4 Man on the Roof - FlashArt @Rialto Open Air
Friday 20:30  

Combining live theatre and live streaming, Achim Wieland (director/dramaturge), Marios Ioannou (protagonist/co-dramaturge) and Sakari Laurila (filmmaker) put together an interactive Manifesto that makes Theatre the protagonist, revealing its universal values through its physical, conceptual and spiritual capacities.


In Greek and English, with excerpts in Russian, French, German and other languages. With English subtitles. 

Tickets: €8-5

The Chairs - FlashArt @Rialto Open Air

Wednesday 20:30 (60')

The cinematographic version of The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco, set in an uninhabited tower of a deserted island, where the two protagonists live in social isolation for years.

Production/direction: enacttheatre in collaboration with À Vendre
Performers: Marina Makri, Elena Kallinikou
Filming/ Editing: À Vendre

Tickets: €8-5

11 In the shadow of the (last) hours

FlashArt @Rialto Open Air - Friday 20:30 (60’)

Α selection of poems, prose and excerpts from the poet’s correspondence. Kariotakis’ words are the protagonist in this piece, condensed “in the shadow of the last hours”, within the imagined time and place of his suicide.

Performed by: Andreas Araouzos
Text selection and direction: Photis Apostolides
Set and costume design: Elena Katsouri

Tickets: €8-5

12-13  André Rieu’s Summer Special - Magical Maastricht - Saturday & Sunday 20:30 ( 140’)

The King of the Waltz is back to the cinema to lift everyone’s spirits. No summer is complete without the enchanting waltzes of André Rieu and the incomparable Johann Strauss Orchestra.


For this exclusive cinema concert, the Maestro has selected his most spectacular performances and emotional songs, bringing you the joyous atmosphere of his iconic open-air concerts in Maastricht.

Tickets: €15-10

14 Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band
Monday 20:30 (115’)

Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band, art direction by Giorgos Krassides, presents classic compositions for a jazz band, “Latin” pieces, rarer modern compositions by European composers, as well as original jazz adaptations of Cypriot traditional songs by internationally acclaimed Cypriot composer Aris Antoniades.

Part of Kypria International Festival 2020

Tickets: €15/10

16 In-poetry FlashArt@Rialto
Wednesday 20:30 (60’)

A musical theatre composition highlighting the milestones of contemporary and classic Greek and Cypriot poetic output.


Three artists, Dimitris Spyrou, Andreas Rodosthenous and Panagiotis Bratakos, write music, tell stories and set up camp in the Forest of the Ever-Whispering Poets, intent on never leaving before sleeping in the arms of Poetry.

Tickets: €8-5

18 Η Γυναίκα της Πάτρας 
Friday 20:30 (60’)

An exceptional theatrical staging of the life of the whore Panoraia by the poet Yiorgos Chronas, put together through a series of interviews conducted in the 1980s.


Directed by Lena Kitsopoulou.

Cast: Eleni Kokkidou and Pantelis Kalogerakis.

Part of Kypria International Festival 2020

Tickets: €15/10

19 Α Tribute to the Poet Nikos Gatsos

FlashArt @Rialto - Saturday 20:30 ( 60’)

Elena Hadjiafxendi interacts with the poet’s work in a musical theatre dialogue with exceptional musicians Michalis Kouloumis, Yiannis Koutis and Andreas Papapetrou.


Through musical improvisation, together they explore the soundscapes and stories sung by Gatsos' poems.


Tickets: €8-5

23 Panic Hits the Ministry
Wednesday 20:30 (80’)

The subversive French comedy by Jean Franco - Guillaume Melanie features a barrage of funny and extreme situations, starring love and reversals. 

Agis Paikos directs “Estia” theatre group.

Part of Kypria International Festival 2020

Tickets: €15/10

24 Not I / Samuel Beckett - FlashArt@Rialto
Thursday 20:30 (30’)

A woman who has lost consciousness wakes up. The sound inside her skull wakes her up. It’s the words that come out of her mouth. Words without a subject. Without a pair of eyes emphasizing the meaning. Without a pair of hands underlying the emotion. The owner's body is absent.

By bUilt-uP aRea theatre group.

Translation/direction/music by Panayiotis Larkou.

Acting by Vasiliki Kypraiou.

Tickets: €8-5

30 Chorotheatro Omada Pende
Wednesday 20:30 (40’)

The new work of choreographer and performer Roula Kleovoulou If you do not know where you are going any road can take you there is based on Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking Glass.


The choreographer creates an alternative universe with visual installation by Elena Kotasvili, the “soundscape” of Chris Cara, dramaturgy by Chloe Melidou and costume design by Andreas Antoniou.

Tickets: €10