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Rialto Theatre launches the 3rd edition of its successful annual programme


In April 2020, the Rialto Theatre launched FlashArt@Rialto, a programme that aimed at showcasing and supporting contemporary Cypriot performing arts projects as an immediate response to the pandemic, which brought a sense of insecurity amongst the local artistic world due to the suspension of cultural activities. The programme, which was, from the beginning, freely accessible to everyone and was launched via an open call, was embraced by Cypriot artists who immediately responded by submitting their proposals.


In the first edition of FlashArt@Rialto, 11 productions were presented, whereas the second edition included 15 more productions. In these two first FlashArt@Rialto editions, the selected works included mostly productions that focused on demonstrating the power of the arts, on overcoming limits and boundaries, and on the artists’ return and encounter with the audience.


This third FlashArt@Rialto 2022 differs from the previous two editions, both in terms of scope and objectives. Its artistic dimension is being upgraded, just like the support measures and infrastructure provided. It now aims at showcasing contemporary artists and works that stand out for their originality, as well as for their artistic and research interest. Rialto’s new programme also aspires to strengthen the production capacity of Cyprus-based artists who are involved in multidisciplinary fields, offering, in addition to funding, the Theatre’s infrastructure, knowhow and expertise.


The following 11 productions were selected to participate in the 3rd FlashArt via an open call for submissions: 


In addition to the performances Live Drawing: A Portrait of the Mona Lisa by Alpha Square and SPIRIT by bytheway productions, which have already been presented, the following are also scheduled to take place:


17/9 Tsitsanis – Alternative arrangements by Quintus Ensemble… / QUINTUS ENSEMBLE 

19/10 Vessel / pelma.Lia Haraki

4/11 Stories from the Cave / Θέατρο ERGO

23/11 Success Story / Trio Ostinato

25/11 A theatrical memo on Anna Politkovskaya / Campos Culture and Arts 

16/12 Where we Rest / enacttheatre

18/12 While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear… / Patsiaoura Ensemble 

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