stelios Stylianou 

Electric guitar / bass: Christos Ierarchis 

Keyboard / percussion: Christopher Kafkalia 

22 Εκδήλωση Χορηγιών ΣΤΛ.jpg

25 & 26/5/2012  

Ivan and the Dogs 

A moving piece by Hattie Naylor, based on a true story. 


Moscow, winter 1996. Terrified and abused by his cruel stepfather, a four-year-old boy runs away from home and survives by miracle because he is integrated into a pack of dogs. In his dreams, Ivan Misoukov still runs on the outskirts of the city with his dogs. 

Actor: Aris Servetalis  

Direction: Yiorgos Economou 

Music: Nikos Portokaloglou  

25 26 05 2012 IMG_0295 (2).jpg


Bambis Tsertos – Ex Adieretou 

Smyrni, Poli, Peireaus, Thessaloniki, New York, Chicago. A musical voyage that begins at the end of the 19th century, and reaches until mid 20th century with Smyrnaika, Rembetika and Popular songs.


Guided by the voice of Bambis Tsertos with Ex Adieretou group and violinist Kyriakos Gouventas.


An unexpected meeting on stage, in an exciting journey with songs, love, longing, separation, the working class, songs with substance. 

31 05 2012 TSERTOS .jpg

JUNE 2012


Music for the Silent Cinema 


A tribute to music for silent cinema by the Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra. 


Charlie Chaplin’s music for his film The Gold Rush will be played

(with concurrent projection of the film). 


Conductor: Miltos Logiades 

6 Μουσική για Βουβό Κινηματογράφο.jpg


Tero Saarinen Co 


Famous Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen’s dance troupe presents his work Hunt (32’)and Wavelengths (18’). 


Hunt is an astonishing solo based on a highly original re-interpretation of the “Rite of Spring”, which caused a huge sensation when it was first presented at the Biennale in Venice in 2002. Tero Saarinen has written history with his interpretation that has already been presented over 200 times in 30 countries.  

Wavelengths, also choreographed by Tero Saarinen, is interpreted by Henrikki Heikkilä and Sini Länsivuori.  


Ιn the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries 



Christos Nikolopoulos 


Conserving the ethos, substance and passion of authentic folk song, Christos Nikolopoulos accompanied by exceptional musicians and the famous voices of Yerasimos Andreatos, Yiota Negka and Yiorgos Aegeotis, unfold with skill and inspiration  his broad repertoire but also the songs of famous popular creators that he loves.


The concert is accompanied by the projection of rare visual documents from all of Nikolopoulos’s career in music 

9 Χρήστος Νικολόπουλο.jpg


420 People  


The Czech group 420 People represents the best of the country’s contemporary dance. The founder and artistic director Václav Kuneš, worked at the Netherlands Dans Theater as a dancer and later as a choreographer, and collaborated with some of the greatest choreographers worldwide. From 2004 he works with Jiri Kylian as his assistant, choreographing various troupes worldwide and winning international awards and prizes. 

Three of Václav Kuneš’ works will be presented: 

Small Hour - Interpreted by: Nataša Novotná, Zuzana Herenyiova, Václav Kuneš, Milan Odstrcil (15’) 

Golden Crock – Interpreted by: Nataša Novotná, Václav Kuneš, Milan Odstrcil (16’)  

Reen – Interpreted by: Helena Arenbergerova, Samir Calixto, Zuzana Herenyiova, , Václav Kuneš, Nataša Novotná, Milan Odstrcil (35’) 


Ιn the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries 

13 06 2012 FOTO_Golden_Crock_3_photo by



(On Stage) 

Two siblings live in isolation from the outside world. The parade which takes place under their house constitutes the only escape from their daily routine. 


The known play by Loula Anagnostaki is timely than ever, through the inspired and intelligent direction of Enke Fezollari, which brings before our eyes the isolation, indifference but also the despair and violence that has inundated our lives. 


Interpretation: Vasiliki Troufakou and Manos Karatzoyiannis 

14 Παρέλαση.jpg


Danish Dance Theatre  


The Danish Dance Theatre was founded in 1981 and constitutes one of the main groups of contemporary dance in Denmark. Under the artistic direction of Tim Rushton, from Britain, the group has earned international recognition and fame. The performance Love Songs, choreographed by Tim Rushton, revolves around the quest for love through various scenes of demanding and challenging choreography, accompanied by classical jazz music, interpreted in a new way by the great jazz singer Caroline Henderson. 


Choreography: Tim Rushton 

Dancers: Maxim-Jo Beck McGosh,Stefanos Bizas,Fabio Liberti Luca Marazia,Emily Nicolaou, Björn Nilsson, Milou Nuyens,Erik Nyberg, Ana Sendas, Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Arina Trostyanetskaya (60’). 


