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Recent press articles

05.07.2021 Cyprus Mail Cypriot films coming up at Rialto Summer Cinema

29.05.2021 Cyprus Mail Music, theatre and open-air performances coming to Rialto in June

7.05.2021 Cyprus Mail Open call for the 16th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

26.03.2021 Cyprus Mail Theatre plays and more at Rialto in April

19.03.2021 Cyprus Mail Cyprus Film Days 2021: Back to the big screen

19.03.2021 Film New Europe FESTIVALS: Cyprus Film Days 2021 Returns in Person

10.03.2021 Cyprus Mail A Picture Perfect performance

5.03.2021 Cyprus Mail A Covid confession in theatre

1.03.2021 Cyprus Mail March at Rialto Theatre

1.02.2021 Cyprus Mail Rialto Theatre turns to live streaming

8.01.2021 Cyprus Mail FlashArt@Rialto – reloaded

7.12.2020 Cyprus Mail Sounds of the theatre

2.12.2020 Cyprus Mail Packed agenda at Rialto this month

6.11.2020 All About Limassol Cyprus Choreography Platform @ Rialto Theater

31.10.2020 Cyprus Mail 20 years of choreography

26.10.2020 Cyprus Mail November at Rialto

25.09.2020 Cyprus Mail Rialto Theatre entertains throughout October

02.09.2020 Cyprus Mail Rialto reopens with a Man on the Roof

27.07.2020 Cyprus Mail Flash Art: where art meets technology

27.07.2020 The World News The FlashArt initiative, introduced in April by Rialto Theatre

4.05.2020 News In Cyprus Choreography Platform makes call for submissions

4.05.2020 Cyprus Mail Choreography Platform makes call for submissions


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