Invitation for the Submission of Proposals for State Support of Short Length Digital Audiovisual Works

Following the initiatives announced by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth for supporting Culture in the wake of the crisis caused by the Pandemic (lockdown conditions-restrictive measures, world health crisis, victims, consequences, the ‘day after’ the end of restrictive measures) and with a view to support the creativity of artists, the Cultural Services announce that they will accept short films with a running time of 1΄ to 3΄ on the theme: ‘life under conditions of lockdown and a global crisis’.

Terms for participation:

1.Applications may be submitted by Cypriot film directors and visual artists (either inside or outside Cyprus) and permanent citizens of Cyprus.

2.Applicants must have already worked on the production of a creational audiovisual work, including video art in the case of visual artists

3.The film must have a running time of 1΄ to 3΄ and must not have been previously screened in any form of media until the award process is complete.

4.All applicable protection rules and measures announced by the government during the production of the work must be complied with.

5.Films produced by any medium and technique, regardless of style, genre or category (e.g. narrative, alternative, documentary, animated) will be accepted.

The Selection criteria will take into account the following:

1.Originality of the concept

2.Addressing the human dimension under specific conditions, through art.

3.Ability to produce a finished work under the special lockdown conditions.

Documents to be submitted:

1.Letter to the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education with a short description of the film. 

2.The link of the film and the film in an mp4 format.

3.Curriculum Vitae of the applicant together with the links of his/her previous audiovisual creations.

4.A list of participants (if any).

5.An official declaration from the applicant verifying that the work submitted has not been screened and shall not be screened until the completion of the procedure.

6.Acknowledgment of assigning to the Cultural Services the right for the public screening of the films to be selected for a period of six months (e.g. online, tv broadcasting, in a cinema, either autonomously and/or with together with other winning films).

7.Acknowledgment by persons who may have copyrights (e.g. music, archived material) of assigning to the Cultural Services the right of screening the films at the Cultural Services.

The Selection Panel shall comprise 5 members and shall be announced shortly. The Cultural Services endeavour to support a significant number of films with the amount of 1000 euro, in order to encourage creativity during these difficult times and to promote Cypriot creations.

All documents as aforesaid must be sent until Monday 8 of June at the latest to the email address: 

The results will be announced two weeks after the submission of the works.

For more inquiries please contact the cultural services at the following email address: or call us at 22809812, 22809811, 22809846.