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'Performing biographies - Short Solos by seven unique performers'

A series of ten meetings in the form of workshops led by Lia Haraki, addressed to performing artists and performers who wish to further explore the autobiographical solo as a genre. At the end of this series of workshops, the participants’ short solos will be presented on Rialto’s stage.



The “Performing Biography - Α stand-up solo performance practice” focuses on how autobiography and personal stories may become substantial sources of material for the stage. Partly inspired by the principles of stand-up comedy, as well as the artist's methods of embodiments, the workshops will focus on how self-reference, self-deprecation and experiential information become relevant to others, bridging the subjective with the objective, and the personal with the universal. An in-depth exploration of how one’s experiences may become transformed into tools connecting the performers with the audience through empathy, vulnerability, honesty and humour.

The structure of the workshops

The workshops consist of ten four-hour meetings. The selected artists must participate in all workshops.


Target audience

Workshops are addressed to performing arts (dance, music, theatre) and performance professionals.


Number of participants: 8-10


Fees: FREE

Workshops will be held on:

·  Monday, 22 May, 18.00-22.00

·  Wednesday 24 May 18.00-22.00

·  Saturday 3 June 10.00-15.00

·  Monday 5 June 18.00-22.00

·  Wednesday 7 June 18.00-22.00

·  Monday 12 June 18.00-22.00

·  Wednesday 14 June 18.00-22.00

·  Saturday 17 June 10.00-15.00

·  Monday 19 June 18.00-22.00

·  Wednesday 21 June 18.00-22.00 (rehearsal)

·  Presentations on 22 and 23 June


The workshops will take place in Limassol.

The selected artists will be notified of the venue.

*Photographer Pavlos Vryonidis

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