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June 2023

1 THU 20:30 (80’)  

Red Peter I Ffrantz Kafka - an adaption of the works A Report to an Academy, The Judgment & Metamorphosis

Antilogos Theatre (12+) 


Red Peter, speaking before a scientific conference, describes his former life as an ape. His story begins in a West African jungle, in which a hunting expedition shoots and captures him. Caged on a ship for his voyage to Europe, he finds himself for the first time without the freedom to move as he wishes to. Needing to escape from this situation, he studies the habits of the crew, and imitates them with surprising ease. Upon arriving in Europe, the ape realizes that he is faced with a choice between "the Zoological Garden or the Music Hall" and devotes himself to becoming human enough to become an able performer. 


Directing & Dramaturgy: Neoklis Neokleous

Set and costumes: Savvas Mylona

Music and music teaching: Christina Argyri

Lyrics: Stavros Stavrou

Cast: Alexandros Martidis, Izel Seylani

Photos: Christos Avraamides

With Greek and Turkish surtitles


Tickets: € 13 / 10 


3 SAT 20:30 (150’)

Mariza Rizou 


Having recently launched her fourth personal album titled The village, singer and songwriter Mariza Rizou is excited to announce her 2023 summer tour across Greece and Cyprus.

 “A couple of weeks ago, I released my fourth album titled “The village”. Together with my invaluable collaborators –part of my “village”– we are now preparing a live concert drawing inspiration from the path one must inevitably take in order to feel a sincere appreciation and gratitude for life, and for our very personal “Village”. I truly hope that our summer nights will feel like a sing-along on a roof, chatting, connecting with each other, laughing, crying and simply living. I am/We are looking forward to seeing you all! Mariza”

Markos Haidemenos: Arrangements/Piano/Hammond/Roads
Panayiotis Kostopoulos: Drums
Yiorgos Mouchtaris: Double bass/Synth Bass/Melodica/Rec
Angelos Aivazis: Guitar / Tzouras
Spyros Nikas: Saxophone / Clarinet
Yiorgos Tamiolakis: Cello
Agapitos Kataxakis & Ilias Karoumpalis: Sound
Philippos Trepas: Lighting
Production: Menta Art Events

Tickets:€25 / 20


7 WED 17:00 (45’) 7+ 

Hocus Pocus & Vacuum I Cie Phillippe Saire* Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is mainly based on the power of images, their magic and the sensations they provoke. The very unique set design allows for a playful and magical exploration into a game of appearances and disappearances of both bodies and accessories.


The brotherly relationship that develops between the two dancers constitutes the show’s guiding thread, both through the hardships they create for themselves to toughen themselves up, as well as through the fantastic voyage that subsequently awaits them.


Hocus Pocus is one of the few contemporary dance works intended for a young audience. It seeks to challenge the imagination of its audience, while weaving a narrative that is open enough for each child to build his or her own story.


Concept and choreography: Philippe Saire

Choreography in collaboration with dancers: Philippe Chosson, Mickaël Henrotay-Delaunay 

Dancers on tour: Philippe Chosson, Mickaël Henrotay-Delaunay, Ismael Oiartzabal

Stage device realization: Léo Piccirelli

Props and accessories: Julie Chapallaz, Hervé Jabveneau

Sound design: Stéphane Vecchione 

Technical direction: Vincent Scalbert 

Construction: Cédric Berthoud 

Music: Peer Gynt, by Edvard Grieg

07.06 (a).jpg

Vacuum 20:30 (25’) 14+

Vacuum generates impossible images and fantastic paintings, an interplay of bodies appearing and disappearing between black holes and dazzling lights. This duo is the third part in a series of performances called Dispositifs, in convergence with visual arts. After Black Out (2011) and NEONS Never Ever, Oh! Noisy Shadows (2014), Vacuum explores a new aspect of our sensory perception through an optical illusion created with two neon tubes.


In Black Out, the movements of the dancers drew shapes in some black substance on stage while the audience watched from above. NEONS then staged a couple dancing in a world of lights and shadows. Now, with this third piece, Saire further explores the visual perception of movement. The result is lyrical and inspiring, as it moves forward through the history of art, from Renaissance paintings to photographic development.


This performance features a stage device that is easily transportable. Furthermore, it includes the same cast as NEONS, meaning both can be programmed together.

