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The Festival Winners



16th – 24th April 2021

Rialto Theatre, Limassol & Zena Palace Cinema, Nicosia

The Festival Winners

The 19th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2021 was concluded last Saturday 24 April 2021. For the first time this year, and amidst the challenges imposed by the pandemic, the Festival launched a hybrid edition, with both physical and online screenings.

Featuring a selection of films screened at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace Cinema in Nicosia, as well as online, via the festival’s streaming platform, Cyprus Film Days is one of the only film festivals internationally that took place in the physical presence of the audience.

The closing ceremony

Following the two final screenings, the awards ceremony took place at the Rialto Theatre, which was attended by distinguished guests, including the Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Nicos Nicolaides. The ceremony was presented by Cypriot actress Nedie Antoniades, and was curated by Magdalena Zira in collaboration with SEASON Women.

During the ceremony, Petros Charalambous, the artistic director of Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth, spoke of the successful organisation of the screenings and workshops for the young audience, which were held entirely online this year, counting more than 300 young viewers and participants.

The Festival’s Artistic Directors also thanked the participants, the audience, the sponsors, the festival office, as well as the members of the international jury, who met virtually this year. Given the restrictions, Cypriot actress Kika Georgiou was the only jury member who attended the closing ceremony, and presented the awards in the Glocal Images competition section:

The Awards in the Glocal Images Competition Section

Glocal Images Best Film Award

For his sensitivity to develop an impossible love story between two lost souls, through an engaging and laconic visual narrative that enchants and captures the viewer, the Glocal Images Best Film Award accompanied by the amount of €6,000 went to the film Sole by Carlo Sironi.

Glocal Images Special Jury Award

For a brave film that poetically, yet realistically, portrays the desperate mother’s search of her son, confronted with a devastating truth, the Glocal Images Special Jury Award accompanied by the amount of €3,000, went to the film Identifying Features by Fernanda Valadez.

Glocal Images Best Director Award

For flawlessly using absurd genre elements woving them into a most humane psychological coming-of-age story, the Glocal Images Best Director Award accompanied by the amount of €1,000, as well as by post-production services, worth of €4,000, offered by Authorwave went to Zoé Wittock for her film Jumbo.

Honorary Distinction

For beautifully exploring intimacy, desire and faith, and for pushing human boundaries into unexpected paths, an honorary distinction went to The Last Bath by David Bonneville.

The Organisers also announced that the current challenges imposed by the pandemic did not permit the existence of a national competition section. For this reason, they have decided that the monetary prize of 4.000 euro accompanying the Best Cypriot Film Award, be equally distributed to the three Cypriot film productions featuring in this year’s programme. These are: Ballad for a Pierced Heart, by Yiannis Economides, Senior Citizen, by Marinos Kartikkis, and Siege on Liperti Street, directed by Stavros Pamballis.

The Audience Award

During the closing ceremony, the audience award was also announced, accompanied by the monetary prize of 1.000 euro, partly offered by Limassol Municipality. The audience award went to the film Senior Citizen, by Marinos Kartikkis. The award was presented to the director of the film by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Nicos Nicolaides, who congratulated the winners and thanked the festival for the excellent implementation.

The Awards of Dot on the Map Industry Days

The awards of Dot on the Map Industry Days were presented by Danae Stylianou, head of the programme, which is a co-production, training and networking platform, that aims at encouraging collaborations and gives the opportunity to Mediterranean filmmakers to present their new feature film projects to members of the international film industry. This year, it brought together in an online environment more than 100 film professionals, from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Best Project Award

The jury has decided to give the award for the Best Project to Lives of Hamid, directed by Jonathan Millet and produced by Pauline Seigland and Lionel Massol for an intriguing way it is dealing with the issues of migration and exile, and a thought-provoking take on the phenomenona of memory, pain and justice, connecting the political and intimate levels with skills and courage.

The award consists of Colour correction and DCP Mastering Services worth of €11,000.00, offered by Full Moon Productions, and a cash prize €500, offered by the Directors Guild of Cyprus to the director of the winning project.

Agora Networking Award, offered by Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The jury was convinced that Stelana Kliris, writer/director/producer of Gizem will greatly benefit from the Agora Networking Award offering a participation at the Agora Film Market (Thessaloniki IFF) with her project, which aims to bring to life a dramatic and intensely emotional story of love, search for happiness and for a life in dignity, set between Cyprus and South Africa. The award includes free market accreditation and accommodation in Thessaloniki, and is offered by Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The Organisers are looking forward to the next, celebratory 20th edition of Cyprus Film Days 2022, hoping that it will take place in the physical presence of the audience and film professionals alike.

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