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8 Dying as a Country| MITOS Centre for Performing Arts FlashArt2@Rialto 

Wednesday 20:30 (45’) 


A screen adaptation of Dying as a Country written by playwright D. Dimitriadis, commenting on the role of the performing arts amidst a period of constant and continuous crises. In Greek 


Directing/dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous  

Filmed by: Suzana Phialas, Pavlos Vryonides 

Visuals: Constantina Peter, Christos Georgiou 

Movement: Eleana Alexandrou 

Music: Marianna Michael  

Cast: Marina Argyridou, Nektarios Theodorou, Eleana Alexandrou, Dimitris Chimonas, Marianna Michael  

Voice over: Yiorgos Kritharas, Elena Agathokleous 

Tickets: €8   

8_September 7975.jpg

11 The final apology of a dead man who killed three people and stabbed eight more 


Saturday 20:30 (60’) 15+ 

Nikos Koemtzis, a man who killed three policemen and wounded eight civilians for a “parangelia” – a request to the musicians to play a song – at the “Neraida of Athens” music hall in 1973, comes back from the dead for only one hour. He asks from the audience to be given a last chance to present from his own point of view the events that shocked the Greek society. 


In Greek. 

Written by: Vangelis Gettos  

Directed by: Leandros Taliotis  

Set and Costume design: Lakis Genethlis 

Music: Vangelis Gettos 

Production: ERGO Theatre 

On stage: Alexandros Parisis  

Tickets: €12 / 10  


12 The Animattikon Project / The Wandering Festival 

Sunday 19:00-19:45 20:00-20:45 (105’)  


The international animation festival The Animattikon Project, in collaboration with the Rialto Theatre, presents a diverse programme of animated films in two different screening programmes: the first one presents a selection of animated films for children from all over the world, whereas the second one showcases a selection of animations that have participated in previous editions of the festival. 

The Animattikon Project is a production of Kimonos Art Center and organized in collaboration with the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of Cyprus University of Technology. 


Tickets: €5 


13 Protest Songs  

Kypria International Festival  

Monday 20:30 (110’) 


Songs of protest that inspired and provided a soundtrack to social change around the world. Songs against racism, war, oppressive regimes, supporting human rights, women's rights and sexual diversity.  


With Stelios Joakem, Nama Dama, Friederica Tombazou, Arda, and the vocal ensemble Convocanti. 

Research – Curation: Robert Camassa 

Production – Artistic direction: Christos Philippou 


Tickets: €15 / 10  

13_9_protest songs photo.jpg

16 Disruption Dancecyprus 

Thursday 20:30 (40’) 


A new production by Dancecyprus inspired by the pandemic and its consequences. Choreographer Fouli Stylianidou presents a contemporary dance work that draws inspiration from the emotions felt and experienced by human beings and artists in particular. 


In Greek. 


Performing with her on stage: Ivi Hadjivassiliou, Christiana Eftychiou and musician Dimitris Savva. 


Tickets: €10 


17 Waiting for Happy Days  


Friday 20:30 (55’) 


A performance inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days that attempts to bring the characters face to face with an entirely uncertain present and a hovering sense of anticipation. A story about the eternal issue of meaningful connection between two human beings, emerging from the need for and expectation of a happy day, regardless of how distant it may be. 


In Greek. 


Dramaturgical Adaptation, Text, Directing: Daphne Miltiadou 

Cast: Stelios Kallistratis, Avgoustina Stylianou 

Set design: Theodora Foutrou 

Music supervision: Andreas Michalopoulos 

Production: Minimis Productions 


Tickets: €12 / 10 

17.9 DaphneMiltiadou_PerimenontasEftixismenesMeres.jpg

18 Trigonopsaroulis 

Theatro Tsepis 

Saturday 17:00 (45’) for children aged 4-7  


Trigonopsaroulis returns to the Rialto Theatre and paves the way for love, self-respect, forgiveness and acceptance. Life in the sea, where little creatures live with their joys and sorrows, is more or less like ours. Trigonopsaroulis, a small triangular fish, so different from any other fish, seems to have been born to illuminate the murky waters of the seabed. In Greek. 


