June 2022

1 Machinal Ι Cyprus Theatre Organisation 

wed 20:30 (105’) 


Machinal, one of the most important plays of modern American drama, written by an exceptional female voice, Sophie Treadwell, focuses on the female identity, outlining the critical moments of her struggle to cope with her multiple social roles, the oppression to which she is subjected in her family, as well as in her social and professional environment, but also her desires, what she longs for and what remains buried in the turmoil of everyday life.


Director Avra Sidiropoulou and her creative collaborators are confronting the expressionistic style of the play in an attempt to bring on stage, using words, sound and images, the journey of this woman towards her personal freedom.


With English and Turkish overtitles 


Translated by: Yiorgos Depastas  

Directed by: Avra Sidiropoulou 

Set design: Yiorgos Tenentes 

Costume design: Lydia Mandridou 

Music: Vanias Apergis  

Movement: Panayiotis Tofi 

Video Art: Artemis Tzavra-Bulloch 

Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris 

Assistant director: Maria Hadjistylli 


Cast: George Anagiotos, Fotis Apostolidis, Christina Konstantinou, Panos Makris, Georgina Tatsis, Konstantinos Tsitsios, Medea Hanna, Myrsini Christodoulou 


Tickets: €12/6  

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fri 20:30 (75’) 


Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2022 opens with an inventive performance by prominent choreographer from Lebanon, Omar Rajeh. 

Four choreographers and four musicians coming from Lebanon, Japan, Palestine, Belgium, and Togo are meeting on stage over a banquet of food. They are coming from different continents, cultures, and countries. They have different artistic experiences with different backgrounds and ideas. What connects them is their profession. They talk, drink, laugh, dance, and eat together. 

The simplicity of this meeting would be a starting point to a more complex choreographic and conceptual performance structure. Beytna is a simple invitation to the home of the other, health, happiness, pleasure, compassion, and friendship. It is an invitation to the artist's profession and choreographic construction, as much as it is to the forms and situations of the past. 


Concept and choreography: Omar Rajeh  

Choreographed by: Koen Augustijnen, Omar Rajeh, Anani Sanouvi, Moonsuk Choi  

Musicians: Ziad Ahmadic, Samir Nasr Eddine, Oussama Abdel Fattah, Joss Turnbull

Performers: Koen Augustijnen, Anani Sanouvi, Yi-Chi Lee, Omar Rajeh

Percussion: Youssef Hbeisch  

Voice: Nohad Rajeh Scenography  

Costumes: Mia Habis  

Technicians: Christian François, Philippe Balzé

Sound Engineer: Jean-Christophe Batut  

Lighting design: Victor Duran Manzano  

Graphic design & video animation: Joe Elias/Nimslabs 

Photo credits: D. Matvejev | Jean Philipse 


Tickets: € 8 

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sun 20:30 (40’) 


The solo master piece from Italy (Danza&Danza prize 2018) was presented at La Biennale Venezia 2018, and it is inspired by the painter Antonio Ligabue and his extraordinary visions of the natural world. Animale brings to the stage, in the words of John Berger, a frightfully indifferent nature, made of energy and combat, that exists without promising anything, where life’s first need is shelter, its first prayer an appeal for protection, its first sign of life pain. It is in this desolate context that we find beauty, and the discovery is sudden, unpredictable.  

“Francesca Foscarini has created, with Animale, a small masterpiece of choreography. She uses the French dancer to fashion a powerful map of signs both physical and poetic, to evoke worlds both human and animal (“nature is… fearsomely indifferent” to quote John Berger) in a continuous symbiotic metamorphosis, in order to get closer to knowing the animal world.” Giuseppe Distefano, Artribune 


Choreography: Francesca Foscarini  

Dramaturgy: Cosimo Lopalco  

Performed by: Romain Guion 


Tickets: € 8 

5.6 ph Riccardo Panozzo2.jpg


mon 20:30 (50’) 


In this solo performance, Elena Antoniou unapologetically demonstrates herself in order to highlight the personal experience as a collective landscape. She overexposes the female body with pleasure and extends the limit of spectacle by skillfully and intentionally inviting the gaze of the spectators.


In LANDSCAPE, Antoniou creates the space and the environment for the political body to exist as deeply traumatized, yet superficially sexual. 


