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Dionysos Theatre presents the award-winning play by John Patrick Shanley. 


The Mother Superior and headmistress of a catholic school accuses the parish priest who teaches at the school of sexually molesting one of the students. There is no proof just…… doubt. 


Translation: Erricos Mbelies 

Direction: Magdalena Zira 

Set / Costumes: Elena Katsouri 

Cast: Patricia Pettemeridou, Christos Giangou, Christina Marouhou, Panagiota Finiri 

5 amfivolia.jpg

7 and 8/1/2011  

Thanos Mikroutsikos & Christos Thiveos 


“In the same town under the rain” these two exceptional artists and performers seek, along with us, the refuge of poetry through much loved songs.


A musical dialogue between Mikroutsikos and Thiveos who perform, amongst others, poetry by Nikos Kavvadias as this year we celebrate 100 years from the birth of the poet of the sea. 


Thanos Mikroutsikos and Christos Thevaios along with their audience sing contra our cloudy and difficult life’s moving and touching us with great songs and melodies. 


Wind Instruments: Thimios Papadopoulos 

7 8 01 2011 mikroutsikos - thiveos.jpg


Mother and Child   

English, 2009 (125’)  

A drama centered around three women: A 50-year-old woman who gave at the age of 15 her baby up for adoption, her unknown daughter and an Afroamerican woman looking to adopt a child of her own. 


A tender dram with great acting and best revues by the festivals San Sebastian, Sundance and Toronto.  


Director: Rodrigo García 

Cast: Naomi WattsAnnette Bening & Kerry Washington 



Black Comedy  


Skala Theatre presents Peter Shaffer’s witty comedy directed by Theodoros Nikolaides. The performance takes place in an apartment where a fuse is blown, and it is pitch black. Misunderstandings and errors create incredibly funny situations.  


Translation: Foivos Nikolaides 

Direction: Theodoros Nikolaides 

Sets /Costumes: Lakis Genethlis  


Cast: Sophocles Kaskaounias, Monika Melekki, Ioanna Kamenou-Shafkali, Phoevos Georgiadis, Photis Georgides, Ioanna Polyniki, Andreas Melekis and Efthymios Shafkalis 

Μαύρη Κωμωδία.jpg


Seminario Vlakias  


The tragicomic monologue by Sakis Serefas tells of the last lecture by a professor to the graduating class of a technocratic college. 


Demitris Piatas in a role that is a lesson on life for the value of idiocy to the hard logic of our time.


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 


Direction: Katerina Polychronopoulou 

Sets / Costumes: Aphrodite Koutsoudaki 

17 01 2011 seminariovlakias.jpg


Serenity and Harmony  


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents: 


A.Dvorak: Serenade for string orchestra in E major, op 22, B. 52, 

A. Glazunov: Concert for Saxophone in E flat major Op. 109,

L.v. Beethoven: Symphony no 8 in F major, op. 93. 


Soloist: Yiannis Miralis (saxophone) 
Conductor: Sasha Mäkilä 



Eleni Peta - Panagiotis Margaris 

The captivating voice of Eleni Peta and the great guitarist Panagiotis Margari with dark and passionate mood both Mediterranean and West, both smooth and sharp... 


Songs from Portugal, Spain, France, Israel, Mexico, England, meet timeless pieces of Greek songwriter, from the personal albums of Eleni Peta, M.Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Mikroutsikos and Savvopoulos, creating a unique musical landscape full of surprises. 

21 01 2011 Afissa Duende-1.jpg

25 & 26/1/2011  

The Cactus Flower 


THOC’s Central stage presents the comedy by Pierre Barillet and Jean Pierre Grédy directed by Christos Zanos.


A play that has been very popular both on stage and screen since its first performance in Paris in 1964. A very successful plastic surgeon surrounded by women in the roles of lovers, secretaries and ….. wives. All parts get confused and everything becomes complicated.   


Direction: Christos Zanos 

Translation / Adaptation: Mimi Denisi 

Sets / Costumes: Maya Angeli 

Music: Savvas Savva  

Light Designing: Giorgos Koukoumas, Stavros Evlambiou 


Cast (in order of appearance): Mara Konstantinou, Andreas Tselepos, Savvas Savva, Thea Christodoulidou, Elena Efstathiou, Andreas Tsouris, Michalis Moustakas, Giorgos Mouaimis, Ermina Kyriazi 

Το Άνθος του Κάκτου.jpg


Italian Arias and Songs 


After last year's thunderous success at the Rialto Theatre, baritone Constantinos Yiannoudes returns for α special recital.


With a burnished, rich tone and great dramatic instincts, the Cypriot baritone continues to captivate audiences with his exciting performances in opera and concert.


As a leading baritone, the versatile performer has performed over 22 roles in more than 400 performances throughout the United States. Yiannoudes is joined once again by pianist David Holkeboer for an evening of favorite Italian arias and songs. 


Piano: David Holkeboer  

Trumpet: Gareth Griffiths 

Mandolin: George Hatdjimarkou 

28 01Yiannoudes_Headshot_Rialto_2011.JPG



Certified Copy  

France 2010, 106’  

Set in Tuscany where a visiting British author meets a French antique dealer, the story is romantic and frank as well as touching and fascinating.


The simplicity of Abbas Kiarostami’s direction and Juliette Binoche’s enchanting performance convincingly transpose our view for many important aspects of life. 


Direction: Abbas Kiarostami 

Cast: Juliette Binoche, William Shimell, Jean-Claude Carriere, Agathe Natanson, Gianna Giachetti 


Organised by: The Inner Wheel Club of Limassol. Proceeds will be donated to the Pattichion Historical Archive of the Municipality of Limassol. 



Moon is Blue  


Doros Demosthenous hosts Loukianos Kilaidonis to a performance of yesteryear songs that are transformed into today’s sounds. 


Piano: Neoklis Neofytides 

Bass: Antonia Tsolaki  

Violin: Migen Selmani 

Drums: Takis Vasiliou 

Accordion: Andreas Tsekouras 

05 02 2011 lucianos_kilaidonis_hi.jpg


The Musical Palette of Stefanos Korkolis 


This great creator composer and singer presents a recital without a programme. He begins with his own compositions and continues with music from all over the world.


Accompanied by two other musicians he takes us on a musical voyage with his own compositions and adaptations of songs that remained unchangeable throughout the years. 


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 

07 02 2011 korkolis.jpg


The kids are all right 

USA 2010, 104’ 

Nick and Jules are two mothers that had their children by artificial insemination and brought them up without a father. Things change when the children manage to get in touch with their biological father. When he “invades” their full of rules lives new family ties are set creating very funny situations. 

Two Golden Globes 2011: Actress for Annette Bening and Best Picture.


Teddy Best Film award – Berlin International Festival 2010.

Four Oscar nominations.  


Direction: Lisa Cholodenko 

Cast: Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo 



Time Flies 

THOC’s experimental stage presents a performance of dance theatre by Thanasis Georgiou and Fotis Nikolaou. 


Thirteen people meet in a wishing room around a table placed between life and death. They try to gain a little time for their unfulfilled wishes.


Together as well as individually they create a new language to utter their right to the fulfillment of their wishes.   


Direction / Research / Texts: Thanasis Georgiou and Fotis Nikolaou 

Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou 

Cast: Thanasis Drakopoulos, Myrto Kougiali, Katerina Loura, Panos Makris, Lea Maleni, Christos Nikolaou, Niovi Charalambous 

Dancers: Antonis Antoniou, Rialena Nikodemou, Alexia Perdikaki, Fotini Perdikaki, Valentinos Steliou 

Piano: Nikos Evangelou 



Foivos Delivorias  


Against austerity and misery Foivos Delivorias presents and performs his new compositions with a Big Band and ... 30 musical instruments on stage.


The Big band comprises of Stamatis Stamatakis on double bass, Giorgos Katsanos collector and soloist of ten “odd” instruments and drummer Sotiris Ntouvas. 

15 02 2011 foivos 3.jpg


Two pianos – one voice  


Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Giorgos Andreou and Vassos Argyridis meet after ten years on stage in Limassol.