Ιn the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival. 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries 

16 06 2012 Love Songs.Photo Bjarke Ørste


National Choreographic Centre Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais, Carolyn Carlson  

The National Choreographic Centre of Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais, from France, choreographed by Carolyn Carlson presents Hidden. An excellent work of 4 virtuoso dancers who teeter between heaven and earth. Carolyn Carlson has influenced contemporary dance in many European countries the past 40 years like only a few have. (70’) 

Choreography: Carolyn Carlson 

Ιn the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival. 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries. 

20 06 2012 FRANCE Hidden 3.jpg


Wrong Movement – Constantinos Mihos  


Constaninos Mihos’ group from Greece Wrong Movement, presents the work Bull, influenced by the Greek myth of the abduction of Europe. A performance that includes a dancer from Cyprus and that deals with racism, stereotyping and propaganda leading to a common fate and collective memory of European. (50’) 


Ιn the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival. 

Organisers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries. 

23 06 2012 Αρπάζοντας BULL  1.jpg


Ido Tadmor 


Celebrity dancer-choreographer from Israel presents three works: 

And Sir choreographed by Rachel Erdos / interpreted by Ido Tadmor (26’)  

Moonlight Sonata choreographed and interpreted by Ido Tadmor (6’) 

The Empty Room choreographed by Ido Tadmor/ interpreted by Ido Tadmor and Mira Rubinstein (26’) 


Performances in the framework of the 15th European Dance   Festival. 

Organizers: Ministry of Education & Culture – Rialto Theatre.  

In collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centre’s of the participating countries. 

28 06 2012 The Empty Room 1 (1).jpg

Part of the European Dance Festival will be presented in Nicosia, at the Pallas Theatre: 

6/6 – Finland 

10/6 – Cyprus (3 works): 

  • pelma.lia haraki / Lia Haraki/ Tune In (20’) 

  • Milena Ugren Koulas / House of Heaven II (20’) 

  • Charis Koushios/ Could be anyone (10’) 

30/6 - Israel 


JULY 2012


Lo Squintetto  


The band from Southern Italy meets Mediterranean traditions and rhythms, with modern elements ranging from ethno-pop to jazz. 


With traditional instruments like the Calabrian lira, mandola, accordion, Portugese guitar Tamani, Cajon, Kalimba combined with bass and saxophone, produce authentic and traditional rhythms like the tarantela and pizzica through a complex colorful musical canvas. They frequently appear in International World Music Festivals and they have recorded 2 cds of their work.  


Musicians: Nicola Pisani, Vincenzo Naccarato,Carlo Cimino, Piero Agostino Gallina and  Francesco Pallone 

04 07 2012 lo squintetto 2.jpg


Rialto World Music Ensemble  


Three world-renowned virtuosos, Keyvan Chemirani (Iran/France) percussion, Kyriakos Kalaitzides (Greece) oud and Abd Alhalim Al- Khatib (Jordan) quanun, will cohabitate musically with some of the best contemporary musicians of Cyprus in an attempt to highlight similarities and parallels between the music of the Mediterranean.  


Cypriot Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis – violin, Rodos Panayiotou – percussion, Andreas Christodoulou – violin / oud, Lefkios Demosthenous – vocals, Stavroulla Kostanti – ney. 


A Rialto Theatre production (residency) under the artistic direction of Kyriakos Kalaitzides.


(The performance will be given at Omodos on Thursday 5/7 with the collaboration of Omodos’ Community Council). 



Lo Cor de la Plana  


The band from Marseille sings in an almost forgotten language, Occitan, in an inconceivable way.


The exceptional voices of the musicians, the sounds from clapping and stomping of feet combined with tambourines, and drums take their music down paths that remind us of Africa and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Finland and Varttina, Arabic melodies and occasionally combine with hip hop and reggae. 


This impressive live musical team is often hosted by some of the world’s biggest music festivals. 


Musicians: Manu Theron, Denis Sampieri, Sebastien Spessa, Benjamin Novarino-Giana and Rodin Kaufmann. 

11 07 2012 LO COR 2 © Santi Oliveri.jpg


Haig Yazdjian  


The excellent soloist musician, composer and interpreter Haig Yazdjian, comes from Syria, from where he derives part of his inspiration in the traditions of the country.


He has collaborated with some of the greatest artists in Greece and abroad registering an extremely successful course in all stages of musical production, while his live performances always constitute a special event. Playing oud and singing Haig Yazdjian along with his exceptional musicians present a program which contains some of his most known compositions, mixing disparate elements of traditional music of the Eastern Mediterranean. 


Οud / vocals: Haig Yazdjian 

Drums: Nikos Sidirokastritis 

Keyboard: Yiannis Kyrimkyridis 

Bass: Petros Varthakouris 

Guitar: Yiannis Anastasakis 

13 Haig Yazdjian.jpg


Sergio Martinez Flamenco Collective   


An amazing musical and dance proposal that combines traditional and modern trends in Flamenco.


