December 2022

1, 2 / After the Rain | Sergi Belbel I Dionysus Theatre (18+)

Thu, Fri 20:30 (110’)


Eight unnamed workers of an unnamed financial company sneak out onto the roof of the modern 49-story skyscraper where they work, in order to smoke. Smoking is one of the multiple prohibitions and pressures they endure at work, and symbolizes the oppression to which they are subjected at their workplace. A series of short yet shocking stories unravel on the roof of this building, leading to an unexpected twist.


A play about human relationships in an inhumane society reflecting the tensions, aggressive eroticism, underlying violence, but also people’s longing for connection. The main characters of Sergi Belbel’s fierce comedy may be successful, yet they are truly lonely, empty, weak and helpless, while their attempts for connection continuously end in failure.


Written by: Sergi Belbel

Translated by: Leonidas Karatzas

Directing: Christos Yiangou

Set/Costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou

Lighting design: Yiorgos Lazoglou

Music: Andria Maria Kounna

Cast (in order of appearance): Christos Yiangou, Yiorgos Anayiotos, Loukia Protopapa, Efrosyni Koutsouveri, Alexia Alexi, Vasiliki Papamichael, Alexandros Pavlidis, Stella Filippidou.


Tickets: €15 / 12


3 / Straight Line Crazy Ι National Theatre Live 

Sat 19:00 (180’)


Ralph Fiennes plays Robert Moses in David Hare’s blazing account of the most powerful man in New York.


Ralph Fiennes portrays the role of Robert Moses (1888 - 1981), a very powerful and charismatic urban planner, whose career spanned over 40 years. Early in his career, Moses claimed to want to give all New Yorkers easy access to the outdoors, but with time, his motives were revealed to be less pure. David Hare's script is based on a biography by Robert Caro.


A Bridge Theatre production.

With Greek and English subtitles.


Tickets: € 12 / 8


4 / The Frog Prince | Epilogi Cultural Movement (4+)

Sun 11:00 (60’)


An opera for children, based on the Brothers Grimm tale, The Frog Prince, featuring music from famous opera arias, such as Carmen, Rigoletto, Traviata, Magic flute, The marriage of Figaro etc.


By presenting this unique music show, Epilogi Cultural Movement introduces the art of opera to the whole family.


Arrangement, libretto, orchestration, and choir teaching: Corina Vassiliou

Tenor: Marios Andreou

Soprano: Mariza Anastasiadi

Narrator: Panayiotis Larkou

Violoncello: Doros Zesimos

Flute: Konstantinos Makaritis

Piano: Corina Vassiliou

Children Choir and Music Workshop of Cultural Movement Epilogi


Tickets: €7/5

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5, 6 / Jenny for a lifetime Ι Breath of Art

FlashArt 2022  I On Stage

Mon, Tue 20:30 (70’)


A play written by Margarita Alexandraki describing the relationship of trans Jenny with her aged father whom she visits once a week ever since her mother passed away, helping him with housework and shopping. Their relationship unravels through their daily routine, on both personal (inside the house) and social level (in the street, in town, at the supermarket). Their need for love and acceptance, their insecurities and fears are brought to the surface in the form of flashbacks, leaving the main character and her father entirely bare and vulnerable.


A performance shedding light on the path of a woman, on lack of acceptance, and social pressure, as well as on her own struggle to resist and claim her own position in the society. At the same time, it exposes the life of a father who deals with loneliness, while being severely affected by Alzheimer, incapable of deciding whether to accept or reject his child.


Cast: Costas Arzoglou, Yiannis Harbatsis

Directed by: Spiros Charalambous

Text: Margarita Alexandraki

Music Composition / Songwriting: Yiorgos Christodoulidis

Lights/Sound: Euripides Dikeos

Set/Visuals: Yiannis Sakellis


Tickets: €12 / 10

digma afisas MIA ZWH TZENH.jpg

9 – 10 / 9th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase 

Fri, Sat 19:30


The Cultural Services of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Rialto Theatre organise the 9th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase 2022.


The event’s primary mission is to offer a platform of artistic expression to musicians and bands who are active in the broader field of improvisational music by presenting a comprehensive and dynamic picture of the local contemporary music creation, both to the local audience as well as to international industry professionals.


At the same time, emphasis is put on developing networks and educational actions.

Participating bands:

Aris Guitar Trio, Blünefe

Cahit Kutrafali 4et ft. Ezgi Akgurgen


Gaba Project ft. Nicolas Tryphonos

Ioanna Troullidou Quartet


Vassilis Philippou - Colourful Emptiness

Andria Antoniou & Friends and Dimitris Terpizis Quartet


Tickets: €10 / 8 (€15 for both days)


11 / STILL A statue that traveled the world

Sun, 16:00 (70’)


Could a statue and a girl become forever friends and travel together around the world? A girl, all alone in a boat, embarks on a journey to the unknown. She finds refuge in a foreign country and gets some rest on a bench, under the statue of a soldier. Soon enough, she realizes that the statue is alive. Could a statue and a girl become forever friends and travel together around the world? Could a girl teach a statue how to lead a real life and throw away its sword forever? A performance for +0, accessible to spectators of all ages and nationalities since the language employed is made up, especially invented for this performance.

An ode to peace, friendship, diversity, and the power of true love!


