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Performing biographies Rialto theatre 22nd and 23rd June

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The two performances include seven ten-minute solos by the artists who participated in the workshops "Performing Biography - A stand-up solo performance practice" guided by Lia Haraki. The short works have emerged from research into how autobiography and personal experiences can be sources of material for the stage. Inspired in part by the principles of stand-up comedy and methods of embodiment, the works will focus on how self-referentiality, self-sarcasm and experiential information become relevant to others, bridging the subjective with the objective and the personal with the collective. Through empathy, fragility and honesty, the works will act as connections between performers and audiences.

A few words about the works and artists:

‘Twilight’ by Stavros X. Petrou

It is difficult for me to tell you about myself when I speak to you "as myself". I prefer to recite poetry to you. Give me a mask and I will tell the whole truth. Because what is the truth? Does anyone make it up just like they make up lies?

*Twilight: The period of time from the beginning of darkness until sunrise.

Stavros X. Petrou : Stavros X. Petrou is a Cypriot performing and visual artist. He studied Philosophy (BA), Classics (MB), Modern Greek Philology (MA) and Acting (HD). His recent artistic and scientific research deals with the meaning of performance and intermediality.


"Rainbow caftans are not only worn at pride.." by Despina Michaelidou Its June, pride month, a reminder of the historical struggles of the lgbtqi+ community and the continuation till today. Colours, glitter, dance and happiness are visible all around. A rainbow caftan can be worn on other occasions too, because life is a mystery as said in one of Madonna’s songs…

Despina Michaelidou: Despina Michaelidou, believes in art for social change. They hold an MA in Gender Studies from University of Cyprus and a BA in Sociology from the University of Aegean. Their interests and experiences for more than 10 years are around: genders, sexualities, (nude) bodies, desires, and oppressions through artistic, academic and NGO (local and international) projects.


‘Taking Time’ by Arianna Marcoulides

Arianna Marcoulides inherited a Singer sewing machine which is a family heirloom. It was owned by three generations of her maternal female line. Fascinated by this piece of machinery and the women who used it she is curious to find a dialogue with her ancestors who either no longer exist or she never even met. What did they sound like, think, and move? What is the thread that links them all together? Can this sewing machine be a portal into the past? Time separates generations, can time also join them?

Arianna Marcoulides : Arianna Marcoulides is a performer and maker of both performative work based on dance, improvisation and singing as well as fabrication work such as sewing, embroidery and crochet. She takes a playful approach to all her work diving into her curiosities.


“Casino” by Anastasia Zanti

Anastasia Zanti will try to make us travel through her childhood memories, and talk about how the natural becomes unnatural.

Anastasia Zanti : Anastasia Zanti born in Nicosia and grow up in Limmasol. She was taking ballet classes in a younger age, then she studied acting in Veaki Drama School in Athens, and at this moment she is a student in Fine Arts department in C.U.T..


‘And You'Re Chang(INK)’ by Niki Pavlou

Within 10 minutes time?

Just a distillate of Metamorphosis

Can you Face... the Game?

Νicky Pavlou: Nicky, with a background in Drama Art and Natural Sciences, explores presence, as a Living Now. She is interested in site-specific Experiences and exploring feelings as the generator for Action.


"Transition" by Aria Eva

The migrating impatience of a flower made its way through the world, anxiously seeking to take root.

By the dusk of the present, purple silence, and at the dawn of the future, petals of sweet sorrow.

Will Anxiety be transubstantiated to bliss?!

Aria Εva: Aria studied acting and fashion promotion and image. She worked in many different positions in theatre, television, and cinema. She travelled and volunteered, helping marginalized communities develop themselves through non-formal learning and performing arts in Europe. Her goal is the integration of the expressive arts in all their forms.


'Dear Vasilia' by Vasilia Anaxagorou

It's too early in the morning to learn how to politely say 'no thanks'.

Anaxagorou attempts to do so in her comfort zone, hidden behind the shield of the computer, through her own terms.

However, in a world of fake positivity and social structures saying yes seems the only way forward.

Vasileia Anaxagorou: Vasileia Anaxagorou is a practicing artist in Cyprus and a Ph.D. candidate in Gender Studies at the University of Cyprus. Her current research focuses on performance art and the seascape of trauma in Cyprus, exploring the work of Lia Haraki and Arianna Economou. Her work constantly explores issues of identity, belonging, and the home concerning the dominant narratives of the present, challenging societal canons. She has exhibited her work in Cyprus galleries and participated in several group shows in Athens, London, New York, and Portugal.

Rialto Theatre, Andrea Drousioti 19, Limassol 3040, Cyprus 3040 Limassol, Cyprus

22 & 23 June at 20:30

Tickets: €5 / E-ticket: |

Box Office: 77777745 (Mon- Fri 10:00-15:00)

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