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‘Migrena 2x2’ at Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2023

Can an isolated, confined body transcend, and travel beyond space and time? Can the subconscious become a vessel for these journeys?

Migrena2X2 is a hybrid solo performance, which exists in a surreal space made of fragments of memory, introducing suspension and object manipulation into movement. It is an abstract, contemporary interpretation of the story of biblical Jonah, aiming to embody the notion of prophecy by exploring the subconscious, confronting traumas and fantasies. The burden of the performer is embodied by kettlebells, and its shedding unfolds through a ritual - between a prayer and a rave. An intensification of wild movement patterns causes the body to slowly deconstruct, decompose, melt and surrender to awaken an abstract material, a collective of limbs and organs devouring the space, with no clear objective besides obeying the sensations that pass through it. This unleashing of instinctive, queer and primitive totality, which cannot exist outside the ecstatic state, is a call to become an entity, which functions beyond the intellectual restrictions of society. The body of the performer, being pushed to extreme intensity and disintegration, travels the space with dexterity and detail, emancipating hidden spaces and surfaces, reaching catharsis and eventually self-recognition.

Yotam Peled (he/they) is a queer choreographer and performance artist born in 1989 in Israel. He has been practicing fine arts, athletics, and Capoeira since his childhood. At the age of 21, following his military service, he began dancing and later on pursued higher education in contemporary circus. In 2015, he relocated to Berlin, and collaborated with several European choreographers as a freelance dancer. He has been creating his own choreographic work, which toured across festivals and venues in Israel, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, North Macedonia, Luxembourg, Canada, Panama, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, and received several awards. In 2018, he formed the ensemble ‘Yotam Peled & the Free Radicals’, dedicated to the creation and distribution of contemporary interdisciplinary performance internationally, thematically focusing on power structures, questioning gender, and development of contemporary community rituals. The creations of the ensemble are: Entropia (2018), Alpha (2019), migrena2x2, HEIMAT, fauna futura, Get A Grip (2021). As resident choreographer he worked in: ‘THINK BIG’ (Hanover), TalentLAB#19 / Grand Theater Luxembourg, CC Heidelberg, TanzLabor / ROXY Ulm, Skopje Dancer Theater, Tanzhaus Zürich, PimOff Milan and Altofest Naples. Yotam has been a guest teacher in Fontys Academy of Arts, Folkwang University of Arts, Dock11, Munstrum Theater, Cie. Hors Surface, Cia. Maura Morales, Overhead Project, PRISMA festival, among others.

Choreography & Performance: Yotam Peled

Communication: Laia Montoya / TINA agency

Soundtrack / Soundtrack Design: Yotam Peled

The project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and Collider AIR / Contemporary Calgary

Organized by Deputy Ministry of Culture (Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture) and Rialto Theatre In collaboration with Dance House Lemesos Media Sponsors Phileleftheros Newspaper, Active Radio, CYBC Technical partner Event Pro Hospitality Sponsor Alinea Supported By Nicosia Municipal Theatre, Lemesos Newspaper, Limassol Today, Lmesos blog, Limassol Tourism Board, Russian Wave, Vestnik Kipra, Social et. Al.

Rialto Theatre Limassol

Tuesday 27/06 at 20:30 (45’) (16+)

Price: €8 (€30 for all performances) E-ticket:

Box Office: 77 77 77 45 (Monday – Friday 10:00 -15:00)

Free entrance to students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals Free transportation from Nicosia

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