November 2021

6 Blured | Vitamina  

sat 20:30 50’ 


A performance consisting of three independent short episodes involving dance and music, defined by various styles and genres, based on bizarre stories that are structured around a common axis: the dream, the subconscious, the desire, magical realism. 


Based on a selection of surreal texts, two dancers and a musician interpret on stage the concept of time and the various stages of the human being in a role-playing game. 


Choreography: Ivie Hadjivassiliou 

Musical composition/Research: Dimitris Spyrou 

On stage: Katerina Tylliridou, Ivie Hadjivassiliou, Dimitris Spyrou 


With the support of the Cultural Services – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth 


Tickets: €10 / 7 

7 Greek Cinema Songs 

sun 20:30 (90’) 


A tribute to Alekos Sakellarios thirty years after the passing away of one of the most memorable Greek film directors.


A concert by Admitos Pitsillidis’ band, presenting a repertoire of songs from Sakellarios’ most popular Greek films. 


Singers: Liza Theofanous, Paris Paraschos. 

With Panikos Hadjihambis Choir conducted by Androniki Athanasi. 

Musicians: Antonis Pafios (clarinet), Varvara Louka (violin), Michalis Mina (bouzouki), Frixos Panayiotou (bouzouki), Antonis Polykarpou (piano), Dimitris Papanicolaou (bass), Constantinos Paouros (drums), Paris Paraschos (voice), Liza Theofanous (voice), Admitos Pitsillidis (guitar, arrangements, voice). 

Dancer: Stella Hadjihambi 


Supported by Panikos Hadjihambis Foundation 


Tickets: €12 / 10 

9-10 Picture Perfect

SRSLYyours Ensemble 

On stage 

tue-wed 20:30 (75’)  


The award-winning* ensemble challenges the theatrical experience, connecting 3 protagonists, 1 virtual butler and the audience in one single group-chat for stage.


As the performers try to simulate pictures from a large photographic archive, fragments of a common history unfold: the sound of a bird, the Kardashians, Hiroshima, a drowned boy…  


Direction: Achim Wieland, Co-Dramaturgy: Marios Ioannou 


*National Award 2019/MilanOff, Grand Prix Stockholm 2020/Stoff, Best Theatre Performance on Berlin Stages 2017/Zitty, Berlinale Issue, Best Performer 2021/FIAT 


Tickets: €15 / 12  

13 The Choir of Dreams 

sat 20:30 (105’) 


ESTIA Cultural Club celebrates its 25th anniversary with a tribute to the great Greek songwriter and composer Yiorgos Hadjinassios.


With the participation of the Children’s and Women’s “Choir of Dreams”, soloists Elena Solea and Spyros Zinoviou, as well as a 10-member professional orchestra. 


All net proceeds will be donated to “Dr Yiota Demetriou – The Dancing Queen Foundation”.  


Tickets: €20 / 17  

14 The Method of Dr. Palomero (16+) 

sun 20:30 (75’)  


What are the boundaries between the “normal” behaviour and mental disorder? When does the “abnormal” become threatening to the others, and how can collectivity, encounter and solidarity cure our anxieties and fears? 


The Method of Dr. Palomero is an absurd witty comedy magnifying disorders that concern us all, turning exaggeration into tragicomedy. Waiting for a doctor who is always late, the protagonists suggest, with humour and generosity, their own innovative self-treatment. 


Directed by: Yiannis Leontaris 

Cast: Stavros Louras, Emilia Valvi, Marios Mettis, Ilektra Fotiadou, Eleni Sidera, Onisiforos Onisiforou, Polyxeni Savva. 

Poster editing: Stavros Petridis

Visual intervention: Andreas Iakovou


Tickets: €15 / 12  

20 Schwesterlein | My Little Sister 

sat 20:30 (Switzerland, 2020, 99’) 


Lisa, a once brilliant playwright, no longer writes. She lives with her family in Switzerland, but her heart remains in Berlin, beating in time with that of her twin brother Sven, the famous theatre actor.


