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National Theatre Live 2023

National Theatre Live is an exciting initiative of the Royal National Theatre in London to broadcast live performances of the best British theatre to cinemas and movie theatres around the world. 


NT Live was launched in Cyprus by RIALTO theatre in September 2012 with Mark Haddon’s celebrated, multi-award-winning novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Simon Stephens. Since then, the Rialto Theatre has continued the screening of selected performances until the beginning of 2020, when covid 19 led to

It's forced termination.


Resuming the NT Live programme, the Rialto Theatre has restarted from January 2022 the collaboration with the programme. In 2023 has scheduled the bellow performances:


The Seagull - 7/1/2023 - Anya Reiss’ adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s play, directed by Jamie Lloyd


Much Ado About Nothing - 18/2/2023 - William Shakespeare’s play directed by Simon Godwin.


Othello - 13/5/2023 - William Shakespeare’s play, directed by Clint Dyer.

This production contains racially offensive language and imagery, and depictions of mental and domestic abuse and violence, which some people may find upsetting. The production also contains strobe lighting and loud noises.


All productions are screened Saturdays at 19:00, with Greek and English subtitles.


Tickets: €12 / 8

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