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Α Jazz Night at Rialto - Gilad Atzmon and Amos Hoffman with the Irenaeos Koullouras Trio and guests

It is a concert based on Jazz music by well-known musicians and representatives of the kind, on the world stage. The Cypriot double-bass player Irenaeos Koullouras, presents on the Rialto stage, his latest Piano -Trio, with Christos Yerolatsitis on piano, and Stelios Xydias on drums, as the basis of things.

The scene develops we participation of two top soloists, Gilad Atzmon on saxophone and Amos Hoffman on guitar.

The climax of the performance comes with the appearance also, of two distinct voices, of Tali Atzmon and Ioanna Troullidou, as special guests.

Gilad Atzmon/ Saxophone

Amos Hoffman/ Guitar

Christos Yerolatsitis / Piano

Irenaeos Koullouras / Doublebass

Stelios Xydias / Drums

Tali Atzmon / Voice

Ioanna Troullidou / Voice

Rialto Theatre, Andrea Drousioti Heroes square 3040 L/sol

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 20:30



Box Office: 77 77 77 45 (Monday – Friday 10:00 -15:00)

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