Concept & choreography: Philippe Saire

Choreography in collaboration with dancers: Philippe Chosson and Pep Garrigues

Stage device realization: Léo Piccirelli

Sound design: Stéphane Vecchione 

Technical director: Vincent Scalbert

Construction coordinator: Antoine Friderici 

Construction: Cédric Berthoud

Stage management: Mickaël Henrotay Delaunay 

Production assistant: Constance von Braun 

Video recording & teaser: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud

Photography & graphic design: Philippe Weissbrodt


Tickets for both performances: €8

7.06 (b).jpg

17 SAT 20:30 (60’) Living Room

Suzanne Dellal Centre / Inbal Pinto*


Αn imaginative, surreal and highly controlled duet exploring the unpredictable nature of our everyday reality. Presented as part of our 2023 Freespace Dance series showcasing the work of contemporary women choreographers, acclaimed Israeli choreographer Inbal Pinto’s latest work Living Room is a captivating, whimsical piece exploring the unpredictability of our everyday lives. 


Isolated in a sparsely furnished room –decorated with murals created by Pinto herself– a lone dancer questions her body and surroundings. In surreal and dream-like turns, objects take on a life of their own and the dancer’s limbs are compelled by unseen forces, twisting in disjointed puppet-like ways as she tries to master her body and her environment. When another person appears in the room, the push and pull of curiosity, fear and desire spark an intense duet and a new flight of imagination.


Delicate, precise and highly controlled, the choreography is a tour de force tailored to the techniques of two uniquely individual dancers, Pinto’s long-time collaborator Moran Muller and dancer/choreographer Itamar Serussi.


Living Room is Pinto’s first full-length duet work. Conceived during lockdown, initially as a solo piece, it features choreography, costumes and set design by Pinto and original music by cellist and singer Maya Belsitzman, who collaborated with Pinto on the acclaimed production Fugue. The work is an original production of the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Israel’s premier presenter of Israeli and international dance.


21 WED 20:30 (75’) 


Siamese Cie / Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero* 


Premiere: Greece 15/06/2021 at Athens and Epidaurus Festival

World premiere: 05/07/2021 at Festival d’Avignon

followed by a tour across Europe in 2022 and 2023


In their new creation, Lamenta, choreographers Koen Augustijnen and Rosalba Torres Guerrero (Siamese Cie) continue their shared artistic journey, exploring how our basic, emotional experiences as humans are always embodied and how they can be articulated in physical theatre and dance.


Lamenta focuses on the different emotional states that we experience when we grief our losses. In all cultures, rituals of mourning existed in which song and dance were used to express these emotions. We need to perform these emotions and share them collectively in order to let them go. In our contemporary society a lot of these rituals have been lost, but they still survive in specific regions and cultures, such as Epirus in the North of Greece.


Main source of inspiration for Lamenta, are the miroloi from Epirus, Greek songs of mourning that are not only used at funerals, but also when somebody leaves the family to marry or to migrate. One August night, in Kastania village, near Ioannina, Koen and Rosalba had an almost transcendental experience, when they heard a band of young musicians combining traditional music of Epirus with modern sounds. They also met the singer and composer Xanthoula Dakovanou who is the artistic director of the Kerasovo festival. With Xanthoula as musical director, a group of fifteen Greek musicians gathered to create new recordings of the Greek laments. The musicians included renowned Epirus clarinetist Niko Filippidis and his band, Alexandros Rezopoulos, numerous musicians of the contemporary, Greek ethno-jazz scene as well as Xanthoula herself as a singer. The Greek musicians were joined by the French jazz musician and flute virtuoso Magic Malik. The musical dramaturgy of Lamenta starts from the revival of the miroloi in its original form and glides towards more contemporary musical forms, influenced by post-rock and jazz.


Torres Guerrero and Augustijnen bring together a group of nine contemporary Greek dancers, all highly skilled in a diversity of dance techniques. Together they will explore how the energetic -both earthy and transcendental- qualities of the Greek music and dances can unfold and nourish a contemporary creation. To what extent is traditional dance permeable to other influences? How do we relate to the past and tradition? How can traditional dance be represented on stage today in a way accessible to contemporary audiences and through an intercultural perspective? As in the case of miroloi, transcribing tradition on contemporary dance means letting go: something must be lost or change form in order for a new dance vocabulary to emerge.


As such, Lamenta is a continuation of the journey Augustijnen and Guerrero embarked upon with the highly acclaimed Badke (2013) in which they took the traditional Arabic ‘dabkeh’ dance as their starting point.


22, 23 THU, FRI 20:30 (80’) ON STAGE 

Performing Biographies

Lia Haraki

Associate Artist Residence Scheme 


Spanning this year the 3rd edition of the ‘Associate Artist’ programme, the Rialto Theatre has selected for 2023 acclaimed Cypriot artist Lia Haraki.