The incredible performer converses musically with the two composers, on two pianos, balancing between their songs and works by other well-known composers.


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 

17 02 2011 tsaligopoulou-1-profile.jpg


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Northern Lights 


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents the works: 


E. Grieg: Peer Gynt: Suite No.1, Op.46 

and Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.16, 

J. Sibelius: Symphony No.1 in E minor, Op.39.  


Soloist: Peter Jablonski  
Conductor: Esa Heikkilä 



Peter and the Wolf 

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 


Educational Program from the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for Early Childhood. Program:  

Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 accompanied by the puppets of Thukidides Michanikos. 

“Vaitsivitsello”: Traditional Cypriot Song for Children, arranged by Evagoras Karageorgis 


Conductor: Giorgos Kountouris.  



The Cripple of Inishmaan 


THOC’s New Stage presents the play by Martin Mcdonagh.


Set in a small island community the inhabitants are excited to learn of a Hollywood film crew’s arrival in the neighboring Inishmore.


“Cripple” Billy Claven eager to escape gossip, poverty and boredom vies for a part and, to everyone’s surprise, gets it. 


Translation: Erikos Belies  

Direction: Lukasz Wisniewski 

Sets / Costumes: Szymon Gaszcyński 

Music: Marianna Gallidi 

Video Art: Anna Fotiadou 

Light Design: Giorgos Koukoumas 

Cast (in order of appearance): Zoe Kyprianou, Elena Papadopoulou, Stavros Louras, Nektarios Theodorou, Diomides Kofteros, Stela Fyrogeni, Haris Kkolos,Andreas Vassiliou, Anita Santorineou 



Cannes Lions 2010 


A programme of witty advertisement - humorous, avant-guard and imaginative, a selection of the awarded spots of the festival Cannes Lions το 2010.  


Organised by the University of Lefkosia and Limassol’s Intercollege  

In Collaboration with the Limassol Cine Club 

unnamed (1).jpg


Carnival Songs and Serenades 


The Municipality of Lemesos invites every year the town’s Children Choirs to a musical rendezvous with songs and serenades within the framework of its carnival events. 


MARCH 2011

8 & 9/3/2011  

Drama Short Film Festival 


Once again, the 2010 award winning films of Drama Film Festival travel to Cyprus.  

Organisation: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre 

In collaboration with: The Friends of Cinema Nicosia & Pafos and the Limassol Film Club 


Screenings programme 


Casus Beli Giorgos Zois  11’  

13 1/2 Vafiadis Haris   21’  

Oedipus Mylonas Ioakim  23’  

At what time will you return? Passari Maritina 21’  

Marios and the Crow Bougioukas Giannis 23’ 

The Village Polychronakis Stelios 14’ 

In Exile Legaki Kalliopi  37’  

In the Shadow if the black Sun Demiris Thodoros  34’  

The Seducer of Grammos Efthymiou Vaggelis 27’  

Terminal Athens Municipality film team 2009 16’ 


11, 12 & 13/3/2011 

11η Πλατφόρμα Σύγχρονου Χορού 


Παράλληλες εκδηλώσεις στη Στέγη Σύγχρονου Χορού Λεμεσού 

Διοργάνωση: Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού -  Θέατρο Ριάλτο 

Συνεργασία: Στέγη Σύγχρονου Χορού Λεμεσoύ - Δήμος Λεμεσού 



Duet - Ασώματες Δυνάμεις / Μάχη Δημητριάδου -Lindahl 17’  

Snap - Nothing to Declare / Aλέξης Βασιλείου 12’ 

Grown-Up Βανέσσα Χάσκα   10’ 

Untitled#2 - aRtittude / Εύη Παναγιώτου 10’               

Ξεθωριάζει σε γκρίζο - Ομάδα Σύγχρονου Χορού ΑΕΛΙΟΝ / Αλεξία Περδικάκη 20’        



Zero toTwelve - Alexandra Waierstall / Νoema Dance Works 15’      

Trailer - Αντώνης Αντωνίου σε συνεργασία με MRA dance company 10’ 

Κομμάτια - ‘Ελσα Σουρουλά   10’ 

Shelf Life - Αριάνα Μαρκουλίδου 10’ 

Γραμμική Γραφή Σκίτσο Β’- Χλόη Μελίδου / Χοροθέατρο Ομάδα Πέντε 20’ 



We play, you used to say - Echo Arts / Αριάννα Οικονόμου 20’                

Dice - Λοίζος Κωνσταντίνου 10’ 

No Regrets - Μαρίνα Κυριακίδου / SPEIRA ART   16’ 

Over Under - Φούλη Στυλιανίδου 13’ 

Linear Regression - Αλέξανδρος Μιχαήλ 20’              

11 12 13 03 2011 platforma_final.jpg


The last night of Tchaikovsky  


Compagnie Choreographique Francois Mauduit presents a dance performance with young soloists from Paris. 


Young dancers from all the great schools and theatres of the world in creations based on their special talent as well as their unique technique. An evening that will present not only to the lovers of dance but audiences in general exquisite moments of enjoyment, wonderful beauty and technique of these excellent dancers. 


Music: Tchaikovsky, Philip Glass, Serge Gainsbourg. 


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 



Music of the  20th Century (Central and Eastern Europe) 


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents works  by 

B. Martinu: Overture for Orchestra, H345 
S. Prokofiev: Violin Concerto, No.2 in D major, Op.19 
N. Skalkottas: Five Greek Dances (Ellenike chori)  
B. Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances (Román népi táncok) 
Z. Kodály: Dances of Galanta (Galántai táncok) 


Soloist: Domenico Nordio 
Conductor: Adrian Prabava 


19 & 20/3/2011  

Eleftheria Arvanitaki  


Eleftheria Arvanitaki for two unique performances at the Rialto Theatre.


The beloved singer will present her repertoire but also favorite songs. 


She is accompanied by four exceptional musicians.

19 20 03 2011 ARVANITAKI.jpg


Annual STL sponsorship event 


The Limassol Savings Co-operative Bank announces its annual sponsorships.


Follows a concert by Epilogi choirs. 


Conductor: Angelina Nicolaidou Spanou 



Tse-Tse Fly  

A performance by the Satirikon Theatre. Reppas nand Papathanasiou adapted Ray Cooney’s classic farce in which three pairs arrange to meet at the same apartment.


Every time the doors open and shut, they show or hide lies and secrets leading to a crescendo of misunderstandings. 

Direction: Despina Bebedeli  

Sets / Costumes: Kostas Kafkarides 

Cast: Popi Avraam, Marianna Kafkaridou, Vassilis Michael, Photis Apostolides, Maria Christodoulou, Stella Philippidou, Thomas Nikodemou, Ioanna Lambropoulou, Michalis Koornarakis 


23 & 24 /3/2011 

I Don’t hear, I Don’t See, I Don’t Talk 

George Theodosiades comedy adapted by Loris Loizides chronicles the camaraderie, love and friendship, as well as the daily struggle of three friends who cannot communicate in the usual way and have created a different code of communication. ... that is endangered by the appearance of a woman. 


Direction: Loris Loizides 

Sets / Costumes: Andros Ropalis  

Choreography: Chloe Melidou 

Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Loris Loizides, Photis Georgides, & Marios Demetriou 



Barbara Hendricks & Christian Lindberg  

A top opera singer who appeared in the greatest theatres of the world and has collaborated with, amongst others, Herbert von Karajan, L. Bernstein, the State Operas of Vienna and Hamburg. 


She has sang more than 20 parts twelve of which she has recorded and has been singing since 1994 jazz music. 


She is accompanied by the Musica Vitae chamber orchestra under the direction of Christian Lindberg.  

Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 



Sophia Papazoglou  


A contemporary yet authentic voice of traditional music Sophia Papazoglou interprets well known songs from her own recordings, rare folk songs, selected Greek and foreign songs from her latest album “A Strange Voyage”.


Together with her friends and collaborators of the last years: the exceptional bouzouki soloist Manolis Karantinis, and the excellent musicians Dasos Kourtis on the accordion and Vassilis Ketentzoglou on the guitar.  