Written by: Vangelis Iliopoulos 

Directed by: Marios Theocharous 

Set and Costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou 

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris 

Music - Movement: Dimitris Spyrou 

Communication: Styliana Hadjigeorgiou 

Artwork: Antreas Ioannou 

Production coordinator: Afroditi Ntziourou 

Cast: Varsia Adamou, Leda Karayianni, Afroditi Ntziourou, Elena Panayi 


Tickets: €8 


18 Yue Madeleine Yue 

Theatro Tsepis 

Saturday 20:30 (75‘) 


A tragicomedy about the death of a young girl who falls into a hole in the streets of Kosovo. A play that comments on political corruption, power, bullying, racism, xenophobia and non-acceptance, portraying the situation in which a state is found. Which state, though? The previous collaboration of Theatro Tsepis with Jeton Neziraj demonstrated the similarities between the Cypriot and Kosovar mentalities, passions and intrigues.


In Greek. 


Written by: Jeton Neziraj  

Translated/Directed by: Marios Theocharous 

Set and Costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou 

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris 

Music: Dimitris Spyrou 

Witnesses: Andreas Nicolaides, Marileni Stavrou, Athina Savva 

Tickets: €10 

madeleine 1.jpg

19 From Swing to Bebop  

Kypria International Festival 

Sunday 20:30 (70’) 


Miaris Jazz Τrio collaborates with renowned Israeli soloist Ofer Landsberg, presenting a concert in which the adaptations of jazz standards meet Ofer Landsberg’s new orchestrations and compositions, as well as original interpretations. 


With Dimitris Miaris (piano), Costas Halloumas (double bass), Marios Spyrou (drums) 

Soloist: Ofer Landsberg 


Tickets: €15 / 10  

19_9_MIARIS TRIO Ofer Landsberg 2.jpg

22 Women 

Russian Art Theatre of Cyprus 

Wednesday 19:00 (90’) 


A play based on Clare Boothe Luce’s The Women written in 1936. Secrets, rumors and intrigues constitute an integral part of every female society, as well as a source of endless inspiration for books, films, songs and plays.


This play focuses on two of these topics: marriage and female friendship. What is their value in modern society? Could friendship be stronger than love?


In Russian. 

Director: Tikolenko Stasy 


Tickets: €30 / 25  


26 Dystopia:Inferno | Marianna Pafiti  


Sunday 20:30 (50’) 


Written and performed by Marianna Pafiti, this original work is part of the Dystopia trilogy, portraying the relationship of a disabled woman with her caregiver. Partly experiential, the text investigates the limits of the human psyche when confinement to the wheelchair is imperative and inescapable. 


In Greek. 

Performance: Marianna Pafiti 
Directing/Artistic curation: Loukas Ioannou 

Original Music: Ioannis Schizas 


Tickets: €12 / 10 

3 dystopia 16 05.jpg

27 Rose | Satiriko Theatre I Martin Sherman  

Kypria International Festival 

Monday 20:30 (110’) 10+ 


Written by Martin Sherman and directed by Nikos Karageorgos, Rose is a poignant play featuring renowned actress Despoina Bebedeli in the role of an 80-year-old Jew who narrates the tale of her life, unravelling her past. The play was written in 1999 by Pulitzer award-winning author Martin Sherman. 


In Greek.  


Tickets: €15 / 10  

27_9_ROSE 2.JPG

28 & 30 Lazarus Saturday 

MITOS Centre for Performing Arts  


Tuesday & Thursday 20:30 (60’) On Stage 


MITOS Centre for Performing Arts presents a play based on the raising of the holy and just Lazarus, the friend of Jesus Christ. Every year, eight days before Easter, he is requested to die and resurrect… in order to reveal the true power of God, to pave the way for the death and resurrection of Jesus and, consequently, of each and every one of us. This Saturday, a band will perform for a modern Lazarus. 


In Greek. 
Directing/dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous 
Artistic collaborator: Yiorgos Kritharas 

On stage/Performer: Elena Agathokleous 

Musicians: Marianna Michael and Alexandros Papadopoulos 

Camera: Constantina Peter  


Tickets: €12 / 10  


29 Breathing is not for granted 


Wednesday 20:30 (75΄)  


Vivliotropio Book Club hosts renowned Greek songwriter Lina Nikolakopoulou and Cypriot poet Stella Voskaridou Economou on Rialto’s stage, for a conversation on the relationship between poetry, songwriting and music. Both inspired by their empirical relationship with poetry and music, they will focus on the poetry of songwriting with references to poets and songwriters, as well as on the dissipation of poetic discourse through music.  


In Greek. 


Coordinator: Marina Maleni 

Accompanied by composer Neoklis Neofytides (piano) and Yiorgos Perris (voice). 


Tickets: €5 

All proceeds go towards the enrichment of the book collection of the library of the Cyprus Prisons Department

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