Since Sven has been suffering from an aggressive type of leukaemia, the relationship between them has become even closer. Lisa does everything in her power to bring Sven back on stage. For her soulmate, she neglects everything else and even risks losing her husband. Her marriage goes awry, but Lisa only has eyes for her brother, who reflects her deepest longings and awakens in her the desire to be creative, to feel alive again. 


In German with English subtitles. 

The screening of the award-winning film is organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in Cyprus in the framework of the “Weeks of the German Language” events. 


Free entrance 

23 1964 

Theatro Antilogos (12+) 

tue 20:30 (80’)  


1964 by Michalis Papadopoulos describes a well-buried era in collective memory, which the officially-recorded history made sure that it remained in the dark.


Through three different stories, the play narrates political, nationalist but also human conflicts outlining the mobilization of people against colonialism, while also highlighting issues such as division and extremism, which were strongly evident shortly after the declaration of independence.  


Directing: Alexia Papalazarou 

Set and costume design: Yiorgos Yiannou 

Music: Yiorgos Karvellos 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

On stage: Yianna Lefkati, Izel Seylani, Myrsini Christodoulou, Christina Christofia  


Tickets: € 13 / 10 

24 Mr. Beethoven’s Magic Pencil 


wed 17:00(60’) 

A musical story based on Beethoven’s life and work, presenting original compositions for cello and piano, as well as choral transcriptions for children’s choir. 


Narrating Beethoven’s life, his charismatic talent, his loss of hearing, as well as the power of Music as a form of expression, the concert presents a repertoire that includes compositions such as Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Pathetique Sonata, Ode to Joy, Symphony No.5, as well as passages from Beethoven’s Sonatas for cello and piano.  


With EPILOGI Children’s Choir and Music Workshop 

Artistic curation, piano: Corina Vasiliou 

Cello: Doros Zisimos 

Narrated by: Maria Alexandrou 

Illustrations: Stavri Symeonidou 


Tickets: €7 / 5  

26-27 Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase 

fri-sat 19:30  


Organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Cyprus Music Information Centre and the Rialto Theatre, the 8th Jazz and World Music Showcase presents the very best of Cypriot contemporary music. 


This year, the Showcase will also be hosting meetings with international guests, as well as a programme of parallel events and jam sessions at Art Studio 55. 


Tickets: €10 / 8

(€15 two-day pass)  

28 George Seferis: In the heart of poetry 

sun 20:30 (70’) 


A dialogue between poetry and music taking the audience on a journey to the world of the Nobel prize-winning poet.


Featuring acclaimed Greek actor Yiorgos Kentros in the role of the narrator accompanied by renowned composer and pianist Stathis Anninos, the performance includes George Seferis’ poems from the collections Gymnopedia, Imerologio Katastromatos (Log Book) II and III, Three Secret Poems. The vivid sonic and acoustic landscapes of Stathis Anninos highlight the emotional character of Seferis’ poetry, in a mystifying yet revolutionary way. 

Music supervision: Stathis Anninos 
Selection of Cyprus-related poems: Michalis Pierris  
Concept: Yiorgos Pal

Tickets: €15 / 10 

30 Cyprus: a heaven on earth 

Cypriot folk dances  

tue 20:30 (100’) 


Limassol Folklore Association invites the audience to an enchanting journey across the richness of the Cypriot folk tradition presenting images, texts, melodies, dances, folk customs and rituals. 


With the participation of the LFA’s Dance Group and young members of the Association, with Antama music ensemble, acclaimed singers Michalis Tterlikkas, Neofytos Armeftis, Costis Kouloumis and virtuoso instrumentalists Michalis Kouloumis (violin) and Petros Kouloumis (lute/voice). 

Texts and presentation: Lambros Liavas 

Curation and introduction: Constantinos Protopapas 


Tickets: €12 / 10