…with Silence  

THOC’s New Stage presents Alejandro Casona’s play based on the relationships of a strange family where an important part is played by an unmarried woman, Elisea, who lives on the verge of madness waiting for her fiancé to return from America.


Around her a web of people and events compose a strange world. 

Translation / Adaptation: Nikos Karageorgos 

Direction: Andreas Tsouris 
Sets / Costumes: Giorgos Chiotis 

Music: Neoklis Neophytides 

Cast: Elena Efstathiou, Andreas Tsouris, Mara Konstantinou, Marios Gerou, Elena Papadopoulou, Andreas Vassiliou, Andreas Tselepos, Michalis Moustakas, Niove Charalambous, Ermina kyriazi  


APRIL 2011


Omar Faruk Tekbilek  


After the successful performances at the Athens Megaron and in Thessaloniki, the most prominent ambassador of oriental music, the charismatic instrumentalist of the Mediterranean appears in a unique concert in Cyprus accompanied by the accomplished player of the Pontian lyre Lazos Ioannides. 

03 04 2011 Faruk 2 (1).jpg


Kyria Koula  


Menis Koumandareas’ “Kyria Koula” adapted for the theatre by Nikos Mastorakis, tells the inglorious love of a middle aged Athenian for a young university student.


A couple’s story through the eyes of Koula who is terrified of her life but is even more terrified of her desire.  


Direction/ Sets /Costumes / Musical selection: Nikos Mastorakis                     

Music: Marina Chronopoulou 

Light design: Melina Mascha 

Cast: Lydia Koniordou, Giorgos Frintzilas, Irini Igglesi 

05 04 2011 koulabig.jpg

6 & 7/4/2011 



THOC’s Central Stage presents this play by the highly awarded playwright David Rabe. 


The main characters are a group of four men who seek happiness and success in the wrong places, trapped in the hard and ruthless world of Los Angeles having ambition and failure hanging over their heads in a Hurly Burly world.  

(Performance not allowed for people under seventeen). 


Translation: Manolis Dounias/ Aliki Danezi-Knutsen 

Direction: Aliki Danezi Knutsen 

Sets / Costumes: Natasa Chrysaphini 

Lighting design: Giorgos Lazoglou, Stavros Evlambiou 


Cast: Neoklis Neokleous, Haris Kkolos, Thanasis Drakopoulos, Lefteris Salomidis, Thea Christodoulidou, Stela Fyrogeni, Katerina Loura 

ImageStream (1).jpg

8 – 17/4/2011  

Cyprus Film Days 2011 


The 9th Festival returns renewed with 9 films competing in the “Glocal Images” sector, 8 films that have a successful international course in the «Viewfinder” sector – Glances at the Contemporary International Cinema and parallel events with a tribute to Jacques Tati and a film unity under the title “I Got You Under My Skin” 

The festival is organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rialto Theatre. 

8 17 04 2011 dogtooth.jpg


Theogennitor Maria 


A concert given by the ARIS choir of Limassol in  memory of Marios Tokas presenting  his entire  masterpiece  ‘’ Theogennitor Maria’’. 


Main contributors: Manolis Mitsias, Costas Hadjichristodoulou,  the  ARIS  choir  and  a  string  orchestra  under the direction of maestro George  Payiatis. 


Choir Direction: Marinos Mitellas 



Kostas Makedonas - Anastasia Moutsatsou 

Celebrating 100 years since the birth of Nikos Gatsos 


The two wonderful performers accompanied by the Emmelon Orchestra present a tribute of his best songs set to music by Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Xarchakos and others.


With the participation of the Choir of the Municipality of Germasogia under the direction of Solon Kladas. 


Organiser: Mousikorama 

26 04 2011 MOUTSATSOU.jpg


6th Guitar Festival 


The European association of Guitar Teachers presents within the 6th festival the internationally acclaimed Baltic Guitar Quartet,that has been distinguished for its sensitivity, its profound colour, and authenticity of its musicality and the much awarded guitarist Paco Serrano in a programme/voyage of the history of flamenco. 

28 04 2011FEST KITHARAS.png


Omada Pente Dance theatre 


The “Mythical Fair” choreographed by Chloe Melidou and music composed by Alkis Agathokleous is a contemporary work – comment on our musical and dancing tradition having as a background mythical and “fairy” images and creations of folk imagination.


(The work is subsidized by the Pilot Subsidies Program for dance groups of the Ministry of Education and Culture.) 


Dancers: Alexandros Michael, Loizos Constantinou, Yiannis Emmanouilides, Valentinos Steliou 


Musicians: Alkis Agathokleous, Pavlos Michaelides, Rodos Panayiotou 


MAY 2011


Πρωινό κονσέρτο με το Εργαστήρι Εγχόρδων σε Διεύθυνση Ματθαίου Καριόλου  
Rhythm is it 

Γερμανία 2004 


Το πολυβραβευμένο ντοκιμαντέρ καταγράφει  ένα από τα πιο φιλόδοξα και περίπλοκα εκπαιδευτικά εγχειρήματα της Φιλαρμονικής του Βερολίνου, το έργο του Igor Stravinsky «Η Ιεροτελεστία της Άνοιξης» (The Rite of Spring),  μια παράσταση χορού που έφερε μαζί 250 παιδιά και Νέους από το Βερολίνο από 25 διαφορετικές εθνικότητες και κοινωνικού backgrounds, που μέχρι τότε δεν είχαν καμιά σχέση είτε με το χορό είτε μεταξύ τους.  

03 05 2011 Strings Workshop.JPG


Dianne Reeves - Strings Attached  


A great lady of Jazz who has won 4 Grammies (the last for her interpretation in George Clooney’s film “Good Night, and Good Luck,”, and with numerous performances and recordings with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, as well as with collaborations with the greatest jazz musicians appears within the framework of her world tour with the guitarists Russell Malone & Romero Lubambo.  

04 05 2011 diannereeves.jpg


9th International Berengaria Music Festival  

Works by: R. Schumann, F. Liszt, I. Stravinsky and Á. Piazzolla 

Piano: Henri Sigfridsson  
Viola: Christian Euler 
Accordion and bandoneon: Janne Rättyä  





Adolf directed by Guy Masterson and performed by the British actor Pip Utton has received many awards and lavish praise by the critics throughout the world both for the play and the performance. 

Berlin, April 1945, from his bunker Adolph Hitler addresses a few words to the last remaining faithful.


The performance, though, has in store a great theatrical surprise, that forces the audience to question their own prejudices – for their tolerance towards the “different”.  

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Sofia Foundation for Children 

07 05 2011 adolf 001.jpg

12 & 13/5/2011  

The Orphans 

The Theatre of Neos Kosmos presents Dennis Kelly’s play that deals with racism and xenophobia that is within us.


A contemporary performance that concerns everyone. 

(There will be a performance in Nicosia on May 11 at the Pallas Theatre in collaboration with the Municipality of Nicosia). 


Direction: Vangelis Theodoropoulos   

Cast: Michalis Economou, Maria Kitsou, and Omiros Poulakis 

12 13 05 2011 Orphans-color-ver (2).jpg


Orpheas Peridis - Human Touch 


An interesting and provocative musical encounter. 


Orpheas Peridis with his well-known songs, popular melodies as well as his new work meets in more funky rhythms with Stavros Lantsias, Giotis Kiourtsoglou and David Lynch, the top musical personalities and founders of the legendary group Human Touch. 

25 05 2011 OrfeasPeridis.jpg


The Dream’s Emerald 


A concert by the soprano Rebecca Savvidou-Trimikliniotou where the voice of music touches essence of matters, the most profound emotions and the deepest dreams in the colour of emerald. 


Piano: Sarantis Kassaras   

Accordion: Nenad Bogdanovic 

Saxophone: Yiannis Miralis  

Soprano: Rebecca Savvidou-Trimikliniotou, Concenttina Savvidou 



I Gyneka tis Patras  

A sensational play, the true story of a woman, a well-known prostitute of Patras, that Giorgos Chronas recorded and dramatised after many interviews with her.


The performance is in its third year and has had an enormous success in Greece. A recital performance given by Eleni Kokkidou.