Story/lyrics: Stavros Stavrou

Directed/Choreographed by: Costas Silvestrou, Panayiotis Tofi

Music composition/On stage: Thodoris Economou

Set/Costume design: Constantina Andreou

Projections: Anna Fotiadou

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris

Assistant director/voice coach: Constantinos Andronikou

Musician during rehearsals: Andreas Michalopoulos

Cast: Andreas Koutsoftas, Christina Papadopoulou, Antony Papamichael


The net proceeds will go to Funraising Charity Association - Morphosis Fund supporting students.


Tickets: € 10


12 / The Son | Florian Zeller | Anemona Theatre

Mon, 20:30 (90’)


Anemona Theatre presents the play of award-winning French writer Florian Zeller, The Son. A social and sensitive play dealing with a controversial issue for every teenager’s parents: the way of dealing with an adolescent’s problems.


Anne and Pierre are divorced. Pierre has now made a new family with Sophia, with whom he has a son, whereas Anne lives with their 17-year-old son, Nicolas, unable, however, to overcome their separation. In a desperate state, Anne reaches out to her ex-husband in order to discuss their son’s absence from school during the past three months. Pierre refuses to give her an explanation about their son’s behaviour.


Directed by: Varnavas Kyriazis

Translated by: Koralia Sotiriadou

Set/Costume design: Yiorgos Yiannou

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris

Music curation: Semeli Kyriazi

Lights/sound operator: Leda Karayianni

Graphic design/poster: Theo Petrou

Photos: Pantelis Hadjiminas

Make-up: Yiota Tsolakki

Cast: Marinos Xenofontos, Constantinos Dimitriou, Astero Kyprianou, Stavriana Kadi, Ilias Andreou, Nicolas Petrou.


Tickets: €15 /12 


16 / Where we rest Ι enacttheatre I FlashArt 2022  

Fri 20:30 (45’)


Where we rest is a production by enacttheatre, a devised theatre performance based on Edgar Lee Masters’ anthology Spoon River.


The performance premiered last year, but this time it will be presented as a participatory act on Rialto’s stage in the form of a gathering with music and drinks.


A feast celebrating life, the present and eternity.


Performed by: Marina Makri, Elena Kallinikou

Music: Marianna Michael


Tickets: €12 / 10


18 / While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear… Patsiaoura Ensemble I FlashArt 2022

Sun 20:30 (50’)


Amidst the multiple facets of emotions and personal expression, a dark power seems to often overshadow all the remaining ones: fear. At times, fear becomes magnified, at times it shrinks, guiding our decisions, determining our nature and the way we approach life. Fear reflects the thoughts behind our actions, determines our daily life, paves the way for religion while sustaining states, it builds human relationships and forms identities. The fear of the “real”, the fear of the “fictional”. 


A composition by Andys Skordis, inspired and based on the concept of fear. Through 7 acts, the composer highlights a different sense of fear in our daily life (acrophobia, eleutherophobia, atychiphobia, agoraphobia, ornithophobia, gerascophobia, algophobia). The performers, taking on the role of ritualists, present every act as a ritual towards this specific sense, in order to elevate it, to conquer it and, ultimately, to overcome the fear that surrounds them.


Composition: Andys Skordis 

Cello: Robertas Grod 

Clarinet: Yiorgos Georgiou

Percussions: Natasa Hadjiandreou 

Piano: Rami Sarieddine

Projections: Adonis Archontides


Tickets: €12 / 10

Garden of Fear POSTER INSTA.png

19 / Christmas

Marios Tokas Limassol Music School

Mon 20:30 (70’)


Limassol Music School presents a festive Christmas concert performed by its music ensembles.


Curated and conducted by the Limassol Music School teachers.


Tickets: € 5


21 / Doubt | CTO Central stage

Wed 20:30 (100’)


In the 1960s, in a Catholic school in the Bronx, the strict principal, Sister Aloysius, suspects that Father Flynn, a young progressive priest, is behaving inappropriately with one of the students. Her suspicions rapidly escalate until she is certain of his guilt. Unable to imagine that she might be mistaken, she does everything in her power to have Father Flynn removed from the school.


John Patrick Shanley’s renowned play Doubt, written in 2004, won both a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award, and became widely known through its film adaptation in 2008. As the title suggests, it illuminates the way the human mind struggles with its certainties.


A parable about the multifaceted nature of truth, and the grey areas between intentions and actions, and between good and evil, where doubt resides.


Assisted by an outstanding cast and creative team, including acclaimed actress Despina Bebedeli, director Andreas Araouzos skillfully explores the issues raised by the play and shows how they continue to resonate.


Translated by: Konstantinos Kritsis

Directed by: Andreas Araouzos

Set/Costume design: Yiorgos Yiannou

Music: George Kolias

Lighting design: Georgios Koukoumas

Assistant director: Nafsika Apostratou


With English and Turkish surtitles.


Tickets: €12 /6

N_M_0099 copy.jpg

22 / A picnic under the storm

Epilogi Cultural Movement

Thu 20:30 (70’)


A concert performance featuring extracts from Theofrastos Sakellaridis’ operettas Daughter of the Storm, Picnic, I want to see the Pope and The Godson, bringing joyful and cheerful tones to our bleak routine.


Directed, adapted for stage: Angela-Cleopatra Saroglou

Arrangements for small music ensemble: Michalis Grigoriou

Soloists: Elli Aloneftou ,Mariza Anastasiadou, Marios Andreou, Andreas Aroditis, Stelios Georgiou

Epilogi Cultural Movement Choir

A five-member orchestra.


Tickets: €10 / 8