Conceived, choreographed and performed by: Elena Antoniou 

Music/Sound design: Stavros Gasparatos  

Art Direction: Christos Kyriakides  

Dramaturgy: Odysseas I. Konstantinou 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris  

Photo: Stelios Kallinikou  

Graphics: Nikos Stephou  

Project coordinator: Loukia Vassiliou 


Tickets: € 8 

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8 Romeo, Romeo, Romeo* | JOSHUA MONTEN 

On Stage  wed 20:30 (60’) 

Dance is a mating ritual. Even today, in the age of online dating apps, dance continues to play a central role in how many of us find a mate.


This dance production from Switzerland for four Romeos (one of whom is performed by a woman) explores the idea of dance as a thrillingly up close and personal form of courtship.


Each spectator can slip into the role of Juliet and witness the dancers’ struggles to impress: with their artistry, charm, athleticism and, at times, nothing more than naked desperation.  

Choreography: Joshua Monten 

Performers: Léna Bagutti, David Pallant, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Jack Wignall  

Lighting: Luz González 


Tickets: € 8 

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On Stage sat 11:00 (50’) 


Would you like to be famous?  

When did you last sing to yourself? 

To someone else? 

What is your most terrible memory?  

How close and warm is your family? 

4 dancers... 36 questions... 


Between a talk show and a Sunday confession, Q&A from Israel shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates more like a sharing than a traditional performance. Ultimately, we are all looking for connections with other people and this work offers an opportunity to break down our barriers and boundaries towards other people.  


Choreography: Rachel Erdos 

Performers: Matan David, Tomer Giat, Shay Haramaty, Ori Lenkinski 


Tickets: € 8 

10.6 Q&A publicity image1.jpg


sun 20:30 (50’) 


How can a young woman find her own self under the many veiling and protective layers that surround her?


From Austria, a play about identity, freedom, the "other" that is inherent in us - and about female complicité across generational and cultural boundaries. 

Choreography: Editta Braun 

Performers: Cat Jimenez, Editta Braun 

Composer: Thierry Zaboitzeff 


Tickets: € 8 

12.6 ebc_Layaz-Could-(c)Bettina Frenze-0693 .jpg

wed 20:30 (45’) 


45 shows the story of young dancers talking about - in a symbolic dimension - the subject of a collective, merged with teamwork, as well as a common, conscious decision to choose art as a way of life.


The creators want to show the present being of the oldest dance theatre in Poland. The idea of 45 is to go beyond the traditional form of the choreographer's and composer's correlation. The travel appears as the theme of the performance - a journey as a sign of theatre, as a search, as a choreographic composition and an interactive invitation for the viewer in the site-specific space. 


The performance was co-organized by the Institute of Music and Dance within the framework of the Choreographic Commissions 2019 Programme. 


Choreography: Jacek Przybyłowicz 

Performers: Evelyn Blue, Kacper Bożek, Julia Hałka, Agnieszka Jachym, Patryk Jarczok, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Dominik Kupka, Daniel Michna, Katarzyna Rzetelska, Sandra Szatan, Emily Wong-Adryańczyk 


Tickets: € 8 



sun 15:00 20:30 (40‘)  18+  


In his new work, Alexis Vassiliou continues the research that he started with the short film EGKATA in 2020, on the origins of language, human emotions and embodied experiences. During ΣΑΚΡΑ seven performers will be attempting to generate and, therefore, perform the basic operations of breath, sound and movement.  


Concept/Direction/Choreography: Alexis Vassiliou (in collaboration with the performers) 

Dramaturgical advice: Louiza Papaloizou 

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris 

Graphic design: Philippos Vasileiadis 

Μain sponsor: Cultural Services YPPAN  

Please note that the performance contains full frontal-nudity and the performers will be in close proximity to the audience members'

Tickets: €15 /10  

Sakra IG.jpg

22 Free At Last* I DANAE & DIONYSIOS 
wed 20:30 (50') 

Mystical imagery; dark atmosphere; Greek tradition deconstructed and linked with the present.


An original choreography inspired by the legendary Dance of Zalongo. Danae & Dionysios from Greece carry the emotionally charged ‘last dance’ onto the stage, conveying the movement towards the brink of the abyss. Bodies turn into earth, nourishing in turn what once nourished them. From the ground to the sky; from the roots to the blooming flowers; from the end to the beginning; from the beginning to the end: the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. 


