2  “Culture in the 60 years of the Republic of Cyprus” 
fri 20:30  (60’)

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus, the Rialto Theatre organises an event dedicated to Culture, in the presence of the President of the Republic. The Director of Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Mr Pavlos Paraskevas, will be the keynote speaker presenting: “Culture in the 60 years of the Republic of Cyprus: Milestones and Prospects”.


An artistic programme will follow, featuring Amalgamation Project by Vasiliki Anastasiou, Ermis Michael, Michalis Kouloumis, Argyro Christodoulou, Myrto Aristidou, Christina Antoniadou and Christina Papamichael.

Free entrance / A free pass must be obtained in advance.

4 Retrospective  Jérôme Bel Open House Festival

18+sun 11:00 (85 ’)

For his twentieth piece, instead of creating a new choreographic production, Jérôme Bel casts a subjective eye over his previous work. Drawing inspiration from his own video archive, he creates a new work by selecting twenty choreographies to bring out his central preoccupations (body, language, culture, power, vulnerability…), by focusing on the issue of linkage between dance and politics.

Jérôme Bel is one of the most acclaimed artists of our times and this digital composition possibly gives answers to the eternal question: “What is Dance?”

Co-organised by the Rialto Theatre and Dance House Lemesos

The screening contains nudity   


Tickets: € 8

4 The Loan
sun 20:30  ( 90’)

The Loan is a theatrical play by multi-award winning Catalan playwright, Jordi Galceran, translated by Els de Paros. This hilarious comedy, which is very much relevant to our days, draws inspiration from the existential cul-de-sac caused by the financial crisis.

Antonio desperately needs a bank loan yet he does not have any guarantee other than his own word. When the bank director persistently refuses to grant him the much-desired loan, Antonio threatens him that he will seduce his wife, using his power of being irresistible to women.


An extraordinary performance by Sotiris Hatzakis and Dimitris Mylonas. Directed by: Dimitris Mylonas. Set design: Ersi Drini. Costume design: Yiannis Metzikof.


Tickets: € 15 /12

10-16 Ιnternational Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2020
sat-fri 20:30 

Α long list of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation short films from across the globe will be screened at this 10th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. Through this large selection of films, directed by Cypriot and international filmmakers, the Festival offers to the local audience the opportunity to enjoy the best of international short film cinema.


The ISFFC, which is part of the European Film Academy’s network of accredited festivals, also presents parallel events and programmes curated by Artistic Directors Ioakim Mylonas and Alexia Roider.

Organised by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of Cyprus & Rialto Theatre

With English and Greek subtitles

Free entrance/A free pass must be obtained in advance.

18 On Stage 
Arcadian Child / Delirium Elephants 
sun 20:30  (90’)

The Rialto Theatre continues the series of on-stage performances, inviting two alternative music bands in an almost personal encounter with the audience. 
Dark and transcendental, Arcadian Child are immersed in instinctive existential fractures, delivering an electrifying amalgam of rock music, intensity and catharsis, starting from the oriental sounds of the East and ending up to the psych melodies of the West

Delirium Elephants present a dynamic fusion of indie rock and psychedelic tunes from the 70s, with clear pop references that add colour to their sound.  Multifaceted and eccentric, they are influenced by the cultural decadence of their era. Delirium Elephants are driven by the multilayered indie sound, with their lyrics reflecting their intense social concerns.

Tickets: € 10 / 8 

22-23 Natassa Bofiliou Monologue
thu – fri 20:30

Natassa Bofiliou, one of the most prominent representatives of the modern Greek music scene and one of the greatest singers of her generation, presents a unique concert for Cyprus, curated by Themis Karamouratidis and Gerasimos Evangelatos.


In this cosmopolitan concert that presents their greatest hits, covers of well-known songs from the international music repertoire, as well as their own newly released pieces, the introvert West encounters the extrovert Mediterranean region. With her passionate performance, Natassa Bofiliou will impress even the most demanding audience.
Natassa Bofiliou, Themis Karamouratidis: instrumentation, Gerasimos Evangelatos: programme curator

Musicians: Themis Karamouratidis – piano, Aris Zervas – cello, Yiorgos Bouldis – double bass, Lambis Kountouroyiannis – guitars, Stephanos Sakellariou – drums, Sound: Yiannis Paxevanis, Antonis Zachopoulos. 

Tickets: € 30 /25 

24 Emperor (Beethoven 5) / Martino Tirimo
sat 20:30 ( 65’)

The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to a vastly celebrated giant of classical music, Ludwig van Beethoven, with one of his most celebrated works, the Fifth Piano Concerto.


To interpret this truly grandiose work, we welcome on stage the internationally acclaimed pianist Martino Tirimo. Alongside the concerto, you will hear Saint-Saën’s brilliant Second Symphony, a work full of imagination and youthful energy.


A treat of divine masterpieces, under the firm baton of maestro Charles Olivieri-Munroe.        

Tickets: € 12 / 7 / 5 

25  Loudovikos ton Anogion  
sun 20:30 (90’) 

Loudovikos ton Anogion presents an eclectic repertoire of songs that aim for the heart, whispering truths that ressemble fairytales, inventing lyrics and generously offering thoughts and emotions that give meaning to life.


Lyrically, softly and substantially.


Guitar: Antonis Mytakidis.

Tickets: € 15/ 10

fri 19:30 (300’)

The chronicler of world advertising, its connoisseur and owner of an incredible collection, which presents more than a million commercials from all over the world, Mr Jean Marie Boursicot presents the world-famous show The Night of the Ad Eaters. 


The upcoming autumn is special. The spectators of the Rialto Theatre will be the first to see more than 400 advertising masterpieces: the latest in advertising art, videos featuring world-famous stars, the most scandalous, shocking and exciting videos from all over the world. A new programme is not only showing the best commercials which you will not be able to find in the open sources by yourself: it is a show therapy with a guaranteed positive effect for all guests who are ready to become part of an inspiring and unforgettable event.


This year, the theme of the show will be Halloween. 


Tickets: €30 

31 Flight 1702 08 Kosovo - Theatro Tsepis
sat 20:30 ( 65’)

Kosovo’s National Theatre Troupe is asked by the government to prepare a ceremonial play from scratch that will premiere on the historic day of Kosovo’s independence. The order brings the artists face-to-face with their own limits: where is the line between personal life, artistic status and national identity? How much are they prepared to put up with?


With this anti-nationalist drama by Jeton Neziraj, Theatro Tsepis raises questions of human dignity and politics that have long plagued our democratic societies.


Tickets: €10 

The Rialto Theatre is compliant with all measures announced by the Ministry of Health regarding the operation of closed theatres.


The audience is required to wear a face mask when entering, exiting or moving inside the premises.