JUNE 2019

2  If You Could See Me Now  ARNO SCHUITEMAKER 

The Netherlands 

sun 20:30 (55’) 


The 22nd Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival begins with a choreography by Arno Schuitemaker that has been presented at renowned theatres and performing arts festivals in over 15 countries across Europe. With seeming casualness, the performance sets a chilled-out club dance into one dizzying wave-like motion. The three performers see no limits to what they take out of their bodies, propelled by the rhythm of the beat. From ecstasy to turmoil, from build-up to its dismantling, If You Could See Me Now challenges expectations and appeals for another look while it transforms an exact spontaneity into a hypnotic sensory experiene.



tue 20:30 (60’) 


Since its birth in the Mississppi’s delta, at the same period as modern dance, jazz music has always been a space of creativity and mixing. Since then, those two arts rarely came across while they have a lot in common, from improvisation to the freedom that make their essence. With Brahim Bouchelaghem, hip hop is confronted with jazz music and contemporary dance in the thick of the Roaring Twenties. The piece is a breathtaking mix, which brings together a former jazzman, an ambitious singer, a lost musician and a brigand. With their own dreams, hope and faith, they will try tο tame each other.  


Czech Republic  

thu 20:30 (45’) 


Tereza Hradilková found inspiration for the physically demanding challenge of Swish while working on the dance film Beating. Fascinated by the ease with which the boxers jump over the rope, their rhythm and the interplay of their hands and feet, she started exploring her own boundaries. The jump rope is more than just a children’s game; it also symbolizes ambition, desire for performance, self-improvement. The performance has won the Dance Piece of the Year award at the Czech Dance Platform 2017. 



mon 20:30 (80’) 


Alone and with a sense of defeat and loss of belief, six men are seeking for their new faith. In a timeless and lonely landscape, in a place where memory becomes a nightmare and the present a deep painful wound, they struggle violently, but at the same time quietly, to rediscover their body, their truth... the light. The bodies fall, hug, tremble, shake, sway, crave, promise and sacrifice. A poetic journey for the search of identity, the need for tenderness, the sense of belonging somewhere, belonging to someone, co-existing. A look into the hidden desires and untold stories of the tender male soul. 


wed 20:30 (40’) 


A dance performance on the borders of theatre and music; a poetic swarming speech unwinding the thread of the female narrative on stage. Speechless is inspired by public speeches, manifestos, articles and texts, bringing to the fore the fragmentary and unofficial voice of women as it has traveled through the centuries before reaching the present day.  

Female emancipation and independence, gender equality issues are constantly recurring and seem more and more relevant to our days. How does the female speech, travelling through time, sound today? How do we connect with the female narrative?  

14 inaudible  ZOO THOMAS HAUERT  


Fri 20:30 (60’) 


This virtuoso dance work, inaudible, won a Swiss Dance Award 2017 in the Current Works Competition. In his work, Swiss-Belgian choreographer Thomas Hauert touches the common ground between dance and music taking the notion of ‘interpretation’ as a starting point for this group performance for six dancers. The choreographer uses existing pieces of music that he closely relates to choreographic scores, structured improvisations linked to the music. In this work, the dancers confront themselves with George Gershwin’s Concerto in F and Ludus de Morte Regis by contemporary composer Mauro Lanza. 



sun 18:00 (60’)  6 +   


An  interactive performance where the public and performers dance together, PARTY takes place on stage, with huge spills of colour installed on the floor and ceiling, a live DJ and adults dressed with masks and suits. In PARTY the public is not the audience, they're the party! 


Party takes everybody to the max, to dance till  drop, and then enter a new world together. A world where each person can dance how they really want. With PARTY the borders of language and culture are crossed and everybody and every child is part of the party. By guiding the participants through the party, the performers stimulate every child to take decisions and to express themselves through the unspoken language of dance. An unconventional ritual for our contemporary wish for communality. 

22  Silent Lines  Russell MALIPHANT DANCE COMPANY  

United Kingdom 

sat 20:30 ( 55’) 


The 22nd Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival concludes with one of the most important contemporary dance companies of the UK. Amongst many national and international awards and nominations, Russel Maliphant Dance Company has received two Olivier awards, three South Bank Show awards and three Critics’ Circle National Dance awards for Best Modern Choreography and for Best Independent Company. 


Silent Lines draws upon Maliphant’s studies and explorations in dance and anatomy using a unique mix of movement, projection, and lighting. Silent Lines celebrates the range of poetic possibilities in movement, drawing on methodologies from internal and external movement disciplines, psyche and 

soma, and explores the visually rich and resonant connections between the microcosm and the 


22 Workshop with Russell Maliphant 

sat 11:30 – 13:30 


An open workshop for dancers and teachers held by Russel Maliphant, one of the most important world-acclaimed dancers and choreographers, focusing on Dance and his own personal experiences during the past 20 years. 


Mon 20:30 (90’) 


An innovative book presentation of Andriana Sergidou’s latest work, addressing the dual human nature. The event features music, theatre and dance by Despina Olympiou, Stephanos Georgiades, Theodoros Krassides, Margarita Zachariou, Ilaria Larkou, Valeria Solea, Mayia Kikkidou and Andria Nicolaou.