Choreography: Danae & Dionysios 

Performers: Ioulia Zacharaki, Irο Daskalaki, Emmanouela Pechynaki, Danae Dimitriadi  

Original Music: Constantine Skourlis 

Lighting design: Jorg Schellekens 

Light adaptation: Lampros Papoulias, Vangelis Mountrichas  

Costume design: Danae Grimopoulou 

Cello: Konstantinos Chinis  

Vocals: Maira Milolidaki  

Loom Weaving:  Loomigans 


Free At Last was originally produced in 2019 by Theater Rotterdam, Stichting Droom en Daad, RIDCC and Big Story Productions. 


Original Cast: Pauline de Laet, Livia Petillo, Ioulia Zacharaki, Danae Dimitriadi 


Tickets: € 8 

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24 Portraits in otherness*   

fri 20:30 (55’) 


Portraits in Otherness is a project that promotes artists who carry multiple identities and whose works dance on the borders of the worlds we know and those we imagine. Originally conceptualized and curated by internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Akram Khan and his creative producer Farooq Chaudhry in 2017, Portraits in Otherness transfers a legacy built on values of international collaboration, creative diversity and artistic hybridity to a new generation of dance artists. The programme consists of two solo works created by highly charismatic and distinctive early-career artists: Dickson Mbi and Joy Alpuerto Ritter. 




A solo work inspired by the "masterpiece of strangeness”, Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance. Raised and classically trained in Germany, Joy Alpuerto Ritter examines inherited vocabularies, reconfiguring what it means to summon the power and mystical practices of woman as witch. Combining her roots in Philippine folk dance, classical training and vocabulary of hip hop and voguing, BABAE is a one-woman interplay between the animalistic and sensual qualities of ritual and power. 


Choreographer/Dancer: Joy Alpuerto Ritter 

Composer: Vicenzo Lamagna 

Lighting Design: Arne Schmitt / Joy Alpuerto Ritter 

Costume Design: Lan Behrendt DYAO 

Artistic Assistant: Lukas Steltner 



Developed over one year, Duende represents a significant milestone in Dickson Mbi’s artistic journey. This twenty-minute solo with an original score by Roger Goula intuitively brings together memories from Dickson’s ancestral African heritage, his elite popping skills and his training in contemporary dance. A journey, a memory, a reflection, a ritual and a personal narrative, Dickson’s Duende is a revelation of the soul, breaking the habit of concealing what makes us who we are and finding the confidence to put our soul, its history, and our feelings on display. Dickson Mbi creates an otherworldly fairy tale that brings to life the emotions revealed in these moments of light. 


Choreographer, Dancer: Dickson Mbi 

Composer: Roger Goula 

Lighting Design: Fabiana Piccioli 


Tickets: € 8  

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24.6 0L7A3227 by Julien Martinez Leclerc.jpg

25 Hybrid Movements by Joy Alpuerto Ritter

sat 09:00 - 10:30

​The workshop will include improvisation and the dancers will be working on different ideas and body positions, aiming to develop their creativity and personal expressive qualities. It will be centred around the waving technique, rhythmic and ground exercises. Body rhythm and musicality will be also explored. ​


Joy Alpuerto Ritter was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. In her youth she was trained at the Ballettschule Armin Krain and learned Philippine Folk Dance in the cultural dance group led by her mother. Since 2013 she has been a dancer and rehearsal director of the Akram Khan Company. She continues her touring life all around the world, as a performer and presenting her own work. As a teacher, Joy has been giving workshops internationally (Romania, Germany, Italy, Austria, China etc), focusing on choreography and improvisation. Her dance language is mixed between urban dance, folk and contemporary dance and concepts.

Workshop with Dickson Mbi

11:00 - 12:30

Dickson Mbi is a world-renowned dancer in the hip hop dance community for his popping skills, integral to his work today. Through this workshop, he shares his practice and experience working with leading artists Basement Jaxx, Shallama, Robbie Williams, Corinne Bailey- Rae, Black Eyed Peas, Russell Maliphant and Boy Blue Entertainment. Contemporary dance, martial arts and popping techniques, with a particular focus on improvisation, release, floor work, partner work, and performance techniques shape his workshop. Starting with a warm-up, Dickson will lead the participants through his solo work, performed as part of Portraits in Otherness.

facebook workshop-02.jpg

*Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2022 

Organised by: Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth & Rialto Theatre 


Tickets: € 8 (€ 30 for all performances) 

Free entrance for students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals 


Free transportation from Nicosia