One of the greatest ensembles of Spain by the composer and virtuoso Sergio Martinez, leader of the band - percussion, his internationally renowned musicians, and the internationally acclaimed dancer Nino de los Reyes. A unique musical encounter of two generations that move with the same passion between contemporary and classical flamenco. 


Percussion: Sergio Martinez 

Guitar: Paco Cruz 

Bass: Martin Leiton  

Saxophone: Perico Sambeat 

Vocals: Juan Jose Amador Moreno 

Dancer: Nino de los Reyes 

18 Sergio Martinez Flamenco Collective.j


Zohar Fresco  


With influences from Turkish and Arabic traditional music as well as the modern Western music scene, Zohar Fresco does not only constitute one of the most important musicians of Israel but is an internationally acclaimed composer and musician who participates in a variety of musical bands, constantly surprising his audience with his collaborations.


His reputation as a musician and virtuoso on percussion (darbuka, bendir, riq, tar) has surpassed the boundaries of Israel ranking him today amongst the top names in the Music World. Along with Antonello Messina (Italy) – accordion, Stratis Psaradellis(Greece) - lira and lavta, Miriam Toukan – vocals, they present a program of their compositions as well as primordial Jewish traditional music orchestrated specifically for the band. 


The concert will precede the vocal band “Ae Phonai”. The members of the group are coming from different music backgrounds and inspired by modern, classical, jazz and traditional music, create new musical roads. In collaboration with other Cypriot musicians the group will present a short program of traditional Cypriot songs. 


Perform a cappella: Alexis Kyriacou, Aliki Chrysohou,  Andri Antoniou, Arilena Constantinou, Elena Michaelidou, Elena Fotiou, Themis Christou,  Theodoulos Charalambous, Iris Pissaridi, Maria Gerosimou, Maria Ioannidou, Marina  

Kountouridou,Savvia Kozakou. 

25  Zohar Fresco.jpg


Dorsaf Hamdani  


Raised in the musical traditions of Tunisia, she stood out at a young age for her talent and dedication to music. After studying in Tunisia and Paris she continues with the same dedication to build her personal musical identity, collaborating with some of the greatest composers and musicians of the Arabic world.


The skill, with which she handles eastern but also western musical techniques, has ranked her among the leading representatives of contemporary Arabic music renaissance. 


Violin: Mohamed Lassoed 

Cello: Anis Fliss 

Percussion: Mondher Ouafi 

Kanun: Slim Jaziri 

29 Dorsaf.jpg

On the framework of the Ethnic Festival two films will be screened, in cooperation with student cafe Zappeio


My Sweet Canary 

Israel/Greece/France 2011, 90' 


A journey from Constantinople to Athens, Pireaus and America.


In search of rembetiko and sephardic song to mark the eventful life of Roza Eskenazi. 


With English subtitles. 


Director: Roy Sher 

Co-starring: Yasmin Levy, Tomer Katz, Martha Lewis, Mehtap Demir and others 

10 Καναρίνι μου Γλυκό.jpg


Twice a stranger 

Greece 2012, 50’  


The film reveals the background of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and the experiences of Christians and Muslims who were forced displaced from both sides of the border. The enormous impact of exchange of populations, through the common human experience of being "Twice a Stranger."


With English subtitles.

For ages 15 + 


Directors: Andreas Apostolidis & Yuri Averof 

17 Δυο Φορές Ξένος.jpg

Three of the performances will also be held in Nicosia within the framework of the event “Summer Nights” organized by the Municipality of Nicosia: 


3/7/12  - Lo Squintetto – Phaneromenis Square 

12/7/12 - Lo Cor de la Plana – Agias Varvaras’ Square (Kaimakli) 

30/7/12 – Dorsaf Hamdani - Phaneromenis Square 




Rock against the crisis! 

The Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank and Kanali 6 are organizing the 2nd Limassol Co-Operative Savings Bank Rock Festival, in Heroes Square 


Participating Bands: Lazerock,Τerirem, Alloi-lois, Mackerel, Lopodytes, The Coop Band, 1st Floor Band, Akoustikoi Epivates, Savvas Isovitis and Kakes Parees  

DJ’s: Fanis Kringos, Sosis Theodosiou 



Stathis Drogosis – Waterblack 


Two musical styles come together on stage in two alternative musical parts that promise to enchant the public. A renowned artist meets an upcoming music band, contrasts combine giving a fantastic result that will stimulate the senses. 


Stathis Drogosis, electrically lyrical, has by his side Harry Michaelide - guitar, Kosta Gianniri - bass, Giorgo Livada -drums and shares the stage with Waterblack 


Waterblack Musicians:   

Vocals / Guitar: Andreas Economides 

Keyboard: Chris Charalambides 

Percussion: Markos Economides 

Guitar: Jonathan Vatikiotis 

Bass: Byron Athinodorou 

08 09 2012 .JPG



National Theatre Live 


The Rialto Theatre welcomes the National Theatre Live (NT Live) that connects tens of thousands of spectators all over the world with selected world-class recorded productions of London. The productions of the NT Live are shown all over the world in hundreds of cinema and theatre halls. 


