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Simultaneously, livestream and in the physical presence of audience, the Rialto Theatre performances

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

In the uncertain conditions that prevail, the Rialto Theater decided that the only way to implement a basic programming is the organization of performances either online via livestream, or in the physical presence of audience at theatre, or in both ways, depending on the measures to be announced.

Therefore it organizes the February performances both live online and the physical presence of audience. However, due to the limitations, the start time of all performances is set at 7 p.m. Viewers will be able to purchase their ticket either for Live Stream or for a physical presence at the theater from the Theater Website

Please see bellow Rialto February Programme:

13/2 Lambros FlashArt@Rialto Sat 19:00 (90’)

A play addressing a multitude of issues such as human ignorance, isolation, the fragility of the human existence, the absence of free choices in a world where restrictions prevail, the beasts and the beauties (truth and lies) created by the human being in an attempt to find out what cannot be found out, the abuse and violence caused when power is misused.

Lambros is a young man employed as false witness in a trial-fixing ring. Everything works just fine, until things stop working just fine. Lambros is trapped. What has occurred? What is true and what is false?  What is freedom, and what does its absence signify? Which things belong to us? Which of our choices are really our own? Lambros’ ignorance of the key points in his case represents our very own ignorance. The journey of his life from darkness to light is the journey of our own life.

Play | Visual idea | Director: Myrto Papachristoforou

Artistic direction: Katerina Attalidou

Stage set: Katerina Attalidou, Stefanos Karababas, Stylianos Pelekanos & Omass Architects, Pavlides Carpenters Ltd, Waternet Ltd, Myrto Papachristoforou

Acting: Irena Christodoulou, Christo Avraam, Myrto Papachristoforou

The poster has been created by the visual artist Katerina Attalidou

21/2 Develop. Develop Again. Develop Better (Developing in Cyprus)

Sun 19:00 (90’)

Four one-act plays written by Cypriot playwrights, presented in the form of staged readings. The plays were developed during a five-month playwrights’ workshop that took place in January-May 2020 in collaboration with Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble.

The four writers, Stephanos Stavridis, Avgi Lilli, Maria A. Ioannou and Yiorgos Trillidis focus on a single subject matter: «development» in Cyprus, in its various forms. Directed by Paris Erotokritou and Maria Kyriakou with the support of Anna Kalvari. Featuring actors: Elena Kallinikou, Yiorgos Kyriakou, Vasilis Charalambous, Panayiota Papageorgiou and Varvara Christofi.

26/2 Our souls longing for songs I Fri 19:00(75’)

In a peculiar era where everything is re-organised and disorganised, constantly readjusting and changing, our only lifeline, our hope and light, is found in the songs lasting through the years, those resisting time, those never forgotten. At every concert, our lips still whisper the lyrics, despite the decades that have elapsed. They remind us of our very own childhood and teenage memories, of feasts and celebrations, of days with friends and old love stories.

Vakia Stavrou performs a repertoire of beloved songs from every corner of the globe, in her own magical, simple and natural way. Let the dance begin, let the miracle unfold!

Accompanied by pianist Manolis Neofytou.

28/2 Through the eyes of Melina Merκouri and Antonis Samarakis IFlashArt@Rialto I

Sun 19:00 (80’)

The project is inspired by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Antonis Samarakis and Melina Merkouri. Antonis Samarakis’ writing and Melina Merkouri’s vibrant cultural engagement are combined through music and narration, bringing out the different critical and alternative voices of the two personalities.

With the participation of:

Michalis Gregoriou: conductor, piano

Petros Mantralis: narration

Nikolas Hasiotis: sound & visual material/screenings

Spyros Charalambous: guitar, voice

George Papasolomontos: bouzouki

Panayiotis Stylianides: drums

Vyron Athinodorou: bass

Christina Pissouriou: accordion

Andria Souroulla: voice

Giorgos Kazamias: voice

Tickets: 7 Euro

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