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FlashArt@Rialto - Reloaded

Open call for submissions of new projects

The Rialto Theatre cultural organisation announces that the FlashArt@Rialto programme, presenting a series of performing arts events, will be continued and established as an annual event. With this 2nd open call, the Theatre invites artists and performers to submit their projects. 


FlashArt@Rialto was initiated last April, as an immediate reaction of the Theatre to the consequences of the pandemic, the concern and insecurity experienced by the cultural and artistic world of Cyprus, and was embraced by artists and audience alike. Eleven performances were selected out of 60 submitted proposals, three of which are yet to be completed in early 2021, as soon as circumstances permit. 


Acknowledging that the on-going restrictions related to the pandemic further increase the production problems of the artistic sector by making the creation, production and presentation of new works increasingly difficult, this 2nd edition of FlashArt@Rialto aims at reinforcing the authentic cultural production through a support package for film, music, theatre and dance productions. 


The submitted proposals may be new or already existing performances produced during 2019-2020. The thematic range must not necessarily be restricted to the consequences of the pandemic, but highlight additional issues that are of concern to our society. Independent productions and collaborations with other theatres or institutions will be taken into account, having a minimum duration of 40 minutes and a maximum duration of 80 minutes. 


Performances may either take place inside the Rialto Theatre or outdoors, as part of the Theatre’s summer events. Should the applicable Covid-19 measures prohibit the presence of the audience, the possibility of live streaming will be examined. 


The selected productions will receive part or all of the following support measures: 


  1. Financial funding of production  

  2. Collaboration with the Rialto Theatre providing for free use of the Theatre 

  3. Covering part of the Theatre’s rental cost 

  4. Providing tangible and intangible infrastructures 

  5. Promotion and advertising 


The primary mission of this new edition remains the same: to stand by the local artistic production by offering support to Cyprus-based artists and performers who combine performing arts with digital or other forms of Art. Moreover, the objective is not only to showcase the final artistic result, but also to highlight the creative process emerging from the connection between Art and Technology.   


The selection criteria are the following: artistic value, authenticity, ability to communicate the creative process and presentation of the final work.  

The selected proposals may be implemented between 1/4/2021 - 30/10/2021. 


All interested parties must submit the following:  


  1.  Artist’s statement (up to 150 words). For already existing performances, it is necessary to provide a link. 

  2.  Biographies of cast and crew members (up to 300 words in total). 

  3.  Description of timeline. 

  4.  The parties must grant the right to include the project in the Rialto Theatre’s programme, both live and digitally. 


Deadline: 7th of February 2021. All interested parties may download the relevant application form online at (FlashArt Application



Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee and the management of the Rialto Theatre. The selected participants will be notified before the 20th of February 2021.  

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