The National Theatre Live opens the curtain at the Rialto with a new theatrical play by Nick Dear, based on Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein”. Critics and spectators have praised it as one of the most amazing spectacles of recent years, and an immense success. Monstrous, yet carrying the innocence of a child, the bewildered creature, Frankenstein, is exiled in an inhospitable universe by his creator who is driven by horror. This antisocial being is treated ruthlessly and becomes desperate and revengeful. He decides to track down his creator and to strike a scary deal. An exciting and subversive Gothic tale 

Suitable for 15 years +.

With Greek and English subtitles. 

Duration: 2 hours. 


Oscar award-winner, Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire) returns to theatre, directing amongst others the excellent actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. 

13 09 2012 FRANKENSTEIN.jpg


Mediterranean Express  


Leading Greek singer Maria Farantouri meets the music group En Chordais in a concert where the musical heritage of the Mediterranean encounters World Music and Ethno-Jazz, with the participation of the excellent singer from Lebanon Ghada Shbeir. With the participation of choir members from the Protypo School of Chanting and Musical Art, under the direction of Lefkios Demosthenous. 


Artistic Direction: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis 

Singer: Maria Farantouri 

En Chordais: Kyriakos Petras – violin, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis – oud, Alkis Zopoglou – kanun, Petros Papageorgiou – toubeleki, bendir, tabor, Drosos Koutsokostas – song 

Guest Musicians: Cristiano Contandin (Italy) – viola da gamba, Yiorgos Kokkinakis (Greece) – piano. 

In the framework of the Kypria International Festival 2012 

At the Strovolos Municipal Theatre 15/9 

16 0 9 2012 Maria 2 (2).jpg


Haunted by the Future 



Love versus sex and life versus art. Nigel Charnock brings together the amazing Talia Paz and the brilliant Michael Winter to create a tragically comic dance theatre piece about him and her and it. 


Within the framework of the Open House Festival of Dance House Lemesos.  


Concept / Choreography: Nigel Charnock 

Performers: Talia Paz, Michael Winter 

Photographer: Tommer Apellboim 





Women and flesh, beauty and perishableness, raw and fragile. A delirious desire overwhelms the dancers. A desire for physical and mental satisfaction. The dancers go from appeal to sensuality, over lust, fleshness, fame, success, reflection and control, to silence. They are slaves of their own desires while trying to get in control of them. Female bodies in a frenzy. 


In the framework of the Open House Festival of Dance House Lemesos. 


Idea and Choreography: Ann Van den Broek 
Dancers: Cecilia Moisio, Judit Ruiz Onandi, Theodosia Stathi 

Music:  Arne Van Dongen 
Musical Editing and Mixing: Arne Van Dongen and Yves De Mey 
Light Design:  Bernie van Velzen 
Costumes:  Ann Van den Broek  
Photography: Maarten Vanden Abeele 
Production: WArd/waRD vzw  

Co(te)lette 3 - foto Maarten Vanden Abee


50 ACTS 



A warm, intimate and affecting show. “50 Acts” is a spirited retaliation against ageism and other modern rubbish involving manifestos, apologies and errors, random acts, small dances and big ideas, ghostly appearances, serious stupidity and much, much more. With the support of Dance 4, Nightingale Theatre, Yorkshire Dance, Arts Admin and Arts Council England.


Within the framework of the Open House Festival of Dance House Lemesos. 


Creation and Interpretation: Wendy Houstoun                                                                       

Light Design: Nigel Edwards                                                                                      

Photography: Chris Nash 

open house.jpg


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 

National Theatre Live 


Within the framework of the National Theatre Live, the award-winning novel by Mark Haddon adapted by Simon Stephens. Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears’ dead dog, Wellington. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight and Christopher is under suspicion. He records each fact in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington. He has an extraordinary brain, exceptional at maths while ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched and he distrusts strangers. But his detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a frightening journey that upturns his world. 


Suitable for 13 years + Greek and English subtitles. 


Direction : Marianne Elliott 

Actors: Matthew Barker, Niamh Cusack, Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty, Paul Ritter, Nick Sidi, Una Stubbs, Luke Treadaway, Nicola Walker, Howard Ward 

26 09 2012 NTLive_Curious incident of th


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 


Α Tribute to the Independence Day with the works S. Michaelides: In memoriam for string orchestra (Tribute to the Imprisoned Graves), Α. Xenos: Digenis did not die, Ν. Skalkotas: Three Greek Dances (Peloponisiakos, Epirotikos, Kleftikos), Μ. Theodorakis: Spiritual March. 


