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16th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 2021 


The Rialto Theater announces its intention to proceed with the organization of the 16th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival and invites artists living in Cyprus to submit proposals for live performances. 


This year's festival will take place in the upcoming July, outdoors, considering the developments and measures regarding COVID-19. 

This year's programming will focus on supporting artistic production locally and will be implemented in a way that does not endanger the health of artists, spectators, and theater staff. 


The main mission of this year's event is to develop optimism and a climate of return to artistic production, supporting Cypriot musicians who have been hit irreparably by the pandemic. The 16th edition will provide the opportunity to musicians and bands with the subject of World Music and will contribute to the continuation of the relationship that has developed between the audience and this kind of music. 


Only artists based in Cyprus will be invited, while the possibilities of organizing parallel events are examined, which will focus on the interaction of Cypriot music creators both with each other and with professionals from abroad. 


Invitation to submit proposals 


The invitation to submit proposals is addressed to professional musicians, composers, and bands. Proposals will be accepted until May 23, 2021.  

Those interested can obtain the application here:

For further information and clarifications contact


Applications will be evaluated by a committee and the management of the Rialto Theater, and the selected band will be informed by June 10, 2021. 


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Terms of participation


1. The proposals selected will relate to live appearances and the contributors agree on their implementation outdoors, in accordance with the decisions of the Theater and the measures concerning COVID-19. 

2. Priority will be given to musical groups with authentic and original music on the subject of World Music. 

3. In addition to the fees, the organizer undertakes the organization costs: sound, recording, lighting, publications, promotion, and in the case of live broadcasting, the technological infrastructure, and organization. 

4. The organizers can choose a band to be presented in addition to a parallel event within the Festival. 

5. The members of each band that will take part will be the ones that are declared/ named in the application form (full name - musical instrument) 

6. The musicians who will appear cannot participate in more than two bands. 

7. The schedule for each band is determined by the organizer. The duration of the concert ranges from 70-90 minutes. 

8. In case the conditions and measures do not allow the physical implementation, the organizer will consider the possibility of transferring it to digital with the consent of the participating artists. 


The concerts of the event are recorded (video and audio) and photographed under the responsibility of the organizer, who can use the relevant material for promotion purposes through his digital channels (not commercial use). A copy of this material is delivered to each band. 

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