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FlashArt launches its fourth edition

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The Rialto Theatre launches yet another FlashArt edition, establishing and expanding this successful institutional event, which was initiated in 2020 as an immediate response to the pandemic and the insecurity experienced by the artistic world of Cyprus.

The programme, which aimed at showcasing and supporting contemporary Cypriot cultural production covering the entire spectrum of performing arts, was freely accessible to everyone from the very beginning and was launched via an open call for submission of proposals without limitations.

During the first two years, amidst the pandemic, the FlashArt initiative was enthusiastically embraced by Cypriot artists: a total of 11 productions were selected to take part in the 1st FlashArt edition, and 15 productions were presented in its 2nd edition.

In these first two FlashArt editions, the selected works mainly consisted of productions that focused on highlighting the power of the arts, on overcoming limits and boundaries, and on the artists’ return and encounter with the audience.

Compared to the two previous editions, the 3rd FlashArt 2022 differed both in terms of scope and objectives. Its artistic dimension became upgraded, just like the support measures and infrastructure provided. It aimed at showcasing contemporary artists and projects that stood out for their originality, as well as for their artistic and research interest.

Rialto’s new programme also aspires to strengthen the production capacity of Cyprus-based artists who are involved in multidisciplinary fields, offering, in addition to funding, the Theatre’s infrastructure, know-how and expertise.

Through a similar open call procedure, the following seven productions have been selected to participate in the 4th FlashArt edition, distinct for their originality, artistic vision, and core thematic.

This year's schedule is as follows:

3 April - 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

Written by Andrew Hobgood and Evan Linder, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche premiered in the Greek language in the framework of theYard.Residency in December 2021, directed by Evita Ioannou. Set in 1956, the women of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein share a motto: ‘no men, no meat, all manners’. Sharing a rather unusual passion for quiche, five women gather in a church basement for the annual quiche competition. There, they will confront their greatest fears, as well as their sexual identity. A black absurd comedy - all for the love of quiche.

Director: Evita Ioannou. Creative advisor: Constantina Peter Cast: Nayia Anastadiadou, Niovi Charalampous, Yiolanda Christodoulou, Loukia Pieridis, Elena Kallinikou

25 May- Phoenix: The others are you | Solo gia Treis

Two women and two men, guided by the gaze, the touch and words, are in pursuit of an answer to the question “Who am I?”, via other people defining their identity. On this journey, they focus on their love instincts and on the freedom to be themselves, where there are no boundaries or faults in shaping and expressing love.

Concept/directing: Christodoulos Andreou. On stage: Varsia Adamou, Savvina Georgiou, Panayiotis Tofi, Yiorgos Chiotis and musician Andreas Economides.

20 September- Performing Silence Ι Petros Konnaris

There is something very touching in spending time to observe small details and figure out what else lies underneath the surface. To observe the hands travelling to each other, to listen to a deep breath below the mask, to accompany one’s journey to preciousness and _______. Performing Silence is a research project exploring how to listen to something subtle that is present but not shouting, a softness that is usually oversaturated by noise and loudness.

Artistic Direction: Petros Konnaris.

29 October - Biomagic

What if we were given the chance to go back in time and change everything? In Biomagic, recently separated Yan is in pursuit of happiness. He mentally “travels” to the latest random meeting with a woman right before the beginning of a theatrical play. This encounter had barely lasted two minutes. Biomagic by Marianna Kalmbari was first presented on National Theatre of Greece’s Experimental Stage in 2004, and was followed by a series of successful performances staged over the course of two years.

Directed by: Eleni Anastasiou. Cast: Andreas Koutsoftas, Marian Kyprianou

Koullou | Makka Collective

Koullou | Makka Collective was established and initiated by director and theatre educator Elena Socratous, inclusive dance educator Eleftheria Socratous, and actress, performer and theatre educator Naya T. Karakosta. Driven by their need to include corporality and treat bodies in equal terms, the three founders joined forces and skills, becoming the very core of this group. Then, they launched an open call addressed to people with or without disabilities, who would be interested in creating the first mixed-ability group in Cyprus and in participating in theatre and movement classes. Their purpose was to enhance visibility, to encourage and create a universally accessible group of people, regardless of their age, origin, gender, abilities and body.

With the support of the Rialto Theatre and Synergio Cultural Institution, Koullou|Makka Collective has been active since December 2022, hosting weekly sessions every Tuesday. The three educators alternate between them to ensure that a diverse methodology and series of exercises are covered, with inclusion always being their common feature. The weekly sessions continue to take place and will conclude with a three-day intensive workshop in early August. Upon conclusion of this workshop, the first performance will be held in a public space. The initiators wish to provide a space where stories typically absent from the theatre repertoire will be heard – to offer visibility to a physicality that is typically absent from the stage. The collective consists

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