Conductor: Alkis Baltas 

Soloist: Maria Farantouri (alto), Dimitris Kavrakos (basso) 

“Aris” Limassol Choir - Directed by: Marinos Mitellas 


29 & 30/9/2012  

Euro-Med Youth Music Expo 


The Cultural Movement of Limassol “Epilogi” in collaboration with international organizations will gather 200 young musicians from Europe and the Middle East in Limassol and will conduct workshops, discussions and high-level events. The musical meetings and concerts, by the talented young professional musicians, will take place at the Rialto Theatre. 


Within the framework of Cyprus Presidency of EU Council  

29 Euro-Med Youth Music Expo.jpg



That’s Amore 


The Cyprus Opera Organisation presents a programme with extracts from the known musicals: My Fair Lady, Kiss me Kate, Phantom of the Opera, West side Story and others. 

Soloist: Zveta Christoforou, Sotiris Charalambous, Aliki Chrysochou, Alexis Leonidou 

Twenty-member choir 


Leoni Hatzithoma (piano)

Doros Zisimos (cello)



Nikos Xydakis – Trifono 


A selection of songs from Nikos Xydakis’ extensive discography, who for the first time will collaborate with the group “Trifono” and Georgia Dagaki. 


The band “Trifono” interprets with its own characteristic and unique way the favourite songs from “Ekdikisi tis Gyftias” and “Dithen”, while Georgia Dagaki, a distinct presence, singer and virtuoso of the Cretan lyre, presents love songs to poetry of Sappho from the record “Grigora I Ora Perase”.  
With them a set of exceptional soloist musicians: 

Piano: Dimitris Bouzanis 
Keyboard / midi bass: Yiorgos Diamantopoulos  
Electric and acoustic cello: Michalis Porfyris  
Saxofone / flutes: Dimitris Houndis  
Drums: Thanos Michaelides 



Ron Cool with the "Cats"  

A meeting of great musicians, touching both jazz and traditional music.


The musician from Limassol Irenaeos Koulouras (contrabass) invites collaborators from all over the world to a concert that will be defined by high level interpretations. 


Oute / vocal: Haig Yazdjian 

Guitar: Amos Hoffman 

Saxophone: Asaf Yuria 

Drums: Marc Miralta 



Amfidromo Chorotheatro – In Deep End 


The work constitutes the completion of the trilogy by the same name and at the same time the spectacular of the dividing lines, the boundaries, the limitations. It expresses the anger, bitterness, expectation, oppression, contraction.


Symbiosis and coexistence are not only a desire but require a complex process of acceptance, appreciation, compromise, respect. It depends so much on what 'each side' accepts to lose in order to win a place without limits. 


Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou 
Dancers: Penelope Georgiadou, Marina Poyiatzi, Lena Hatzidaki, Vicky Kalla, Loizos Constantinou, Yoav Grinberg, Liron Ozeri, Ron Amit 

Music: Dimitris Zavros  

Costumes / Sets: Lakis Genethlis  

Video art: Nikos Synnos 

10 In Deep End.jpg


The Age of Now  


Cypriot composer, musician and singer Lefteris Moumdjis continues his musical exploration in a world where borders and music labels are collapsing. With his group “J.Kriste, Master of Disguise” he has given dozens of concerts in Cyprus and Greece offering to the listener a dream like experience. 


In the framework of Kypria International Festival 2012. 


Keyboards / percussion: Dimitris Kakavoulis 

Violin: Pavlos Michaelides 

Viola: Fotis Siotas 

Cello: Sofia Efkleidoi 

Bass: Marios Michael 

Drums / percussion: Andreas Trachonitis 

Flute: Stelios Romaliades 

Cannon: Eleftheria Daoultzi 

Vocals: Zara der Arakelian, Mikaela Tsagarri 

Light show / video projections: Yiorgos Ioannou  


13 – 20/10/2012  

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 

For eight days, dozens of short films and their directors/creators from Cyprus and all over the world will meet and converse with the public though the screenings, workshops and parallel events. 


For the second consecutive year, the Festival has an international character, showcasing exciting films from five continents, making Cyprus a bridge of communication for the cinematic 

world. Renowned artists have been invited to participate in the opening and closing ceremony. 


Screenings will take place at the Rialto Theatre and at the Information Centre of the Festival at the Art Studio 55, next to the theatre. 


Organisers: Ministry of Education and Culture - Rialto Theatre 



The last of the Haussmans  


The programme of recorded productions of the National Theater Live continues with the new theatrical piece of Stephen Beresford. The high-society drop-out Judy Haussman, resides in the dilapidated mansion, accompanied by the stubborn descendants, the doctor of the area and a restless teenager. A chaotic world of all-day drinking, infatuations, long-held resentments, free love and failure.


