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7 Selected Projects to pitch at Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point Co-production Forum 2022

In the framework of the 20th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2022 and in partnership with Thessaloniki International Film Festival Agora

1. Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point: Seven feature fiction film projects to pitch at this year's co-production forum

The third edition of Industry Days will be held in Cyprus between 14 - 16 April 2022, in the framework of the 20th Cyprus Film Days International Festival.

Seven feature fiction film projects have been selected to participate in the pitching sessions of the co-production forum, Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point.

Seven teams of producers - directors with projects originating from countries of the Mediterranean Sea will pitch their new feature film projects to representatives of the international film industry. Following group works and individual meetings, the filmmakers will take steps towards forming future artistic and financial collaborations with other filmmakers, international producers, financiers, sales agents, broadcasters, distributors, festival and film fund representatives. Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days provides an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals from across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa and to explore co-production and distribution opportunities, discuss new projects in development, and pursue crossborder collaborations.

The organisation received numerous project submissions from across the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The evaluation committee has selected seven (7) fiction feature film projects, at development stage. The following projects were selected for the year 2022 (in alphabetical order):

  • 4 Ηοurs, Director - Producer: Petros Charalambous, Production Company: Film Etc., Country: Cyprus

  • Aisha Can't Fly Away Anymore, Director: Morad Mostafa, Producer: Sawsan Yusuf, Production Company: Bonanza Films in co-production with Film Clinic, Red Star, Country: Egypt

  • Avanos, Director: Panayiotis Charamis, Producer: Konstantinos Baliotis, Production Company: 2D2R, Country: Greece

  • Maricel, Director: Elias Demetriou, Producer: Monica Nicolaidou, Production Company: Filmblades in co-production with Homemade Films, Countries: Cyprus - Greece

  • Redeem Me, Director: Rachel Hananashvili, Producer: Itay Tamir, Production Company: Laila Films, Country: Israel

  • The Consequences of Freedom, Director: Lorin Terezi, Producer: Florenc Papas, Production Company: Tunnelfilm, Country: Albania

  • To Get Her, Director: Sabrina Iannucci, Producer: Antonella Di Nocera, Production Company: Parallelo 41 Produzioni, Country: Italy

The tutor for the pitching is Isabelle Fauvel (Initiative Film, Special advisor on film development, France). The pitching sessions will be presented to industry experts with significant activity in the international film industry.

The awards for this year are as follows:

BEST PROJECT AWARD accompanied by lighting & grip equipment rental worth up to €8,000, offered by P.S. Movies & Stories Cinema Equipment Rental Ltd.


οffered by Thessaloniki International Film Festival (4 - 12 November 2022) to the producer of a winning project as selected by the jury. The award includes accommodation & free market accreditation.


with MFI trainer Ana Sanz Magallon, offered by the Mediterranean Film Institute to one participating project.

On this year's international jury panel for Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point are: Dominique Welinski (Producer, DW Films, France), Fabian Gasmia (Producer, DETAiLFILM, Germany) and Xavier Henry-Rashid (Sales Agent, Film Republic, U.K..)

2. Accreditation Requests are now being accepted

FREE accreditations provided by the organisers for film professionals actively working in the film industry in the Republic of Cyprus.

Ready to discuss co-production and distribution opportunities, meet new projects in development, and network with film professionals from across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa? Register for an accreditation for the 3rd Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days 2022 (14 – 16 April, 2022).

The accreditation for Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days is intended exclusively for film professionals who are actively working, producing and promoting audiovisual works for the film industry (producers, directors, scriptwriters, sales agents, distributors, buyers, festival representatives, film funds and institutions, TV channel and platform representatives). Film critics and members of the press who are actively writing about cinema will also be accepted.


Please request your accreditation through the following link by Wednesday, April 6th, 2022


To encourage and support the local film community the organisers offer FREE accreditations to all film professionals actively working in the film industry in the Republic of Cyprus. The accreditation fee for international professionals is €45. Only Market Badge holders will have access to Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days activities & events.

The event will be held in the English language. A detailed programme will be announced soon. For more information please email or visit

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