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Cyprus University of Technology & Rialto Theatre

Cyprus University of Technology and the Rialto Theatre have developed a strong bond over the years, establishing a close collaborative relationship since the very beginning of the University’s foundation in 2007. The two Organisations are united both by their presence in the city centre of Limassol, as well as by their common vision for a city that is both modern and attractive, as well as for a new generation of scientists driven by knowledge, innovation, and creativity.


The common path of these two institutions is being expressed through collaboration memoranda and protocols, signed by both organisations, which include a series of co-organised events, actions, and mutual benefits. These include the granting of the Theatre’s use to CUT Departments and Schools for hosting diverse events, exhibitions and conferences; the digitalisation of the Theatre’s archive by the CUT library; the multi-faceted collaboration between the two institutions during film festivals; the circulation of the Theatre’s promotional material at the CUT premises; offering free or reduced-price tickets to students; offering to students of the CUT applied arts departments the possibility of internship at the Rialto Theatre etc.


This close collaboration was renewed in March 2022 by signing a relevant protocol, in force for the next few years. This memorandum of collaboration was renewed during a signing ceremony, held in the presence of members representing the two Organisations, of Prof. Panayiotis Zafiris, Rector of Cyprus University of Technology, and Mrs Daphne Pitta Diogenous, President of the Rialto Theatre’s Board of Directors.


Within the framework of their expanded protocol, the collaboration between the two Organisations was further enhanced with the introduction of new institutional events and festivals, starting with the annual international animation festival​ The Animattikon Project in Limassol. The festival is a collaboration between Kimonos Art Center, the Multimedia and Graphic Art Department – CUT, and the Rialto Theatre, which was hosted at the Theatre during 26-28 October 2022 and in 2023. 


In March 2023 (24-26/03), the tribute to Psychanalysis and Cinema was organised for the first time, a collaboration between Lab for Animation Research – CUT, the Cyprus Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and the Rialto Theatre, including screenings and discussions. Moreover, on 22 May 2023, the Theatre hosted Poetic Docs, organised by the Fine Art Department – CUT and showcasing short documentaries created by third-year students. 


It is also worth noting an exceptionally important synergy between the Rialto Theatre and Cyprus University of Technology — a tribute in honour of Theodoros Terzopoulos. The two Organisations honoured one of the most celebrated directors in the history of world theatre, hosting a series of events in Limassol from 23 to 27 November 2023, with the cooperation of the Cyprus Center of the International Theatre Institute.


The events included the following: Discussion on the topic In the Labyrinth: Theodoros Terzopoulos meets Heiner Müller with theatre critic Penelope Hatzidimitriou as a speaker. Theodoros Terzopoulos himself also gave a talk, in the frame of the discussion coordinated by Christos Georgiou, director of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute. (23/11 @ Tassos Papadopoulos Amphitheatre, CUT).  


On Friday morning, 24th November, students of the Department of Fine Arts of Cyprus University of Technology cherished a rare opportunity to engage in a discussion with Theodoros Terzopoulos and the cast of Alarme, namely Sophia Hill, Aglaia Pappa, Tassos Dimas. On the same evening, the documentary Dionysus, the Return, directed by Spyros Tsiftsis, was screened showing a cinematic portrait of the emblematic director (24/11 @ Tassos Papadopoulos Amphitheatre, CUT).  


The events culminated with Alarme, a performance hailed as a milestone in Terzopoulos’ corpus of work, staged thirteen years after its historic premiere at Attis Theatre.

Direction / Set installation / Dramaturgical composition: Theodoros Terzopoulos. Cast: Aglaia Pappa, Sophia Hill, Tasos Dimas (25/11 @Rialto Theatre). 


The programme of events concluded on Monday, 27th November (10.00-15.00) wrapping up with a hands-on workshop on T. Terzopoulos’ method, presented by his close collaborator, Savvas Stroumbos, with the participation of actors and students (@Rialto Theatre).

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