(There will be a performance at the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia on 26/5 with the collaboration of the Municipality of Nicosia). 

Direction: Lena Kitsopoulou  

Actor: Eleni Kokkidou 

25 05 2011 .jpg


Classical Masterpieces  

By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the plays: 

L. van Beethoven: Prometheus, Op. 43: Overture  
W. A. Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, K.467  
J. Haydn: Symphony No. 101 in D major (The Clock) 


Soloist: Elisso Bolkvadze (piano) 

Conductor: Philippe Mann 


28 & 29/5/2011  

“En Drasi” Dance Company 

On stage  


Influenced by the cyber culture and virtual reality, Glory Box, the new choreographic work of Evie Demetriou, alternates between fantacy and reality to experiment with the notion of human needs and aspirations. 


Concept / Direction / Choreography: Evie Demetriou 

Choreography / Performance: Eleana Alexandrou, Ariana Markoulidou  

Dramaturgy: Ariane Thaleim 

Video Artist: Nikos Sinnos 

Sound: Valentinos Steliou 

Montage: Christos Georgiou 

Styling: Kristia Mihaelidou 


Sponsored by the Pilot Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture for Cyprus Dance Companies 


JUNE 2011

2 – 29/6/2011 

14th European Dance Festival 

The 14th European Dance Festival is organized by Cultural Services – Ministry of Education and Culture and Rialto Theatre, in collaboration with the Embassies and the Cultural Centers of the participant countries. 

Within the framework of the Festival 4 countries with well- known dance groups will be presented at Pallas Theatre in Nicosia the following dates:


6/6 – Finland

8/6 – Austria 

16/6 – Cyprus

22/6 – Czech Republic 



14th European Dance Festival 


Switzerland presents Compagnie Linga in the work no.thing, choreographed by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo


Duration: 60’  


Choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marco Cantalupo 

Dancers: Gérald Durand, Ai Koyama, David Gernez, Azusa Nishimura, Gildas Diquero, Marie Urvoy 
Music: Hildur Gudnadottir 

Costumes : Machteld Vis 

Light / Design : Bert De Raeymaecker 

02 06 2011 no_thingWeigelt_HP_071.2 (1).


14th European Dance Festival 



Finland presents K. Kvarnstrom & Co / Helsinki Dance Company in the work   

XPSD choreographed by Kenneth Kvarnstrom 




Choreography: Kenneth Kvarnström 
Dancers: Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Sofia Karlsson, Kai Lähdesmäki, Janne Marja-aho, Valtteri Raekallio, Laura Vesterinen (visiting) 
Music: Jukka Rintamäki 
Light design: Vesa Ellilä 
Costumes: Erika Turunen 
Hair and make-up: Jaana Nykänen 
Studiophotos: Jonas Lundqvist 
Stagephotos: Stefan Bremer 

21 06 2011 FINLAND XPSD pic by Stefan Br


14th European Dance Festival 



Romania presents the Serial Paradise company r in the work Super Something, choreographed by Cosmin Manolescu.  


Dedicated to Gabriela Tudor (50’). 


Concept and Artistic Direction: Cosmin Manolescu 
Choreography and Performance: Madalina Dan, Paul Cimpoieru, Cosmin Manolescu 
Producer & Artistic Consultant: Gabriela Tudor 
Soundscape: Vlaicu Golcea 
Music: Mondial, Nouvelle Vague 



The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Emerging Romanticism 


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents the works: 

L. van Beethoven: Coriolan Overture, Op. 62 
J. Brahms: Concerto for Violin and Violoncello in A minor, Οp. 102  
F. Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 11  

Soloists: Alina Komisarova (violin), Roberto Trainini (cello)  
Conductor: Kypros Markou 



14th European Dance Festival  



Austria presents the Liquid Loft / Chris Haring dance group in the work Posing Project B – The Art of Seduction, choreographed by Chris Haring 




Artistic Direction and Choreography: Chris Haring  
Dance and Choreography: Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming, Alexander Gottfarb, Katharina Meves, Anna Maria Nowak  
Composition, Acoustic Environment: Andreas Berger (Glim) 
Scenery, Light: Thomas Jelinek  
Stageset: Aldo Giannotti  
Text: Katherina Zakravsky  

Production Management: Marlies Pucher 



The House  


Directly from the Cacoyannis Foundation Michalis Pieris’ work moves to Cyprus in a collaboration between the Cyprus Technological University, the University of Cyprus and the RIALTO Theatre.


Central character is the author who tries to keep the family home, thus retaining the memories of the people who had inhabited it. On the other hand his wife has no feelings about it and considers it a burden. 


Direction: Giorgos Michaelides 

Sets / Costumes: Agni Doutsi  

Music: Antonis Michaelides 

Cast: Thodoros Katsafadas, Dina Michaelidi, Demitris Karabetsis, Evaggelia Katsali, Evaggelia Stamatellou, Anna Kaliofoti, Nikos Anastasopoulos, Maria Karakitsou, Xanthi Georgiou. 



14th European Dance Festival  



Portugal presents the Tok’ Art dance group in a three-piece work Milk – Lake -Suggestions for Walking Alone, choreographed by Andre Mesquita 





Artistic Direction / Choreography:  André Mesquita 

Lighting Design:  Nuno Salsinha, André Mesquita 

Wardrobe:  André Mesquita / Morla 

Music: David Lang 

Cast: Teresa Alvesda Silva, Guzmán Rosado  



Choreography: André Mesquita 

Lighting Design:  André Mesquita, Miguel Ramos e NunoSalsinha 

Music:  David Lang 

Cast:  Teresa Alvesda Silva 


III - Suggestions for Walking Alone 

Artistic Direction / Set Design / Choreography: André Mesquita( in collaboration with the interprets ) 

Lighting Design:  Nuno Salsinha, André Mesquita,  

Wardrobe: André Mesquita / Morla 

Music: Arrangement of excerpts (Alva Noto, Hecq e Jacaszek ) 

Dancers: Teresa Alvesda Silva, São Castro, Kelly Nakamura, Sylvia Rijmer, Guzman Rosado 

18 06 2011 PORTUGAL TokArt2.JPG


14th European Dance Festival 

Czech Republic  


The Czech Republic presents the DOT504 dance group in the work 100 Wounded Tears, choreographed by Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea 




Choreography: Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea (Rootlessroot Company) 

Performing: Michaela Ottová, Lenka Vágnerová, Pavel Mašek, Helena Arenbergerová, Tomáš Nepšinský, Jaroslav Ondruš& Csongor Kassai as a special guest 

Music: Michal Kaščák 

Costumes: Simona Rybáková 

Light design: Daniel Tesař 

Photos: Petr Otta 

21 06 2011 TSEXIA.jpg


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 

Viva Verdi 
Popular arias, duets and chorals of the great Italian composer from such operas as Nabucco, La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida, I Vespri Siciliani, Il Trovatore. 


In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy celebrating 150 years of the Italian unification 


Conductor: Marco Balderi  
Soloists: Danillo Formaggia (tenor), Serena Daolio (soprano)  


Participates “Leandros Sitaros” Choir of the Nicosia Pnevmatiki Stegi.  
Conductor: Maro Skordi  



Sharing an Island  

Greek, Turkish, English 2011(100΄) 


Six young Cypriots, three Greek Cypriots and three Turkish Cypriots, who have never met each other before will share a house for five days.


Together they will travel across divided Cyprus. They will argue from different perspectives of history, they will share stories of the past and together they will envision the future. Is peace a long way ahead? 


Directed / Produced by:  Danae Stylianou 

Sociologist: Rahme Veziroglu 

Content Supervisor: Alexandros Lordos 

Cinematography: Stephen Nugent 

Sound: Markos Papageorgiou 

Editing: Danae Stylianou & Efi Modestou 

The music soundtrack features exclusively music by local Cypriot artists from both communities such as: Trio Tekke, Gommalar, Giorgos Kalogirou, Buray Hossoz, Savvas Houvardas, Groupnet, Evagoras Karagiorgis, Kostas Apokidis 

24 06 2011 SHARING AN ISLAND.jpg


14th European Dance Festival  



Germany presents the Walter Bickmann dance company in the work Icon choreographed by Walter Bickmann.




