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18th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival - Είσοδος Ελεύθερη στη πλατεία Ηρώων όλο τον Ιούλιο

14 FRI 21:00 (75’)

Music for Shepherds and Sultans – Michalis Kouloumis

Music from Cyprus and classical music of Constantinople / Contemporary Modal Music.

The international trio of Michalis Kouloumis will present their newly released album including a repertoire that organically fluctuates from original compositions in classical Ottoman style to anonymous rural dances of Cyprus. Michalis Kouloumis (violin, voice), Tristan Driessens (oud) and Miriam Encinas (percussion, dilruba, pithkiavlin) bridge a gap between classical and folk music.

19 WED 21:00 (90’)

Monsieur Doumani

The multi-award-winning trio has been impressing audiences worldwide with music strongly rooted in the Eastern Mediterranean. Τhe band, which has participated in the most celebrated festivals and received numerous international awards, will present music from their four albums, as well as new unreleased pieces.

Antonis Antoniou (tzouras, vocals, electronics)

Demetris Yiasemides (trombone, flute)

Andys Skordis (guitar, loops, percussion, vocals)

22 SAT 21:00 (75’)

Rumba Attack

The group perform original instrumental material, as well as selected covers in their distinctive Flamenco-Rumba style, blended with sounds from Greek and Middle Eastern origins. Rumba Attack proudly present their debut album entitled Harmonics (2023), which consists of eleven tracks, nine of which are original compositions and the remaining two are covers of known Greek songs.

Constantinos Lyras (guitar)

Memnon Arestis (guitar)

Savvas Thoma (cajon, vocals).

24 ΜΟΝ 21:00 (80’)

Gaba Project feat Nicholas Tryphonos

Gaba Project will present their own compositions and share with the audience new soundscapes resulting from the combination of handpan, lyra and double bass. Τhey will also present arrangements of musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Vasilis Vasiliou: handpan, percussion

Christina Polycarpou: lyra with sympathetic strings

Nicolas Tryphonos: double bass

26 WED 21:00 (90’)

Origins - Odysseas Toumazou

Guitarist and composer Odysseas Toumazou presents original compositions from his second personal album, titled Origins. Driven by improvisation, his compositions blend the traditional Cypriot music with elements of jazz.

Marios Menelaou - doublebass

Vassilis Philippou - percussion, vocal

Odysseas Toumazou - compositions, guitar

30 SUN 21:00 (90’)

Whiskydenker | Pogo Swing Teadance

Brass band and disco!? German poetry and hot jazz!? Circus orchestra and punk!? Impossible to find a pigeonhole for the band Whiskydenker. Some say they reconcile Meute and Bukahara with Hildegard Knef, others just call it pogo swing. Impossible to characterize the cheerful band that brings together rock'n'rollers, swing dancers, jazz nerds and party kids.

Florian Wehse (vocals, trumpet)

David Riaño Molina (banjo)

Oliver Saar (tubax)

Philipp Rittmannsperger (drums).

*18th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival @Heroes Square, Free Entrance

This year’s Festival is dedicated to the memory of Angelina Nicolaidou, a beloved collaborator of the Rialto Theatre. An inspiring, prominent conductor, Angelina lit the path of many young people, performing and showcasing the work of talented composers.

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