With English and Greek subtitles 


Direction: Howard Davies 

Actors: Rory Kinnear, Isabella Laughland, Helen McCrory, Matthew Marsh, Julie Walters 

23 The Last of the Haussmans.jpg

26 & 27/10/2012

Aerowaves Nights  

Dance House Lemesos 



Lia Haraki “Tune In”- Cyprus, Duration: 20’ 

Harry Koushos “Could be Anyone”- Cyprus, Duration: 15’ 

Alexander Andriyashkin “I Will Try”- Russia, Duration: 37’ 



Alessandro Sciarroni “Joseph” –Italy, Duration: 24’ 

Aleksandra Borys “Lost It Details”- Poland, Duration: 23’ 

Evie Demetriou “Unusual Suspects”-Cyprus, Duration: 30’ 

26 27 09 2012 Andriyashkin - I WILL TRY

30 & 31/10/2012  


On Stage  


The new creation by .pelma. is more of an experience rather than a spectacle, since the spectator will become a witness of a movement ritual. 


Creation: Lia Haraki, Evie Haraki Mahera, Arianna Marcoulides, Eleana Alexandrou, Petros Konnaris, Christina Patsali 

Sound Design: Pandelis Diamantides 

Photo: Haris Antoniades 

30 intuNition.jpg



Music of the 20th Century (2) 


By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the works: W. Piston: Serenade for Orchestra, D. Milhaud:


Concertino for Percussion and Orchestra, Op. 109

N. Skalkottas: Nightlife for Xylophone and Orchestra

K. Papageorgiou: Leda and the Swan (ballet)

R. Ward: Symphony No. 4 

Conductor: Kypros Markou  

Soloist: Marios Nicolaou (percussion) 

1 Music of the 2oth Century.jpg

3 & 4/11/2012  

The Life of Andreas Kordopatis  

On stage 


The well-known play by Thanasis Valtinos, in a simple and compelling theatrical adaptation, directed by Antonis Antoniou, was the big surprise last year in the theatrical scene in Athens.


The adventures of the Greek immigrant nearly a century ago, are today more relevant than ever and Antonis Antoniou in the leading role obliges us to see things differently. 


Director / Actor: Antonis Antoniou 
Sets-Costumes: Nikos Kasapakis 

Music: Evanthia Remboutsika 

03 04 11 2012 sunaxari.JPG


Around the world  


The renowned composer and soloist lja Reijngoud present Elizabeth Simonian in a mixture of songs inspired from Greek and Armenian traditional music.


Elizabeth Simonian through Swedish poetry knits jazz with world music.  


Piano: Thierry Castel  

Fretless Electric Bass: Andreas Rodosthenous 

Drums: Stelios Xydias 

7 ilja.jpg

8 & 9/11/2012  


With the revival of the 1993 production that worthily won the title of one of the best productions in the history of the Epidavros Festival, the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus (THOC) inaugurates its new Theatre honoring its history. 
Samia is one of the four surviving works of the ancient writer of New Comedy Menander. Through a series of misunderstandings, the piece addresses the tangles created between two families by an illegitimate child. The performance takes place in Athens in the beginning of the 20th century, and the combination of the original translation of the poet Yiannis Varveris, the music and dance offer a glittering spectacle. 

Translation: Yiannis Varveris 
Direction: Evis Gavrielides 

Sets / Costumes: Yiorgos Ziakas 
Music: Mihalis Christodoulides 
Choreography: Isidoros Sideris 
Light Design: Yiorgos Koukoumas 

Performers: Nektarios Theodorou, Stela Fyrogeni, Spyros Stavrinides, Costas Demetriou, Dimitris Antoniou, Stavros Louras, Prokopis Agathocleous, Aphrodite Kleovoulou, Niovi Charalambous, Anna Yiagiozi 

Chorus: Neoclis Neocleous, Margarita Zachariou, Marios Constantinou, Andreas Koutsoumbas, Niki Dragoumi, Andri Kyriakou-Kyriazi, Polyxeni Savva, Korina Vasilopoulou, Elena Georgiadou 

8 9 11 2012 SAMIA.tif


Lefteris Gregoriou & Global Daoulia 


From Crete to Pontus a celebration, a festival with lyre, daoul and percussion, that shows and enriches the traditional repertoire.


The virtuosos Lefteris Gregoriou -askomantoura (cretan wind instrument), bagpipe, percussion invites the world-famous virtuoso of daoul and percussion Stoyan Yankoulov from Bulgaria along with:  

Cretan Lyre / Lute: Dimitris Chiotis  

Seraphim Marmarides: Kementze 

Electric Bass / Keyboard: Fotis Mylonas  

Daouli: Vasilis Economides, Paraskevi Alizioti, Marianna Erkekoglou 

10 lefteris.jpg


Timon of Athens 


Rialto Theatre belongs to the network of National Theatre Live and with the help of high definition technology it offers the unique experience of watching theatrical productions of the famous National Theatre of London. 