In the framework of the Programme, a series of workshops take place, addressed to performing artists and performers who wish to explore the autobiographical solo as a genre.


At the end of the workshops, the participants’ short solos will be presented on Rialto’s stage.                                    


Tickets:€ 5


26 – 30 MON - FRI

Rialto Residency

Michalis Kouloumis @ Platres


Internationally acclaimed violinist and composer Michalis Kouloumis will be the artistic director of Rialto Residency 2023, featuring twelve young and talented Cypriot musicians who will be selected via auditions.


The Rialto Residency practice will focus on the existing repertoire, as well as on the composition of new Cypriot music.


With the cooperation of the Platres Community Council.

WEBSITE 460x271px.jpg

27 TUE 20:30 (45’) 

Migrena2x2 I Yotam Peled* 16+


Can an isolated, confined body transcend, and travel beyond space and time? Can the subconscious become a vessel for these journeys?


migrena2X2 is a hybrid solo performance, which exists in a surreal space made of fragments of memory, introducing suspension and object manipulation into movement. It is an abstract, contemporary interpretation of the story of biblical Jonah, aiming to embody the notion of prophecy by exploring the subconscious, confronting traumas and fantasies.


The burden of the performer is embodied by kettlebells, and its shedding unfolds through a ritual - between a prayer and a rave. An intensification of wild movement patterns causes the body to slowly deconstruct, decompose, melt and surrender to awaken an abstract material, a collective of limbs and organs devouring the space, with no clear objective besides obeying the sensations that pass through it.


This unleashing of instinctive, queer and primitive totality, which cannot exist outside the ecstatic state, is a call to become an entity, which functions beyond the intellectual restrictions of society. The body of the performer, being pushed to extreme intensity and disintegration, travels the space with dexterity and detail, emancipating hidden spaces and surfaces, reaching catharsis and eventually self-recognition.


Choreography & Performance: Yotam Peled Communication: Laia Montoya / TINA agency 

Soundtrack Design: Yotam Peled


The project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and Collider AIR / Contemporary Calgary.


29 THU 20:30 (60’) 

Forever | Tabea Martin* 8+


What if we all lived forever? The dream of a life after death has always inspired humans. Numerous fairy tales and legends deal with death, resurrection or eternal life. Greek mythology created immortal gods, animals, monsters and giants with supernatural powers. What do children think about life and death, about dying and immortality? To what extent may and can children be confronted with this topic?


There are many ways to make yourself immortal: starting a family, creating artistic works, leaving a political legacy. Limited by our own death, we try in various ways to create a continuity that remains once our own life ends.


Children have a gift of dealing with topics in a playful manner. Through interviews, games and workshops, the ideas and fantasies of children between the ages of 8 and 12 about life and death, about dying and immortality were awakened. The resulting material was then translated by five professional dancers. Forever creates a world of immortality in which creatures are brought to life by children’s fantasies. A visual, joyful, sensitive and moving journey through a visual language about what would be if we all lived forever.


Forever is part of a trilogy of productions by Tabea Martin on the topic of transience. This Is My Last Dance (premiere February 2018) deals with the transience of one’s own body, with the experience of the final state. Forever playfully looks at our ideas of a life after death, the desire for an infinite life. In 2020, the project Nothing Left will follow, in which the death of others is to be illuminated and investigated.


Choreography: Tabea Martin 

Choreographic assistance: Laetitia Kohler

Dance: Tamara Gvozdenovic, Emeric Rabot, Benjamin Lindh, Daniel Staaf, Miguel do Vale

Stage design: Veronika Mutalova

Costumes: Mirjam Egli

Lighting design: Simon Lichtenberger 

Musical accompaniment: Donath Weyeneth

Dramaturgy: Irina Müller, Moos van den Broek 

Dramaturgy assistance: Nadja Rothenburger

Outside eye: Sébastian Nübling

Mediation: Dominique Cardito

Video documentation: Heta Multanen

Photo documentation: Nelly Rodriguez/ Heta Multanen 

Production management: Franziska Ruoss


*Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2023

Organised by: Deputy Ministry of Culture (Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture) and Rialto Theatre

Tickets: €8 (€30 for all performances)

Free entrance to students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals

Free transportation from Nicosia


The following performances will be presented at Nicosia Municipal Theatre as part of the Festival:

A line, a gaze, a horizon I Alexandra Waierstall (14/6) &

Lamenta I Siamese Cie / Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero (19/6)

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