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FlashArt launches its fourth edition

Updated: May 9

The Rialto Theatre launches yet another FlashArt edition, establishing and expanding this successful institutional event, which was initiated in 2020 as an immediate response to the pandemic and the insecurity experienced by the artistic world of Cyprus.

The programme, which aimed at showcasing and supporting contemporary Cypriot cultural production covering the entire spectrum of performing arts, was freely accessible to everyone from the very beginning, and was launched via an open call for submission of proposals without limitations.

During the first two years, amidst the pandemic, the FlashArt initiative was enthusiastically embraced by Cypriot artists: a total of 11 productions were selected to take part in the 1st FlashArt edition, and 15 productions were presented in its 2nd edition.

In these first two FlashArt editions, the selected works mainly consisted of productions that focused on highlighting the power of the arts, on overcoming limits and boundaries, and on the artists’ return and encounter with the audience.

Compared to the two previous editions, the 3rd FlashArt 2022 differed both in terms of scope and objectives. Its artistic dimension became upgraded, just like the support measures and infrastructure provided. It aimed at showcasing contemporary artists and projects that stood out for their originality, as well as for their artistic and research interest.

Rialto’s new programme also aspires to strengthen the production capacity of Cyprus-based artists who are involved in multidisciplinary fields, offering, in addition to funding, the Theatre’s infrastructure, knowhow and expertise.

Through a similar open call procedure, the following seven productions have been selected to participate in the 4th FlashArt edition, distinct for their originality, artistic vision, and core thematic.

This year’s programme kickstarted with the theatrical production 5 Lesbians eating a quiche staged by MITOS Center for Performing Arts at the Rialto Theatre on 3rd April 2023, which, following a series of sold-out performances, is now travelling to Athens. Additionally, the following productions will be staged:

  • Phoenix: The others are you, directed by Christodoulos Andreou, a new theatrical production staged by Solo yia Treis – 25 May 2023

  • Performing Silence, the choreographic piece by Petros Konnaris – 20 September 2023

  • Biomagic, a play for all the family directed by Eleni Anastasiou – 29 October 2023

  • Out of Data, a dance performance directed by Omada Kores – Elisavet Panayiotou – 26 November 2023

  • ANTHOgrafia, a music-based performance by Elena and Afxentis Hadjiafxenti – 6 December 2023.

Finally, acquiring a key position in this year’s FlashArt edition, the inclusive project by Omada Koulou-Makka initiated by Eleftheria Socratous, Elena Socratous and Nayia Karacosta, introduces the audience to workshops and events for a group of different abilities.

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