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare is a wealthy friend to the rich and powerful, patron of the arts, ostentatious host, showers gifts and hospitality on the city’s elite. He vastly outspends his resources but, finding his coffers empty, reassures his loyal steward that all will be well. 

When he calls upon his erstwhile associates, instead of offering help, they hang him out to dry. After a final, vengeful banquet, Timon withdraws to a literal and emotional wasteland, living off roots and pouring ever more surreal curses on a morally bankrupt Athens. For his interpretation of Timon, Simon Russel Beale has been characterized “as the greatest theatrical actor of his generation”.  

Direction: Nicholas Hytner 
Designer: Tim Hatley 
Choreography: Edward Watson 
Composer: Grant Olding 
Lighting Designer: Bruno Poet 
Cast: Martin Chamberlain, Jason Cheater, Stavros Demetraki, Paul Dodds 
Deborah Findlay, Ciaran McMenamin, Simon Russell Beale, Nick Sampson  

14 Timon of Athens.jpg




THOC’s New Stage presents a tender piece based on Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel “Oscar and the Lady in Pink”, which redefines human values. 


Through Oscar’s meeting with “Mamie Rose” (Lady in Pink), develops a moving relationship, who doesn’t lose his optimism and love for life. 


Translation / Adaptation: Mimi Denisi 
Direction: Panayiotis Larkou 
Sets / Costumes: Mayia Aggeli 

Music: Christos Thivaios, Vaso Dimitriou 
Light Design: Stavros Tartaris 
Actors: Stelios Iacovides, Elena Papadopoulou  

15 Oscar.jpg


The 3 Great Composers of the Classical Period 

By the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the works:


W.A. Mozart: La clemenza di Tito (The Clemency of Titus)

Overture, K. 621, L. v. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor

Op. 37, J. Haydn: Symphony No. 94 in G major (“Surprise”) 

Soloist: Martino Tirimo (piano) 

Conductor: Julius Kalmar 

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20 years of Epilogi 


A musical journey through the works of Manos Loizos. 


Celebrating its 20th anniversary and contribution to the cultural life of Limassol, the Cultural Movement “Epilogi” presents a tribute to the composer, 30 years after his passing. 


Participate: The Mixed and Children Choir of Epilogi and an orchestra of distinguished musicians  

Orchestration: Marios Toumbas 

Solo singers: Sotos Gonios and Ioanna Athanasiadou 

Direction: Aggelina Nicolaidou Spanou 

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At Manos Xatzidakis Romaiki and Laiki agora 


Launch of the European Limassol Festival with Ilias Liougos and Adrianna Bambali.  

Iias  Liougos , one of the closest associates of Manos  Hatzidakis and  Andrianna Bambali, an outstanding young artist, will accompany the audience on a unique musical  stroll, along  the songs of  Manos  albums Laiki and Romaiki Agora.  

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Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg  

1990, Swedish, German, Hungarian 118’  


A hundred years after the birth of the Swedish diplomat, who saved thousands of Jews from certain death in Hungary, the Embassies of Hungary, Sweden and Israel pay tribute to his memory by screening the film named after him. 


With English subtitles 

Director: Kjell Grede  

Starring: Stellan Skarsgård, Katharina Thalbach, Károly Eperjes and others 

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Yiannis Georgiou 


Α solo piano recital by the renowned Cypriot pianist. 


The programme consists of a journey through the contrasting styles of the three classical music giants, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, followed by the exciting Russian masterpiece, Pictures at an Exhibition by Moussorgsky. 

Under the Auspices of the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Andreas Christou. 

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Same Time Next Year 


A subversive comedy by Bernard Slade full of intense emotional moments, and laughter reveals truths about human relationships. 


George and Doris have been having an affair, meeting once a year, for the past 24 years. They live intense moments of love, jealousy and passion, in a peculiar and unique way. 


Director: Nicos Charalambous 

Cast: Christos Loulis and Christina Pavlidou 

4 Same time next year by Dionysos theatr


Gronholm Method 


The contemporary work of Catalan writer Jordi Galceran, combines humor with dramatic, and denounces the harsh working environment of contemporary capitalism and the interview process that candidates are subjected to.


Four job applicants meet in the conference room of a multinational company for a final interview for a top executive post. They will not simply be interviewed..they will undergo the Gronholm Method. 


The play will have Greek and English overtitles. 

Translation: Maria Tsatsaroni, Yiorgos Karamihos 

Director: Diagoras Chronopoulos 

Sets / Costumes: Andy Bargilly 

Music: Stavros Gasparatos 

Light Design: Stavros Tartaris 


Cast: Andreas Phylactou, Andreas Tsouris, Christina Christophia, Andreas Tselepos  

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The Noah Family 


From THOC’s Scene 018 the play by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulou, who are known for their series of successes in children’s theatre in Cyprus and Greece. 


The life of the Noah Family, along with a crowd of wild and tame animals, becomes the occasion to address topics of interest to young and old such as love for the environment, laws and mysteries of nature, the beginning and the end of life, the relationship between parents and children, people and animals, young and old, younger and older siblings. 