Concept: Walter Bickmann, Doris Kolde 

Choreography / Production: Walter Bickmann 

Dance / Creation: Lydia Klement, Stella Zannou, Erol Alexandrov, Andy Zondag 

Choreographic Assistance: Lydia Klement 

Video: Walter Bickmann, Doris Kolde 

Lighting Design: Asier Solana Arce 

unnamed (1).jpg

JULY 2011

6th Cyprus Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival  

Heroes Square 


The colorful world of the Ethnic Festival has been and remains a meeting of shapes and sounds from different countries.


Virtuoso musicians established in the international music scene, search, adopt influences and trends, creating performances that surpass (transcend) boundaries and frontiers of all kinds.  


Some of the performances will be held also in Nicosia, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Nicosia, within the framework of the event “Summer Nights”.  



Officina ZOE   


Since its establishment in 1990 this musical group has been pursuing the songs of toil, the songs of love as well as the songs of protest in the local idiom and the Greek of Southern Italy but mostly the music and rhythm of “Pizzica” better known as the sting of the Tarantula which is the most ancient type of music and dance of Southern Apulia.


The group presents traditional songs full of passion and feeling through a never-ending hail of the traditional instruments of the area as well as authentic compositions that retain alive the musical tradition of the area while exploring by improvising other musical areas. 


Τambourine / Tamborra / Vocals: Lamberto Probo  

Vocals / Flutes: Cinzia Marzo  

Accordion: Donatello Pisanello  

Classic Guitar: Luigi Panico 

Violin: Giorgio Doveri 

Τambourine / Vocals: Silvia Gallone   


(4 July Nicosia- Phaneromenis Square) 

05 07 2011 officina zoe.jpg


Trio Khoury & Co    


Three brothers – excellent virtuosi, Elias - outi, Basil- violin and Osama Khoury –kanonaki, present authentic music incorporating in the classical Arabic music various musical traditions elements and traditions from Turkey and Persia as well as contemporary influences such as jazz and flamenco etc.


Their musical presence has managed to present the traditional Arabic music on the contemporary musical scene mixing the sounds of outi, kanonaki and oriental violin with the sounds of flamenco, as well as Celtic and Indian tradition with jazz. They are considered to be one of the most representative musical powers of the Middle East although they live in Paris. 


Outi: Elias Khoury  

Violin: Basil Khoury  

Kanonaki: Osama Khoury  

Violin, double bass: Daniel Hoffman  

Percussions: Ori Naveh    


(7 July Nicosia - Agios Andreas Sports Park) 

08 07 2011 Trio_Khoury_1 (1).JPG


Socrates Sinopoulos Quartet & Katerina Papadopoulou  


The group presents a new way of reading and adapting instrumental pieces and songs from the musical traditions of Greece, at the same time presenting their compositions and experimentation in the virgin area of contemporary creation having as a starting point the Greek and the related to it musical traditions.


They are accompanied by the wonderful voice of Katerina Papadopoulou, one of the most important voices of Greek traditional songs, who handles with ease the various local idioms and supports this repertoire with a number of personal concerts and recordings having collaborated with exceptional singers and musicians of the genre. 

Song: Katerina Papadopoulou 

Pontian lyre: Socrates Sinopoulos 

Piano: Giannis Kyrimkyridis 

Outi: Kyriakos Tapakis 

Drums: Demitris Emmanuel 



Beirut Oriental Ensemble 


The founder of the group and excellent outi player, Charbel Rouhana, develops the traditional forms of oriental music with elements of contemporary music.


His melodies that include Mediterranean rhythms and sounds are known not only throughout the Arab world but to a wider audience internationally where he appears in festivals and other events collaborating with musicians from the greater Mediterranean region. With him are the musicians Antoine Khalifeh (violin), Ali El Khatib (irk), Abboud Saadi (bass) and Elie Khoury (bouzouk). 


Outi: Charbel Rouhana 

Violin: Antoine Khalifeh 

Irk: Ali El Khatib  

Bass: Abboud Saadi  

Bouzouk: Elie Khoury  


(18 July Nicosia - Agias Varvaras Square) 



Andalucía – Creta        


An intercultural collaboration of great musicians from Andalucia and Crete. A successful meeting of two musical traditions indissolubly connected with power, pride and freedom.


Two different musical traditions that are run through by the same impetus and the same passion come together in a joint concert where mastery, imagination and improvisation surpassing all boundaries. 


Vocals, percussions: Papatzanis Giannis 

Lyre, vocals: Zacharias Spyridakis 

Guitar, lute: Demitris Koukoulitakis 

Vocals: VocalsKiko De Alcala 

Guitar: Jordi Albaran Flores 


(21 July Nicosia – Pallouriotissas Square) 



Kafeney Ethnic Ensemble          


Musicians with different sounds yet many common elements present mostly authentic pieces and selected adaptations sometimes influenced by the free expression of jazz and sometimes by the oriental traditions of the area.


Improvisation and melodiousness are the first impressions that impress the audience. 


Guitar: Savvas Houvardas 

Ney, zoyrna: Alkis Agathokleous  

Drums: Giorgos Koulas 

Bass: Andreas Rodosthenous 

Vocals: Pavlina Konstantopoulou 

Violin: Theodoulos Vakanas 

Percussions: Rodos Panagiotou 



Ghada Shbeir & Εν Χορδαίς     


The internationally acclaimed Lebanese singer Ghada Shbeir who has received the BBC Award for Mediterranean Music (2007) collaborates with the group “En Chordais” (Prix France Music des Musiques du Monde 2008) in a repertoire that includes traditional songs of the Lebanon and Syria and well known pieces of the Greek tradition.


Her vocal breadth and her involvement with the music of the area make her one of the undisputed voices of the Mediterranean bringing fame on an international level. Shbeir’s collaboration with “En Chordais” began in 2001 and since then has managed to win over the great audiences of large musical scenes in Greece, Europe and America 


Violin: Kyriakjos Petras  

Outi, artistic direction: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis 

Vocals: Drosos Koutsokostas  

Kanonaki: Vasilios Zopoglou 

Percussions: Petros Papageorgiou 


(27 July Nicosia – Phaneromenis Square) 

29 07 2011 En Chordais .jpg

28 & 29/7  

Musicological Symposium 


At the same time, within the framework of the Festival, a Musicological Symposium will take place in Limassol on July 28 and 29, organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the RIALTO Theatre in collaboration with the Anna Lindh   Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and the Technological University of Cyprus, its subject being the musical traditions of the Mediterranean as a historical example and as a contemporary reality of Intercultural Dialogue. 


P.Georgiades Auditorium(CUT)Times:10-14.00 & 17-20.00 


Artistic Director: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Doctor of musicology and leader of “En Chordais”  

28 29 07 2011 final_logo_symposium_outli



Sharing an island 

Greek, Turkish, English 2011(100΄) 

Six young Cypriots, three Greek Cypriots and three Turkish Cypriots, who have never met each other before, will share a house for five days.


They will travel across divided Cyprus. They will argue from different perspectives of history, they will share stories of the past and together envision the future. Is peace a long way ahead?  

Director / Producer:  Danae Stylianou 

Sociologist: Rahme Veziroglu 

Content application: Alexandros Lordos 

Operator: Stephen Nugent, Stephan Metzner 

Musical adaptation: Stella Voskaridou-Economou, Sertunc Akdogu 

24 06 2011 SHARING AN ISLAND.jpg


Waltz / X-it Dancetheatre 


Through a destroyed landscape buried under the earth, the heroes of "Waltz" seek happiness.


A world that has many elements of the bright domain of the circus and its poetic melancholy. 


Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou  

Direction: Thanasis Georgiou and Fotis Nikolaou 

Sets / Costumes: Natasa Grylaki 

Light design: Filipos Koutsaftis  

Performers: Antonis Antoniou, Ioanna Apostolou, Thanasis Georgiou, Roula Koutroumpeli, Katerina Liontou, Fotis Nikolaou, Despina Sidiropoulou and others 

Vocal: Giorgos Demertzis 



The King's Speech  

English with Greek sub-titles 2010, (118’) 


The Cyprus Autistic Association presents the award-winning film. 


