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“We are looking for Children and Teenagers who wish to pursue 8 fascinating film experiences”.

Four creative film workshops and four screenings of films that participated and received awards at international film festivals make up the eighth edition of Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth, scheduled to take place from the 8th to the 16th of April 2022. This year, the Festival invites teenagers and children to embark on a “Quest” in the magical world of Cinema.

This year’s edition aims at bringing us closer to what we love: sharing films, discussing, co-creating, finding more courage to explore the world. The more we pursue, the more we will be able to understand and respect each other. After all, this is what quality cinema has to offer, especially these difficult times.

The CFD for Children and Youth is part of Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2022, which celebrates this year its 20th edition. The Festival’s co-organisers are the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and the Rialto Theatre.

4 Film Workshops

For children up to 13 years old, the Festival organises a hands-on workshop on traditional hand-drawn animation titled “Welcome to the Loop” held in collaboration with Animafest Cyprus, as well as a second workshop for the same age group titled “The Biggest Picture”, a hands-on introduction to immersive reality/technology and 360° cinematography, organised for the first time in collaboration with the very innovative CYENS organisation and the company Silversky3D. Through these workshops, children who are looking for alternative ways of communicating their creativity, will discover that they already possess the skills to express their ideas, stories and feelings, as well as the courage to share them with others.

There are two workshops for teens aged 14-18: “The adventures of an actress” led by actress Daphne Alexander, and “90° - A filmmaking workshop with handheld devices”, led by filmmaker and film instructor Athena Xenidou. Both workshops are centred on self-expression, self-determination, and the understanding of the opposite opinion, outside the barriers of social media. What happens when we turn the phone by 90°? We instantly get a video camera, as well as a brand-new way of seeing and communicating with the world.

[All film workshops will be held in Greek.]

Film Screenings

With the films I Never Cry (Poland) and Vacarme (Canada), the Festival reaches out to teenagers exclusively aged between 15-18. Illustrating a difficult coming of age, the films are led by characters who are in the quest of their identity and are the same age as the viewers. Honestly and outspokenly, without beautifying filters, the filmmakers tell an engaging story supported by the outstanding performances of their lead actresses.

For the rest of the viewers, children and adults alike, the Festival is screening two newly released gems: Petite Maman (Céline Sciamma, France) and Mezquite’s Heart (Ana Laura Calderón, Mexico), two beautiful stories supported by the strong performances of two young girls who, after losing a relative, are seeking a way out of their sorrow amidst the magic of imagination and music respectively.

For more information about the detailed programme of workshops, to fill in the participation form and discover the programme of screenings, please visit the Festival’s website (, its Facebook page ( and Instagram (, or contact the Festival by phone 70008242 or email

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