Director: Alexia Papalazarou  
Sets / Costumes: Angelos Mentis  
Choreography: Chloe Melidou  
Music / Sound Design: Dimitris Zachariou  
Light Design: Yiorgos Koukoumas 

Cast: Thanasis Drakopoulos, Yiorgos Tzortzis, Christiana Larkou, Eleni Sidera, Julia Tsolka, Vasilis Baxevanis, Marios Mettis, Soso Hatzimanoli  

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Tenors of the 21st Century  


Famous Russian tenors Alexander Zakharov, Dmitry Sibirtsev, Maxim Paster, Mikhail Urusov and Alexander Bogdanov of the Bolshoi Theatre, Stanislavski and Novaya Opera from of Moscow, interpret known and classical successes and international Christmas songs.


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 

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Christmas Elegy 


By the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra the works: G. Puccini: Preludio Simfonico, Cavalleria Rusticana, E. Elgar: Nimrod, P.I. Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker S. Rachmaninov: Elégie, L. Delibes: Prelude and Mazurka from Ballet Coppélia.


Brass Ensemble: S. Scheidt: Battle Suite, No. 1“Hava Nagila” Jewish Folk Song  
G. Fauré: Pie Jesu from Requiem, Op. 48 


Wind Band: A most wonderful Christmas (arr. R. Sheldon) 


Artistic Direction: George Countouris 

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“The Met: Live in HD” 


The RIALTO Theatre inaugurates its programme of live transmissions from the Metropolitan Opera of New York with the known masterpiece by Giuseppe Verdi, AIDA and with famous opera stars as the protagonists.


The impressive production of Sonja Frisell uses all the theatrical abilities of the MET stage presenting the audience with the splendor of ancient Egypt. 


With Greek and English subtitles.  


Conductor: Fabio Luisi 

Production: Sonja Frisell 

Set Designer: Gianni Quaranta 

Costume Designer: DadaSaligeri 

Lighting Designer: Gil Wechsler 

Choreographer: Alexei Ratmansky 


Cast: Liudmyla Monastyrska (Aida), Olga Borodina (Amneris), Roberto Alagna (Radamès), George Gagnidze (Amonasro), ŠtefanKocán (Ramfis), Miklós Sebestyén (The King) 

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Igudesman & Joo: A Little Nightmare Music  

Where parody infiltrates the music. Aleksey Igudesman on the violin and Hyung-ki Joo on the piano, in an amazing performance.  


The world-renowned performers bring the ups and downs to the music with great mastery to create parody and travesty to known musical works, showing the dark side of classical music and more! 

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Al Di Meola & Gonzalo Rubalcaba  


Two undisputed “heroes” of Jazz unite forces in an unforgettable concert. World renowned guitarist Al Di Meola and the breathtaking pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba in the context of their world tour perform in Limassol. 


Combining passion, intelligence and outstanding technique, Al Di Meola is one of the most virtuosic guitarists in contemporary jazz. Di Meola’s rhythmically charged flamenco and tango inspired originals showcase advanced harmonies along with simple, beautiful, alluring melodies. He has had collaborations such as The Guitar Trio composed of Di Meola, Mc Laughlin and De Lucia.


With 15 Grammy nominations, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, constitutes today a contemporary chapter of world jazz, having incorporated traditional and folkloric elements of Cuban tradition into classical and world music. 

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Christmas with a Tale 


From the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Cypriot Carols (arr. – orch. A. Baltas)  
J. Pachelbel: Canon, P. Hindemith: Christmas Suite / Tuttifäntchen Suite 
Α. Baltas: The Selfish Giant – a musical tale based on melodies of medieval songs and dances (with projection of images), J. Gruber: Silent Night (arr. – orch. Α. Baltas)  


Polyfonia Chamber Choir (Artistic Direction: Maro Skordi) 
Children’s Choir Epilogi (Conductor: Aggelina Nicolaidou - Spanou) 


Narrator: Stavros Louras 
Conductor: Alkis Baltas 



Christmas Concert 


The Christmas Concert of the Church Choir “Romanos o Melodos” and the traditional choir “Anatoli”, of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol with Traditional Christmas Carols of the Twelve Days of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany – from Cyprus, Chios, Crete, Dodecanese, Epirus, Thraki, Macedonia, Pontus, Asia Minor etc. 


With the participation of the Band of Traditional instruments of the Music School of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol. 

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Thanos Mikroutsikos - Rita Antonopoulou 


Thanos Mikroutsikos returns with a concert – communication with the public.


With Rita Antonopoulou and a piano, begins the journey of winter with songs that were loved by everyone, songs by other composers that he loves, musical interpretations requiring silence, songs that unite the stage with the audience. 


Today, more than ever, “history has become silence” Thanos and Rita are here. 

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