The Duke of York has a grave speech defect. After a scandal he must replace his brother on the throne.


A speech therapist undertakes to help through great difficulties.  

Direction: Tom Hooper  

Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Colin Firth, Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush, Michael Gambon, Timothy Spall, Jennifer Ehle, Derek Jacobi, Eve Best, Anthony Andrews, Dominic Applewhite, Calum Gittins, Max Callum, Filippo Delaunay 



O Vaftistikos 

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 


The operetta composed by Theofrastos Sakellarides on his own libretto is an excellent romantic comedy with many farce elements and exciting melodies.


A work that excited audiences when it was first performed and still charms today. Concert presentation.  

Within the framework of Kypria Festival 2011. 


Soprano: Katerina Mina   

Mezzo-soprano: Vivien Cooksley   

Tenor: Nikos Stefanou  

Baritone: Michalis Katsoulis  

Aris Choir of Limassol - Conductor: Marinos Mitellas 

Musical Adaptation: Samy Elgazzar 

Direction of musical ensembles: Giorgos Aravides 



An evening of Opera 


Within the framework of Kypria Festival 2011, two comical operas presented by the Chamber Orchestra Quattro Prague: 


W. A. Mozart The Impresario and A. Salieri Prima la musica e poi le parole. 


Direction : Valentina Shuklina 

Soprano : Margarita Elia, Lucie Prokopová, Zuzana Šejtková 

Tenor : Václav Cikánek 

Baritone : Jiri Rajnis 

The impresario : Fotos Fotiades   



The Human Resources Manager  

Israel/France/Germany/Romania, 2010 (104’)  


Eran Riklis the much-awarded director of the film “Lemon Tree” presents a new bittersweet comedy that has Jerusalem of 2002 as its epicenter. 


The human Resources Manager of a large Bakery company tries to solve the mystery why nobody knew about the death of one of its foreign workers, trying at the same time to save his company’s credibility. 


With English subtitles. 

Organiser: The Embassy of Israel. 


Director: Eran Riklis 

Cast: Mark IvanirReymond AmsalemGila Almagor



Andreas Morelli RAT PACK  


Direct from Leicester Square, Andrea Morrelli's Rat Pack Show with Musical Director Andrew Oliver and the Barry Rowe Combo Swing Band.


With special guests Ben Miles as Michael Buble and Tina Chester as Barbara Striesand. 


22 & 23/9  

Choral Crossroads 2011 


A Euro-Mediterranean choral festival that “Epilogi” Cultural Movement of Limassol organizes between September 22-25 in Limassol within the framework of the programme “Culture 2007-2013” of the European Union and of the Ministry of Education and Culture within the two-year programme «European Youth Music Dialogues».


Two days filled with music and songs by eleven youth choirs from European and Arabic countries and with over 400 participants.  

Organisers: “Epilogi” Cultural Movement of Limassol, Jeunesses Musicales International, Arab Academy of Music – League of Arab States, National Music Conservatory of Amman – King Hussein Foundation.  

22 23 09 2011 Photos of Choirs.jpg


Peter and the Wolf  


The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents a family concert (for children up to 8 yrs) of the well-known tale of Peter and the Wolf opus 67 by Sergei Prokofiev!


It will be accompanied by puppet theatre by Thoukidides Michanikos. 

Puppet maker: Andoula Embedokleous 


Traditional Cyprus Children’s song “Vaitsivitselo” adapted for the orchestra by Evagoras Karageorgis. 

Conductor: Giorgos Kountouris  
Coordinator: Erasmia Rousia 



Rock Festival with Limassol groups 


The Cooperative Savings Bank of Limassol celebrates its 65 years and Kanali 6 celebrates its 20 years and organize a Rock festival with Limassol groups at Heroes’ Square. 

25 09 2011 STL Rock Festival Poster.jpg


By Miracle  

Cyprus/ Greece 2010, (85’)  


Parallel human stories. A young couple trying to have another child a year after losing their four-year old daughter. A mother that worries – without really knowing why – for her homosexual son who, on his part, hesitates to start a relationship.


With English subtitles. 


Script writer /Director: Marinos Kartikkis 

Cast:  Androula Erakleous, Lefteris Salomidis, Eliza Patsalidou, Lenia Sorokou, Giorgos Hatjikyriakou 

download (1).jpg


Mapping the Wind 

Alexandra Waierstall / Noema Dance Works 


The new choreography of Alexandra Waierstall is a work for five dancers and is the continuation of her research for the formation, representation and assumption of boundaries. In collaboration with artist Marianna Christofidi and the performers, her research was based on aerial maps that represent aerial masses and the way they move along various borders, thus surpassing the static meaning of boundaries. 


Within the framework of Kypria Festival 2011 


Idea/Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall 

Performers: Evangelia Rantou, Jonathan Pranlas, Harry Koushos, Scott Jennings, Kyriakos Hadjiioannou. 

29 09 2011 Mapping the Wind - Photo Alex


Don Giovanni 

The Cyprus opera Oranisation presents the comic opera of W.A.Mozart libretto by Da Ponte directed by Vera Petrova and under the direction of Giorgos Kountouris.


It is the story of a middle-aged bachelor who has to pay the price of his egocentric life. 

Direction: Vera Petrova 

Music direction: Giorgos Kountouris 

Performers: Vladilir Tselebrovsky, Tsveta Christoforou, Ioulietta Demetriadou, Marios Hasapis, Marianna Souri, Αnoki Von Arx, Katerina Andreou, Andriana Athanasiou, Kyriakos Sofokleous, Charilaos Papaioannou, Soteris Charalambous, Giorgos Kyprianou    




Love Fire  


Yasmeen Codder choreographs well known classic waltzes by Johann Strauss, Dimitri Shostakovitch, Arnold Schoenberg, Frederic Chopin, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Aram Khachaturian- opposed to the contemporary music used for her performances. 


Within the framework of the “Open House” Festival organized by the Dance House Lemesos. 


Choreography: Yasmeen Godder 

Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli  

Creative performers: Yasmeen Godder, Eran Shanny 

Dancers: Shulamit Enosh, Matan Daskal 

Guest Performer and Live Fluorescent Installation: Yochai Matos 

Set/costumes: Inbal Lieblich, Eran Shanny, Yasmeen Godder 

Lighting design/Technical direction: Uri Rubinstein 

Sound design: Eyal Shindler 

Sound technician: Oren Cohen 

unnamed (1).jpg




Lefteris Moumtzis and Andreas Trachonitis along with the actress/singer Stela Fyrogeni present the work of their album with the same title that is inspired of dreams, fairy tales, wishes, closed doors, open arms, cut down trees, love and the lack of it, from theatre as reality and life as theatre. 


The mysterious compositions are sometimes similar Tom Waits’ circus-rock, to Aggelaka’s traditional funk and Hadjidakis’ ballads. 


Vocals: Stela Fyrogeni 

Vocals, guitars, percussions: Lefteris Moumtzis  

Percussions: Andreas Trachonitis  

Violin: Pavlos Michaelides  

Bass: Marios Michael  

Keyboards, percussions: Demitris Kakavoulis  

Trombone, flute: Demetris Giasemides 

06 10 2011 siderokoftis.jpg



On stage 


Ιοannis Mantafounis (Greece) and Fabrice Mazliah (Switzerland) choreograph and perform the above production that was successfully presented at the Athens Epidaurus Festival in 2007. 


Within the framework of the “Open House” Festival organized by the Dance House Lemesos. 


Choreography / performers: Ιοannis Mantafounis, Fabrice Mazliah 

Technical director: Max Schubert 

07 10 2011 Ioannis Fabrice_5Constance Ne




The agonizing monologue by Anna Reynolds and Moira Buffini is the real story of a young woman who is accused of her child’s murder.


This extraordinary performance by Marina Aslanoglou who received the Melina Merkouri Award and the Athinorama Audience award is an adaptation by Marios Ploritis and directed by Nikos Mastorakis. 


