October 2022

1 Be Arielle F  Simon Senn


sat 20:30 (60’) 16+


Simon Senn, a visual and video artist from Geneva, purchased the digital copy of a female body online, then embarked on a quest to meet the woman whose body he would go on to inhabit thanks to virtual reality. On Rialto’s stage, Simon will share this uncanny experience with the audience.


Concept, Performance: Simon Senn

Production: Compagnie Simon Senn

Organized by: Dance House Lemesos


Tickets: €10/8


3 Fountainhead KING VIDOR 

mon 20:00 (1949, 160’) USA 


«Urbanreflections» the art, architecture, and urbanism platform, in collaboration with Lemesos International Documentary Festival, within the framework of a research and exhibition project, proposes the film adaptation of the controversial book The Fountainhead.


The film observes a visionary uncompromising architect who is “heroized” while confronting the collective imaginary, the popular symbols, and all collective aspirations.

Short presentations will take place and discussion will follow. 


Tickets: €5 

4 Music has no borders & barriers

tue 20:30 (75’)


A journey across multiple music genres presenting works of Bizet, Kurt Weil, Lehar, Οffenbach, Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, as well as of acclaimed Cypriot composers Tokas, Argyrides, Karayiorgis.


With the participation of musicians: Kyriakos Kyriakou (piano), Costas Apokides (guitar), Rafaella Charalambous (mezzo-soprano) and Panayiota Kapnisi (soprano).


Michalis Michael will be playing music with his eyes via the innovative Eyeharp application.


A musical journey proving yet again that music knows no boundaries. 


Tickets: €12/8


8 - 14 ISFFC International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2022

sat – fri 20:30  (18+)


The 12th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus presents selected films directed by Cypriot and international filmmakers, offering to the local audience a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of international short film cinema.


The ISFFC will be showcasing a long list of fiction, documentary and experimental short films from across the globe, and it is curated by Artistic Directors Ioakim Mylonas and Alexia Roider.


In the framework of this year’s edition, the TSFM Word-Frame Cyprus will also be held (10-14 October), an international intensive educational workshop taking place for the first time in Cyprus in collaboration with Torino’s Talents and Short Film Market (TSFM), which aims at guiding eight directors and/or screenwriters in the making of a short fiction or a hybrid film.


The ISFFC is an annual film event organised by the Deputy Ministry of Culture (Cultural Services) in collaboration with the Rialto Theatre.

Free entrance/Booking in advance is required.

8_10_ISFFC 22 poster RGB WEB-01.jpg

19 VESSELΤhe mantras room

LIA HARAKI  on stage

wed 18.00 – 22.00


The new work by Lia Haraki to the sound design of Yiannis Christofides will focus on the ritual body of the viewer, which the artist will seek to activate with sound pieces in the style of mantras, on the stage of the Rialto theater, which will function as a room.


Through the repetition of the thought / word of the pieces which will convey statements related to success and well-being in contemporary western society, there is a possibility that the desired reality they convey becomes real.


Tickets: €12/10


21 & 23  walking 


fri 17:00 & sun 11:00, 17:00 (60’)


A walk, a journey across time, an imprint of memory, an experience of sound and visual images, conceived by Maria Varnakkidou and Konstantina Andreou in the framework of Rialto’s Associate Artist programme.


This interactive soundwalk around and across Heroes’ Square is dedicated to those people who lived it, are currently living it and who will experience it in the future. Stories from the past, monuments and buildings that have been changing over the course of time, as well as a glance at the future of the Square.


The Rialto becomes the protagonist, a theatre that has been shaping a cultural identity and constitutes a significant chapter of the emblematic Heroes’ Square.


Part of Limassol Art Walks.

Free entrance (Free entrance (Tickets must be obtained in advance)


24 EARTH | Nikolaus Geyrhalter

mon 20:00  (2019, 115’)  

While evaluating landscapes of Limassol through workshops, the art, architecture, and urbanism platform “Urbanreflections” introduces the European Landscape Convention to the public.


In parallel, and in collaboration with Lemesos International Documentary Festival, it proposes the poetic multi-awarded film screening EARTH in which the director observes people in mines, quarries, and large construction sites in a constant struggle to transform the planet. 

Short presentations will take place and discussion will follow.


Tickets: €5 


26-28 The Animattikon Project



The annual international animated film festival “The Animattikon Project” sets out for its fifth edition, introducing for the very first time the collaboration between Kimonos Art Center, Cyprus University of Technology, and the Rialto Theatre. Μore than 50 animated films will be screened by both acknowledged and emerging artists from across the world. These films will also compete for the “Golden Hats” awards, in seven different categories. 


*wed 20:30 - 22:00 Screening of Cypriot and international student films 

thu 20:30 - 22:00 Screening of international short films

fri 17:00 - 18:30 Screening of short films for children

    20:30 - 22:00 Screening of Animated documentaries, animated music videos and commissioned animated films 

    22:00 - 22:30 Golden Hats Awards Ceremony


Tickets: €5(entrance free for children, students)

26_10_animattikon Instagram.jpg

29 An urgent email from Mr Chekhov THEATRO DENTRO

sat 20:30 (70’) 


Where does the playwright, the director and the actor stand when, outside the theatre, away from this well-protected and impassioned space that is the stage, a war is raging?


A performance seeking answers to this question in a humorous and tender way, through the stories of Anton Chekhov.


Adaptation/Dramaturgy: Emilia Valvi

Directed by: Yiannis Leontaris

Set and Costume Design: Lakis Genethlis

Lighting design: Christos Gogakis

Cast: Stavros Louras, Christina Pavlidou, Polyxeni Savva, Marios Mettis, Katerina Loura


In Greek


Tickets: €15/12