Adaptation: Marios Ploritis 

Direction: Nikos Mastorakis 

Performer: Marina Aslanoglou 

08 10 2011 Marina Aslanoglou 2-2.jpg


Athens - Thessaloniki 


A dance theatre performance on female feelings and emotions is based on the book and television serial by Nikos Mouratides and includes dance, drama and video art. 


Choreography: Maria Mesi 

Performers: Fotis Nikolaou, Thanasis Ioannou, Maria Mesi 

Script: Kostas Petrides 

Sets / costumes: Valentino Joseph 

Visual direction: Achim Wieland 

Lighting / multimedia: Achim Wieland & Giorgos Lazoglou 





Alpha Square presents the well-known and multi awarded play (Tony & Laurence Olivier award) by Yasmina Reza on art and life.  


Translation: Giorgos Vouros 

Direction: Adreas Araouzos  

Sets: Elena Katsouri 

Music: Demitris Zachariou 

Cast: Panagiotis Bougiouris, Andreas Araouzos, Nikolas Kouroumtzis 



Manolis Lidakis 


From the beginning of his career Manolis Lidakis showed that he was an excellent interpreter of the entire gamut of the Greek music.


He continues to enchant with the power and passion of his voice whether he sings contemporary ballads or traditional songs. In collaboration with Mental Health Services of Lemesos 

14 10 2011 LIDAKIS teliki afisa me anast

15 – 22/10  

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 


A large number of the best fiction, animation, experimental and documentary short films from Cyprus and abroad will be shown and will be competin in this year’s 1st international short film festival of Cyprus.  


Within its framework parallel events as discussions, workshops, tributes and meetings with the creators will be held.  

Under the auspices of the Mayor of Limassol 

Organizers: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre 


Information and program:   





The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents Joseph Haydn’s well-known oratorio.  


Soprano: Sona Gargaloyan  
Tenor: Thomas Hobbs 
Bass baritone: Kyros Patsalides  


With the participation of New College Oxford Choir 

Conductor: Edward Higginbottom 



Ludmila’s voice 

On Stage  


Based on the book of the same title by the Swedish reporter Gunnar Bergdahl, a story of a woman who lived through the horror of the blast of the nuclear factory in Chernobyl a dramatic document that is particularly worrying given the event in Fuckushima. 


Iro Moukiou in the title role moves not only our emotions but also our thoughts and reactions. 


Translation / actor: Iro Moukiou  

Direction: Aris Bafaloukas 

Sets / Costumes: Demitris Kakridas 

Lighting: Andreas Bellis 

27 10 2011 loumilla.JPG



Dancecyprus and Rosamunde Trio  

An exciting programme of classical and contemporary dance, choreographed by Artistic Director Carolina Constantinou: Othello Pas de Deux - Schubert Piano Trio in E flat D929 2nd Movement Andante con Moto. The World of Cyprus  Excerpt/'Preview' of the full-length ballet inspired by the painting of Diamantios Diamantis programmed for 2012 – Hadjidakis. Borderline  Quintette - Smetana Piano Trio in G minor op. 15. 

Dancers:  Carolina Constantinou, Marina Kyriakidou, Arianna Markoulides, Natalie Peslika, Natalie Savvidou, Julien Ficely from France  and more. 


Participates Rosamunde Trio: 

Piano: Martino Tirimo  

Violin: Ben Sayevich 

Cello: Daniel Veis  


5 & 6/11  

Michalis Hadjiyiannis 


The accomplished artist, musician, performer, composer managed to remain at the top for eleven years establishing his own musical style in the contemporary music scene.


For the time being, artistically, he is more mature than ever, reached the feelings of so many people than anyone else of his generation. In his concerts a programme throughout his career specially adapted for the Rialto Theatre will be presented. 


Piano keys: Apostolakis Solon 
Drums: Gioulis Makis 

Bass: Spiros Mazis 
Violin: Papastamou Anastasios 
Electric guitar: Tourkogiorgis Akis 

5 6 11 2011 xatzigiannis.jpg


Scenic Affairs 

On stage  

A contemporary production of the Nicosia Municipal Arts’ Centre. Three one-act plays inspired by an artistic installation of Panayiotis Michael. 

“By a Thread“ by Charalambos Yiannou 

Direction: Andri C. Constantinou 

Cast: Lenia Sorokou, Valentinos Kokkinos,  

Music: Demetris Zavros, Costumes: Maria Achilleos 


“Our Garden” by Antonis Georgiou 

Direction: Nikolas Kouroumtzis 

Cast: Kimon Apostolopoulos, Lefteris Salomidis, Andreas Makris 

Music: George Kollias, Costumes: Ena Paetsch Wiig.  


“Ety(o)mologia” theatre inspired by Maria Kyriakou who is directing and actor Marios Ioannou. 

 Music selection: Panos Bartzis  

Light designer: Giorgos Lazoglou 


9 & 10/11  

The Magic Flute  


Cyprus Symphony Orchestra’s educational programme in collaboration with Elementary and Secondary Schools (for ages between 9 - 15). 


A performance based on the adaptation of Mozart’s opera in Greek by Petros Evangelidis. 


Soprano: Margarita Elia (Lady of the Queen of Night/ Pamina/ Papagena)  

Tenor: Vassilis Kavagias (Tamino / Monostatos) 

Baritone: Stavros Mantis (Papageno / Narrator) 

Conductor: Agis Ioannidis 



Vahagn Hayrapetyan & Charis Ioannou Trio  


The internationally acclaimed Armenian pianist, Vahagn Hayrapetyan meets  

three of the best musicians of Cyprus for a unique jazz encounter. 


Saxophone: Haris Ioannou 

Bass: Michalis Messios 

Drums: Ioannis Vafeas  


12 & 13/11  

Puppet City  


A musical puppet performance by the highly awarded Hyundai (1962) Puppet Theatre. 


One of the best of its’ kind groups and well - known in the world, combines incredible lighting techniques amazing changes in subjects and music as well as 40 large puppets manipulated by accomplished puppeteers. 


Puppet City was written by Yoon Jin Cho and directed by Yong Suk Cho.  

12 13 11 2011 puppets2.jpg


Anna Elis de Jong group meets Nelson Faria  


Musical bridges between countries through the international language of jazz by the multicultural group that consists of the virtuosi Anna Elis de Jong (piano), Tie Pereira(bass) and Andreas Stefanou (drums) meet the guitarist Nelson Faria in a programme based on Brazilian  music with jazz influences.


Within the framework of the Limassol Jazz Festival 2011. 

anna2 130bn.jpg


Amos Hoffman Quartet  


Hoffman’s music is a unique combination of Jazz influences ranging from standards, ethnic & classical. Featuring all original compositions, Hoffman’s music is a whirlwind tour of his experiences and captures the wide kaleidoscope of jazz’s cultural landscape. 


Within the framework of the Limassol Jazz Festival 2011. 

Oud / guitar: Amos Hoffman  

Flute: Ilan Salem  

Bass: Gilad Abro 

Drums: Aviv Cohen 



Takoushis – Karapatakis Quartet & Guests  

New inescapable jazz sounds, with a unique blend of original compositions and fresh approaches.


Within the framework of the Limassol Jazz Festival 2011. 

Piano: Marios Takoushis 

Bass: Gabriel Karapatakis 

Sax / clarinet: George Krasides  

Drums: Stellios Xydias  


Guests: David Lynch - Sax and Zacharias Spyridakis - Cretan lyra 



Liomeno voutyro  


One of the greatest successes of the National Theatre of Greece (2008) continues its successful course having received commendation for Direction for Simos Kakalas and the Karolos Koun and Melina Merkouri awards for Elena Mavridou’s performance.


 Based on a true story that was reported in the papers of Salonica in 1960. A crime of passion. Three actors – eight heroes. How a drama is successfully transformed into a comedy and vice versa. A performance where laughter is followed by suspense in continuous succession thus thrilling the audience wherever it was performed. 

Text: Sakis Serefas 

Direction: Simos Kakalas 

Cast: Simos Kakalas, Demetra Kouza, Elena Mavridou 

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Polyphonous Encounter 


A concert by “Emmelia” Choir together with the Fons Musicalis Choir. The two choirs will present works from a wide spectrum of the choir repertory (from romantic works to musicals and pop music) as well as works by the young Greek composer Philippos Tsalachouris who will be attending the concert.


Under the auspices of the Greek embassy in Cyprus.  


Participate: The young girls and the mixed department of EMMELIA Choir  

Direction: Eleni Kyprianou 

The Greek mixed choir Fons Musicalis (part) Direction: Kostis Konstantaras 


Soprano: Margarita Elia 

Baritone: Marios Andreou 

Piano: Maria Ergatidou  

Narrator: Christina Pavlidou 





Wim Wenders’ film records the uniqueness of this great German choreographer who died in 2009. It places the audience on stage along with the legendary Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch ensemble, and follows the dancers in the town and the environs of Wuppertal where Pina Bausch lived and created for 35 years. 


In collaboration with Dance House Lemesos. 

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Odysseas Elytis – 100 years  


Celebrating 100 years from the birth of the Nobel laureate poet Odysseas Elytis, the European Limassol Festival presents his work “Orientations” set to music by the composer Elias Andriopoulos. 


Singer:  Alkistis Protopsalti 

Piano Stefanos Korkolis  






In this play by Thoc’s experimental stage, the angel, the traditional plastic figure on a wedding cake, comes to life during a wedding reception and accompanies with humour and emotion the confessions of eight women.  


Direction / Movement: Vasilis Andreou 

Sets / Costumes: Melina Economou 

Music / Song Coaching: Giorgos Vlamis 

Verse: Giorgos Vlamis, Vassilis Andreou 

Musicians on stage: Giorgos Vlamis, Konstantinos Evangelides 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris, Stavros Evlambiou 


Cast: Zoe Kyprianou, Stela Fyrogeni, Lea Maleni, Christiana Larkou, Elena Efstathiou, Eleni Sidera, Anna Papageorgiou, Mara Konstantinou, Alexandros Parisis.  


2 & 3/12  

Minor Cuts  

On stage 


A compelling duet by En Drasei dance group, where the movement of a man and a woman on stage, stripped to bare essentials, becomes a place of introspection and reflection on the materiality of the body, human loneliness, unattainable love.  

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.  


Concept / Choreography: Emily Papaloizou 

Performance: Alexis Vassiliou, Emily Papaloizou  

Dramaturgy: Louiza Papaloizou 

Music and Sound Design: Panos Bartzis  



A Day in December 


A wonderful Christmas musical with 60 people on stage. 

Christmas 2010.


Danae with her two children Vassilis and Christina have just finished their Christmas shopping when a figure among the crowd changes Danae’s mood and she decides to tell her children a true story that resembles a fairy tale. Net proceeds will be donated to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. 


Script: Michalis Makris 

Direction: Christos Gregoriades 

Music: Alex Panagi 

Verse: Evi Droutsa, Alex Panagi, Marios Koumas et al 

Vocal Coach:  Katerina Christofidou 

Choreography: Antigoni Tasouri 

Sets: Skinotechniki Ltd. – Giorgos Papadopoulos 

Light design: Karolina Spyrou 


Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Alex Panagi, Katerina A. Christofidou, Michalis Makris, Andreas Phylaktou, Marios Andreou, Mariella Savvidou, Chrysi Andreou, Chrysostomos Phylaktou.  



Mozart – Salieri  


By Cyprus Symphony Orchestra the works:  

A. Salieri: Sinfonia Veneziana in D Major 

W. A. Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E flat Major, K. 364 

W. A. Mozart: Mitridate Re di Ponto (Mithridates, King of Pontus) overture, K. 87  

A. Salieri: “La Tempesta di mare”, overture to the opera Cesare in Farmacusa  

W.A. Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D Major, K. 385 (“Haffner”)  



Violin: Natalia Lomeiko  

Viola: Yuri Zhislin 

Conductor: Alkis Baltas 



The Beauty Queen of Leenane 


THOC’s New Stage presents this play by Martin McDonagh about the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter where the latter serves the domineering mother.


Their miserable lives are changed by the “invasion” of a former lover and the daughter has her last chance at love while her mother faces a grim end. 


Translation: Alexandros Coen 

Direction: Magdalena Zira 

Sets / Costumes: Edouardos Georgiou 

Music selection: Achilleas Grammatikopoulos 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris 

Assistant Set & Costume designer: Rea Olympiou 


Cast: Ermina Kyriazi, Annita Santorineou, Neoklis Neokleous, Andreas Tselepos  



Kreutzer Sonata  

Asomates Dynameis 


Asomates Dynameis dance company / Machi Dimitriadou- Lindahl 

presents a chamber dance theater piece about love, passion and destruction. 


With the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture.  


Choreography / direction: Machi Dimitriadou - Lindahl 

Music: Kreutzer sonata by L.W.Beethoven 

Music Editing: Giorgos Kolias 

Scenography: Elena Katsouri 

Dance: Elena Chatzidaki, Loizos Konstantinou 



Academic Choreographic Company Beriozka 


During its fifty-three years of existence the Academic Choreographic Company Beriozka has given performances in over 65 countries throughout the world that were attended by millions of people.


Established in 1948 it is considered the best representative of its kind and it is widely known for its choreographies and the high caliber performances.  


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 


Artistic Direction: Μira Koltsova 


15 & 16/12  

The Imaginary Invalid 


By Thoc’s Main Stage, Molière’s last play, one of the great masterpieces of Ιnternational theatre.


Argan, a hypochondriac, is both comic and tragic in his persistence of his non-existent illness, his death that is not threatening him and the people who take advantage of him. 


Attribution: Errikos Belies 

Direction: Jean-Claude Berutti 

Sets: Andys Bargilis 

Costumes: Colette Huchard 

Music: Loukas Erotokritou:  

Light design: Giorgos Koukoumas 

Translation during rehearsals: Manto Papadopoulou 


Cast: Andreas Tsouris, Elena Papadopoulou, Niovi Charalambous, Andriana Neokleous, Giorgos Mouaimis, Nektarios Theodorou, Michalis Moustakas, Thanasis, Stavros Louras, Andreas Vassiliou, Haris Kkolos, Anna Giagozi.  

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Nikos Portokaloglou Remix 


Nikos Portokaloglou brings his songs to their original and real dimension.


He “remixes” them by omitting the electric sounds and introducing their eastern sound by adding outi, violin, bouzouki, tzoura and, naturally, guitar.  


Musicians: Michalis Vrettas, Michalis Kalkanis, Nikos Pasalidis  



Kalin Esperan Archontes  


Traditional carols and ecclesiastical hymns from Cyprus, Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor, Crete, Pontos and Dodecanese. 


Participating: “Romanos o Melodos” Byzantine Choir, “Anatoli” Traditional Choir and the Group of traditional musical instruments of the Limassol Diocese.  



Christmas Carols 


By the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and ERT Choir (Conductor: Dimitris Bouzanis), Choir “Leandros Sitaros” of Pnevmatiki Stegi, Nicosia (Conductor: Maro Skordi) 

a programme with the works: 

 Ν. Astrinidis: At Christ’s at the castle  

Μ. Kalomiris: The dawning of Christmas from the opera Mother’s Ring  

R. V. Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols  

Α. Baltas: Greek Carols for chorus and orchestra  


Baritone: Costas Mavrogenis 

Narrator: Nikos Charalambous 

Conductor: Alkis Baltas 



Viva Verdi – New Opera Moscow  


Ten soloists of the New Opera will present well known arias by Giuseppe Verdi.


The New Opera of Moscow is well known for its contemporary presentation of the lyric repertory, it is one of the most significant Operas of Russia and its soloists are internationally acclaimed artists participating in productions at the most important theatres of the world. 


Within the framework of the European Limassol Festival. 



Nikolas Metaxas 


The young talented singer returns home for a concert full of sentiment with a four-man band and a string quartet.


He will also present his first album «Square One» that has been recently circulated in the USA. 


Net proceeds will be donated to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. 


With the participation of Kostas Cacoyannis, Christina Metaxa and the music of Stelios Pisis. 

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